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Daedric Shrine Curatives 1.0.0


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Daedric Shrine Curatives

This mod lets you make offerings to Daedric shrines to cure your afflictions. For all of us heathens, cultists, and heretics that the Nine won’t help.

But unlike the Nine, the Princes don’t give anything for free. You must offer most of them the same item(s) you would to get their quest -- Azura wants glow dust; Sheogorath wants lettuce, yarn, and a lesser soul gem; Hircine wants either a wolf or bear pelt; etc.

There are some exceptions. Clavicus Vile wants a black soul gem instead of money (as he said in Redguard: “Gold is just metal. Not interested.”). Meridia ONLY excepts bonemeal -- the if-else script statements were bad enough for Hircine, and he only has two options! After dealing with Hircine, I decided that it’s much easier for me to only allow one item.

Nocturnal didn’t want anything for her quest, but she wants an offering for a cure -- a lockpick and a quill (due to her association with thieves and ravens).

Namira and Peryite still don’t want anything, but they won’t cure your disease or restore your personality. Peryite will give you a 100% Weakness to disease for 600 seconds, and Namira damage your personality by 5 points. Unlike the other Princes, you can only activate their curative shrine once per day.

This mod is compatible with Daedric Shrines Prodded with a Stick. I'm not sure about compatibility with other shrine overhauls. You may have to tcl through Hircine's statue to reach his curative shrine, and Molag Bal's curative shrine might be oddly placed -- this is to ensure compatibility with my own upcoming Daedric shrine aesthetic overhaul.

Daedric Shrine Curatives.zip

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