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Enhanced Magic 1.0.0

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Enhanced Magic ver1.0

created by emrio

This mod improves the too weak Oblivion vanilla magic. It is made for your own environment, so no balance is taken into account. However, if you are playing as a mage and cannot damage enemies at all, or if you have magic with questionable effects. It will be very useful for those who have difficulties in such cases.

The main improvements are as follows

Flame magic makes undetected enemies flee with flame damage

Cold magic damages enemy fatigues along with cold damage

Electric magic damages enemy magicka with electric damage

Healing magic restores health and stamina.

Damage spells are now more effective

Stamina Restoration magic will enhance health and stamina for a certain amount of time.

Resistance-breaking spells are enhanced in effect and duration.

Weapon and Armor spells have increased effect.

Currently only destruction and recovery are improved. We may update it in the future.


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