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Finding My Religion 1.0.0


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Choose a religion and get relevant abilities! A reupload from Nexus (with some tweaking)

The mod adds little statues to the Daedric Shrines and Nine Divines chapels. If you pick one up, you gain different abilities based on that god. Most give you skill/stat bonuses, but a few of them (like Hircine and Akatosh) also grant you powers.

The Nine Divine statues are found on the altars of their respective chapels EXCEPT Kynareth and Dibella. Dibella is found behind one of the thrones in Castle Anvil because I didn't want to make a KotN
compatibility patch. Kynareth is in the Imperial City Arboreatum near the center statue. While the Nine Divines are a cohesive Pantheon and people can worship them all at once, everyone seems to have a preference and worship a particular Divine more than the others (see: priests)

The Prince statues are at their shrines, and you do not need to complete their quests to get the statues. Mehrunes Dagon is found outside Kvatch near the city gate. Some Daedric powers are stronger than others -- that's because some Daedric Princes are stronger than others. I wasn't focused on balance, just trying to get the vibes down right.


Here are some examples:

    15% Resist Magic
    5% Spell Reflect

Clavicus Vile
    +5 Personality
    +10 Speechcraft
    +5 Mercantile

    20% Resist Fire
    +5 Willpower
    POWER: Fires of Akatosh (Target)
        Fire Damage 5pts in 5ft for 10s
        Light 10pts in 5ft for 30s
        Weakness to Fire 10pts in 5ft for 30s
    +30 Health
    +5 Endurance
    POWER: Consecration of Arkay (touch)
        Dispel 50pts in 15ft
        Turn Undead 30pts in 15ft for 30s

    +5 Endurance
    +5 Willpower
    SPELL: Zenitharian Effort
        Fortify Willpower 5 for 60
        Fortify Armorer 15 for 60
        Fortify Mercantile 10 for 60
    Cost: 75 mana


VERY IMPORTANT: due to a bug with some other mod (I think MOO or OOO?), if you drop the statues, you may still have that god's ability. Could you get bonuses from every god? Yes. Should you? Probably not. ALSO you'll need to use the setownership console command for the Nine Divines statues, otherwise they'll count as stolen.

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Very nice!

I will make a request, ignore if you like.


Instead of placing the statuettes in the chapels and in castles, place them in general merchants' levelled lists, so you can buy them anywhere. That way religion will be everywhere.

Maybe have a tent of a priestling of the local divine outside that city's chapel that only sells that city's divine statuette. 


The daedra could have a lower chance of spawning in the levelled lists, so they are less common but still there

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