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TIE - Tamriel Immersion Experience 1.50

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About This File

An overhaul catering to roleplayers. Now also including the Shivering Isles!

Get ready for a jolt to the system. Although only vanilla (default) resources were used, T.I.E. is a tiny overhaul that carries major impact on the way Oblivion is played. The gameplay is much tougher on hack and slash players while favoring stealth gamers in general - although with the release of 1.26 onwards, both Mages and Fighters can survive well in TIE too. How does TIE favor stealth gameplay? By having NPCs and creatures deal out far more damage, by raising sneak attack perks, and having real consequences for engaging in melee combat unprepared (for starters). High level loot and armor and weapons are also much rarer, far more TNRish NPCs now populate Cyrodiil (800 in this release), diseases are easier to catch, etc. You will also find most mid to high level shops (as well as many Imperial city homes) guarded by hired guards, so no more thieving to your heart's content and filling your loot bag. Now you have to actually WORK to be a good thief. You'll also come across secret entrances to all cities and castles. Some are underground, some require swimming, climbing, or jumping - or a combination of all three. You will see thieves making grabs for loot (and getting chased), deadly assassins, tomb raiders and morally ambiguous scavengers in wilderness areas as well as underneath the Imperial City sewer system - which is now interconnected via trapdoors, and grates.

So have fun in the new Tamriel, but beware. More danger than you can conceive of lurks both on the surface and below. Only the prudent and vigilant will survive and thrive. Garrett would be proud.

* TIE no longer caters exclusively to the stealth type gamer. Previous versions of TIE used to be tailor made for Thief types (RIP Looking Glass Studios), but Mages can now enjoy a greater thief-like environment blended in with the arcane. Fighters will also find their path in TIE - especially with the prolific use of shields and certain potions available from merchants and bartenders.

* TIE features ONLY vanilla content. That means no resources found outside the Construction Set made their way into here. Custom scripts are fine as long as they're small, but visually speaking, everything you see and witness inside TIE comes directly from the game. This of course has a direct effect on the download size. As it currently stands, with more than 800 added TNR NPCs, and with a file size of just 5 megabytes, T.I.E. is a far smaller download than most other overhauls out there (with the exception of Adventurers).


If you are using Better Cities 5.4.1 or higher, download "TIE For BC 541.7z". Version 5.4 and up of BC include the Blood & Mud mod and has a new wall configuration in Bruma as well.

If you are sticking with a version of Better Cities which DOES NOT incorporate the Blood & Mud mod, download the file simply called "TIE.7z" instead.

What's New in Version 1.50


  • Updated Bruma entrance compatibility for Better Cities 5.4.1.
  • Corrected a glitch in the power progression of Absorb Health spells (Leech Health should have been magnitude 20 with 0 duration instead of 30 with 10 duration).
  • Goblins in the starter dungeon were insanely overpowered on combat and stealth skill, making it virtually impossible to use stealth to avoid them, or to have a chance of taking one in a fight either.
  • The 2 random NPC spawners inside White Stallion Lodge have been removed. This is not considered a public area.

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