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Brave arts 1.0.0

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About This File

This mod adds various Lesser Powers (named techniques) to warriors who cannot use any 
kind of techniques or magic except direct combat.
Various techniques that are useful for warriors are available. 
To purchase the book of techniques, please visit the Book of Chorrol Renoits Books.

Important things and necessary mods

This mod was created in the OBME (oblivion magic extender) environment, so if you do not have this mod installed, the game will crash when using the saber-type lesser power.

Please install the relevant mods separately, such as Nexus, and then enjoy.
OBME is not a mod created by me, so I cannot distribute it directly. Sorry.

We also need to introduce Shivering Isles.
(because of the use of amber equipment for the saber-based Lesser Power weapon image)

This is also important, so credit

OBME(oblivion magic extender)
Created By JRoush

besesda softworks
DLCSpellTomes reference

Lesser Power (Introduction of technique)

Brave Heart

Use Fatigue 25

Increases strength, endurance, and speed at the expense of willpower for a certain period of time

Cure Aura

Use Fatigue 85

Consume fatigues to gain resistance to diseases and poisons

Flame Sabre

Use Fatigue 15

Summons a magic sword that deals 5 fire damage to the enemy and sets them on fire for 2 seconds

Flost Sabre

Use Fatigue 15

Summons a magic sword that deals 5 cold and fatigued damage to the enemy

Storm Sabre

Use Fatigue 15

Summons a magic sword that deals 5 lightning damage and magicka damage to the enemy

Aura Healing

Use Fatigue 15

Consumes fatigues and restores health 30 times over 2 seconds

Protection Will

Consume fatigues to gain 20 resistance to paralysis and disease

Strong Aura Healing

Consumes fatigues and restores health 50 times over 2 seconds

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