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Gameplay Changes

Mods that alter some aspect of gameplay.

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  1. Destruction Power Enchantment - The Armor of Zurin Arctus

    This is the Destruction Power Enchantment mod, which was removed from nexus.   It includes .esp only, no loose or archived files.   Also available on Bethesda.net, for both PS4 and xbox1.
    It adds a set of 4 pieces of heavily-enchanted gear to a hidden location in Skyrim.  Once you reach 100 Destruction, you can buy a journal from Faralda, with clues as to where to find the set, which consists of a cuirass, helm, necklace, and ring.  It can also be found/recovered earlier, if you happen to find it or know where it is.  The gear is enchanted as the armor of the famous battlemage could be expected to be. It not only boosts your destruction power by 100% per piece worn, but also gives you some magicka regeneration, some resistance, and reduces casting cost considerably.  Any of these can be disenchanted, and the enchantment applied to other items, with the same worn restrictions as the vanilla destruction (cost reduction) enchantment has.   If all pieces are worn, your destruction spells will be 5x stronger than normal.
    *NOTE: Due to the problematic handling of multiple effect enchantments, this enchantment was necessarily locked into a single strength.  If disenchanted and applied to another item, it goes on at the same strength, regardless of enchanting skill, and regardless of soul gem size.  I spent many hours trying to figure out how to fix this, with no luck.  This is the primary reason I made the journal only available at destruction 100, where an "easy" enchantment isn't really a Nirn-shattering thing.*
    There are also several rings, with a lesser version of the enchantment, which only boosts the destruction power.  These range from 20% - 80%, depending on your level when you encounter them.  They can be found in Drela's Cottage, near Whiterun, or purchased from Faralda, who has them available roughly 50% of the time.   If disenchanted and applied to another item, this simple enchantment will scale with your enchanting skill and will be affected by soul gem size.  
    I have tested it, and it is possible to place both enchantments on a dual-enchanted item, for even stronger destruction.
    This will not affect spells which are not designated as destruction spells, including some shouts.  If you want more affect, you would need to open the magic effects in question, and make sure they are destruction magic.  If you make changes, depending on how many other mods you have, that may require you to make a bashed patch, to work properly.
    This has been cleaned with xedit.




  2. Less Dragons SSE

    Less Dragons SSE 
    The Less Frequent Dragons Mod for SSE

    What does it do?
    Less Dragons SSE is, simply put, a mod that reduces the amount of random spawns and dragon attacks.
    That means when out walking, or fast travelling to a town or village you'll be less likely to hear that roar and think "Oh no, not AGAIN".
    Why make a mod that reduces Dragon attacks?
    I was certainly excited when I fought my first Dragon. By the time I'd fought my twentieth it was getting old.
    Dragon fights are supposed to be epic, and should feel epic. That means that they should be difficult and not an everyday occurrence
    (or every ten minutes as the case may be). Plenty of other mods have done wonders to make dragons more threatening, but unfortunately there's not much that's been done on making them less... irritatingly common.
    How does it do it?
    This mod works by attaching a random number generator condition to the event that spawns dragons in the wilderness or attacking towns and villages.
    It generates a number between 0 and 99 and if that number isn't less than or equal to your Less Dragon esp, no dragon appears.
    The Main Quest options only reduce dragon spawns after you've beaten the main quest.
    What about the Dragons at Word Walls?
    They're untouched, when you want to fight a Dragon you should go hunt it, not wait around till it bumps into you whilst burning down a village.
    That's sort of the point of the mod, Dragons should be something you seek out as the Dovahkiin, not an annoying screeching thing that follows you around everywhere being more of a nuisance than a threat. That's just a Cliff Racer.
    Is it compatible with other Dragon Mods?
    Less Dragons SSE should work with any of them, but just in case make sure it's lower/after the mod in the load order. 
    Combining Less Dragons with a dragon difficulty mod will give you best of both worlds. Dragons will be both difficult and challenging,
    (depending on the mod), AND they will be not be near as common as say, foxes, wolves, or..... butterflies.
    Does this mod have a no random(0%) option?
    (Sort of)
    Less dragons has a (nearly) 0% version you can try if you looking for a (almost) no random attack option.
    About: The confusing description 
    The 10, 20, 35% refer to the theoretical chance of a random dragon attack to take place: a random number (1-100) is thrown by the game engine and if this number is less or equal to x, a dragon attack will occur.
    This means that 10%, 20%, or 35%, is the theoretical chance to encounter a random dragon, not the value of the "reduced chance".
    10% is quite rare (theoretically based on the random number generation...).
    What can I expect to see in game?*
    To use an extreme example:  You, could, in theory, encounter 5 random dragon attacks in a row, and then never see one again for ages.  
    LD 20\35 is geared for those that would like to see them somewhat often, but still less than vanilla.
    LD 10: Attacks will be infrequent.
    Scripted Dragon events, and Word Walls, are not modified by this file in any way.
    *Do note, even with this file, there is nothing (in theory), to prevent the game rolling multiple dragon attacks for you back to back. (Could happen)
       10% = Very rare 
       20% = Uncommon
       35% = Semi Common
    Vanilla = Every other time you fast travel.
    Less Dragons Bruma
    Bruma disables dragon attacks for its worldspaces. LD BSB, takes this into account, while applying LD 2019's feature set for vanilla worldspaces.
    If part of your play-style is to put off doing the entire main quest line due to the harassle of vanilla's frequent rando dragon attacks, this is not necessary if using this file.
    Dragons will be (mostly) confined to word walls if using LD 10 and YMMV with LD 20 and 35.
    I used to put off the main quest till last over this issue, but that blocks certain content. With Less Dragons 2019, this is less of a concern.
    Extract manually, or install via your Mod Manager.
    This will install and enable ALL THREE options to your data folder.
    Leave only ONE ESP enabled (active) via your mod manager. Disable or delete the other two you don't want.
    You can leave the other ESPs in your data folder(inactive) if you decide you might wish to alter the frequency at a later time. 
    Otherwise, feel free to delete the other 2 ESP's.
    Updated for USSEP 4.1.6+ (but does not require it)
    Not explicitly tested with AE at this time, but I cannot see there being any issues. 
    Less Dragons is very lightweight and uses vanilla mechanics to work its magic (ahem).
    Contains no scripts and can be removed or switched on the fly with no save issues.
     Is this display name taken? Original mod and concept
    Updated and tweaked for SSE by: Me
    Less Dragons SSE.7z




  3. Disease - Black Heart Blight

    If you've poked around in the creation kit, you've probably noticed a disease called Black Heart Blight. It was added by Dragonborn but never actually implemented. I vaguely remember reading that it was supposed to be assigned to the Bristleback, so I decided to do it.




  4. Let's Ride Odahviing

    Ever wonder why you had to effectively enslave a dragon who is supposed to be your ally just to ride him (or lose the opportunity because the shout cooldown lasted to long), especially after he lets you ride him during the main quest? I sure did. So, after I saw John255's Let's Ride Durnehviir, I thought "Why not do the same for Odahviing?"

    This mod adds a lesser power, called "Mount Odahviing", that emulates the dragon taming aspect of Bend Will and is specific to Odahviing, to the player upon completing the main quest, allowing you to ask Odahviing to let you ride him without enslaving him. He'll behave the same way a dragon enslaved by Bend Will does.

    Odahviing will still speak to you as though enslaved by Bend Will. As far as I can tell, this is part of the dragon riding mechanic and I'd rather not mess with that, nor have Odahviing be completely voiceless while riding him.


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  5. Everlasting Werewolf

    I know I know, there are a million other mods that do this, but they tend to be a bit more intrusive than I'd like, or they are part of a larger mod that I don't want. So I decided to make my own version of this.
    This mod will remove the time limit on the werewolf transformation altogether, while touching absolutely nothing in the vanilla game. Thus, it should be compatible with anything. It does however require you to have another mod that allows you to revert from werewolf form though.
    Moonlight Tales version
    If you use Moonlight Tales, I've provided a special version of the mod that checks if the revert form functionality for that mod has been enabled before removing the time limit. This is because Moonlight Tales does not immediately make that feature available, and thus you'd be trapped in werewolf form if you installed the main version before it became available.




  6. Werewolf - Revert Form

    Requires SKSE.
    Many of the mods allowing you to revert the werewolf transformation at will do so by forcing the counter to almost zero. This works, but it becomes a problem if a duration remover mod is present, as the counter will be reset before the reversion can occur. Others may place the revert command within preexisting werewolf functionality, but this runs the risk of accidentally reverting if you hit one of these commands by habit.
    This mod circumvents all of these problems by a) routing the revert command to the sneak key (default left control) which is not used by the werewolf for anything in the vanilla game, and b) simply setting the transformation handler quest to the shutdown stage, effectively forcing the reversion.
    And to top it all off, this mod does not modify any vanilla forms, so it should be compatible with anything.




  7. Disease - Sanies Lupinus

    While poking around the creation kit, I discovered an unused disease effect that seemed to have been intended as an interpretation of Sanies Lupinus, aka the werewolf disease. Seeing this, and what I've read about lycanthropy from UESP inspired me to complete this disease.
    The behavior of this disease is based on that of Sanguinare Vampiris, one of the many vampire diseases, which already exists in-game, and preexisting lore. When scratched by a werewolf, there is a chance that you will contract Sanies Lupinus, which will reduce movement speed by 25% (a translation of the lore stating that it causes drowsiness). If left uncured after three days, the disease will transition into full lycanthropy, forcing you into wolf form, unable to change back for six in-game hours.
    This mod should be compatible with everything since, aside from the aforementioned disease effect, it is composed entirely of new forms. I would, of course, recommend turning off any lycanthropy diseases included in werewolf overhauls if you use one in order to avoid duplicates. This should not interfere with the companions questline either, although it will still play out as though you are not a werewolf.




  8. Incognito

    A simple mod to remove all crime bounties when you change your face using the NPC in the Ragged Flagon.
    So. You've changed your identity. How is it that the guards in each hold still know exactly who you are when you (in theory) don't even look the same anymore? Well now they won't. After having your face changed, crime bounties in every hold will be removed. You're on your honor though, since the script can't tell how extensive a change you make to your face.




  9. Skyrim Save System Overhaul

    Skyrim Save System Overhaul  Includes an hardcore mode with a safety belt
    (Please read this entirely before comment)

    In its default configuration this mod is an configurable autosave manager which replaces the vanilla autosave system by its own (it performs full save, not autosave, at a configurable interval).

    Why using this mod?
    Because this mod includes three main features :
    A safety script to protect your precious save based on the excellent one from SafeAutoSave for Classic skyrim by Axonis (described below) A rotating save system for each type of saves (Automatic and manual) to help you to keep your save folder clean. An optional Harcore mode to reduce the effectiveness of the original skyrim save system which act as an integrated cheat system.
    The Safety Script:
    It won’t save when it’s risky or annoying, eg. during cell transitions, while being hit, casting a spell, swinging a weapon, drawing a bow/crossbow, blocking, jumping etc. It avoids saving during combat or while moving in high speed. It’s generally unsafe to save in such cases, but these conditions relax over time because at some point “generally unsafe” becomes more safe than not saving at all. It defers saving during situations that wouldn’t or shouldn’t allow it. Such cases include dialogue, crafting, tfc photography and animations such as cutting firewood or using furniture. The advantage of detecting  such situations is that the save will be performed once they are finished instead of the next interval. It enforces user configured autosave deactivation to all scripted autosaves, except for its own. This allows for a clean save list and solves problems with some scripted autosaves such as when entering Apocrypha in Dragonborn.
    Autosaves are seamlessly integrated to the game and most of the time you will not notice them as they are performed when player is idle.

    Rotating Save Sytem
    A per character rotating save system is integrated for each type of save, you can choose to use it only for your Automatic Save or Manual Save (credit to Fudgyduff for his amazing skse plugin and his documentation about save naming), you can use a different number of slot for each one (by default it is 10 Automatic saves and 5 Manual Saves), configurable in the MCM.

    It is not mandatory but it is strongly recommended to use Achievements Mods Enabler with this mod (skse plugin does not use any slot), it will remove the annoying message about modded game, and no more "M" added to your character name.

    That's sound goods !? Wait, it includes more !!
    Welcome to the Hardcore mode for the True Heroes !
    I always felt that Skyrim save system makes the game too easy, even with death alternative mods, I'm always tempted to reload. I tried a lot of them but I never been satisfied, certainly because I'm weak willed, but i always manage to convince myself that I've got a good reason to load my last save. Mods which include a way to block save goes to far or not enough. As skyrim is still... Skyrim, even with a perfect modded game you can face CTD or weird things.

    So, it took me a long time to find a solution which permits to block vanilla cheating save system, bring some stress feeling to my gameplay and kept a good security to avoid to lost 2 hours of progression or break my game (or my computer).

    The idea behind the hardcore mode is to avoid the temptation to save every times you will attempt a dangerous move by making tedious the process to manually save / reload your savegame.

    It is strongly advised to use an alternative death mod if you want to crank up the tension !

    How ?
    Each performed save (Quicksave or manual save from menu) is marked, if you attempt to reload it, the game will automatically quit to desktop (don't be afraid, i said its include a safety belt).
    When you save by using the configurable hotkey, a special save is issued and marked as granted to be load then the game quit (as ConsoleUtils is not released for Skyrim SSE, you will see the console opening briefly).

    The enforced mode marks save performed by the embedded automatic system too, it is strongly suggested to enable it when you use a death alternative mod.

    This mode tricks the save system to oblige you to face the consequences of your acts. But, don't be too scared, as said, I included a safety belt

    The safety Belt :
    You made a big mistake ? You regret to have kill Nazeem (Really !?) ? Robbing this superb items make you felt guilty ? Or Skyrim choose to quit to desktop after 2 hours and makes you totally mad !?
    It is time to use the safety belt !

    How ?
    Place the SSSO - MilkDrinker.esp at the very end of your load, activate it. Load your game, save it with the dedicated hotkey. Disable the plugin, reload your game That's all !
    This plugin contains only one record and can't harm anything, so don't be afraid by the message about it.

    So be ready to feel the adrenaline flowing in your veins at each encounters, every dangerous moves or important choices.

    Bonus, this mod could increase the viability of your save How ? By forcing you to quit the game, you avoid a well known Skyrim engine problem which doesn't flush memory properly when you load a save and leads to glitches, bug or script crashes. Nice, isn't it ?

    How to install:

    This mods requires SKSE, unpack the archive and put as usual, if you use a mod manager, follows instructions.
    Load order is not important, this mod does not overwrite any record from original game or other mods.

    Don't activate the SSSO - MilkDrinker.esp except if you need to load a marked save.

    How to Update:

    Except if a special instruction is specified, overwrite existing files with the new one, start your game and enjoy !


    This mod is compatible with everything except other save manager (Obvious).
    If you mod include settings which manage save (like Mark of Arkay SE), disable them.
    Console mod can interfere, please report.

    As said before, ConsoleUtils is not released for Skyrim SSE and papyrus doesn't include function to quit game to the desktop (only to main menu but it doesn't fit the purposes of this mod) so I must execute quit command by emulate keyboard typing and send DXScanCodes directly to the game. Qwerty keyboard and Azerty ones are supported, if you use an another type of keyboard, please refer to this page and tell me which key code is used to open console and to type "qqq" (it is the command to quit the game), I will add support.

    This mode should be mergeable but you need to rename the interface files accordingly to your new esp name and change the SSSO - MilkDrinker.esp's master.

    Game start with console open:
    Increase Delay before exit game Games doesn't quit after save:
    If you use an AZERTY keyboard enable support, if you use an another one , please refer to this page and tell me which key code is used to open console and to type "qqq" (it is the command to quit the game), I will add support. Increase Console input keys delay If you use a console mod, please tell me which one, I already included a fix for opparco mfg Command for SSE Can I remove SSSO - MilkDrinker.esp ?
    Yes, you can ! you need it only if you want to load a not allowed save (only in hardcore mod)
    You are free to include this work, modified or not, in your work as long as you post the new work at AFK Mods and offer others the same freedom by including this paragraph in your work’s license without any modifications or restrictions.

    Axonis for the excellent SafeAutoSave for Classic skyrim.
    jaxonz for the MCM Update code.
    Fudgyduff for his amazing skse plugin and his documentation about save naming.




  10. Harvest Anything


    Wonder why you can harvest all common plants but you can't search bushes, ferns and other uncommon plants? Wonder no more. Harvest for alchemical ingredients all plants such as pines, bushes, ferns, etc. Feature of the YASH2 overhaul, now published as a standalone mod by users request.

    All plants will drop vanilla ingredients such as mushrooms found under ferns, hawk feathers stuck in a bush, butterflies, etc. Different plants drop different ingredient sets, which also depend on the area you are in. All plants respawn on cell respawn. The chance to find something is set at 50%. Pines will sometime drop Pine Resin, which can be used either as an alchemical ingredient or as a crafting ingredient to create Incendiary Arrows at the forge: Fire Salts + Firewood + Iron Ingot + Pine Resin = 20 arrows.

    Since the people of Skyrim seem to lose anything while wandering around the woods there is also a small chance to find hidden small treasures while searching bushes and ferns.

    The mod can be installed and uninstalled at will mid-game.


    Mods that touch plants will most likely require a compatibilty patch.

    Flora Respawn Fix -- version 2.1.3
    Compatibility patch not required.

    Freshly Picked SSE -- version 1.0
    Compatibility patch not required.

    Harvest Overhaul Redone - Now with creatures -- version 0.9.2
    Compatibility patch not required.

    Skyrim Flora Overhaul SE -- version 2.72a
    Compatibility patch required, see Download section.


    Will you make a Legendary Edition version?

    Is this mod scripted?

    Will it break my game if I uninstall it mid-game?

    Is it compatible with Ordinator?


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  11. YASH2

    The fastest and lightest Skyrim overhaul ever made

    Old-style roleplaying overhaul.

    Your game. My vision.

    Yash is a Hindi, Marathi and Sanskrit word that means

    success, splendor, grandeur, magnificence, prominence, illustriousness,
    majesty, distinction, luxury, renown, eminence and fame.




  12. ESO Skyshards

    Long ago, during the second era in the time of the Planemeld, adventurers sought out whatever power they could gain to aid in their battle against Molag Bal. Among these items of power were Skyshards, presumably made available by the gods for those who were dedicated to exploring both the hidden and mundane corners of Tamriel. Not much is truly known about them, but in these trying times of dragons and civil war, the Skyshards have once again appeared for the Last Dragonborn to discover and augment his power.
    ESO Skyshards places several shards throughout the province of Skyrim, including Dawnguard areas and Solstheim. Much like the ones from ESO itself, once you collect 3, you will earn 1 perk point to spend as you see fit. There are 6 in each section, for a total of 66 shards amounting to 22 extra perk points. That may seem like a lot, but by the time you've found them all you'll likely be pretty high level anyway so it balances out in the end. Sorry, beyond the 3 screenshots displayed for the mod, I will not reveal the locations of all of the shards. They do not have map markers either, and there are no plans to provide any. They are located in a mix of easy areas and hard areas so they should prove to be quite a challenge to locate.
    This mod will go especially well with mods that expand the number of perks you can use as well as perk overhauls that expand the number of points required to obtain perks.
    This mod requires external assets and is therefore not possible to port to PS4. Sorry.




  13. Practice Dummies

    Ever wondered why the guards and other NPCs can use practice dummies to train on (even if it's not real) but you can't? Perhaps you want to boost your combat skills before heading out into the big bad world to make a name for yourself, but have been unable to do so. Maybe you just like sticking dummies with sharp objects because they don't bleed all over everything and make a big mess on that nice rug in your basement.
    Practice Dummies allows you to train your 1H and 2H combat skills, archery, and magic skills with frost, fire, and shock spells. You can do this up until skill level 30, after which you will gain no more insight from attacking the dummies. This is accomplished through the use of a simple script attached to combat dummy objects which are already present in the game but never used. Archery targets required the creation of a second object to replace the normal static target objects.
    Support for Falskaar and Wyrmstooth is included.




  14. Run For Your Lives

    A small mod that makes citizens in a village or city run indoors during a dragon or vampire attack.
    This was born out of frustration at seeing the citizens all trying to be a hero and rushing headlong to their doom attacking dragons and vampires. Instead, the citizens will run to safety like smart people should when faced with the horrors of giant flying fire breathing lizards (or bloodthirsty undead). NPCs who live in the attack location who own a home there will retreat to it. If the attack location has an inn, NPCs who don't live there will flee to the inn, along with any NPCs who live outdoors. If no inn is present the game picks a random interior from the surrounding area and those NPCs will flee there instead.
    This should work for any NPCs added by mods as well, up to a limit of 150 in the area. After that, they're on their own. The NPCs chosen are first come, first serve by the game engine.
    Guards, members of The Companions, Vigilants of Stendarr, and the player's followers/teammates will not run, they will stand and fight. Farm animals will not run either, because they're stupid. That includes your horse.
    Spawned dragons are detected via animation events, which should allow for completely reliable detection even if the dragon never lands on something.
    Hand placed dragons are detected when their combat state changes* as well as when they land on any available perch objects in the area.
    Vampires will be detected when the events that spawn them begin running.
    * [Only after they land on the ground]




  15. Cutting Room Floor

    A content restoration mod for Skyrim and the official DLCs.
    From the depths of the ether, or just the cutting room floor, comes forth several NPCs, some quests, and other miscellaneous content which was created but never implemented in the game. If ever you had the feeling that Skyrim was missing something, you were probably right! This mod should relieve a bit of that. Villages that were supposed to exist have been brought back. Quests that were partially implemented have been completed. Various items have been restored that were still in the data files. NPCs have been brought back to the game and given homes where appropriate. Plus plenty of other random bits of stuff that was mentioned in the game but didn't exist yet.
    NPCs were implemented using the list available on the UESP: https://en.uesp.net/wiki/Skyrim:Unused_NPCs
    Unimplemented quests were seeded by the following list on UESP: https://en.uesp.net/wiki/Skyrim:Unfinished_Quests
    Some unimplemented items have been added from the following UESP list: https://en.uesp.net/wiki/Skyrim:Unobtainable_Items
    CRF Bug Tracker
    Check out the video for the mod by Brodual:




  16. Ars Metallica - Smithing Enhancement

    A simple mod to expand on the crafting system in Skyrim.
    The crafting system is one of Skyrim's better features, but for thieves and archers, there's not much use for the system. Light armor is dead easy to come by in already finished forms, but arrows can sometimes be scarce in the types you may want. Lockpicks have been known to be somewhat scarce too, yet are relatively basic to construct.
    Ars Metallica aims to fill in some of the basic issues I had with the crafting system by doing the following:
    For vanilla Skyrim:
    * Allow archers to forge their own arrows out of the various ore materials, wood, leather strips, and feathers. Indirectly making it somewhat useful to chop wood too.
    * Allow thieves to make their own lockpicks out of iron or steel. This doesn't mean you have to be a member of the Thieves Guild.
    * Provide skill advancement for the use of the smelter to melt down ore. After all, that's as important as knowing how to shape it once refined.
    * Provide skill advancement for the use of the tanning rack to make leather. That's far more important in my mind than the skill advances from using the leather to make stuff.
    * Provide for a small amount of skill advancement from mining the ore itself out of ore veins.
    * Provide the ability to melt down existing pieces of armor and some clutter items into ingots so that you can then use those ingots to make missing pieces of a set if you want.
    * Allow members of factions to forge equipment appropriate to their guild. Thieves can make guild armor. Assassins can make Brotherhood armor. Legionnaires can make Imperial armor, and so on.
    For Dawnguard:
    * Modifies the dragonbone arrow recipes and the crossbow bolt recipes to conform to the same formulas as vanilla. Disabled Dawnguard's native recipes.
    For Hearthfire:
    * Provides smithing experience for using the various workbenches used to construct your homes. The drafting table does not count since nothing is actually built using it.
    For Dragonborn:
    * Modifies the stalhrim and nordic arrow recipes to conform to the same formulas as the vanilla arrows.
    * Adds smelting formulas to recover ore from stalhrim and nordic carved equipment.
    * Adds crafting feathers to the Felsaad Tern.
    Note that all smelting of metals requires that you know the perk associated with that metal. For example, if you wish to smelt Dwemer scrap, you need to know the Dwemer Smithing perk first. This applies not just to smelting existing goods but also to smelting raw ore. This isn't a bug, it's a feature.
    My Patreon Page: https://www.patreon.com/arthmoor




  17. Alternate Start - Live Another Life

    Misery and despair have haunted you all your life. Just when you thought it couldn't get any worse, you've been arrested and thrown in the dungeons. Your trial was supposed to be weeks ago, only nobody has come for you. It's been so long since seeing daylight you no longer know what month it is anymore. The dungeon is cold, damp, and worse still, you're running out of food. At least you have that leak in the wall for water. It seems as though you've been forgotten, soon to rot away and die. The eight have forsaken you! Or... have they?
    Live Another Life provides an alternative means to start the game for those who do not wish to go through the lengthy intro sequence at Helgen. You will be given the opportunity to choose your race and then choose a new life for your character to lead. A wide variety of choices will be available. What you choose will have a lasting impact, so choose carefully or the gods may forsake you again!
    Additional support has also been provided to allow you to extend Live Another Life with your own starts.
    Requires the Unofficial Skyrim Special Edition Patch to be installed first!




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