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Wonder why you can harvest all common plants but you can't search bushes, ferns and other uncommon plants? Wonder no more. Harvest for alchemical ingredients all plants such as pines, bushes, ferns, etc. Feature of the YASH2 overhaul, now published as a standalone mod by users request.

All plants will drop vanilla ingredients such as mushrooms found under ferns, hawk feathers stuck in a bush, butterflies, etc. Different plants drop different ingredient sets, which also depend on the area you are in. All plants respawn on cell respawn. The chance to find something is set at 50%. Pines will sometime drop Pine Resin, which can be used either as an alchemical ingredient or as a crafting ingredient to create Incendiary Arrows at the forge: Fire Salts + Firewood + Iron Ingot + Pine Resin = 20 arrows.

Since the people of Skyrim seem to lose anything while wandering around the woods there is also a small chance to find hidden small treasures while searching bushes and ferns.

The mod can be installed and uninstalled at will mid-game.



Mods that touch plants will most likely require a compatibilty patch.

Flora Respawn Fix -- version 2.1.3
Compatibility patch not required.

Freshly Picked SSE -- version 1.0
Compatibility patch not required.

Harvest Overhaul Redone - Now with creatures -- version 0.9.2
Compatibility patch not required.

Skyrim Flora Overhaul SE -- version 2.72a
Compatibility patch required, see Download section.



Will you make a Legendary Edition version?

Is this mod scripted?

Will it break my game if I uninstall it mid-game?

Is it compatible with Ordinator?

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