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Skyrim Save System Overhaul
 Includes an hardcore mode with a safety belt ;)
(Please read this entirely before comment)


In its default configuration this mod is an configurable autosave manager which replaces the vanilla autosave system by its own (it performs full save, not autosave, at a configurable interval).

Why using this mod?
Because this mod includes three main features :

  • A safety script to protect your precious save based on the excellent one from SafeAutoSave for Classic skyrim by Axonis (described below)
  • A rotating save system for each type of saves (Automatic and manual) to help you to keep your save folder clean.
  • An optional Harcore mode to reduce the effectiveness of the original skyrim save system which act as an integrated cheat system.

The Safety Script:

  • It won’t save when it’s risky or annoying, eg. during cell transitions, while being hit, casting a spell, swinging a weapon, drawing a bow/crossbow, blocking, jumping etc.
  • It avoids saving during combat or while moving in high speed. It’s generally unsafe to save in such cases, but these conditions relax over time because at some point “generally unsafe” becomes more safe than not saving at all.
  • It defers saving during situations that wouldn’t or shouldn’t allow it. Such cases include dialogue, crafting, tfc photography and animations such as cutting firewood or using furniture. The advantage of detecting  such situations is that the save will be performed once they are finished instead of the next interval.
  • It enforces user configured autosave deactivation to all scripted autosaves, except for its own. This allows for a clean save list and solves problems with some scripted autosaves such as when entering Apocrypha in Dragonborn.

Autosaves are seamlessly integrated to the game and most of the time you will not notice them as they are performed when player is idle.

Rotating Save Sytem
A per character rotating save system is integrated for each type of save, you can choose to use it only for your Automatic Save or Manual Save (credit to Fudgyduff for his amazing skse plugin and his documentation about save naming), you can use a different number of slot for each one (by default it is 10 Automatic saves and 5 Manual Saves), configurable in the MCM.

It is not mandatory but it is strongly recommended to use Achievements Mods Enabler with this mod (skse plugin does not use any slot), it will remove the annoying message about modded game, and no more "M" added to your character name.

That's sound goods !? Wait, it includes more !!

Welcome to the Hardcore mode for the True Heroes !

I always felt that Skyrim save system makes the game too easy, even with death alternative mods, I'm always tempted to reload. I tried a lot of them but I never been satisfied, certainly because I'm weak willed, but i always manage to convince myself that I've got a good reason to load my last save. Mods which include a way to block save goes to far or not enough. As skyrim is still... Skyrim, even with a perfect modded game you can face CTD or weird things.

So, it took me a long time to find a solution which permits to block vanilla cheating save system, bring some stress feeling to my gameplay and kept a good security to avoid to lost 2 hours of progression or break my game (or my computer).

The idea behind the hardcore mode is to avoid the temptation to save every times you will attempt a dangerous move by making tedious the process to manually save / reload your savegame.

It is strongly advised to use an alternative death mod if you want to crank up the tension !

How ?
Each performed save (Quicksave or manual save from menu) is marked, if you attempt to reload it, the game will automatically quit to desktop (don't be afraid, i said its include a safety belt).
When you save by using the configurable hotkey, a special save is issued and marked as granted to be load then the game quit (as ConsoleUtils is not released for Skyrim SSE, you will see the console opening briefly).

The enforced mode marks save performed by the embedded automatic system too, it is strongly suggested to enable it when you use a death alternative mod.

This mode tricks the save system to oblige you to face the consequences of your acts. But, don't be too scared, as said, I included a safety belt ;)

The safety Belt :
You made a big mistake ? You regret to have kill Nazeem (Really !?) ? Robbing this superb items make you felt guilty ? Or Skyrim choose to quit to desktop after 2 hours and makes you totally mad !?

It is time to use the safety belt !

How ?

  • Place the SSSO - MilkDrinker.esp at the very end of your load, activate it.
  • Load your game, save it with the dedicated hotkey.
  • Disable the plugin, reload your game
  • That's all !

This plugin contains only one record and can't harm anything, so don't be afraid by the message about it.

So be ready to feel the adrenaline flowing in your veins at each encounters, every dangerous moves or important choices.

Bonus, this mod could increase the viability of your save ;) How ? By forcing you to quit the game, you avoid a well known Skyrim engine problem which doesn't flush memory properly when you load a save and leads to glitches, bug or script crashes. Nice, isn't it ?

How to install:

This mods requires SKSE, unpack the archive and put as usual, if you use a mod manager, follows instructions.
Load order is not important, this mod does not overwrite any record from original game or other mods.

Don't activate the SSSO - MilkDrinker.esp except if you need to load a marked save.

How to Update:

Except if a special instruction is specified, overwrite existing files with the new one, start your game and enjoy !


This mod is compatible with everything except other save manager (Obvious).
If you mod include settings which manage save (like Mark of Arkay SE), disable them.
Console mod can interfere, please report.

As said before, ConsoleUtils is not released for Skyrim SSE and papyrus doesn't include function to quit game to the desktop (only to main menu but it doesn't fit the purposes of this mod) so I must execute quit command by emulate keyboard typing and send DXScanCodes directly to the game. Qwerty keyboard and Azerty ones are supported, if you use an another type of keyboard, please refer to this page and tell me which key code is used to open console and to type "qqq" (it is the command to quit the game), I will add support.

This mode should be mergeable but you need to rename the interface files accordingly to your new esp name and change the SSSO - MilkDrinker.esp's master.

Game start with console open:

  • Increase Delay before exit game

Games doesn't quit after save:

  • If you use an AZERTY keyboard enable support, if you use an another one , please refer to this page and tell me which key code is used to open console and to type "qqq" (it is the command to quit the game), I will add support.
  • Increase Console input keys delay
  • If you use a console mod, please tell me which one, I already included a fix for opparco mfg Command for SSE

Can I remove SSSO - MilkDrinker.esp ?

  • Yes, you can ! you need it only if you want to load a not allowed save (only in hardcore mod)

You are free to include this work, modified or not, in your work as long as you post the new work at AFK Mods and offer others the same freedom by including this paragraph in your work’s license without any modifications or restrictions.

Axonis for the excellent SafeAutoSave for Classic skyrim.
jaxonz for the MCM Update code.
Fudgyduff for his amazing skse plugin and his documentation about save naming.

What's New in Version 2.21


Version 2.21

  • Updated to last SKSE 2.0.9
  • ESL plugin

Version 2.0

  •  Rotating Save System
  •  Script optimizations
  •  Safety script : Added condition about equip / unequip animation


Version 1.01

  • Added Console input key delay settings (Should fix error like command "qq" doesn't exist which prevent game to quit.)
  • Shortened MCM title to avoid overlapping problem
  • Added a maintenance quest to make update more convenient

Version 1.0

  • Initial Release



Skyrim Save System Overhaul - Skyrim 1.5.53 (October 2018) - SKSE 2.0.9 - ESL.7z

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