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[RELz/WIPz] Unofficial Starfield Patch


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Unofficial Starfield Patch

Version: 1.0.2
By the Unofficial Patch Project Team

Download it from AFK Mods
Download it from Starfield Nexus
Download it from Bethesda.net - PC, XB1

Requires Starfield 1.12.32 or greater.

Documentation + Credits - PC, XB1

USFP Discussion Forum on AFK Mods

This mod is an effort to fix bugs currently existing in Starfield. If you're experiencing a bug with Starfield, please report the bug to us in as much detail as possible on the USFP bugtracker. Please use search to ensure that you aren't submitting something that is already there. Please also confirm that the bug you are reporting happens with no mods other than the unofficial patches installed. A lot of Starfield bugs are actually the result of other mods doing things they're not supposed to. Thank you and we hope you have a better Starfield experience!

(Note that all fixes are retroactive unless otherwise noted)

When posting a bug report in our tracker, please also consider filing your report with the Bethesda Feedback Site as well. We would all prefer that bugs get fixed at an official level so that everyone can benefit from them. Especially in the case of things like engine bugs that won't be addressable on consoles.

Frequently Asked Questions - BUGS
Frequently Asked Questions - About the Project
Mods Made Obsolete by the USFP

Actor and AI Fixes

  • The security guard posted outside Best Defense in HopeTown cannot be interacted with. [HT_GenericSecurity_F01] (Bug #34142)

Item Fixes

  • Barrow Knife, Osmium Dagger, and Ripshank are missing the ObjectTypeWeapon keyword. [BarrowKnife, OsmiumKnife, Gutter] (Bug #34173)
  • Ripshank is missing the ReticleTypeUnarmed keyword, and it's Aim Assist model is not set. (Bug #34173)
  • Ripshank is missing from the WeaponsMeleeList formlist. (Bug #34173)
  • Pacifier is missing the WeaponTypeRanged keyword. [Pacifier, Crew_Elite_Pacifier] (Bug #34173)
  • Jishaku Nd RF Railgun Turret, Blaze-P 2gw SX Pulse Laser Turret, and Disrupter 3340 Alpha Pscillator Turret are missing the SpaceshipTurretWeapon keyword. [SWC_Ballistic_Shinigami_Jishaku_Nd_RF_Auto_Turret_lvl34, SWC_Laser_LightScythe_Blaze-P_2gw_SX_Auto_Turret_lvl38, SWC_Particle_Horizon_Disruptor_3340A_Alpha_Auto_Turret_lvl30] (Bug #34173)
  • Storage - Gas - Large [OutpostStorageGas01Large] was set to respawn when it shouldn't. (Bug #34173)

Mesh, Material, and Texture Fixes

  • Updated the Nova Galactic NG-20 Slim Lander with the mesh taken directly from the game BA2 file and fixed directly rather than passing it through the NIF Mesh Path Migration Tool first. This is in an effort to attempt to isolate CTDs some people seem to be getting when cycling NG-20 module in the ship builder. (Bug #34174)

Perk and Skill Fixes

  • Sustenance was not functional in an alternate universe due to a missing stage check in the PEO_SustenanceAllowed condition form. (Bug #34144)

Papyrus Fixes

  • GuardShipQuestScript: Remote event registrations were not being terminated when the Guard Ships quest was stopped. This resulted in the change location event repeatedly calling into the shutdown routine even after the quest had been stopped. (Bug #34182)

Planet and Biome Fixes

  • Maheo I has a unique POI, Sonny Di Falco's Island, which is clearly designed as an open air luxury estate with swimming pools and outdoor bars and such. The biome data is, however, incorrectly set to a thin methane atmosphere which does not fit with the rest of the settings for the planet's ecosystem. The atmosphere type has been switched to O2 to reflect that it should be breathable. (Bug #34121)
  • Crag Roots mistakenly have a credstick model spawning where the Cragmelon should be spawning on the top of the plant. [FloraBiomeArchipelago03] (Bug #34128)

Ship and Ship Module Fixes

  • Stroud-Eklund 2x1 Living Quarters has a counter lean marker that was not disabled when an aft door is connected and the counter that would be leaned against was gone. [PackInShipPISMODHabStroudLivingSpace2L1W1HAIntStorageCell] (Bug #34120)
  • Deimos 3X1 Living Quarters has a cargo net that was partially merged with the cargo rack on the ceiling. [PackInShipPISMODHabDeimosLivingQuarters3L1W1HAIntStorageCell] (Bug #33755)
  • Nova Control 2x1 Hab was disabling a chair and console in the aft quarter of the ship if either the aft wall was removed or the port wall was removed. The chair and console should only get disabled if the port wall is removed. [PackInShipPISMODHabNovaControl2L1W1HIntStorageCell] (Bug #33754)

Weapon, Spacesuit, and Pack Modifications

  • The projectile effect for the Equinox stealth laser modification is erroneously pointing to a ballistic muzzle flash instead of the laser stealth beam it should be using. [EquinoxStealthLaserBeamProjectile] (Bug #34172)

Placement/Layout/Ownership and other World Object Fixes

  • 003E483C: Map marker for "Civilian Outpost" was hovering too far above ground and caused damage to the player when traveling to it. [OEOB007World, OEOB007Ext cell] (Bug #33721)
  • 002A80D2: Generic Hope Town security spawner should have been a generic Hope Town customer spawner instead. (Bug #33653) [NR]

The complete changelog for PC and XBox One is available here.

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  • Arthmoor pinned this topic

Counter-reminder that the USFP will be helmed by a tried-and-true team that has years of experience managing unofficial patches, and that every single other attempt at an unofficial patch replacement project has either died off shortly after launch, or devolved into a quagmire of competing forks with different ideas of what is and isn't a bug.

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Sorry just to make sure I’ve understood, is this the same unofficial patch that nexus mods have announced that have a variety of people working on it or is this a separate unofficial project from them? Thank you. 

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This is a separate project run by the UPP. We are not affiliated with the SCP.

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Thanks Arthmoor (and contributors) for the massive amount of time and effort you have put in the Unofficial Patches for BGS releases.  I'm less than thrilled to hear about the direction of Nexus / SCP and having been involved in many startups and open source projects I cannot imagine a scenario where this doesn't turn into a drama-laden forking nightmare.  The UPP has shown time and time again to be extremely professional and diligent in their long-term support; a big thank to all!

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On 8/30/2023 at 9:31 PM, Arthmoor said:

This is a separate project run by the UPP. We are not affiliated with the SCP.

thank heavens for that. you guys know the score! more power to you!

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On 8/30/2023 at 1:31 PM, Arthmoor said:

This is a separate project run by the UPP. We are not affiliated with the SCP.

Feel free to split this discussion into a separate thread if you wish, just wanted to add a couple comments here... I haven't really kept up with the news or anything re: Nexus, so I hope that the Unofficial team is still recognized in the community. It's too bad about the SCP, when you Google for "Unofficial Starfield Patch," all the top results are SCP. Who is even in charge of that project? That's one thing I don't like, it's very vague. Their site looks kind of nice though lol (although I'm not clear why it says 39 issues but only shows 10). And I see that they already have people reporting issues, while USFP doesn't have any yet, so I hope that this isn't going to take away from people reporting stuff here. I suppose you can always just reference their stuff if it becomes a problem.

It is also kind of disappointing that after all this time, Bethesda still hasn't made a better public tracker other than their ticket system, and encouraged the community to help by submitting issues through it, perhaps with an export function if fans want to track the details and possibly fix things they don't, bringing more visibility and detail overall to what they're fixing and updating. This could have also possibly eliminated the problem of multiple fan efforts, which can cause a lot of uncertainty or duplication of effort for fans reporting bugs, certainly at the beginning for fans having to report issues to both Bethesda and to fan patches, and then later to possibly have to track multiple projects to see their status. Of course, I have trusted the Unofficial team forever, and that hasn't changed. It was just annoying to find that the actual Unofficial Starfield Patch wasn't higher on Google when I searched for it.

Hope everyone is enjoying the game, it's been a blast so far!

Edited by Relight
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I wouldn't worry too much about the SEO performance. Google is already advancing us up the search list. We're "above the fold" now to use ancient terms. SCP has nothing actually released yet, neither do we, because both of us need to wait on the CK for plugins and script work, and on working mesh tools for mesh bugs. Textures thus far aren't really an issue and would be enough to kick things off.

As far as who runs SCP, that's Halgari and SimonMagus, under the banner of Nexus Mods. Picky is their staff member running things from their end. It's a very corpo style they've chosen to deal with things, with loads of complicated development tools being employed for the usual trendy reasons.

We may not be the fanciest operation out there, but this is a community project, it doesn't need GitHub integrations and overengineered tools to make it work. "If it ain't broke, don't fix it".

It would be a great thing indeed if Bethesda ran a public bug tracker, but their feedback system works well enough for now, and IMO it's where all bug reports should be getting send until there's actually a CK to work from.

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6 hours ago, Arthmoor said:

...both of us need to wait on the CK for plugins and script work, and on working mesh tools for mesh bugs.

...and IMO it's where all bug reports should be getting send until there's actually a CK to work from.

Great points. I have already submitted 19 UI issues to Bethesda today, more to come :lol::)

Edited by Relight
16->17->18->19 lol
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Since "open source" means being able to examine the source code to something, then yes.

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9 hours ago, Rohal2 said:

open source meaning examining the source code and being able to change and redistribute it


You are conflating "open source" with "open license".  

"Open license" describes a usage license which permits the modification of the original source, recompiling a new executable and redistributing that new executable.  Given that most software is covered under copyright law, an open license is required before one is allowed to modify, recompile and redistribute any software, including mods.  If you read the advertisements on the SCP, you will see it is released under the MIT Open Distribution license.  That license (viewable at https://github.com/Starfield-Community-Patch/Starfield-Community-Patch/blob/main/LICENSE) states:


MIT License

Copyright (c) 2023 Starfield Community Patch Team

Permission is hereby granted, free of charge, to any person obtaining a copy
of this software and associated documentation files (the "Software"), to deal
in the Software without restriction, including without limitation the rights
to use, copy, modify, merge, publish, distribute, sublicense, and/or sell
copies of the Software, and to permit persons to whom the Software is
furnished to do so, subject to the following conditions:

The above copyright notice and this permission notice shall be included in all
copies or substantial portions of the Software.



The Unofficial Patch has no "open" license. 

Edited by Scythe Bearer
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2 hours ago, Rohal2 said:

ok so the answer is no regarding the open source question. what a pity.

Depends on your style of FOSS. It's Free. It's Open. It's community-based. Although the maintainer is a bit of a rigid stickler....

Having lived through the licensing wars from the '70s and '80s and '90s, and most recently as a Red Hat employee, I've been immersed in many of the variant licenses. The thing to remember: all publications have a license of some sort by default, until they enter the public domain.

In this case, Bethesda claims all trademarks and rights for anything built by the Creation Kit, including Unofficial Patches. You cannot redistribute the Bethesda software, or modify it and claim it as your own work.

Likewise, you cannot redistribute this Unofficial patch itself, or modify it and claim it as your own work.

By their nature, you can always patch this unofficial patch, and redistribute your own patches. Bethesda's software will (usually) apply the patches in the order you specify.

The so-called NexusMods Starfield Community Patch has a MIT license. You can copy and modify and redistribute it as your own (under the same license).

Practically though, the NexusMods site has deleted all copies or similarly named patches, and seems to be claiming a form of site copyright. IMnsHO, they've chosen the wrong license, and by their actions are not abiding by the license terms. But NexusMods is under UK law, and there are likely nuances that are beyond my ken.


Edited by DayDreamer
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5 hours ago, Rohal2 said:

ok so the answer is no regarding the open source question. what a pity.

So the proven Unofficial Patch team is doing the same thing with Starfield, and SCP can't just take all the hard work they'll do and throw it into SCP? Doesn't sound like a pity to me.

In the meantime, unlike USFP, SCP is not encouraging anyone to report bugs to Bethesda so they'll actually be fixed (I've already submitted 30 issues and bugs, and I have a long list of more and a collection of screenshots to work through). Instead, SCP seems determined to "win" by popularity, with journos writing fluff articles about them. "100 reported fixes" it tries to claim at one point in the article. No, they are not fixed lol, and they are not "fixes" until they are FIXED. And 100 reported issues is not some big deal that you have to write an article about it. And yes, they clearly think it's a big deal, because "100 flagged issues" is the title of the article.

I heard Nexus Mods is policing and censoring mods now. Maybe this was already a thing in the past and I just wasn't aware of it, but I haven't followed Nexus Mods for a while, I guess over the years they've become big and famous or something. I don't really care what the content of the mods is, it's irrelevant. Mods are meant to change the content of a game, for any purpose. As soon as you start censoring that, you've lost me. I would have been happy to submit reports to both USFP and SCP, but I don't think I'll be supporting SCP anymore.

Edited by Relight
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The bottom line with Nexus is that when they hatched plans to offer modpacks (and let's face it, that's what they are) they went full corpo and turned on the very people who made them what they are today.

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So if Bethesda technically owns whatever you make with the CK, then isn't releasing the SCP under the MIT license a violation of the CK's end-user license agreement?

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There is no CK yet for Starfield so we don't actually know what their license terms are for that yet.

If we assume it's the same as Skyrim and Fallout 4 though, then the CK EULA specifically says you have copyright on your mods. So no, Bethesda would not own the SCP or the USFP, but the terms DO allow them to use those mods to incorporate into the game. They have just never exercised this power before.

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I am happy that you and the team will take on Starfield!!

Just a few remarks: I am aware that there are no fixes yet, and the description/instructions are copied and edited a bit, just want to point out:

+ LOOT (from the link you provide at Github) seems not yet changed for Starfield.

+ There seems no plugins.txt file for Starfield (yet?).

+ The game does not (yet) show mods in the menu.

The folder in which to install mods still seems a bit unsure, there are arguments to install mods to <Game>/data as usual, but also arguments to install mods to <USER>/Documents/MyGames/Starfield/data. There seem to be conflicts if you use the built in photo engine, because the pictures are stored to your personal folder under textures and this seems to disable textures in the games data folder. The guys at 'Step Modifications' discussed it, but as I see it, there is no final conclusion.

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