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My Stuff Uncus


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42 minutes ago, Adella said:

Are you sure that's not the VLDL guys doing their PUBG sketch?


I think I could do with a place to put my stuff too….I’ll just call it My Stuff…to avoid confusion…..

sorry Adella got copy right on that thread name now. You could add a number or name though.:banana:

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  • Uncus changed the title to My Stuff Uncus
On 8/23/2021 at 1:21 PM, Uncus said:

I changed the thread name just for you Adella

Aw, sweetie, no need for that <chuckles>

Maybe I’ll simply go with “Contessa Adella’s stuff” …. Punchy, direct, clear and concise…I like it 😂

Edited by Adella
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20210829024546_1_LI.thumb.jpg.d6b10cf8715de711313dedd65c6c1116.jpgThis is for a mate of mine just ignore it, the cave entrance is under the big circle in the small cove, the wreck is behind the small off shore island. the sink hole is under the smaller circle

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