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  1. ohhhh how I love this game
  3. I honestly thought I was going to RIP From last Sundays live stream (all videos are recorded from live streams, no offline hanky panky stuff) and preformed in front of real people thanks for watching Quiz: first to pick witch movie the music theme is from (sorry no prize)
  4. you have no idea about how exhausting this quest was for me, it was live so I was under more pressure to preform, Sah streams are RIP FREE, had to mute the mic and not talk. I had to fight my way through elite silver hand and at least 50 deathlords first just to get to the start of this video (my adrenaline was at its max and I knew what was coming), I have rarely ended a stream because of mental exhaustion, plus its good to quit when your ahead (it was 1 hour of perfect combat) why spoil it because your ego tells you to go on and get cocky and RIP PS good to talk to you dear friend
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