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  1. well said ... must save the dangly bits for the greater good of dogmanity ... you know birds and the bees stuff
  2. yea ... we want to know, did he get his double flee shot? .... your not going to cut his thingamagig ... uhmm you know? ... anti-reproduction stuff thing?
  3. yea boring .... we want more Bruce news
  4. all music by Juno Reactor
  5. next part 8 and ending
  6. all the music is by Juno Reactor, music never used before in a Sah video
  7. ahhh so you fell into the trap little kitty mhahahahahaha there is no way going back, even if you reinstall the game from scratch you will still update to this version ... Bethesda planed this very well ... there is no way going back so your alternatives are ... spend $20 and upgrade to Anniversary Edition or look at that for the next 10 years
  8. by the time I am finished the court yard (this video) I will have faced over 100 enemy's ... not bad and we still have the temple to go
  9. what if you have saved all your mods just for a rainy day ... lets say you have mods that work today but are from 2015 for example and dont exist any more ... is it OK to use them? ... what if you have downloaded over 100GB of textures and mods ext and I want to use them again but the mod dont exist or has been taken down ... can I still use them?
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