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  1. I agree completely. I know there are people who consider gameplay mods to be "cheating". There are even people who believe that all mods are cheating. But I would say that most of us who use gameplay-changing mods do it to increase difficulty, not decrease it. Others, myself included, also use gameplay mods to facilitate roleplaying. The vanilla game mechanics do not always support a particular character I want to play. I occasionally need to change the rules a bit in order to roleplay an eccentric character effectively. I love Bethesda's games dearly, and I think they come up with some terrific new ideas with each game. But too often in my opinion Bethesda implements those new ideas really poorly. Too often Bethesda's game mechanics feel more like proof-of-concept than finished mechanics. It is sometimes necessary, in my opinion, to use gameplay mods to see their true potential. A great example in my mind are perk mods like Ordinator or Path of Sorcery. Skyrim's perk system is a terrific idea, I love it, but its implementation leaves something to be desired. Perk mods show us the true potential of Skyrim's perks system. To my way of thinking, they are not "cheat" mods at all. They are simply finishing the job Bethesda began.
  2. Congratulations, Sah!!
  3. Imstearn's video of Ella Fitzgerald reminded me of a brilliant guitarist who used to work with her: Joe Pass.
  4. I haven't either. I'll be honest: I haven't liked any Obsidian game. I liked New Vegas better than other Obsidian games I've played, but I still couldn't finish it. It doesn't help that I had to live in the real Las Vegas for six years. My mother moved us there when I was a teenager and I hated every single second of it. As a result, the game world taps into terrible memories for me.
  5. I like Fallout 4 better than Fallout 3 or New Vegas too.
  6. But hasn't this been the case for many years now? Robin has been running a business with paid employees at least since he began hosting mods back in 2006. At that point the site stopped being a small forum-only fan site run by a teenager from a computer in his bedroom and gradually turned into, as he says, a "fast-growing company" with a "modern office". Now I do not know the legality of what he is doing, and I am not arguing either for or against it, but I do know that he couldn't afford to host 4.8 billion files unless the site was a profitable business.
  7. I'm just the opposite. I avoid graphics mods almost entirely these days. Nowadays I am primarily interested in gameplay-changing mods. Which is ironic, since I started my modding career making textures for Morrowind.
  8. I've been a Nexus member since 2003, but I've almost never posted on their forums. I doubt that I qualify as a refugee.
  9. I loved Neverwinter Nights. Morrowind was my first roleplaying game and I liked it okay, but I didn't understand it. I knew nothing about roleplaying at the time and played it like a first-person shooter. But a lightbulb went off in my head when I played NWN. I suddenly felt like I understood roleplaying. I went back to Morrowind with a new appreciation for what that game was all about. So NWN will always have a special place in my affections because of that. To be a bit more on-topic, a couple months after those games came out Larian released Divine Divinity. Being an enthusiastic player of roleplaying games now, I snapped it up and enjoyed it very much. Boy, what a grand year for roleplaying games 2002 was!
  10. I suspect it was a nostalgia-based marketing decision. "Baldur's Gate" is a brand name that consumers recognize. That doesn't mean it won''t be a terrific game though. Larian has done great work in the past, in my opinion, and these impressive patch notes suggest to me that they are taking this game very seriously.
  11. Now THAT'S what I call a set of maps!! Those drawings of Skyrim aren't bad either.
  12. Yes, I think that's it. On another note, we took in nine feral kittens when we moved to our present house last year. The kittens are all indoor cats now and have mostly become domesticated. We also have one adult feral cat (mother of two of the kittens) who comes in and out of our house, but who mostly lives outside in the summer. So I am pretty familiar with scenes like this picture!
  13. Adella should always have the last word.
  14. This is a fantastic portrait. I love it!
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