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  1. Bethesda posted a new video on Starfield:
  2. With one exception. Shivering Isles was released on March 27, 2007; Fighter's Stronghold was released on October 15, 2007.
  3. The internet is often an echo chamber of hysteria. There are people who have been convinced by click-baiting YouTubers and anonymous reddit posters that current Fallout 3 mod lists are obsolete, that existing Fallout 3 mods will have to be updated or remade, re-downloaded and reinstalled, and that this is the end of Fallout 3 modding as we know it. We get this kind of reaction whenever Bethesda changes anything.
  4. From a modder's point of view, I think that would be the worst thing that could possibly happen. Modders are already expected to make separate versions for Legendary Edition and Special Edition, not to mention XBox and Playstation ports. Adding one more version to the workload would be unnecessarily onerous, in my opinion.
  5. And, of course, we now have people complaining about it. *sigh*
  6. This is not a typical music video, per se, it is a 60 Minutes story about one of America's great singers, Tony Bennett, now 95 years old. Watching this nearly brought me to tears. “Things can change and you can still be magnificent”
  7. Myself, I have never installed a single mod using installer software. Back when I started modding Bethesda's games there were no utilities available. I got used to downloading and installing my mods manually and that is how I am comfortable doing it.
  8. Can't you just install the mod manually? It seems a little drastic to give up on the mod completely.
  9. Pseron Wyrd


    This character looks terrific!
  10. This is why I keep copies of every mod I download. I only download a mod once. I have folders on a separate hard drive where I archive all of my downloaded mods. I burn them onto CDs when the drive gets full. I even keep multiple older versions of mods in case a newer version has issues or is not to my liking. I learned to do this years ago when mod download sites like Morrowindfiles and Euro-Morrowind ceased operations. I tear apart and rebuild my mod lists for each character I play, so it is very handy to have mods easily and quickly available.
  11. I don't blame the gaming studios. I blame the consumers. We live in an age that does not value artistic innovation. The vast majority of consumers these days want safe, familiar entertainment. You will see far more posts on gaming forums begging for remasters and remakes of old games than you will see begging for new games. In Bethesda's own forums and Discord we have seen more posts wanting remasters of New Vegas, Fallout 3 and older Elder Scrolls games than wanting Starfield or TES VI. It's the same in the movie industry. The vast majority of moviegoers do not want new, challenging films. They want the latest remake of a reboot of a remake of a reboot of Spiderman. They want sequels, prequels, film versions of old TV shows and cartoons and even reboots of film versions of TV shows and cartoons. The movie studios aren't to blame for this. The people who buy tickets are to blame. We live in a conservative cultural climate and the people who produce our art and entertainment are merely catering to current consumer demand. Many people get economics backward. When they don't like a product they blame the company that made the product. This is wrong. Businesses do not drive markets; consumers drive markets. When we buy a product we are telling a company to make more of that product. If we do not like the product a business is producing we need to criticize the people who buy the product. If consumers did not buy the product the business would not produce it. At any rate, this is how I see it.
  12. Yes, that's entirely possible, they've done it before. They added a wannabe-Morrowind "alien" landscape to Oblivion with Shivering Isles (complete with mushroom trees) when fans complained that Cyrodiil wasn't as alien-looking as Vvardenfell. And I consider the Dragonborn DLC to be basically fan service for Morrowind fans as well (even including music from the older game). But I'm willing to put up with a bit of fan service, if it doesn't become too obnoxious. I even think that, if it is done right, a thing can be artistically valid and function as fan service at the same time.
  13. I thought Dragons were the most impressively designed creatures Bethesda Game Studios has ever created. Modeling, animation, sound design - everything was superb. They never fail to fill me with awe and wonder. That said, I only want Dragons to return if it makes sense within the context of the story and the setting of the game. In my opinion, the worst thing they could do, artistically, is include them merely for some cheap and easy fan service.
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