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  1. My opinion is vastly different. My mods are not "broken." I do not think Bethesda's updates are "useless." I do not think the Anniversary Edition was a "disaster." My game has not been "blown to pieces." I have never needed a complete Windows reinstall because of a Skyrim "black screen of death." I do not think Bethesda wants to "destroy free mods." I do not think TES VI is going to be a "microtransaction pay-to-win mobile game business template." I cannot speak for other players, but personally I love Special Edition. On my machine it runs faster and smoother and with fewer CTDs than the 32-bit Legendary Edition ever did. Myself, I could never go back to LE. But most importantly, I do not want Bethesda to stop updating their games to suit the tiny minority of mod-using players who are temporarily unconvinced.
  2. The update has been released. See this thread for more details:
  3. Another update: "Thank you for your patience while we worked to resolve a few residual issues. We were able to deploy a small patch for Skyrim today, the list of fixes can be found below: • Resolved issue preventing some mods from properly loading. • Resolved an issue causing the player's Creation Credit balance to display incorrectly after immediately purchasing credits. (Except on Steam) • Resolved issue preventing players from purchasing the pet Nix-Hound in some non-English languages. • Resolved issue preventing players from purchasing horse armor in some non-English languages."
  4. An update this afternoon: "The root cause of the disappearing mod issue has been identified, and we are hard at work on a fix. We’re optimistic a hotfix will be ready early next week, but unfortunately we won’t have it before the weekend."
  5. Jesscapade's clarification this morning: "Additionally, we wanted to clarify that many of these changes will only take effect on new saves, or if you haven’t encountered the content yet."
  6. An update on the patch: "Hi folks, we are aware of an issue following today's Skyrim patch where some downloaded mods suddenly became unavailable in-game after accessing the mods menu. We are actively investigating this and will share an update as soon as we can. Thank you for your patience!"
  7. When I started making and using mods for Bethesda's games, two decades ago, modding was in a pretty primitive state. We had some very talented modders in those days but we also had more than our share of folks who made, in my opinion, loads of very worthless stuff. Hastily-made retexture mods were everywhere. The term "Balmora house mod" became a kind of shorthand to describe the tons of crappy mods uploaded on a daily basis to the first modding sites like Morrowindfiles, Gamers Roam and Planet Elder Scrolls. What I see modders doing these days would make modders from 20 years ago stand back in awe. In general I think modders these days display a more consistently professional attitude than most of us managed to do back in the beginning. Each new "generation" of modders has built on the foundations laid by previous generations and what we have now, in my opinion, is better than anything we have ever had in the past.
  8. This doesn't sound like a bug to me. This sounds like an intentional decision on the part of the developers. My opinion is that unoptimized game design is outside the scope of a mod that aims to fix bugs. I'm also going to have to disagree with the assertion that "no one uses vanilla perk trees." I know quite a few players who use mods and also use the vanilla perk trees. Perk overhaul mods may be popular but they are not ubiquitous.
  9. It's great so see you back in the Elder Scrolls modding community, Ghastley!
  10. Hi, Almost_Furry. Why don't you just tell us about your problem here? Maybe someone in this forum can help.
  11. Oblivion Bash is a much more comprehensive application than later iterations. It is the last version developed by Wrye himself. Others have carried on his work since 2008, and have done a terrific job, but these later versions do not have the same tools offered by Mash and Bash.
  12. If I ran a download site I would allow any mod that did not break the laws of my country of residence. But I support the right of any site owner to take whatever legal positions they wish in regard to their own sites.
  13. Pseron Wyrd

    Solstheim Dreams

    Gorgeous picture! The hawk flying in front of the moon is a perfect touch.
  14. Hi, Wolfborn! I don't play many games either. My gaming repertoire has dwindled over the years mainly to games made by Bethesda Game Studios. Games made by other developers just don't offer me what I'm looking for. I also got hooked on Bethesda's games with Morrowind. I must have spent at least 10,000 hours playing and modding that game over the years. I even met my wife on Bethesda's forums. We were both regulars in the Morrowind Mods forum back in 2002-2003. Out of all the games BGS has made so far my favorites are Morrowind, Skyrim and Fallout 4. Stick around! It's a great place.
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