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    Gaming Duh, Photography, Dogs, Wolves, History all era's, Writing, and to be honest just about everything that caches my eye.
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  1. Uncus

    20210726043843_1 (2).jpg

    This is the look of Uncus's clothing I have been looking for. Simple functional no un nessercery embellishments.
  2. Uncus

    A Dog and his Elf

    Uncus says HI to Deirdre,😍😍ðŸĪŠ
  3. I think the term is Jonna like from the whale, might have spelt the name wrong though could not remember how.
  4. To be honest, I do think collections is a good idea in princile, but the implementation leaves a lot to be desired. It is in fact a feature I have suggested in forum. The way I envisaged it was that within my vortex profile I could record a load order then by logging in on another device I could automatically download those mods and continue playing with the mods and saves recorded from the first device. In much the same way my download history is recorded. This all with no changed in authors rights, now here s the thing as Phat mentioned servers cost money so if this bought extra costs then if it could not be covered with advertising revenue then I suppose that the service might have to be part of the premium package. Non premium members could still get a list of links to do it manually. If I understand it right their thinking that lists posted on Nexus to be shared would be made invalid if a mod in that list was deleted by the mod author for what ever reason the list would become invalid. My answer to that is boohoo so what how often do abandoned mods stop working after a time as game updates change things that the mod needs to function. Another point who remembers collections in steam workshop for old rim, no body complained if a mod disappeared they just looked for another list or a replacement for the deleted mod and there was no change in authors right.
  5. still free to download but the cost of premium membership has gone up and one payment lifetime membership has been removed. premium memberships main advantage is faster download times if you have an internet connection that can handle it. To be honest if you live in an area where the internet is reliable and of its self fast I would question the need for such a membership, and if your internet is crappy then it will probably not help much. I hope that Nexus (like steam with paid mods) sees that the way they are treating mod authors and mod users may well be more destructive than profitable.
  6. Uncus

    A Dog and his Elf

    Here is the link I promised Phat. LRS Hunter Extension for Alternate Start - Live Another Life at Skyrim Special Edition Nexus - Mods and Community (nexusmods.com)
  7. Uncus

    A Dog and his Elf

    The dog and his Elf title is nod to the SF book and later film set in a post apocalyptical future called A Dog And His Boy. A young Don Johnson stared in the lead role.
  8. Uncus

    A Dog and his Elf

    The puppy as you so quaintly put it comes from a mod that also gives you the hunters log cabin behind and some crafting stations. I'll look up the link for you later.
  9. on the face of it sounds feasible, I would however think they would have had their legal department check it out before this stage.
  10. since I got promoted in my rep standing I seem to have more reaction points, I might be wrong but HMM don't really know
  11. this time of day always this time of day always the sun is well over the yard arm now.
  12. Well it is best if the spider is dead before you harvest its poison glands, they tend to complain other wise.
  13. Ah but so useful poison glands.
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