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  1. It ain’t alf ot ere dad.
  2. If I got the AE full update version I take I need this beside the regular USP from this website?
  3. AE is SE with extras and a few bug fixes I believe.
  4. yes I was thinking that too it does rather dominate the desk top. Although over all a great addition to the mod.
  5. I didn't realize it would increase the work instead of reducing it, right O mate your way is best then.
  6. You are on a roll, this version is getting realy enormous. Might be time to think about splitting it up into thiemed packages.
  7. https://youtu.be/Xm2O9OaLZ1U just a quick tour of my first building project in "Conan Exiles".
  8. Looks interesting but if its not single play then I’m out too old and slow to keep up these days.
  9. Not too happy about that but on the other hand I appreciate them taking the extra time to polish the games all shiny an bug free , by the way what is red fall missed that one I will have to look it up.
  10. Download the file, open vortex with the Fo4 profile, click mods in the menu on the left. scroll down to the bottom you will see a box with drag and drop or something similar I cant remember the exact wording off hand. open the folder you downloaded the file to drag an drop the file in the box on vortex. you should now be able to install the mod as usual.
  11. true enough there is a sell by date on everything, at a certain point things get to outdated to function in the same way they did when they were created.
  12. Didn't expect that, it was a joke really but ok I do like banana milk and my F04 char Lucky Jack Smith says thanks a lot. TAAASTY!!!!!
  13. No canned laughter then,
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