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  1. I had Left my home and my people in late spring, although the weather was still mild and generally pleasant signs of the approach of autumn began to become noticeable. Birds were no longer caring so intensively for their young as they began to be able to fend for themselves. The sun rose and set noticeably later an earlier, making the days slightly shorter and the nights longer. It was a gradual but steady change in the season. The nights were not yet cooler but as the nights lengthened that would change. I was glad of the shelter the Dwenmer cottages and towers would offer me. The question would be how cold it will get, or will it just get wetter with more frequent rain and fog. Even if I can find or build a small vessel of some kind it may be getting too late in the year to embark on the journey back to the mainland. I am no sailor, all that I know of the sea and ships had been gleaned from my former shipmates and that was precious little. I would soon need to pick one of the Dwenmer settlements as my main refuge and stock it with preserved meat, fish and vegetables. A supply of firewood would also be needed. I quite possibly might need warmer fur clothing. One way or another I would need to start my preparations soon. I had yesterday seen the top of one of the Dwenmer towers higher up the mountain I decided that I would inspect it before returning to one of the more sheltered cottages. So, packing a supply of food and water for the day's expedition I retraced my steps along the valley bottom then turned uphill taking this time the righthand fork to the higher ground and the tower. the fork led to the foot of an impressive flight of steps climbing up the steeper part of mountain, it was easily seventy or eighty feet high. An hour or so later I stood at the door to the tower, it was not locked but the hinges squealed their protest as I forced it open. Leaving the door open I climbed the stone steps to the inner platform. Anything that might have been here had long since rotted away to dust and loam. Carefully testing the strength of iron ladder that led to the roof I judged it would hold my weight and went up through the trapdoor above. Standing on the observation deck I was rewarded by a spectacular view out onto the open ocean, it seemed to go on for ever. It was both exhilarating and disappointing as it reminded me of how remote I was from the mainland. Looking along the road I witnessed a saddening site of an old matriarch female mammoth standing over the dead body of one of her family. She truly looked to be mourning the passing of one of her tribe. I spotted some of the mammoth bane grass growing nearby. I wondered if that could be the cause of the sad sight. A little further I could see some kind of building, being not too far away it seemed worth investigating. One never knew what one would find in these Dwenmer buildings. Often nothing but often enough some small or large useful object. there were five or six more mammoth another group of females and a solitary male hanging around waiting for the females to come into season. Next to one of the females was a young infant mammoth probably born this year. In the cliff face of the mountain more steps were carved into the rock up to a partially collapsed doorway. This would also need investigating to see if it led to another nest of Falmer. Scirting the small herd of females and as far as possible from the male. I made my way towards the building, as I approached, I could hear the sound of fact running water. The water cascaded down a rocky rapid then on to a large wheel on the side of the building. It turned out that the building was a water driven sawmill. I could as yet not see if it still functioned, but that would have to wait as now around the side of the mountain was another cottage. It looked from a distance to have the usual forge and other smithing equipment. The door stood open, but no sign of recent occupation could be decerned. The only inhabitants where a pair of indignant skeever's who scampered from under a pile of dried grass then made an escape between my legs and out the door.
  2. Standing on the parapet above the watch tower the path ahead forked into two staircases. Following the right-hand stair past the robed statue I came to a door at the top of the stairs and another stair splitting off to the left leading to an archway and another door. I proceeded to the first door and after some effort pried it open, but easier than I expected the door may have been opened recently. Cautiously entering I scanned the space I entered with care. As my eyes became accustomed to the gloom, I could see what appeared to be an assembly workshop for Dwenmer automatons, standing in a large frame was a half finished or dismantled Centurian, it was difficult to determine which was the case. Scattered around the room were various parts and scrap Dwenmer machinery. I could mine this room for resources at my leisure but not now I had neither time nor need at this time. I found what looked like drawings of parts and whole automatons, these I collected and placed in my pack they may be of use later. There was nothing of immediate use but still a good find. Leaving the room, I closed the door and climbed the stair to the left up to the arch. At the top was another door, it stood ajar. I could hear a strange metalic scampering. Flattening myself against the wall I drew my tomahawk and peered around the door to see one of the smaller spider like Dwenmer constructs. A little to my left lay another hapless corpse, no doubt another member of the expedition. Swinging my tomahawk down I split the casing of the construct and at the same time rendering it useless. I was standing on a balcony high above the floor of an enormous cavern. The cavern was filled with large and small Dwenmer buildings, most damaged by numerous rock falls over time. There being no one to repair the damage the buildings gave the impression of long-ago yet extinct greatness. In some ways it was sad to see such obvious skill and learning crumbling to dust that would one day be totally unrecognisable. Stripping the construct of the crystal that powered it and some oil, I moved to the body and inspected him. in his satchel I found a notebook with many notes and drawings describing Dwenmer artifacts and buildings, most of which I did not understand. Perhaps after more study their secrets might be reviled but not for the time being. After taking some dried meat and the notebook I prayed for his passing to whatever after life his people subscribed to, I left his personal belongings and closed the door behind me. retracing my steps, I made my way to the second building on my left next to the stream. On entering it was clear that this building had a totally different use. Books, books and more books pilled on tables, stacked against the wall some just lying in discarded heaps. Then everywhere scraps of paper and torn out pages covered in strange and to me unknown signs and symbols. It would appear that the Dwenmer here unlike their mainland cousins dabbled in magic as well as engineering and smithing. Where they in some way trying to combine the two, was it possible that it had anything to do with the unknown God under the Mountain. With every answer I found ten more questions manifested themselves. After exploring the rest of the complex and finding little more of note, I judged that if I could cut across the ridge back to my last camp, I could spend another night in comfort and safety behind a locked door. Descending down the valley to a point where I could cross the stream over a fallen tree, I then climbed the ridge. Just at the brow of the ridge I saw in some rocks the opening to a cave. A check of the hight of the sun four fingers above the horizon told me I had a few more hours of daylight so I went into the cave holding a burning torch before me. Once through the entrance the ceiling rose to a comfortable hight, and a small cavern proved to be a fertile bed for diverse fungus and mushrooms. Some I was familiar with and these I gathered to flavour my supper. On a whim I also gathered some mushrooms unfamiliar to me, but they seemed to conform to the description of the mushrooms that the mage used to make a powerful poison in combination with the Mammoth Bane grass. Keeping them separate from the known edible mushrooms, I dropped down to the cabin and entered dropping my pack in the corner. The coals in the cooking hearth still smouldered giving a low but constant heat which had cooked the venison I had placed there this morning before I left, also some potato's that had baked in the hearth went into the stew. The mushrooms I fried then added to the stew completing my meal. Afterwards I chopped some wood for the morning then settled in for a good nights reast.
  3. As a mod user I can understand that if your favourite mod stops working because it needs to be updated to a new game build. However, you should be aware that mod authors do not work for you or owe you anything in the way of updates or support. That many do and often for years is for you a happy accident not a right under God or law. Now here is the thing, I believe, and hope Art will correct me if I am wrong, anyone can make a patch for any mod as long as they stipulate their work is a patch and the original mod is credited and not claimed as their own. If this is not so, then I think that it is not unreasonable to request the permission to patch abandoned mods but in no other way alter the original mod. If the permission is either refused or ignored you will unfortunately need to find another mod to use.
  4. I awoke feeling well rested, as I always did after having a wolf dream. It was as if no time passed when I was with the wolf or was it after all just an ordinary dream. This dream had been different I had met an impressive old woman who treated me as if she had known me all my life. She knew things about me and my family as if she was a close relative, but I could not remember such a woman, yet she felt familiar in some strange way. As I faced the rising sun and welcomed it to the day, I tried emptying my mind as she had instructed me, but I could not I had to many unanswered questions in my thoughts. feeling somewhat troubled I gave up the exercise for the time being. Busying myself with filling my pack with some supplies for my explorations today I tried my best to occupy my mind with everyday things for now. I set off into the valley passing the unusual mine with its strange ore. There were several mammoths in the valley, but they seemed little troubled by my passing. I had the idea that they had never been hunted by man or mer, they kept a short distance between us but seemed further not at all worried by my passing. The road snaked along the bottom of the valley, to my left the valley climbed steeply towards a line of cliffs and what looked like a rocky peak. to my right the slope was much more gentle, the mammoth and some other game animals grazed contentedly watching my passing. Halfway along the valley a fast-running stream cascaded down its rocky bed from the left side of the valley into a pond, there also appeared to be a sunken outlet on doubt allowing the stream to flow on underground and possibly re-emerge on the other side of the ridge. Just as I began to follow the road out of the far end of the valley, I heard a terrible hissing clanking coming down in my direction. I dived behind a rock just in time to see a steam powered Dwenmer Centurian automaton. It seemed unsteady and disoriented stopping turning the moving again, it the suddenly stopped and slumped forward but remained standing. the animals in the valley took not a bit of interest in its passing. As I watched it straightened and stumbled off up the right side of the valley disappearing over the crest and out of sight. Remembering the other two centurions I had seen laying abandoned I realized they must have been left without guidance when the great disappearance of the Dwenmer occurred and just aimlessly stumbled about the island until some mishap overtook them or they ran out of fuel. the road now turned back on itself in a hairpin bend leading higher up the left side of the valley there was also more pavement in place making traveling easier. Just after the bend the road forked again, one branch continuing to the right the other following the cliffs back and climbing higher. I could see now that the left branch led to another tower and also there where what looked like some buildings built into the higher cliff face. This was a most interesting development, I wondered if this had anything to do with the city the expedition that had come to this island to find. A half hour later I found myself at the foot of a stone stairway leading up to the tower I had seen earlier. The stream that ran into the valley flowed down next to the stairway which was steep and winding as it climbed to the tower entrance. The door was closed and resisted at first but after a little perseverance it began to move then finally opened all the way. Climbing the interior stairway, I found the body of yet another member of the expedition, this one of the guards. A note pinned to the table with a dagger told of the encounter with the Falmer that had outright killed two other members elsewhere and left this poor wretch dying of a poison arrow wound. The note also mentioned a poison concocted by one of the mages from a wild grass called mammoth bane and some mushrooms, it apparently stopped a mammoth in its tracks hence the name mammoth bane no doubt. This could be useful I shall have to see if I can find which mushrooms were used. As with the other dead members of the expedition I said the words needed to send them on to their ancestors and arranged them in a more respectful pose before moving on. I reached the observation platform at the top of the tower and crossed the small bridge leading to the buildings in the rock face. Continuing up the next flight of stairs until i came to one of those robed statues that are dotted around the island this with its usual enigmatic text to the god under the mountain. The text mentions a great and terrible storm, and also contains a spell of "Summon storm Atronarch". I made a rubbing of the spell just encase. It was now time to enter the rest of the buildings.
  5. well admittedly it has been a while since I used the Skyrim workshop, but I am currently using it for mods in Conan Exiles and there it works as it should. So I don't know maybe its fixed now or its just the Skyrim workshop that's broken. I'd have to go and check it out to be sure.
  6. before I discovered the world of Nexus and mod managers, way back in OldRim I used a lot of mods from the workshop. One or two I still use occasionally.
  7. I'm fairly sure it's the same with fire wall permissions as well if you are using defender. It used to ask if I wanted to block or not but since the recent updates, I have not seen that option anymore.
  8. 1950's Barby convention/reunion.
  9. No more UPSATES, Mmmmmm, that's what we thought with the last few updates to Skyrim and although I applaud any bug fixes or things like that anything else that involves updating SKSE again and having to rebuild my mod list yet again is by now getting old. Especially if the new added content is something I probably will never use, so the ability to disable or enable that content as and when I want would be a function, I would welcome but then ar'nt you done now Beth get on with your new games and move on.
  10. still the best Dragon bait around.
  11. by the way you might try chaining a princess to a stone pillar as bait next time, you might even get some shots of the feeding habits of dragons.
  12. that's the sort of image every photograph hopes be able to grab before the moment is past, and you nailed it mate well done.
  13. I know what you mean mate, I’ve started rebuilding my load order a couple of times recently only to discover that Beth has updated yet a gain and had to restart the whole process again. Annoying but what can you do. I considered going sans SKSE but the sort of mods I want and need to creat the character I want need SKSE, so I’m Screwed until the updates are done.
  14. I mostly agree with you one thing I would like though would be the ability to turn the new free content off and on as and when I want too. I don't really care how either in a menu similar to LE or in my preferred mod manager. Also, it might be nice if the SKSE devs got a heads up before the update dropped then they could be ready the same day the update drops. I know they are usually fairly quick with their updates, but it would be nice.
  15. Hi, yep looking for a halfway decent rig can be stressful. It might be an idea to tell us where you are geoghacly, nothing heavy like an adress, country or county or state would be enough then if anyone spots a good deel local to you they could let you know.
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