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  1. Could not agree more, been a bit hectic here but not have a couple of days off and a fortnight Thursday II retire then things should be more relaxed. Will be getting some new stuff out soon ASAP. No the whip will not be nessercery it will only distract me.
  2. I’ll be on my last legs with my present PC by then and have no money for a new one,assuming I’m not dead by then.
  3. Hi Helga, sorry I’ve not been to your discord much it’s nothing personal I just don’t like discord as a communication method. At the moment I have not got the patience to learn its controls properly or get used to its format. That may change after I retire soon and have more time for that sort of thing.
  4. A much more adult way to deal with that sort of thing, well done others can ean from your policies.
  5. Well I am not looking for a licence to swear, only to be able to use words in their proper context that are also miss used as euphemisms for other things that in those contexts are offensive but when used in the proper manner are quite acceptable. here is another example, In this context the word scat should be perfectly useable. Also it is used to describe a style of jazz singing. Unfortunately it is also used to describe a sexual act which for some people is offensive which I understand but used correctly it should not be miss understood. You should not worry that I would try to
  6. Fair enough, by joining this sit we by default are bound to the site rules as posted no argument with that. I do have one question though, as we all know there are many words in the english language that have multiple meaning depending on context. Is it ok to use those types of words if used in the corect context which is not offensive. For instance the proper name Dick van Dyke was censored by a bot that took no account of the fact it is a proper name and in that context the words Dick and dyke are not offencive. I ask this in the interests of clarity.
  7. as most of us don't until something happens we did not expect
  8. After satisfying myself that the skeever would not bother me further I continued. There seemed to be a faint glow of light ahead of me so I walked towards it and turning a bend in the tunnel I came to an upwards slope with an exit from the tunnel that led from the beach. Once outside in the daylight I looked over a small sheltered bay with a large rocky islet protecting the bay from the worst of the sea's power. Left and right of the islet were two channels giving access to the bay which compared with the sea outside was as flat and smooth as a duck pond. Despite this there was the mast of a
  9. Come one come all to the official Beth net book burning jamboury.
  10. In Skyrim it does happen, in Fo4 it happens a lot more often. Think they were just practicing in Skyrim.
  11. Uncus


  12. Third rock from the sun was another gem
  13. I think ikonomov missed that it was unread books that glow and not all books. If it was all books then it would be a bit un nessercery, but un read books glowing helps if you are looking for a book you have not read yet.
  14. Agree that the long bowmen were definitely expert marksmen, but as the oncoming enemy horsemen were at maximum rang they would of fired aimed volleys and as they got closer more carefully aimed, but still maintaining a high rate of fire. The strength of a heavy cavalry charge is their mass and cohesion hitting a stationary defending force, the defending force tries break up that formation as quickly and efficiently as possible. That would be with long range volleys then at closer range aimed covering fire going for the horses and soft spots on the enemies. Also if possible the ground in front
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