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  1. come on baby...............................................................................................
  2. I also have had problems with wood chopping animation, when activating the block the log is pickt up then just stops. If I then look down and activate the block again the log gets chopped and fire wood is added to my invetry. It seems to have started since adding FINIS ot one of the other mods I added with it. Now here is the funny bit I also have a mod that adds craftable chopping blocks the animation for those blocks works as intended, so that is another possible culprit.
  3. well done detective Fenrus. good piece of sleuthing.
  4. but you know the will if they think it will boost sales,
  5. yep it is sort of addictive ain't it
  6. Agree if you have disasters turned on that is a good stratergy to limit losses. In this one Im cocentrating on building so have disasters turned off so not much of a problem this time around.
  7. If nothing else they are a good source of laborers, I usually build a few barracks for homeless people and they go live there in the beginning. Then when I’ve used them to boost production quickly I start building homes for them once I have the production to support it, leaving the barracks empty for the next wave of immigrants. I do find it is a good idea to have three or four hospitals as nomads have a greater chance for plague infestations at first and enough schools to ensure the second generation is educated.
  8. Thats another thing you get loads of nomads at the beginning of the the game but seem to get less later but admittedly in larger numbers at a time. At least thats my experience.
  9. Never done the naming citizens, might try that sometime. I have played with disasters a few times but found the frequency far too much, you would need tobe the unluckiest settlement in the world to get that much grief.
  10. A game I've been playing off and on for Quite a while, it's called "Banished" it's a sort of city builder.
  11. Would that include the time scale slider in I-Need I've been using it for a long time and it seems to work ok. It's lowest scale is 8 would you call that extremely low or not. this is in Skyrim SE not Fo4 though but I assume similar rules apply
  12. Scout/hunter/woodsman/woman, hands down very little else. Sometimes I just wing it and in the immortal words of Eric Morecombe ( If you don't know who he was look him up) it's the make it up as you go along show. Other times its more structured. My current character Uncus is by far the most developed by far. A member of a tribe of wood elves that got geographically cut of from the main stream culture before the Green Pact and the Wild Hunt. And did not return until after the end of the Glacial period that isolated them.
  13. I pre ordered ( yes I know I have paid penance for my crimes at the shrine of Talos) ESO years ago before launch, I was really looking forward to it. But when it arrived I was disappointed and did not like it, I did not even redeem my bonus content. After reading the experiences of others here I decided dig out the DVD box and installed it, after the gods know how long and feeding the four DVD's into my PC it was finally updated to the most recent build. I started it up and looked around, still don't like the controls or better said the inventory screens but persevered a bit. Now I may give it a another chance. So here is Uncus, any body know if you can import pre-sets into ESO.
  14. Wasnt there one of those urban myth things in Enterprise with just that story. Back then not every one trusted the new technology. Sound familiar?😎
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