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The Big Fallout 4 Thread

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yeah, i figured i mentioned them before . didn't want to seem too hyped anyway, yes, 20 bucks for an action figure next to my gaming rig are more in line of what i'm thinking is a good investment.

Did you expect otherwise? Despite years of telling people not to do this and providing evidence as to why, they simply choose to stick their fingers in their ears and cover their eyes so they can pret

Gotta get this out there, dialog comparison:   A baby is drowning in a pool of radioactive water and the father needs you to help. What do you do?   Fallout 3:   -I'll save the baby. -No way I'

Gotta get this out there, dialog comparison:


A baby is drowning in a pool of radioactive water and the father needs you to help. What do you do?


Fallout 3:


-I'll save the baby.

-No way I'm risking my life like that!

-[speech 36%]I'll save him if you pay me.

-[Endurance]Shouldn't be too bad with some Rad-X.


Fallout New Vegas:


-I'll save the baby.

-No way I'm risking my life like that!

-[speech 15/45] Well, uhh, help doesn't come cheap, right?

-[survival 40] The radiation isn't that bad, just take some Rad-X. And here's some Radaway for your son.

-[Explosives 35] I've got a pretty good arm, I could lasso him back to shore if you've got some rope.


Fallout 4:





-What baby?


I'll leave it up to you if you feel it was worth it to have a voiced protagonist.

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A voiced protagonist is not the reason their dialogue snippets suck. Laziness is. Someone already has a mod out that fixes that, but it's probably nowhere near complete. From what I could tell, a pretty clever method too. UI + String File trickery. No esp. The screenshots it shows on Nexus are promising.


Yes, I happen to like a voiced protagonist. For Fallout, it works, because you pretty much have "male human" and "female human". It would have broken down quickly if they let you be a ghoul or a super mutant as well. It also likely wouldn't work for an Elder Scrolls game unless they went balls out and did voice for all 10 races.

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In FO4 hawe

6005 *.BGSM Data\Materials

282 *.BGEM Data\Materials


How to edit them?


Gibbed's Fallout 4 Tools



    Various tools for Fallout 4 that I have developed.

    Note: these are command-line utilities!
    Most of them will work with just drag&drop in File Explorer.

    Gibbed.Fallout4.ConvertMaterial.exe - Converts *.bgsm files to a JSON format.
    Gibbed.Fallout4.ConvertEffectMaterial.exe - Converts *.bgem files to a JSON format.
    Gibbed.Fallout4.Unpack.exe - Invokes UnpackGeneral or UnpackTexture, depending on archive type.
    Gibbed.Fallout4.UnpackGeneral.exe - Unpacks general archives (*.b2a).
    Gibbed.Fallout4.UnpackTexture.exe - Unpacks texture archives (*.b2a).

    Source code is available via my SVN repository:

    Automated builds are available as well (if the file here on Nexus is out of date):


After converting to JSON and editing change file extension from *.JSON to *.BGSM.

JSON Validator

Also recommend to use version r18_b18 from Automated builds

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More "General memory and stability improvements".


Yeah, that general statement is the same as Skyrim official beta patches, thats where the embarrasing stuff is erm .. logged as fixed


Coders blog "Fell asleep on the keyboard again, 1500 pages of zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz's entered with my nose, need to clean up Corvega later" :)

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I have reason to believe that there is an issue of some sort with the Power Counters. I've been playing around with them, basically testing "I want to hit one button (or something similiar) which has the result that the Power Counter reaches as fast as possible it's max. setting" .. which is "9". I ended up doing this: one, two three, here is a more basic overview.

All "Delayed On Switches" are set to delay power for 1/4 s, all "Delayed Off Switches" are set to delay cutting of power for 1/8 s (Delayed Off Switches are there to ensure that only short impulses reach the Power Counter). This works beautifully if all Delayed Off Switches are connected to Lightboxes instead of that Power Counter (as an example), so the timings are alright.


The problem now is, that the Power Counter doesn't count consistenly. Sometimes it counts 7 power "inputs", sometimes 8, sometimes 9 (as it should with my setup). It seems to me, that if the Power Counter is at count "9" and then goes back to "0" again, that this exact step is incredibly slow and therefore slows the whole process. If the time settings for the delay switches would be longer, this issue would probably start to masquarade itself, but well .. for these short settings the Power Counter is not really reliable as it is.

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I think perhaps that guy hasn't realized that Fallout is based on a 1950s interpretation of what the aftermath of a nuclear war would be like. He's going on about all the science-y stuff about how buildings decay and stuff but back in the 1950s, nobody actually knew what it would be like.


IMO, anyone expecting a Fallout game to be realistic has another thing coming. Not even the originals made sense in the way he's trying to say they should have.


Drawing comparisons with Chernobyl doesn't really work either because Chernobyl wasn't a global event that burned everything to a crisp.

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My problem is that he's laying blame only on Bethesda when this "problem" has existed since Fallout 1. The entire series has always had this supposed problem with junk and dead stuff laying around inside settled areas. I just don't see it as an issue other than perhaps the valid complaint about leaving pre-war skeletons lying around in a place you've supposedly reclaimed from the wasteland.


Keep in mind, there are people in the real world right now living in conditions that are almost this bad and we haven't had a global nuclear war yet.

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