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[RELz] Roads of Cyrodiil


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This mod adds some new roads to the game along with some new bridges to connect them together when the roads cross the Niben or Lake Rumare. It is intended to make travel just a bit easier to manage, especially when accessing the Imperial City island. You no longer have to go clear around to the Weye bridge just to keep dry. Two lesser roads are added to the Imperial Reserve and Great Forest to make travel between Chorrol, Anvil, and Skingrad easier to manage.

This is a combination mod composed of New Roads & Bridges, originally written by Ukrr, and West Roads, originally written by mariedanj. With modifications and additions by myself.


AFK Mods
TES Alliance

Specifically, the following is added:

A road from the south end of Imperial Isle, along the east outer wall of the Arcane University that connects across the lake with the Red Ring Road, not too far east of Pell's Gate.

An extension of the Blue Road to the west that terminates in front of the Imperial Prison.

An extension of the Silver Road to the south that terminates outside the prison along the Blue Road extension.

A road which originates just west of Cropsford and runs southwest past Cullote to the Niben, where a large bridge spans the river. On the other side, the road continues south to the Green Road a bit north of Bravil.

The short stubby road to Faregyl is extended all the way west to the Gold Road just east of Skingrad. This road is called Half Way. An inn is situated halfway between the two endpoints along this road. Appropriately called Half Way Inn. Yeah. I know. It's a bit forced, just roll with it :)

A trail that extends from the road intersection outside of Kvatch on the Gold Road down to the east wall of Anvil at Fort Strand.

A short extension of road over a new bridge from the east side of the small island north of Leyawiin's Oblivion gate, past the Amelion family tomb, and meeting the Yellow Road right outside of Blankenmarch.

A trail from the Silver Road into the hills connecting Bleaker's Way with the rest of civilization.

A short road linking Border Watch with the Green Road.

A road that joins the Gold Road, about halfway between Anvil and Kvatch. This road crosses the high country in the Imperial Reserve, joining the Black Road west of Chorrol. This road was originally part of West Roads.

A road which joins the Gold Road north of Skingrad crossing the Great Forest. It connects to the Black Road east of Chorrol. This is the other road which was originally part of West Roads. I have added to this with a trail that breaks off to Hackdirt, and another which breaks off and leads to Brindle Home.

Replacement of the bridge just north of Fort Redman with a drawbridge to allow sailing traffic to pass.

Several new road markers have been placed along the roads to help guide the way.

Upgrading from West Roads and/or New Roads & Bridges Revised

If at some point you have installed either West Roads or New Roads & Bridges Revised (or both) you will need to uninstall them prior to installing this. Filenames and resource paths have changed and forgetting to remove the old files will result in data duplication and conflicts.

You will also need to remove any patches built to support the old mods and replace them with new ones from the Roads of Cyrodiil patch file collection.

However you go about getting rid of the old material is up to you, but it has to go. Once you've completed the removal of the old mods, proceed onward to installation.

BOSS will complain at you if you forget to remove the stuff.

Installation - BAIN

Install everything in the 00 Core folder.

If you intend to use a road record file, install only one file from the 01 Road Records folder. It is recommended that the file be imported into the Bashed Patch using the import roads feature, then left deactivated to save that slot for something else.

CBash can also merge these files if you'd prefer to do things that way.

Installation - Manual

Place the ESP from the 00 Core folder in your load order and activate. Place the included mesh and texture files from the 00 Core folder in your Data folder.

Two optional ESP files are included in the 01 Road Records folder for allowing NPCs to use the new roads in their pathing.
For best results, use Wrye Bash 229 or higher and use the "Import Roads" option to select the road file you want. This file should be left deactivated to save an ESP slot for something else.

Use ROC Standard Road Record.esp for games using standard city layouts ( including Open Cities ).
Use ROC - OCReborn Road Record.esp if you have Open Cities Reborn installed.
NPCs who travel through Tamriel should use the new roads if their pathing allows for it.

If you chose not to use Bash, the road file you're using needs to load at the end of your load order for best results.


Deactivate the ESP and load your game.
Remove the Roads of Cyrodiil folder from your meshes and textures.

If you used BAIN, it will cleanly uninstall all the files for you.


This mod runs into surprisingly little trouble, at least as far as I can tell.

A patch is available for use with UL:Imperial Isle. It currently works with either version 1.5 or 1.6, but not older versions.

Load after ElsweyrFaregylRoad.esp if you're using that mod along with the Riverhold mod.

Load after ElsweyrAnequina.esp if you're using that, and be sure you don't still have Riverhold or ElsweyrFaregylRoad.esp when you do.

Works with Open Cities, including Leyawiin Reborn, as long as it loads before them. Same with Open Better Cities and Better Cities.

A patch is available for use with Region Revive - Lake Rumare.

A patch for Shadowcrest Vineyard is available.

A patch for Tcos Alchemy Tower is available.

A patch for Aran Mathi is available.

A patch for DC Fort Akatosh is available.

There is no need for any other UL patches aside from Imperial Isle. Ukrr was either very lucky or deliberately planned around them.

Any other issues will need to be reported so they can be dealt with.

Known Issues

Aside from some stubborn grass that's hard to scrape off the roads in the CS, there should be no trouble from this.


Thanks to Ukrr for granting permission to release this update, and for creating the initial mod.
Thanks to mariedanj for specifying his mod was free to use in other works.
Kevin King - The King Things Petrock font used for the Bleaker's Way and Border Watch road signs. (https://www.kingthingsfonts.co.uk/fonts/fonts.htm)

Additional Related Resources

Dynamic Map has an overlay for its system which covers vanilla and Elven style maps.
You will need to manually adjust two sections in the Dynamic Map.ini file (not the one wit Base in the name).


set tnoDM.mod to sv_Construct "West Roads.esp"
set tnoDM.x to 294
set tnoDM.y to 448
set tnoDM.w to 504
set tnoDM.h to 435
SetStage tnoDM 20
set tnoDM.mod to sv_Construct "road+bridges.esp"
set tnoDM.x to 200
set tnoDM.y to 326
set tnoDM.w to 1523
set tnoDM.h to 1072
SetStage tnoDM 20

Must now become:

set tnoDM.base to 1
set tnoDM.mod to sv_Construct "West Roads.dds"
set tnoDM.x to 294
set tnoDM.y to 448
set tnoDM.w to 504
set tnoDM.h to 435
SetStage tnoDM 20
set tnoDM.base to 1
set tnoDM.mod to sv_Construct "road+bridges.dds"
set tnoDM.x to 200
set tnoDM.y to 326
set tnoDM.w to 1523
set tnoDM.h to 1072
SetStage tnoDM 20

There are currently no known static maps which support the combination of material in this mod, but several do exist for the older version:

https://www.nexusmods.com/oblivion/mods/23946 - An updated Elven Map Redux version with all of the new roads added.
https://www.nexusmods.com/oblivion/mods/22065 - A colored version of the vanilla game map with all of the new roads added.
https://www.nexusmods.com/oblivion/mods/23140 - An updated Cyrodiil Terrain Map version containing all of the new roads in their correct locations, along with additional edits for Bartholm and for Open Cities Reborn.


This mod is not made, guaranteed, or supported by Microsoft, Zenimax, Bethesda Game Studios, or any of their affiliates.

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At the risk of sounding really stupid (which is why it's going here not over at the OF) .... if I just have NRB now, this is the newest upgrade? NRB will not be maintained as it is now? If I don't have WR, I will now?

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Picky :P


Also, do keep in mind that it's a West Roads without all the wild edits and compatibility problems those caused. Without the silly bridge thing the guy did near Skingrad too. I'd have done this sooner had I realized his license allowed for free reign.

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Love the ROC mod and always use it. But on my current modding of Oblivion, I noticed another area that could use a road of sorts. I speak of the south portion of Cyrodiil past Leyawiin. There is a ruined village right at the edge of the sea and is where Deepscorn Hollow is located. Even if you didn't have that DLC, there still was a ruined village there. Perhaps a road could go there from Leyawiin, with hints of being long-abandoned, such as missing portions of stone, lots of grass & small trees growing in the middle of the road? It just makes sense that there should have been a road there, given the ruined village right on the sea. I looked on NexusMods and couldn't find any mod that I could see that provided a road of any sorts to there. It seems to me that your mod would be a good place for such a road. Hopefully you'll consider it for an update to the mod?

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