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Roads of Cyrodiil 1.1

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About This File

This mod adds some new roads to the game along with some new bridges to connect them together when the roads cross the Niben or Lake Rumare. It is intended to make travel just a bit easier to manage, especially when accessing the Imperial City island. You no longer have to go clear around to the Weye bridge just to keep dry. Two lesser roads are added to the Imperial Reserve and Great Forest to make travel between Chorrol, Anvil, and Skingrad easier to manage.

This is a combination mod composed of New Roads & Bridges, originally written by Ukrr, and West Roads, originally written by mariedanj. With additional modifications and additions by myself.

Specifically, the following is added:

  • A road from the south end of Imperial Isle, along the east outer wall of the Arcane University that connects across the lake with the Red Ring Road, not too far east of Pell's Gate.
  • A road from the north end of the Imperial City that goes around the prison to the east. It then splits from there.
  • One fork heads north across a bridge and meets the Red Ring Road just west of the Ayleid ruin Sercen. This extends the Silver Road down to the Imperial City.
  • The other fork goes east across a small bridge and passes along the south side of Fort Urasek, where it meets the Red Ring Road at the intersection with the Blue Road to Cheydinhal. This extends the Blue Road west up to the entry to the Market District of the Imperial City.
  • A road which originates just west of Cropsford and runs southwest past Cullote to the Niben, where a large bridge spans the river. On the other side, the road contiues south to the Green Road a bit north of Bravil.
  • The little stubby road to Faregyl is extended all the way west to the Gold Road just east of Skingrad. An inn is situated halfway between the two endpoints along this road. Appropriately called Halfway Inn.
  • A trail that extends from the road intersection outside of Kvatch on the Gold Road down to the east wall of Anvil at Fort Strand.
  • A short extension of road over a new bridge from the east side of the small island north of Leyawiin's Oblivion gate, past the Amelion family tomb, and meeting the Yellow Road right outside of Blankenmarch.
  • A trail from the Silver Road into the hills conecting Bleaker's Way with the rest of civilization.
  • A short road linking Border Watch with the Green Road.
  • A road that joins the Gold Road, about halfway between Anvil and Kvatch. This road crosses the high country in the Imperial Reserve, joining the Black Road west of Chorrol. This road was originally part of West Roads.
  • A road which joins the Gold Road north of Skingrad crossing the Great Forest. It connects to the Black Road east of Chorrol. This is the other road which was originally part of West Roads. I have added to this with a trail that breaks off to Hackdirt, and another which breaks off and leads to Brindle Home.

Several new road markers have been placed along the roads to help guide the way.

What's New in Version 1.1


Added new lighting to most locations where signs have been placed.
Changed several sign posts to use an edited version of the Bravil lamp post that has the 4 support legs since all the other lighting options were poorly suited for most of the locations where signs exist.
The western bridge to the island just north of Leyawiin has now been replaced with a working drawbridge. The channel below has also been dredged out to fit with large ships being able to pass.

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Hi, thanks for maintaining this great mod!

What do you think about creating compatibility patch with the Better Forts series, exactly Better Fort Variela,Better Fort Carmala and Better Fort Redman? There are some path grid problems.

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Quick question. There is an updated map download for Roads and Bridges. Since I didn't see a corresponding map for Roads of Cyrodiil, would there be any issue with using that map for your mod?  As I understand it, the map has no link to the actual mod so there wouldn't be a conflict, right?

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Is this compatible with Kavatch rebuilt or settlements of Cyrodill mods?

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Is there a world map with these new roads showing... im playing with no fast travel, so these roads are very handy to have getting to and from IC... I also have RHK DLC delayed so getting frostcag spire teleport is much more difficult 

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Hi, thank you for the mod,

I noticed a small bug in the watch tower close to the university. Do you see the lamp into the ladder in my screenshot?


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Weird, that's way outside the boundary of the city. What did they think needed doing there?

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Is this mod compatible with "Better Cities" and "Unique Landscapes Compilation"?

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Can't say for sure about BC, but for the UL mods, there are patches for the relevant ones.

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There is a lot of information of the README that is not written on the description of the mod but it is included on the readme.txt. I ended up needing to use the Wayback Machine from Internet Archive to look for the original description on nexus and then I ended up feeling silly because the same thing I found by doing it is written on the .txt... 

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