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AFK Weye - MTC - Region Revive Patches 1.3

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About This File

  AFK Weye-MTC-Region Revive Patches


A set of patch files which provide compatibility for AFK Weye, MTC Expanded Villages,
and Region Revive Lake Rumare. Features some built-in compatibility with other mods
as well. Giving the potential to use eight Weye mods at once.


Weye is arguably the single most heavily modded area in the entire game. And for good
reason too, the vanilla town of Weye is little more than an inn and a farm house. A quick
search can easily turn up several dozen mods for this spot. From simple player homes to
full village expansions complete with quests. 

Unfortunately most of them do not play nicely together and can have nasty conflicts. Such
as large rips in the landscape, buried and/or floating objects, broken path grids,etc. While
there were a few patches on the market for various combinations of Weye mods, they all
required sacrificing bits and pieces of the mods in order to work. Not an ideal solution.

So I went to work creating a set of patches that will allow simultaneous use of the three
most popular Weye mods I know of, while keeping all mod content intact. Namely AFK_Weye, 
MTC Expanded Villages, and Region Revive: Lake Rumare. The end result transforms Weye 
into a bustling community with vendors, shops offering services, farms, ships, quests, and a
large mansion which can be yours.     


There are three progressively larger main patch files included here. They are all created from
the same template but have minor differences. Choose ONLY ONE. Using more than one at
the same time will cause duplicates and lag. 

AFK-MTC-RR Patch: The basic patch provides fixes for AFK_Weye, MTC Expanded Villages,
and Region Revive Lake Rumare.

House of Healing Patch: Same as the basic version, but adds compatibility for House of Healing.

Weye Overhaul Patch: Same as the basic version, but adds compatibility for House of Healing
 and Oblivion Farmer's Market.

There are also two optional files. One is a replacer .esp for Akaviri Imports which makes that mod
compatible with any of the three main patches. The other is an addon patch for Colourwheels Sexy
Oblivion Overhaul made by Nephenee13. It will only work alongside the basic main file. 

Built in Compatibility

All three of the main file patches have been designed to work with Akaviri Imports, Ruined Tail's Tale,
and now Clocks of Cyrodiil for the Wawnet Inn interior. None of these mods is required. I have simply
adjusted object placement, landscaping, and path grids to allow simultaneous use of these mods should
you choose to do so. Depending on your choice of plugins...you are now potentially able to combine up
to eight Weye mods at the same time...conflict free.

In order to use Akaviri Imports you will need the replacer esp that is included here under optional files.
Install the full Akaviri Imports mod as you normally would, then install the replacer esp and allow it to
overwrite the original. Use of Ruined Tail's Tale will require the RTT Weye Relocation Patch. 


Village of Weye (and ONLY the village of Weye). Any other areas edited by these mods is outside the 
scope of this project.


Oblivion patched to 1.2.0416
MTC Expanded Villages
Region Revive - Lake Rumare
House of Healing at Weye
Oblivion Farmers Market
Ruined Tails Tale
RTT Weye Relocation Patch (Arthmoor pulled the Nexus page, waiting for him to upload it here)
Akaviri Imports


1. Extract to your Oblivion Data folder either manually or using the mod manager of your choice.

2. Set load order and play. 

It is advisable to leave the Weye area before applying any patches. Due to the extensive changes 
throughout the surrounding area, activating while in town may trap you inside a building or other
structure. Because many buildings and doors had to be moved, it is also advisable to perform a 
clean save before using a save game which had any of these mods installed. Failure to do so may 
result in doors showing up in their previous locations. 

Load Order

Suggest using BOSS to set load order. All of these files are already recognized.
Specific Load Order instructions are included with each read-me file as well. 


Compatibility is assured ONLY with the mods mentioned above. Anything else added into Weye will most
likely result in a conflict of some kind.

It should be noted there ARE NO CONFLICTS between any of these patches and Imperial City Suburbs. 
There is, however, a conflict between Region Revive and Imperial City Suburbs which will cause landscape
rips on the Imperial Isle whether you use these patches or not. I won't be adding a fix for that because it falls
well outside the scope of these patches. Which was fixing the village of Weye.


Bethesda             - for Oblivion and the CS
Tes4Edit               - for cleaning the inevitable dirt from my mods
LHammonds        - for the read-me generator this file was based on
afk_dwip              - AFK_Weye
Nernie                  - MTC Expanded Villages
I_Need_Money    - Region Revive: Lake Rumare
David Brasher      - House of Healing at Weye
Coleen                 - Oblivion Farmer's Market
Arthmoor             - Rumare_AFK Weye patch that I used as a starting point in v.1
Mr. Siika              - ship resources
Momo                  - Grain, hay, water textures
severian1981      - Akaviri Imports
simyaz                 - Ruined Tail's Tale

Legal Stuff

Please do not upload these files to any other sites without my consent. 

What's New in Version 1.3


Updated the optional "Colourwheels Sexy Oblivion Overhaul" patch. Updates were performed on the main files over the years. And tbh I simply never even thought about this optional file. I never used CSO. As a result of that neglect, a land rip at one cell border was present when using this patch. Since Nephenee13 hasn't been active for years, and the patch was loaned to me, I've now updated it. Reconfigured the landscape and path grids in the one cell surrounding the CSO tower. Now it syncs up with the Weye patch it is mastered to.


User Feedback

Recommended Comments

You replied (then immediately locked the Nexus comment page): "You really should do a little trouble shooting before posting comments like that. I just loaded up the Colourwheels patch to check things out. The door leading into the tower works just fine. Went through both ways twice. Not sure what is wrong on your end but the patch didn't break the doors.
However, it does need an update. I've updated my patches a few times since Nephenee gave me that CSO patch. As a result there is a land tear caused by some of the changes I made in the main Weye patches. The CSO patch was never adjusted to account for those changes. What can I say? I never used CSO so never even looked at that patch prior to now. That issue aside, things function just as they should."

Wellsir, I troubleshot it for 3 hours straight. I don't appreciate the snarkiness, fyi. Each time a patch like this is added, in order to test it properly, one must select a load order, bash it in, start a new game or make a clean save, check it in game, if it fails retry load order, bash again, etc, etc, etc. I started with a new game, the door problem existed, no angle of view would allow it to be opened, tons of npcs piled up trying to get in. I tried many load orders, clean bash patches, save games, new games, etc, no luck. If that isn't troubleshooting an issue, I don't know what is. Doesn't work. Good for you that you quickly tried it and it worked (hard to believe you installed the entire CSO mod, which changes an enormous amount of things, probably not realizing that BOSS has it wrong in the load order (it needs to go near last or many of its changes will be lost, esp. by OCO), but whatever. One thing I *didn't* do was put the patch after Radiant AI, which probably accounted for some of those npc's ai getting screwed up in that heavily modded area, but I'll try that next. So obviously it's a patch that's not gonna work with certain mods/orders/whatever. Perhaps if one loads CSO where BOSS puts it and has a very light mod list, maybe it might work, if one doesn't care about losing most of its changes, which defeats the point of using it at all. All I know is that with an otherwise nearly perfect install & load order, the door was inoperable which caused npc issues.

Also I noticed a lot of npcs in that whole Weye area did nothing but walk into walls. It's complex stuff with Better Cities, Radiant AI, UL, CSO, and all the patches for that area. Kudos for your efforts to try to fix it. I think it's worth it to go through to trouble of trying to get them all loaded & configured correctly, but I may change my mind since I'm not sure anyone can do it without several issues creeping through.


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The Nexus comment thread is locked because those pages are done. Literally nothing more is coming there. And despite having big bold messages to that effect people keep posting on them. Regards the snarkiness as you call it, I didn't appreciate you posting a comment flat out telling people not to use the patch. That's not the best way to start off with a bug report. "Hard to believe I installed the entire CSO mod"? Who's being snarky now? It wasn't hard, just a PITA for a simple patch test.

I'm sorry you are having trouble with that particular patch. As I said it's not one of mine, only hosted there for the friend who created it. That said, Nephenee knew what she was doing and the patch works. The doors are not broken and my test run shows that. It needs an update for unrelated reasons, but the focus of the patch works as intended. 

And let's be clear on something here, because it seems a LOT of people just don't get this. Every patch ever made was created for a singular purpose. To address the issue with whatever mods it was made to fix. They don't take into account the existence of other mods and patches. I never guarantee that any patch will work with any other patch, or any other mod that isn't specifically being patched for. And no other patch author will do so either

Your issues are probably load order related. Putting it where BOSS says to is what is actually "Required" for the patch to function properly. Because that's what it was built off of. Regards OCO, that came along well after. It conflicts with many, many things. Moving other mods and/or patches to accommodate for OCO isn't exactly a solution. It's a source of more problems because it's going to break functionality for other things in the process. You obviously need a patch for Colourwheels mod and OCO. I don't know if a Bash Patch is enough to alleviate that particular issue. But altering load order probably isn't either. The thing with that is you are simply making one set of variables dominant over another. Not really solving the conflicts.

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Posted an updated version of the optional Colourwheels patch. Optional files are now also in a separate "optional" DL. No other changes at this time. That said, I will most likely update everything else sooner rather than later. So be on the lookout for that. This is one of my oldest set of compatibility patches. They do still work just fine as is. But looking at them with a more experienced set of eyes...there are things that could be done better. Nuff said. 

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Thanks Allister. I may take you up on that just so I can update this series. I don't seem to have a copy stashed away. As you probably know, that patch used to be found on a nexus page with several of Arthmoor's other misc patches. I've approached Arthmoor regards uploading the file here, but don't want to be a nag about it lol. He'll get around to it eventually.

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Thanks for sharing that. Now I can update once I clear some other things out of the way. Already aware of layton's patch :). I was the first to comment on it. Already linked.

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