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  1. Noted and thank you Federica.
  2. Yeah she doesn't usually, that was kind of a one off thing. Oh and you just reminded me, thank you, I haven't sent any of the recent patches (or updated patches) over to Vorians for inclusion. I usually send them right away. Have to get on that.
  3. Interesting. Akaviri Kojima is ship related mod right? I wouldn't have expected it to place locations way out there. Never know what's under the hood until you open it I guess.
  4. I'm very much aware of Soulbound cave. However, I didn't make the compatible version of Roving Renrijra Krin, Guinefort did that. If memory serves Uncut wasn't around yet then...or maybe just in it's infancy. In any case I can take a fresh look at all this when time allows.
  5. When dealing with multiple plugins (mods or patches) in close proximity like this what you really need to be looking at is Tes4Edit...or the CS. You need to see which mods (and/or patches) are making land edits and how they overlap/interact. That's what gives you the real picture.
  6. Shares space with a bunch of different things. But that particular mod didn't exist at the time this was made. I may look into if a patch is realistic soon. I'm veering away from trying to make two different settlements coexist in such close proximity. If it was small things like 2-3 homes and some gardens ok. But MM's settlements are a bit more than that. Which kind of goes at odds with my theme.
  7. I really don't know what could be wrong Push. Mine is working as it always has. What settings are you using on the GUI? If you have the "Update Masterlist" box checked that could be it. The Github online repository is way out of date and i have been unable to get it to take any updates. Manual updates to the masterlist from here is the only option at this time. Unchecking that box forces BOSS to use whatever masterlist it currently has.
  8. I'm not going to clog the comment thread with a discussion of that length. I have no idea of how you tried to go about it. Could be any number of things. Merging isn't always so straightforward. PM me and we can talk about it.
  9. Yeah whining kids can be a real headache lol. The only version I know of at all was on Nexus. At one point there was a lite version there as an optional. But I also remember seeing a comment about it being pulled later (for reasons unknown to me). If the page is now hidden you may just have to wait and hope it opens up again.
  10. Not here. These are all centered around the 3 big mods for Weye village. Look for author "dreamed1" on Nexus. He made some Weye related patches long ago. Perhaps he has something that works better for you.
  11. Correct. RST is the stumbling block at the moment. The standalone patch for RST/Seaside isn't configured to also work with Cliffs Of Anvil. I will remedy that in the future however. The Seaside/Shipton patch will work with any of the other Seaside patches. The AFK patch sits off in it's own little corner of the world so "should" work with any of the Cliffs Of Anvil variants.
  12. Yes you are on the right track. no need for the solo OOO patch as it's included in one of the COA variants. Regards docks, I was referring to the docks area in River Strid near the settlement. Seaside Settlement adds some docks, Cliffs of Anvil adds some, RST adds some, Sides Sailing Ships adds some, MTC Thieves Grotto adds some. and they all converge in 2-4 game cells. So until I can expand the selection of patches choices are limited. What you want is doable, but may require some more precisely targeted patches to make it happen. What I have at the moment can easily be reconfigured later on.
  13. Falling Leaves adds particle effects to vanilla tree locations. So you may see leaves falling in areas where trees have been moved from. Aside from that Koyo would have no impact on the particle effects actually functioning. If things are too weird a patch for that would be easy enough.
  14. Your second to last line narrows in on the problems. You use at least two mods (OOO,RST) which would overlap the main area being patched. But there is no patch variant which addresses using them all together. In fact there is no Cliffs-Seaside variant which includes RST at all. RST makes major changes in the docks area. The problem here, as we've discussed previously, is 3rd party content overlapping the game cells edited by the Seaside-Cliffs patch. Anything else thrown into the mix is going to require a dedicated patch of it's own, which also includes that specific content. I made a few variants of the Cliffs-Seaside patch (which also account for OOO, Kragenirs, Sides Sailing, Thieves Grotto, etc). You should use only one of them, as each makes very different changes to the area. That means either the Seaside-Cliffs main patch OR one of the variants. AFK patch should be ok to use in conjunction, IIRC it doesn't touch any of the same cells as the Cliffs patches. I will return to expand on options for people to choose from. Until then you have 7 choices where Seaside-Cliffs patching is concerned. Try throwing something else in there and things break.
  15. Yes all resources in the download section are required. I only split them up because there was an issue with the site uploading files over a certain size.
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