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  1. Apologies for somehow missing this question. Probably too late for the OP, but I'll answer for anyone else who may have the same question. I always clean mods before creating patches for them. So yes, you can (should) clean the mods before using them.
  2. Thank you very much! It's nice of you to share that. When I finally finished the last Hesu update and actually counted the patches, my jaw dropped lol. Didn't realize there were so many. One day I hope to be able to write a read-me file which is crystal clear. I'm getting better at it, but not quite there yet. I'll try to word this in a way that makes sense. For the 3 main patches in this package, you should only ever choose one. Installing more than one will cause duplicate objects in-game. The meshes and textures are the same for each, so won't matter which package you choose. "AFKWeye-MTC-RRLRumare Patch" is the most basic. Patching the 3 conflicting mods together. The next two are built off of this as a template, but add in compatibility for other things as well. "AFKWeye-MTC-RRLRumare-HOH Patch" for example adds in compatibility for House of Healing. "WeyeOverhaulMods Patch" does everything the previous patches do, plus adds compatibility for Oblivion Farmers Market. All three of the above have built in compatibility for Akaviri Imports mod (requires the replacer esp in optional files), Ruined Tale's Tail (requires the RTT relocation patch from Arthmoor), and Clocks of Cyrodiil. There is also an optional patch file for Colouwheels Sexy Oblivion Overhaul, this file can only be used alongside the basic 3 way patch (afk-mtc-rr). The person who originally created it designed it that way. Hopefully this clears things up for you. And thanks for reaching out.
  3. It's a path grid record, which isn't nearly as volatile as navmesh in the newer games. No cause for concern. I'll keep this info for next update. Easy enough to restore the vanilla PGs and rework so there are no error flags thrown up in the future. But honestly, this isn't Skyrim. Or Fallout 4. Pathing doesn't cause those kinds of headaches in this game.
  4. You'll have to be more specific than that. I don't have any idea what Wrye Bash is alerting you to. Is there any other information to reference? Are we talking about a deleted vanilla object? There was one UDR in an older version of Dive Rock, but that was pruned out a while back. All of the current plugins are cleaned with Tes4Edit v4.0.3. My Wrye Bash is not showing any issues via mod checker.
  5. Version 2.0


    Improved Lowerclass Architecture Description Provides several mesh fixes for the vanilla lowerclass architecture. Details This is yet another page finally being migrated over from the Nexus. It's a revamp of a small project I released back in 2015. At the time I was making my first concerted effort to learn modeling. With a little knowledge under my belt it seemed like a great idea to attempt fixing all the mesh errors in the lower homes. Looking back, I should have waited to learn a bit more. Results were ok, but could have been much better. So here I present version 2.0. A package containing fixes (much better fixes) for all issues I know of with the lowerclass homes, the tavern, and the Bruma thatch roof variants of the homes. Including many issues I didn't spot the first time around. It should be noted these are strictly vanilla bug fixes. No architecture changes other than what was necessary to plug holes. Contents Meshes folder contains one each of the following. There are no textures included since they use vanilla textures. HouseLower01.nif HouseLower02.nif HouseLower03.nif HouseLowerInterior01.nif HouselowerInterior03.nif LowerClassTavern01,nif LowerClassTavernInterior01,nif BrumaHouseLower01.nif BrumaHouseLower02.nif BrumaHouseLower03.nif BrumaHouseLowerInterior01.nif BrumaHouseLowerInterior03.nif What Has Been Fixed?? A fairly sizeable list. See the spoilers for each model and the screenshots above to get the best point of reference. HouseLower01: HouseLowerInterior01: HouseLower02: HouseLower03: HouseLowerInterior03: LowerClassTavern01: LowerClassTavernInterior01: BrumaHouseLower01: BrumaHouseLowerInterior01: BrumaHouseLower02: BrumaHouseLower03: BrumaHouselowerInterior03: Install Drop the contents into your Oblivion Data folder, or install using the mod manager of your choice. These are vanilla replacers so you can allow them to overwrite. Credits Bethesda - for Oblivion and the CS 3DS & Nifskope - for the tools that made this possible LHammonds - for the readme generator this file was based on Me - for the time it took to assemble all this stuff Legal Stuff These materials are being distributed as a free to use modder resource package. Use in your own projects requires no additional permissions, so long as appropriate credits are given. Please do not upload to other sites without my consent.
  6. Yeah idk if PYFFI will remove what appear to be good portions of a mesh. Although it could be a byproduct of optimizing. I've seen a number of vanilla models which invert faces on the mesh when you stripify. My guess is this was an accident which happened while other fixes were being performed.
  7. Added another mesh error report to the bug tracker. This one for houselower03.nif. UOP introduces an error on the lower right roof gable framework portion (just right of the wooden window shutters). Triangles have been stripped from the mesh leaving a visible hole which was not present in the vanilla model.
  8. Sure. How do I log into it? Same as my AFK login? (nope that didn't work). Do I need to register a separate account? nvmd....got it figured out.
  9. Working through some of my older mesh fixes and comparing to UOP I found another for you. "LowerclassTavernInterior01.nif" in the UOP has some UV map errors on the mud ceiling. The texture is skewed in several places. This is introduced by the UOP as the vanilla model has no such issue.
  10. Not until this very moment when you made me aware of it. Noted for next update. And thank you for reporting.
  11. Ah...a minor misspelling on my part. It's "BrumaHouseLowerInterior01.NIF". It's the Bruma version of the standard lower class house 01 interior.
  12. You should always clean mods with xEdit. Any patch I create will have been done with cleaned mods. So yes, do that.
  13. One model I noticed in the current UOP needs fixing. The "BrumaHouseLowerInt01" in the UOP somehow managed to remove the upper portion of the door frame, which existed in the vanilla model.
  14. Well they aren't packaged in a BAIN format strictly speaking. Maybe Wrye gets confused with the sub-folders. I'll look into repackaging on the next update.
  15. They are patches for the Unique Landscapes series, or UL as it is commonly known. UL is available in two forms, as separate plugins, or as a single merged plugin. Because of this you will find compatibility patches for the series with 3 different prefixes. ULS prefixed patches can only be used with the separate Unique Landscapes plugins. ULM prefix can only be used with the merged UL compilation. ULE prefix can be used with either.
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