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Weye + Ruined Tail's Tale Compatibility Patch 2.0.1

About This File

This patch file performs the following:

* Transplants the inn added by RTT in Weye to an empty spot on the road next to Fort Nikel.
* Scripted adjustments to plot elements to preserve their state depending on when this patch is installed.


* Ruined Tail's Tale 3.0 - Will not work with 2.5, and woudln't be necessary for 2.5 anyway. Don't do it.

Why Do You Need This?

You need this because you have a Weye mod that put a building down on the same location as Ruined Tail 3.0.
Said building may include other buildings as well. The mod may also have landscape and path grids to contend with.
Since most Weye mods are more substantial than a single building, a solution needed to deal with the new inn from RTT instead.

Load Order

RTT-Weye Relocation Patch.esp
The affected Weye mod


Go to an indoor location and save the game. You should not be outdoors anywhere within view of Fort Nikel or Weye.

It is strongly recommended that whatever Weye mod you use is cleaned first using TES4Edit.

Place the esp file in your Data folder with your other plugins.

Activate the patch in the proper load order.


This patch is known to work with:

AFK_Weye (version 1.x and 2.x)
Region Revive: Lake Rumare
The patch for AFK_Weye and Region Revive
Fort Weye
Weye House
Weye Manor by arthieb - The new buildings do not conflict. Load RTT before WM. The patch will work but is unnecessary.
Fighters Guild Weye WayHouse V3 - The new buildings do not conflict. Load RTT before FGWW. The patch will work but is unnecessary.
Weye Culture - New Races - The new buildings do not conflict. Load RTT before WC. The patch will work but is unnecessary.

The patch will NOT be adjusted for:

Tamara's Weye TICS - She placed 3 trees on the new site that all clip heavily into the inn. It remains accesible though. Console disable them if it bothers you.
Farms of Weye - Minor floaters remain but the inn is over all free of obstructions.
Dragon Captions Weye Reborn - Same reason as Farms of Weye, because they apparently used Farms of Weye as a base.
Weye Manor by vlad23 - Direct conflict with the RTT inn. However, patch is unnecessary as the original location for the RTT inn is not modified.

In general, any Weye mod affecting landscape in cell -3,15 is going to conflict. This includes any mod in any of the 8 surrounding cells as well if their landscape edits cross any of the cell borders into -3,15. Don't blame me. Weye is far too crowded for everyone's own good.


You may redistribute this patch alongside your own Weye mod provided you verify first that it is necessary to use it with your Weye mod.
This means please try and resolve issues through load order FIRST if possible.

Version History

2.0.1 - Minor landscape and path grid adjustments to account for a quest in AFK_Weye 2.x.

2.0 - File renamed and the RTT inn relocated again to the road by Fort Nikel.

1.0 - Initial release.

User Feedback

Recommended Comments

Works great, however there are a few barrels and a cart still from RTT.esp floating in the air when using Region Revive: Lake Rumare:


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It's possible RTT got updated some time after I stopped playing Oblivion 10 years ago :P

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