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Patches & Fixes

Mods which either provide compatibility patches for other mods or mods which are dedicated to fixing bugs in the game.

12 files

  1. NorthernUI Away - Faster Map Cursor for Steam Deck

    A small tweak to NorthernUI's Vanilla-style preset that makes the map cursor move faster.
    I made this preset for use on Steam Deck, because I found NorthernUI's default cursor speed to be very slow on it.
    Overwrite NorthernUI's ini file with the one found here.
    Or, tweak the ini yourself and change fMapMenuPanSpeed from 4 to 12.

    NorthernUIAway is required for this mod to work, as this mod only contains the ini file.
    Northern UI - NorthernUI Away Nexus
    Oblivion Script Extender xOBSE Nexus | Silverlock (Required for NorthernUI)
    Permissions & Credits
    NorthernUI was developed by DavidJCobb.
    Everything in this ini file that was not written by me belongs to the mod author.
    The mod author has allowed for modification & reupload of the mod with credit. Monetization & rewards are not permitted.
    I allow for modification & reupload of this file, but make sure to credit the mod author.
    NorthernUI License




  2. Weye + Ruined Tail's Tale Compatibility Patch

    This patch file performs the following:
    * Transplants the inn added by RTT in Weye to an empty spot on the road next to Fort Nikel.
    * Scripted adjustments to plot elements to preserve their state depending on when this patch is installed.

    * Ruined Tail's Tale 3.0 - Will not work with 2.5, and woudln't be necessary for 2.5 anyway. Don't do it.
    Why Do You Need This?

    You need this because you have a Weye mod that put a building down on the same location as Ruined Tail 3.0.
    Said building may include other buildings as well. The mod may also have landscape and path grids to contend with.
    Since most Weye mods are more substantial than a single building, a solution needed to deal with the new inn from RTT instead.
    Load Order

    RTT-Weye Relocation Patch.esp
    The affected Weye mod

    Go to an indoor location and save the game. You should not be outdoors anywhere within view of Fort Nikel or Weye.
    It is strongly recommended that whatever Weye mod you use is cleaned first using TES4Edit.
    Place the esp file in your Data folder with your other plugins.
    Activate the patch in the proper load order.

    This patch is known to work with:
    AFK_Weye (version 1.x and 2.x)
    Region Revive: Lake Rumare
    The patch for AFK_Weye and Region Revive
    Fort Weye
    Weye House
    Weye Manor by arthieb - The new buildings do not conflict. Load RTT before WM. The patch will work but is unnecessary.
    Fighters Guild Weye WayHouse V3 - The new buildings do not conflict. Load RTT before FGWW. The patch will work but is unnecessary.
    Weye Culture - New Races - The new buildings do not conflict. Load RTT before WC. The patch will work but is unnecessary.
    The patch will NOT be adjusted for:
    Tamara's Weye TICS - She placed 3 trees on the new site that all clip heavily into the inn. It remains accesible though. Console disable them if it bothers you.
    Farms of Weye - Minor floaters remain but the inn is over all free of obstructions.
    Dragon Captions Weye Reborn - Same reason as Farms of Weye, because they apparently used Farms of Weye as a base.
    Weye Manor by vlad23 - Direct conflict with the RTT inn. However, patch is unnecessary as the original location for the RTT inn is not modified.
    In general, any Weye mod affecting landscape in cell -3,15 is going to conflict. This includes any mod in any of the 8 surrounding cells as well if their landscape edits cross any of the cell borders into -3,15. Don't blame me. Weye is far too crowded for everyone's own good.

    You may redistribute this patch alongside your own Weye mod provided you verify first that it is necessary to use it with your Weye mod.
    This means please try and resolve issues through load order FIRST if possible.
    Version History

    2.0.1 - Minor landscape and path grid adjustments to account for a quest in AFK_Weye 2.x.
    2.0 - File renamed and the RTT inn relocated again to the road by Fort Nikel.
    1.0 - Initial release.




  3. Unique Landscapes - Beaches of Cyrodiil and Myths & Legends Compatibility Patch

    Compatibility Patch
    Unique Landscapes - Beaches of Cyrodiil and Myths & Legends
    This patch moves Orne along with his bow further west so he's accessible with UL - Beaches of Cyrodiil installed.
    Extract the file to your Oblivion/Data folder and activate with OBMM / Wrye Bash / ...




  4. Oblivion Uncut Compatibility Patches

    Oblivion Uncut Patches

    A set of compatibility patches made to repair conflicts when using Oblivion Uncut with several
    other mods which edit the same areas.

    Oblivion Uncut restores many things that were cut from the game during development. This
    includes a number of locations with structures, landscaping, etc. Unfortunately a few of these
    restored locations conflict with pre-existing mods. These patch files fix all of the conflicts that I
    know about at this time. (Which aren't already addressed by other people's patches)  
    This is yet another of my pages migrated over from the Nexus. Oblivion Uncut went through a
    few updates since I first created the patches for it. Two of the conflicting mods had as well. As
    a result most of the patches needed updates. And there was at least one known conflict posted
    in the comments over there that hadn't been patched. Everything is now up to date.

    Castle Varaldo: Patches for Archfiend, Oaksdale, UL Entius Gorge. Plus one 3-way patch.
    Fair N Square Ballifs HQ: Patch for UL Chorrol Hinterlands and the BC version of the UL

    Fox's Den Inn: Patches for Darbinshire Cave and The Scarlet Monastery.

    Gretwold: Patch for UL Chorrol Hinterlands and the BC version

    IC Arena District: Patch for Better Cities Arena to fix the Yellow Team Bloodworks entrance

    Imperial Battle College: Patches for UL Ancient Yews, UL Arrius Creek, or UL Compilation
    Lake Canulus: Patch for UL The Eastern Peaks

    **Spyrock: No longer requires a patch. Previously had a conflict with Battlehorn Castle. Mod
                      author eliminated this via internal edits. Patch was removed from this collection.

    Oblivion patched to 1.2.0416
    Shivering Isles (Required by Oblivion Uncut)
    Knights of The Nine (Required by Oblivion Uncut) 
    Oblivion Uncut

    Better Cities
    Darbinshire Cave
    Elsweyr: The Deserts of Anequina
    The Scarlet Monastery
    UL Ancient Yews
    UL Arrius Creek
    UL Chorrol Hinterland
    UL Eastern Peaks
    Unique Landscapes Compilation (If you prefer the merged version)

    1. Extract to your Oblivion Data folder either manually or using the mod manager of your choice.
    2. Set Load and play.

    Load Order
    I suggest using BOSS to set load order. All of these files are already recognized.
    Specific Load Order instructions are included with each read-me file also. 

    May conflict with other mods and patches which edit the same game cells. 

    Bethesda                  - for Oblivion and the CS
    TES4Edit                  - for cleaning the dirt from my mods
    LHammonds             - for the read-me generator this file was based on
    elderscrolliangamer  - for Oblivion Uncut
    marob307                 - for making the first draft of the Ancient Yews patch
    Iliana                         - for Elsweyr The Deserts of Anequina
    Ub3rman123             - for The Scarlet Monastery
    Carel de Winter         - for UL Ancient Yews and UL Chorrol Hinterland
    Phitt                           - for UL Entius Gorge
    Prettyfly                     - for UL The Eastern Peaks
    ElderScrollsfan001    - for Oaksdale
    Eldosian                    - for Darbinshire Cave

    Legal Stuff
    Please do not upload these files to any other sites without my consent.




  5. Open Cities Patch Collection for Oblivion

    The Open Cities Patch Collection for Oblivion

    This is a collection of various patches made to provide compatibility between Open Cities (Classic or Reborn) and other mods. Most of these files have not been looked at in years, but they should still work since the Oblivion community is more or less in a stable state these days.
    I cannot guarantee that they all still work as intended though, because who knows what's happened in the last 10 years (written in 2021). When each was last checked, they worked fine.
    Some of these mods are no longer available on Nexus, ModDB, or any other site. This shouldn't be a problem if you already have a local copy stored, but do not ask me to upload a missing mod as that can ONLY be done with the original author's express permission.
    Each mod patched is specified in the main archive folder. Within each one there may be a patch for OCC, OCR, or both. You'll need to refer to the individual readme files which have been included. Sorry, but the folder structure in this archive was never especially mod manager friendly so they'll need to be handled manually on an individual basis.
    If someone wants to provide a working Wrye Bash wizard or an FOMOD installer, I'd be happy to include that to make things a bit easier.
    I am no longer creating new patches so this collection will be all of the ones I provide.
    My Patreon Page: https://www.patreon.com/arthmoor
    System Requirements

    Official Patch version 1.2.0416. Steam and GOG users already have this, but some old retail disc copies may not.
    The mods being patched may have various different additional requirements, the most common among them being a recent version of OBSE
    List of Mods Patched
    Official DLC - Frostcrag Spire
    Official DLC - Knights of the Nine
    Bravil Docks
    Bruma Mages Guild Restored (this is NOT for my Bruma Guild Reconstructed mod)
    Cats & Rats
    Clocks of Cyrodiil
    CLS Sailboats
    COBL Luggage
    COBL Wells
    Coffee Shop
    Cyrodiil Transportation Network (this is NOT for my Cyrodiil Travel Services mod)
    Dungeons of Ivellon
    Golden Crest
    Hiyoko Store
    Integration - The Stranded Light
    Kvatch Rebuilt
    Losing My Religion
    Lost Spires
    Lost Spires - Cleaned Up Scibe Shop Ruins [3-way combo patch which replaces the above patch]
    Midas Magic
    MTC River Shack
    MTC Thieves Grotto
    Naked Nord
    One Stop Magic Shop
    Orden des Drachen
    Oscuro's Oblivion Overhaul
    Reclaiming Sancre Tor
    Ruined Tail
    Survival Suite Hunger Thirst Sleep
    Tears of the Fiend
    Telekenetic Mastery
    Terran Vampires
    Valley View Estate
    Werewolf Legends




  6. Brina Cross Consolidated

    Brina Cross Consolidated

    A pair of small patch files, made by request, that will allow simultaneous use of Thomas
    Kaira's Brina Cross Village, Jonarus Drakus' JDNT Brina Cross, and Silent Resident's
    ImpeREAL Empire - Unique Forts.

    Prior to patching, using these three mods together in any combination would result in
    conflicts. For the most part it was simply overlapping structures which left parts of the
    settlement unable to be accessed. There were other issues such as broken path grids,
    and landscape textures being out of sorts. Only one tiny land tear on the outskirts.
    While there are patches made by others for both Brina Cross mods, there were none
    which allowed use of both Brina village mods together. I have included here two patches
    which do this very thing.
    The end result transforms Brina Cross into a thriving farm community with a bustling open
    air marketplace. Depending on which patch you use, the town will also have either one or
    two guard towers...so it is now well defended from bandits and the like.
    BrinaCrossVillages.esp - Allows use of both Brina Cross Village and JDNT Brina Cross.
    BrinaCrossConsolidated.esp - Allows of both Brina Village mods and also adds compatibility
    for ImpeREAL Empire Unique Forts.
    Choose one or the other, do not use both.

    Oblivion patched to 1.2.0416
    Brina Cross Village
    JDNT Brina Cross 
    ImpeREAL Empire - Unique Forts

    1. Extract to your Oblivion Data folder either manually or using the mod manager of your choice.
    2. Set load order and play.

    Load Order
    Suggest using BOSS to set load order. These files are already recognized.
    Specific Load Order instructions are included with each read-me file as well. 

    Compatibility Disclaimer
    May conflict with other mods and patches which edit the same game area. Please understand that
    these patches are specifically designed to work only for these particular conflicts. No guarantees
    are made that they will work alongside anything else in your load order. 

    Bethesda              - for Oblivion and the CS
    Tes4Edit               - for cleaning the dirt from my mods
    LHammonds         - for the read-me generator this file was based on
    Silent Resident     - for ImpeREAL Empire Unique Forts
    Thomas Kaira       - for Brina Cross Village
    Jonarus Drakus    - for JDNT Brina Cross

    Legal Stuff
    Please do not upload these files to any other sites without my consent. 




  7. AFK Weye - MTC - Region Revive Patches

    AFK Weye-MTC-Region Revive Patches

    A set of patch files which provide compatibility for AFK Weye, MTC Expanded Villages,
    and Region Revive Lake Rumare. Features some built-in compatibility with other mods
    as well. Giving the potential to use eight Weye mods at once.


    Weye is arguably the single most heavily modded area in the entire game. And for good
    reason too, the vanilla town of Weye is little more than an inn and a farm house. A quick
    search can easily turn up several dozen mods for this spot. From simple player homes to
    full village expansions complete with quests. 
    Unfortunately most of them do not play nicely together and can have nasty conflicts. Such
    as large rips in the landscape, buried and/or floating objects, broken path grids,etc. While
    there were a few patches on the market for various combinations of Weye mods, they all
    required sacrificing bits and pieces of the mods in order to work. Not an ideal solution.
    So I went to work creating a set of patches that will allow simultaneous use of the three
    most popular Weye mods I know of, while keeping all mod content intact. Namely AFK_Weye, 
    MTC Expanded Villages, and Region Revive: Lake Rumare. The end result transforms Weye 
    into a bustling community with vendors, shops offering services, farms, ships, quests, and a
    large mansion which can be yours.     


    There are three progressively larger main patch files included here. They are all created from
    the same template but have minor differences. Choose ONLY ONE. Using more than one at
    the same time will cause duplicates and lag. 
    AFK-MTC-RR Patch: The basic patch provides fixes for AFK_Weye, MTC Expanded Villages,
    and Region Revive Lake Rumare.
    House of Healing Patch: Same as the basic version, but adds compatibility for House of Healing.

    Weye Overhaul Patch: Same as the basic version, but adds compatibility for House of Healing
     and Oblivion Farmer's Market.
    There are also two optional files. One is a replacer .esp for Akaviri Imports which makes that mod
    compatible with any of the three main patches. The other is an addon patch for Colourwheels Sexy
    Oblivion Overhaul made by Nephenee13. It will only work alongside the basic main file. 
    Another available option is an addon for Imperial City Suburbs. It should be noted that none of these
    patches have any direct conflict with ICS. But Region Revive itself does. I have created a patch for
    this (ICSuburbs-Weye Patch) which can be found at The One Stop Patch Shop. In the Downloads
    section, packaged in with the "Recent Files".

    Built in Compatibility

    All three of the main file patches have been designed to work with Akaviri Imports, Ruined Tail's Tale,
    and now Clocks of Cyrodiil for the Wawnet Inn interior. None of these mods is required. I have simply
    adjusted object placement, landscaping, and path grids to allow simultaneous use of these mods should
    you choose to do so. Depending on your choice of plugins...you are now potentially able to combine up
    to eight Weye mods at the same time...conflict free.
    In order to use Akaviri Imports you will need the replacer esp that is included here under optional files.
    Install the full Akaviri Imports mod as you normally would, then install the replacer esp and allow it to
    overwrite the original. Use of Ruined Tail's Tale will require the RTT Weye Relocation Patch. 


    Village of Weye (and ONLY the village of Weye). Any other areas edited by these mods is outside the 
    scope of this project.


    Oblivion patched to 1.2.0416
    MTC Expanded Villages
    Region Revive - Lake Rumare
    House of Healing at Weye
    Oblivion Farmers Market
    Ruined Tails Tale
    RTT Weye Relocation Patch (Arthmoor pulled the Nexus page, waiting for him to upload it here)
    Akaviri Imports


    1. Extract to your Oblivion Data folder either manually or using the mod manager of your choice.
    2. Set load order and play. 
    It is advisable to leave the Weye area before applying any patches. Due to the extensive changes 
    throughout the surrounding area, activating while in town may trap you inside a building or other
    structure. Because many buildings and doors had to be moved, it is also advisable to perform a 
    clean save before using a save game which had any of these mods installed. Failure to do so may 
    result in doors showing up in their previous locations. 

    Load Order

    Suggest using BOSS to set load order. All of these files are already recognized.
    Specific Load Order instructions are included with each read-me file as well. 


    Compatibility is assured ONLY with the mods mentioned above. Anything else added into Weye will most
    likely result in a conflict of some kind.


    Bethesda             - for Oblivion and the CS
    Tes4Edit               - for cleaning the inevitable dirt from my mods
    LHammonds        - for the read-me generator this file was based on
    afk_dwip              - AFK_Weye
    Nernie                  - MTC Expanded Villages
    I_Need_Money    - Region Revive: Lake Rumare
    David Brasher      - House of Healing at Weye
    Coleen                 - Oblivion Farmer's Market
    Arthmoor             - Rumare_AFK Weye patch that I used as a starting point in v.1
    Mr. Siika              - ship resources
    Momo                  - Grain, hay, water textures
    severian1981      - Akaviri Imports
    simyaz                 - Ruined Tail's Tale

    Legal Stuff

    Please do not upload these files to any other sites without my consent. 




  8. Sutch Unification Patch

    Sutch Unification Patch
    A small patch file, made by request, that will allow simultaneous use of Arthmoor's
    Sutch Village and Silent Resident's ImpeREAL City of Sutch.

    Prior to patching, using both of these mods together would result in several conflicts.
    This included rips at cell borders and the southern most farm from Sutch Village being
    buried inside the city walls from ImpeREAL.
    Main focus of the patch was relocating the Gerrard Family Farm onto the hillside just
    outside the city walls. Also re-worked the cow pen fence at Lazzan Family Farm to make
    room for the road leading into the city gates.
    Relocated two patrol guards to a position just north of city gates, corrected numerous
    path grids, sealed up rips at cell borders, etc. The end result with Arthmoor's village on
    the north side and Lord Drad's Estate on the south, makes ImpeREAL Sutch City look
    and feel as though it was always meant to be there.
    Note: Over the years since I made this patch, some other patches have been made
    which add further functionality to it. At some point in the near future I will incorporate
    those via a final update.

    Just north of Lord Drad's Estate 

    Oblivion patched to 1.2.0416
    Sutch Village
    ImpeREAL Empire Unique Cities - Sutch

    1. Extract to your Oblivion Data folder either manually or using the mod manager of
        your choice.
    2. Set Load order and play.

    Load Order
    Suggest using BOSS to set load order. This file is already recognized.
    Specific Load Order instructions are included with the read-me file as well. 

    May conflict with other mods or patches which edit the same game cells.

    Sutch Unification - Uniforms: Gives guards from both mods all the same outfits.

    Bethesda              - for Oblivion and the CS
    Tes4Edit               - for cleaning the dirt from my mods
    LHammonds         - for the read-me generator this file was based on
    Silent Resident     - for ImpeREAL Empire Unique Cities - Sutch
    Arthmoor & Hana  - for Sutch Village

    Legal Stuff
    Please do not upload this file to any other sites without my consent.


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  9. The One Stop Patch Shop

    The One Stop Patch Shop
                                     For All of Your Compatibility Needs

    The One Stop Patch Shop is intended to be a central hub of sorts for Oblivion mod compatibility patches.
    It not only hosts patch files in the download section, but also provides links to many others. Once upon a
    time, I was part of a small team of mod authors over at Nexus. We took requests for compatibility patches
    creation, and knocked out quite a few mod conflicts doing so.
    I don't know if that part of the service will return. I am the only one left, with limited free time for this hobby.
    But the page was successful over there, and I believe it can be here as well.

    Musings On Compatibility Patches

    Download File Contents

    Oblivion and DLC Patches
    Official Oblivion Patch 1.2.0416: Required for physical copies of the game. Not GOG & Steam

    All The Patches-All Languages: Alternate language versions of the official 1.2.0416 patch

    (UOP) Unofficial Oblivion Patch: A huge collection of bug fixes not covered by official Bethesda patches

    (USIP) Unofficial Shivering Isles Patch: Same thing as above but for the official add-on Shivering Isles

    Unofficial Oblivion DLC Patches: Bug fixes for all of the other Bethesda DLCs

    Modding Community Patches

    Adventurers Guild - Lost Spires - DBC Patch: Contains a number of fixes using these 3 together
    AFK Weye - MTC - Region Revive Patches: A trio of patches which allow simultaneous use of AFK Weye,
    MTC Expanded Villages, and Region Revive Lake Rumare.

    Akaviri Imports Mobs Patch: Rebalances weapons to fit the Mobs system

    Aleswell Cottage All Natural Patch: Makes the cottage interior use AN's lighting

    All Natural - Morroblivion Patch: Edits one script from AN so the weather system recognizes Morrowind
    and Mournhold as valid worldspaces

    Alternate Start Town Lindum Patches: A group of patches which make Antiscamp's town compatible with
    some combinations of Blood Raven and Unique Landscapes

    Alternative Start Arrive by Ship Unofficial Patch: Bug fixes for the original mod

    Archfiend Patches: Provides fixes for UL and other mods

    Arrows of the Ayleid King Patch: Fixes incorrect texture paths for some of the creatures found in this mod

    Arthmoor Villages & Reworked Posts Patch: Fixes signpost glitches when using Reworked Posts with some
    of the village mods locations

    Artifacts - Carah's Caravan Redux Patch: Relocates the Caravan slightly to make the mods play nice

    Artifacts - Shezries Towns Patch: Relocates the Collectors Guild building to eliminate conflicts with Shezries
    Pells Gate town
    Ayleid Steps - All Natural Real Lights Patch: Darkens the interior cells to work better with All Naturals lighting

    Balanced Magic Unofficial Patch: bug fixes for the original mod
    Battlehorn Castle Upgraded Patches: A set of patches that make Battlehorn Upgraded compatible with AFK
    Weye, Tonas Mod Store, UL Chorrol Hinterlands, and Verona House Bloodlines
    Better Cities Imperial Isle Compatibility Patches: A set of patches that makes the Better Cities Imperial Isle
    Plugin compatible with several mod combinations

    Better Cities - Quest of the Week Patch: Fixes for several Quest of the Week locations in cities

    Better Cities - The Imperial Waters Patch: Edits some of BC walls so the water effects can be seen
    Beyond Cyrodiil - Valenwood Heightmap Patch: Fixes landscape issues around the West Valen Inn added by
    Beyond Cyrodiil Camps

    Black Marsh - Castle Wolfspike 2 Patch: Fixes general landscape issues between the two
    Brina Cross Consolidated Patches: Provides compatibility for Brina Cross Village, JDNT Brina Cross, and
    ImpeREAL Forts
    Calair Castle - Fort Akatosh Redux Patch: Landscape fix that allows these two mods to work side by side
    Cardac Patch Collection: A set of patch files for various combos of Cardac, Shezries Towns, UL mods
    Chocolate Elves - Race Balancing Project Patch: Adds the RBP abilities to the Chocolate Elves

    Compatibility Patches for OCO v2: Various fixes for official DLCs, the UOP, and Kvatch Rebuilt

    Crowded Cities Redone - OCR Patch: Moves various buildings into the Tamriel worldspace

    Cute Elves Race Mystical Unicorn Blue Door Patch: Fixes a bug which breaks the vanilla blue magical portals

    Elsweyr Anequina - Integration The Stranded Light Patch: Repairs a small camp that Integration places just outside
    the south wall of Rimmen
    Elsweyr Anequina - Morrowind Drinks COBL Patch: Re-works Elsweyrs pricing system for Morrowind Drinks to match 
    COBL's system
    Elsweyr Anequina - Roberts Bodies Patch: Adds support for Roberts Male and Female bodies to the Elsweyr races
    Eyrens Vampire Hunter Armor for BAB Body: Simple mesh replacer to ensure compatibility when using BAB

    Frostcrag Reborn - Frostcrag Village Patch: Just what the name says

    Frostcrag Reborn - Frostcrag Village - OOTD Patch: Patches the Frostcrag mods with Order of the Dragon

    Gilgaliad - Midas Magic Patch: Relocates Midas's Broke Back Mining Co.

    Glenmoril Covens - Ruins of Miscarcand Patch: Grounds floating objects and other fixes
    Glenvar Castle Teleport Patch: Allows you to learn a spell so you can teleport back to the castle from any location.

    Gottshaw Village-Kvatch Devastation Patch: Landscape and object placement fixes

    Harvest Container Filter Patch: Changes containers added by a number of mods into Harvest Containers.
    Based upon the OOO version of Harvest Containers

    Harvest Containers Filter Patch - Non OOO: Same as above but based on and requires the original Harvest
    Containers mod
    Heart of the Dead - Race Balancing Project Patch: Corrects some texture conflicts between these two mods

    Immersive Interiors Patches: Extends the II system to toher mods

    Imperial City Suburbs - Talos Bridge Gatehouse Patch: fixes issues centered around the IC Bridge

    Ivellon No Crime Patch: Fix for two of the mod added books so you don't have to steal or trespass to get them

    Kendelford Avon Compatibility Patches: Fixes for Lost Spires and Verona House: Bloodlines

    Knights of the Nine - Francescos Overhaul Patch: Extends the effect of the Boots of the Crusader, an important
    artifact from the KotN questline, to the creatures from Frans' overhaul

    Knights of the Nine Omobsification Patch: Gives Omobs stats to the DLC weapons

    Knights of the Nine Weapon Improvement Project Patch: Mesh fixes for KOTN when using Insanity Sorrow's Weapon
    Mesh Improvement mod

    Legion Occupied Forts - OOO Patch: Fixes for some of the LOF forts that are used by OOO NPCs

    Local Guards Features Unofficial Patch: Fixes issues with the UOP and DLC Knights of the Nine

    Losing My Religion OCO v2 Patch: Fixes issues with hairstyles between the two mods

    Lost Paladins of the Divines Unofficial Patch: Edits enchantments, amulet slots, and a few other things

    Lost Spires & Order of Nibenay Compatibility Patch: Landscape fix for the area around the Archeology Guild building

    LTD Vampire Overhaul - Vile Lair Patch: Edits the Font of Renewal script to function properly alongside the Vampire mod

    Lubron's Patch for Enhanced Economy: Bug fixes and enhancements for the original mod

    Lubron's Patch - No More Wild Goose Chases: Adds helpers to some of the vanilla optional quests

    Mage Equipment Body Patches: Converts the Mage Equipment robes to fit BAB and TGND bodies

    Mehrunes Razor Omobsification Patch: Gives Omobs stats to the DLC weapons

    Millstone Farm All Natural Patch: Makes the cottage interior use AN's lighting

    Mobs Patch for MOO: Tweaks weapons added by Maskar's mod to have Mobs stats

    Morrowind Racial Abilities - OCO v2 Patch: Integrates abilities from one with faces from the other
    MTC - Colourwheels Sexy Overhaul Patch: Allows Colourwheels shop in Weye to work with the changes MTC Expanded
    villages makes in Weye
    MTC - Faregyl Patch: Re-locates one shop from MTC Expanded Villages so it fits in with Arthmoors Faregyl Village mod
    MTC - Lost Spires Patch: Re-locates structures in the Pells Gate area so these two mods can be used together

    MTC - Region Revive Patch: Re-locates structures in the village of Weye so these two mods can work together
    MTC - Shezries Towns Patch: Re-locates structures in the Pells Gate area so these two mods can be used together
    MTC - Weye Patch: A patch file which disables much of MTC's Weye related content so it will work with other Weye mods

    MTC Thieves Grotto -Side's Sailing Ships: Landscape fix for the two mods

    Nehrim Darn UI Dialogue Patch: Changes dialogue and subtitles to use the Darn UI styles

    Oblivifall Losing My Religion Patches: Patches for older mods such as West Roads, may still be useful to some folks

    Oblivion Collectible Cards - Cyrodiil Rebuild Patch: Re-locates one house so that these two mods can be used together

    Oblivion Warcry New Dimension Patches: A collection of four patches that make various internal adjustments to this mod

    OCO v2 Patch for Valenwood Improved: Valenwood Improved NPCs use the Oblivion Character Overhaul style faces

    Odd Jobs - Open Cities Reborn Patch: Re-locates all of the job posting papers from the Odd Jobs mod so that they work
    with Open Cities Reborn

    Open Cities Patch Collection: A large collection of patches that help to make many different mods compatible with either
    Open Cities Classic or Open Cities Reborn

    Open Cities Reborn - Dark Argonians Patch: Moves roaming merchant beds from MTC Dark Argonians to fit with OCR

    Open Cities Reborn - Fighters Guild Quests Patch: Moves some NPCs and a quest marker into Open Leyawiin

    Open Cities Reborn - Litterbug Patch: Moves the Litterbug quest locations into the exterior worldspace

    Open Cities Reborn - WAC Patch: Fixes numerous item and creature spawns to work with OCR's city layouts

    Order of the Dragon - Frostcrag Village Patch: Fixes landscape and object placement issues between the mods

    PA Windmills - Unique Landscapes Patch: Relocates windmills to work with UL mods. See Allister's comment below for
    some helpful info on how to also use this patch with Oblivion Fragrance mod.

    Qarl's Harvest Patches: A collection of patch combinations for Better Cities and Unique Landscapes

    Race Balancing Project OCO Patch: Reworks NPCs to match the OCO aesthetic

    Region Revive Lake Rumare Grammar Patch: Corrects numerous dialogue errors within the Region Revive mod

    Roads of Cyrodiil-Kvatch Devastation Patch: Landscape and object placement fixes

    Ruined Tails Tale Unofficial Patch: A bug fix file for RTT

    See You Sleep Patch Compilation: A set of patches which make beds added by other mods work with See You Sleep

    Servant of the Dawn DLC Compatibility: Landscape fixes for Battlehorn Castle and Knights of the Nine

    Servant of the Dawn - Midas Magic Patch: Relocates the Pit Entrance from SOTD so it no longer overlaps with the
    Beholden Shrine from Midas Magic

    Snowy Road to Bruma Patch Collection: A set of seven patch files which make Snowy Road to Bruma compatible with DLC
    Frostcrag Spire, Feldscar, Frostcrag Village, MTC Expanded Villages (Rimehold), UL Snowdale, and UL Jerall Glacier

    Stalhrim Village Fighters Guild: Adds a guild hall and NPCs to the mod

    Stalhrim Village - Mannimarco Revisted Patch: Relocates Mannimarco's Echo Cave 

    Supreme Magicka - MOO Patch: Fixes summoning issues 

    Sutch Reborn Patches: A set of four patches that make Dragon Captions Sutch Reborn compatible with OOO, Verona House
    Bloodlines, and Pale Riders Paladin Equipment

    Talos Bridge Gatehouse Patches: A set of patches to make UL Imperial Isle compatible with Region Revive Lake Rumare

    Tes Diesel - AWLS Patch: Patches the TD farmhouses to work with Animated Window Lighting System

    The Hesu Mod Collection & Patches: A series of Japanese landscape mods, with patches for many other mods. Some of which
    are not compatible without Hesu in the mix

    The Jerall Mountain Compendium Patch: Allows simultaneous use of a number of mods which effect the Jerall Mountain region

    The Lost Spires - Order of Nibenay Patch: Fixes landscape tears near the Archeology Guild when using these two mods together

    The Order of the Dragon Patch Series: A series of several patch files which address compatibility for Order of The Dragon with
    various combinations of Better Cities Imperial City, Fort Akatosh Redux, The Necromancer, Fall of the Ayleids and UL-Jerall Glacier

    Theryon Unofficial Patch: A collection of bug fixes for the Theryon mod.

    Topal Island Patches: A trio of patch files which repair conflicts between Topal Island,  Better Cities, and Settlements of Cyrodiil-
    Legion Outposts.

    Travelers of Cyrodiil Patch: fixes issues with horses and smugglers in the mod

    UL Imperial Isle - Blade of the Haunted - Adense Patch: Performs a number of fixes in order to make all three of these mods play
    nicely together

    Unique Landscapes Compatibility Patches: A very extensive page which contains or has links to every available patch ever made
    for Unique Landscapes mods

    Vampire Race Reloaded Patch: Bug fixes and enhancements for the original mod

    Verona House Bloodlines - Waterfront Market Patch: Re-locates the Hunter Shack that Verona places in the IC Waterfront so it no
    longer conflicts with Nernie's Waterfront Market mod

    Vile Lair Omobsification Patch: Gives Omobs stats to the DLC weapon

    Vorians Compatibility Patches: A set of patches unrelated to Unique Landscapes. Includes patches for Brew House, Castle Seaview,
    Hoarfrost castle, Kvatch Aftermath, Nibenay Castle, OOO, The Necromancer, and Stirk

    WAC Consistency Patches: Various fixes for characters and creatures

    WAC - Elsweyr Anequina Patch: Adds Walx Animals & Creatures into the Elsweyr Anequina levelled lists

    WAC Integration: See mod description, too much to list here


    Creating Compatibility Patches: by Arthmoor

    Compatibility Patch Creation Tutorial: by David Brasher

    Two very good tutorials for the aspiring Oblivion modder who wants to learn about compatibility patches. Both teach the old school method
    of using the vanilla Construction Set. While a bit more tricky, I strongly suggest learning this method first. Then graduating to Construction
    Set Extender, which makes modding life much easier in general. But is truly a life saver when making patches.

    Arthmoor's tutorial is detailed and well laid out. Covers all the basics with some nice tips along the way. Brasher's tutorial is geared towards
    people who may have a bit more experience and understanding. It's not as straight forward, but does touch on some useful techniques not
    found in the other. I used both when I was learning, both are very helpful tools which will get you to the finish line.

    Given the nature of what this mod page is all about, a credits list would take up a great deal of space.
    Please look to the read-me files that are provided with the patches you download.

    Legal Stuff
    I can only speak for my own work which is uploaded here, and files that have been entrusted to me. Please do
    not redistribute files without consent. Look to permissions on linked pages and in downloaded read-me files.




  10. Thieves Guild End Dialogue Restored

    I'm kind of surprised that this hasn't been done before (or if it has, I haven't been able to find it). For those who don't know, at the end of the Thieves Guild questline, when you are given the Gray Cowl, minus its curse, and become the new Gray Fox, there was supposed to be one more dialogue topic beyond what we see in the game: "But I don't want the curse!". This would prompt the former Gray Fox to explain how the mask works now that the curse is broken. However, this topic never appears, because the dialogue immediately preceding it is flagged to end the conversation. I don't see any reason for this topic not to be accessible, and can only assume it was a mistake, so I made this little plugin to move the end of the conversation to the explanation of the Cowl's new effects.

    I recommend allowing this to be merged into the Bashed Patch, as it changes only two records.




  11. Elsweyr Anequina - Valenwood Improved Patch

    by Iliana
    This file contains an alternate version of the ElsweyrAnequina.esp (version Mar 2014) with a ElsweyrValenwoodImprovedPatch.esp.They build and patch the border between the two province mods to create a smooth transition.
    As the patch requires the specially modified version of the ElsweyrAnequina.esp provided, it will only work with the Mar 2014 version of the mod.

    The following two mods are required:
    Elsweyr Anequina (Mar 2014) (only compatible with this version)
    Valenwood Improved (+ English translation if required)

    Valenwood Improved.esp
    ElsweyrAnequina.esp (Use the replacement esp provided with this download)

    The meshes and textures are replacement LOD landscape files (for distant view).
    You will need to run TES4LodGen afterwards to properly generate distant trees and cities. DistantLOD for cities and trees is dependent on your load order so if you change that you will need to run TES4LodGen again.
    To use TES4LodGen just download and double click the exe. The program will do the rest.

    Please do not upload this file to other sites. The only valid one is my upload on the AFK Mods website.




  12. Expanded Greetings

    This mod will allow NPCs to recognize all of the player character's talents and make the skill-based dialogue greetings (such as "you're a sneaky looking sort" and "look at the muscles on you!") less redundant once the player has reached high levels.
    The reason these dialogue lines may have never been spoken depends on what order the playable character's skills increased throughout the game. Eventually, once most/all skills have been maxed, the dialogue gets "stuck" at the top of the dialogue tree.
    The only modifications are the conditions that regulate how an NPC greets the playable character. Not only does this expand talent-based greetings, but also recover the generic "hello" greetings that are lost as the character becomes more powerful and famous/infamous.

    Testing the Mod Make sure the playable character has at least two attributes that are 70+ or two skills that are 70+. Otherwise, effects will not be experienced until later. Go up to NPCs (Imperial City Market will have the most during the day). They will usually greet the player with a generic "hello" dialogue line but other times they will comment on the player's skills.  

    Mirrors Assimilation Lab Dark Creations Mod DB Nexus Mods TES Alliance




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