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The One Stop Patch Shop 2.0

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About This File

       The One Stop Patch Shop
                                 For All of Your Compatibility Needs


The One Stop Patch Shop is intended to be a central hub of sorts for Oblivion mod compatibility patches.
It not only hosts patch files in the download section, but also provides links to many others. Once upon a
time, I was part of a small team of mod authors over at Nexus. We took requests for compatibility patches
creation, and knocked out quite a few mod conflicts doing so.

I don't know if that part of the service will return. I am the only one left, with limited free time for this hobby.
But the page was successful over there, and I believe it can be here as well.

Musings On Compatibility Patches


Every compatibility patch is created with a singular purpose. To specifically address the problems between
whatever mods it says it fixes. And nothing else. This is something the end user should understand prior
to installing and using any patch. If you plop something else into the mix which edits an element touched
upon by a compatibility patch, you potentially break whatever that patch previously fixed. 

Patches can be engineered to take other mods and patches into account, but unless that is advertised as
a feature, don't expect any given patch to magically fix other things as well. It just doesn't work that way.
It is also good to know that patches are built with the parent mods in a particular load order. Changing
that load order can cause undesirable issues. Use patches the way they were designed to be used.

 It is very wise to actually read included read-me files. Understand exactly what a patch does, doesn't do,
and what is required so that it functions properly. Read up on the mods you use. It may surprise you how
many, especially quest driven mods, make edits in multiple locations around the game world. AFK Weye for 
example adds locations to Weye, Chedinhal area, Chorrol area, and Anvil area. That one mod may require
several different compatibility patches because it has the potential to conflict with other mods in all of those
locations. Knowing things like this can help in avoiding pitfalls. 

It is always wise to perform a clean save before installing and using compatibility patches. Patches that edit
persistent references can sometimes fail to function properly due to save game data.

Learning at least basic functions of Tes4Edit can get you over some hurdles as well. Many mods out there
require cleaning. There are plenty of older mods which make unnecessary cell edits. Tes4Edit's automatic
cleaning feature will cull a lot of them, in some cases preventing unwanted mod conflicts. I always clean
mods before creating compatibility patches for them. Using un-cleaned versions of the mods being patched
may cause issues. Save yourself potential headaches and just clean all of your mods.

There are many kinds of mod conflicts which can occur when two or mods overlap. Ranging from NPC
face changes, inventory items, quest edits, script changes, placed objects, weather settings, and most
commonly of all landscape changes.

How these manifest in-game will somewhat depend on load order for the conflicting mods. While some
visible signs of mod conflict can be fixed with load order changes, in my experience it almost never fixes
the problem entirely. It's usually a trade off that shifts the issues in another, less obvious, direction. 

Some mod conflicts can be overcome using the Bash Patch feature from Wrye Bash.  Eliminating the
need for yet another compatibility patch. It is good to learn at least basic functions for Wrye Bash so that
you can utilize this very helpful tool

Just like mods themselves, compatibility patches can, and will, overlap and conflict with other mods. Or
other patches. So not all patches can be used together, or used alongside other mods. This goes back to
the opening paragraph above. 

Some areas in the Tamriel world are heavily modded. Weye is an example, but there are many locations
where competing mods step all over one another. Compatibility patches for these areas are more likely to
be disrupted by other mods thrown into the mix.

Download File Contents


OSPS Legacy Files - All of the patches from the Nexus page which are not related to Unique Landscapes,
                                   or my personal projects. Most of these were created by me. Some by others such as
                                   dreamed1, Kad Venku, tegiusCromis. Read-me files are packaged with all. There 
                                   were many UL related patches as well, now all included in the UL Patch Compilation.
                                   No point duplicating them here. 


Castle Almgard - Cyrodiil Rebuild Patch                              - many fixes near the castle on Anvil coast
Castle Domrose - Reclaiming Sancre Tor Patch                  - fixes the castle courtyard area
Castle Highrock - Fighters Guild Quests Patch                    - fixes stairs outside castle and a bandit camp
Castle Knightstone - Tales From Elsweyr Patch                   - repairs a small camp on the Elsweyr border
Castle of Night - Werewolves - Midas Magic Patch              - see read-me too much to list
Castle West Weald - Reclaiming Sancre Tor Patch              - fixes area near Linden Priory
Drelco Manor - Lost Spires Patch                                         - fixes area on Old Bridge island
Fighters Guild Quests - Better Cities Patch                          - fixes a small camp West of Bruma
ImpeREAL City - OMG Patch                                               - fixes Arcane University courtyard
Knights of The Nine - Cyrodiil Rebuild Patch                       - fixes Chorrol chapel interior (BC has it's own patch)
Kragenirs Death Quest - Reclaiming Sancre Tor Patch       - fixes the camp on Strid River island (Has UL alternates)
Midland - Vergayun Patches                                                - Pack of 4 (alternates for Fort Akatosh and ROC)
MTC - Lost Spires - Shezries Towns Patch                          - fixes for the Pells Gate area
Nagaia Molag - Sutch Village Patch                                     - fixes area between village and docks
Pinevale - Stahlrim Village Patch                                          - merges the two
Pinewood Patches                                                                - Pack of 7 (combos for DLC Battlehorn, ROC, Tonas)
Region Revive Lake Rumare - NPC Patch                           - Fixes NPC levels so they don't die so easily
Roads of Cyrodiil - Cyrodiil Rebuild Patch                            - Fixes area near Skingrad
Reclaiming Sancre Tor - Academy of Oblivion Magic Patch - fixes a small camp near the burned "All Things Alchemical"  
Shetcombe Farm - Integration Patch                                    - fixes area around Shardrock IIRC
Tales from the Tomb - Midas Magic Patch                            - fixes area around Reman Fort
Tonas Mod Store - Roads of Cyrodiil Patch                          - integrates the two at the lake West of Chorrol
Valenwood Improved - Shezries Towns Patch                      - Fix for Haven Bay in Valenwood 
Vaults of Cyrodiil - Open Cities Reborn Patch                      - Fix for vault entrance near Leyawiin

OSPS Recent Files - All recently created patches which are not directly related to Unique Landscapes,
                                   or my personal projects. These will have all been created by me. Read-me files are
                                   packaged with them. New files will be added here if/when they are created.


Dark Anchor Dolmens - Shezries Towns Patch                   - Fix for conflicts near Woodland Village
Plentiful Priories - Roads of Cyrodiil Patch                          - Fix for conflicts near Canterbur Priory
Plentiful Priories - Shadowcrest Vineyard Patch                 - Fix for Canterbur Priory also. Slightly relocates it    
Imperial City Suburbs - Region Revive Lake Rumare         - Fix for numerous issues on the Imperial Isle (Contains alternate version for Weye mods also) 
Roads of Cyrodiil - Better Fort Carmala Patch                    - Fix for conflicts around Fort Carmala exterior
Roads of Cyrodiil - Better Fort Variela Patch                       - Fix for conflicts around Fort Variela exterior

OSPS Unique Landscapes Files - All recently created patches for Unique Landscapes, but not related to
                                                         my personal projects. Most have been created by myself. One is from
                                                         Vrugdush. Read-me files are packaged with them. Any new files will be
                                                         added here if/when they are created.


Better Fort Aurus - UL Silverfish River Valley Patch              - Fix for conflicts near Fort Aurus
Better Fort Blueblood - UL Blackwood Forest Patch             - Fix for conflicts near Fort Blueblood
Better Fort Coldcorn - UL Lush Woodlands Patch                 - Fix for conflicts near Fort Coldcorn
Better Fort Rayles - UL Cloudtop Mountains Patch               - Fix for conflicts near Fort Rayles
Better Fort Redwater - UL Panther River Patch                     - Fix for conflicts near Fort Redwater 
Glenmoril Covens - UL Snowdale Patch                                - Fix for conflict near Everwinter Valley          

Oblivion and DLC Patches

Official Oblivion Patch 1.2.0416: Required for physical copies of the game. Not GOG & Steam

All The Patches-All Languages: Alternate language versions of the official 1.2.0416 patch

(UOP) Unofficial Oblivion Patch: A huge collection of bug fixes not covered by official Bethesda patches

(USIP) Unofficial Shivering Isles Patch: Same thing as above but for the official add-on Shivering Isles

Unofficial Oblivion DLC Patches: Bug fixes for all of the other Bethesda DLCs

Modding Community Patches

Adventurers Guild - Lost Spires - DBC Patch: Contains a number of fixes using these 3 together

AFK Weye - MTC - Region Revive Patches: A trio of patches which allow simultaneous use of AFK Weye,
MTC Expanded Villages, and Region Revive Lake Rumare.

Akaviri Imports Mobs Patch: Rebalances weapons to fit the Mobs system

Aleswell Cottage All Natural Patch: Makes the cottage interior use AN's lighting

All Natural - Morroblivion Patch: Edits one script from AN so the weather system recognizes Morrowind
and Mournhold as valid worldspaces

Alternate Start Town Lindum Patches: A group of patches which make Antiscamp's town compatible with
some combinations of Blood Raven and Unique Landscapes

Alternative Start Arrive by Ship Unofficial Patch: Bug fixes for the original mod

Archfiend Patches: Provides fixes for UL and other mods

Arrows of the Ayleid King Patch: Fixes incorrect texture paths for some of the creatures found in this mod

Arthmoor Villages & Reworked Posts Patch: Fixes signpost glitches when using Reworked Posts with some
of the village mods locations

Artifacts - Carah's Caravan Redux Patch: Relocates the Caravan slightly to make the mods play nice

Artifacts - Shezries Towns Patch: Relocates the Collectors Guild building to eliminate conflicts with Shezries
Pells Gate town

Ayleid Steps - All Natural Real Lights PatchDarkens the interior cells to work better with All Naturals lighting

Balanced Magic Unofficial Patch: bug fixes for the original mod

Battlehorn Castle Upgraded Patches: A set of patches that make Battlehorn Upgraded compatible with AFK
Weye, Tonas Mod Store, UL Chorrol Hinterlands, and Verona House Bloodlines

Better Cities Imperial Isle Compatibility Patches: A set of patches that makes the Better Cities Imperial Isle
Plugin compatible with several mod combinations

Better Cities - Quest of the Week Patch: Fixes for several Quest of the Week locations in cities

Better Cities - The Imperial Waters Patch: Edits some of BC walls so the water effects can be seen

Beyond Cyrodiil - Valenwood Heightmap Patch: Fixes landscape issues around the West Valen Inn added by
Beyond Cyrodiil Camps

Black Marsh - Castle Wolfspike 2 Patch: Fixes general landscape issues between the two

Brina Cross Consolidated Patches: Provides compatibility for Brina Cross Village, JDNT Brina Cross, and
ImpeREAL Forts

Calair Castle - Fort Akatosh Redux Patch: Landscape fix that allows these two mods to work side by side

Cardac Patch Collection: A set of patch files for various combos of Cardac, Shezries Towns, UL mods

Chocolate Elves - Race Balancing Project Patch: Adds the RBP abilities to the Chocolate Elves

Compatibility Patches for OCO v2: Various fixes for official DLCs, the UOP, and Kvatch Rebuilt

Crowded Cities Redone - OCR Patch: Moves various buildings into the Tamriel worldspace

Cute Elves Race Mystical Unicorn Blue Door Patch: Fixes a bug which breaks the vanilla blue magical portals

Elsweyr Anequina - Integration The Stranded Light Patch: Repairs a small camp that Integration places just outside
the south wall of Rimmen

Elsweyr Anequina - Morrowind Drinks COBL Patch: Re-works Elsweyrs pricing system for Morrowind Drinks to match 
COBL's system

Elsweyr Anequina - Roberts Bodies Patch: Adds support for Roberts Male and Female bodies to the Elsweyr races

Eyrens Vampire Hunter Armor for BAB Body: Simple mesh replacer to ensure compatibility when using BAB

Frostcrag Reborn - Frostcrag Village Patch: Just what the name says

Frostcrag Reborn - Frostcrag Village - OOTD Patch: Patches the Frostcrag mods with Order of the Dragon

Gilgaliad - Midas Magic Patch: Relocates Midas's Broke Back Mining Co.

Glenmoril Covens - Ruins of Miscarcand Patch: Grounds floating objects and other fixes

Glenvar Castle Teleport Patch: Allows you to learn a spell so you can teleport back to the castle from any location.

Gottshaw Village-Kvatch Devastation Patch: Landscape and object placement fixes

Harvest Container Filter Patch: Changes containers added by a number of mods into Harvest Containers.
Based upon the OOO version of Harvest Containers

Harvest Containers Filter Patch - Non OOO: Same as above but based on and requires the original Harvest
Containers mod

Heart of the Dead - Race Balancing Project Patch: Corrects some texture conflicts between these two mods

Immersive Interiors Patches: Extends the II system to toher mods

Imperial City Suburbs - Talos Bridge Gatehouse Patch: fixes issues centered around the IC Bridge

Ivellon No Crime Patch: Fix for two of the mod added books so you don't have to steal or trespass to get them

Kendelford Avon Compatibility Patches: Fixes for Lost Spires and Verona House: Bloodlines

Knights of the Nine - Francescos Overhaul Patch: Extends the effect of the Boots of the Crusader, an important
artifact from the KotN questline, to the creatures from Frans' overhaul

Knights of the Nine Omobsification Patch: Gives Omobs stats to the DLC weapons

Knights of the Nine Weapon Improvement Project Patch: Mesh fixes for KOTN when using Insanity Sorrow's Weapon
Mesh Improvement mod

Legion Occupied Forts - OOO Patch: Fixes for some of the LOF forts that are used by OOO NPCs

Local Guards Features Unofficial Patch: Fixes issues with the UOP and DLC Knights of the Nine

Losing My Religion OCO v2 Patch: Fixes issues with hairstyles between the two mods

Lost Paladins of the Divines Unofficial Patch: Edits enchantments, amulet slots, and a few other things

Lost Spires & Order of Nibenay Compatibility Patch: Landscape fix for the area around the Archeology Guild building

LTD Vampire Overhaul - Vile Lair Patch: Edits the Font of Renewal script to function properly alongside the Vampire mod

Lubron's Patch for Enhanced Economy: Bug fixes and enhancements for the original mod

Lubron's Patch - No More Wild Goose Chases: Adds helpers to some of the vanilla optional quests

Mage Equipment Body Patches: Converts the Mage Equipment robes to fit BAB and TGND bodies

Mehrunes Razor Omobsification Patch: Gives Omobs stats to the DLC weapons

Millstone Farm All Natural Patch: Makes the cottage interior use AN's lighting

Mobs Patch for MOO: Tweaks weapons added by Maskar's mod to have Mobs stats

Morrowind Racial Abilities - OCO v2 Patch: Integrates abilities from one with faces from the other

MTC - Colourwheels Sexy Overhaul Patch: Allows Colourwheels shop in Weye to work with the changes MTC Expanded
villages makes in Weye

MTC - Faregyl PatchRe-locates one shop from MTC Expanded Villages so it fits in with Arthmoors Faregyl Village mod

MTC - Lost Spires Patch: Re-locates structures in the Pells Gate area so these two mods can be used together

MTC - Region Revive Patch: Re-locates structures in the village of Weye so these two mods can work together

MTC - Shezries Towns Patch: Re-locates structures in the Pells Gate area so these two mods can be used together

MTC - Weye Patch: A patch file which disables much of MTC's Weye related content so it will work with other Weye mods

MTC Thieves Grotto -Side's Sailing Ships: Landscape fix for the two mods

Nehrim Darn UI Dialogue Patch: Changes dialogue and subtitles to use the Darn UI styles

Oblivifall Losing My Religion Patches: Patches for older mods such as West Roads, may still be useful to some folks

Oblivion Collectible Cards - Cyrodiil Rebuild Patch: Re-locates one house so that these two mods can be used together

Oblivion Warcry New Dimension Patches: A collection of four patches that make various internal adjustments to this mod

OCO v2 Patch for Valenwood Improved: Valenwood Improved NPCs use the Oblivion Character Overhaul style faces

Odd Jobs - Open Cities Reborn Patch: Re-locates all of the job posting papers from the Odd Jobs mod so that they work
with Open Cities Reborn

Open Cities Patch Collection: A large collection of patches that help to make many different mods compatible with either
Open Cities Classic or Open Cities Reborn

Open Cities Reborn - Dark Argonians Patch: Moves roaming merchant beds from MTC Dark Argonians to fit with OCR

Open Cities Reborn - Fighters Guild Quests Patch: Moves some NPCs and a quest marker into Open Leyawiin

Open Cities Reborn - Litterbug Patch: Moves the Litterbug quest locations into the exterior worldspace

Open Cities Reborn - WAC Patch: Fixes numerous item and creature spawns to work with OCR's city layouts

Order of the Dragon - Frostcrag Village Patch: Fixes landscape and object placement issues between the mods

PA Windmills - Unique Landscapes Patch: Relocates windmills to work with UL mods. See Allister's comment below for
some helpful info on how to also use this patch with Oblivion Fragrance mod.

Qarl's Harvest Patches: A collection of patch combinations for Better Cities and Unique Landscapes

Race Balancing Project OCO Patch: Reworks NPCs to match the OCO aesthetic

Region Revive Lake Rumare Grammar Patch: Corrects numerous dialogue errors within the Region Revive mod

Roads of Cyrodiil-Kvatch Devastation Patch: Landscape and object placement fixes

Ruined Tails Tale Unofficial Patch: A bug fix file for RTT

See You Sleep Patch Compilation: A set of patches which make beds added by other mods work with See You Sleep

Servant of the Dawn DLC Compatibility: Landscape fixes for Battlehorn Castle and Knights of the Nine

Servant of the Dawn - Midas Magic Patch: Relocates the Pit Entrance from SOTD so it no longer overlaps with the
Beholden Shrine from Midas Magic

Snowy Road to Bruma Patch Collection: A set of seven patch files which make Snowy Road to Bruma compatible with DLC
Frostcrag Spire, Feldscar, Frostcrag Village, MTC Expanded Villages (Rimehold), UL Snowdale, and UL Jerall Glacier

Stalhrim Village Fighters Guild: Adds a guild hall and NPCs to the mod

Stalhrim Village - Mannimarco Revisted Patch: Relocates Mannimarco's Echo Cave 

Supreme Magicka - MOO Patch: Fixes summoning issues 

Sutch Reborn Patches: A set of four patches that make Dragon Captions Sutch Reborn compatible with OOO, Verona House
Bloodlines, and Pale Riders Paladin Equipment

Talos Bridge Gatehouse Patches: A set of patches to make UL Imperial Isle compatible with Region Revive Lake Rumare

Tes Diesel - AWLS Patch: Patches the TD farmhouses to work with Animated Window Lighting System

The Hesu Mod Collection & Patches: A series of Japanese landscape mods, with patches for many other mods. Some of which
are not compatible without Hesu in the mix

The Jerall Mountain Compendium Patch: Allows simultaneous use of a number of mods which effect the Jerall Mountain region

The Lost Spires - Order of Nibenay Patch: Fixes landscape tears near the Archeology Guild when using these two mods together

The Order of the Dragon Patch Series: A series of several patch files which address compatibility for Order of The Dragon with
various combinations of Better Cities Imperial City, Fort Akatosh Redux, The Necromancer, Fall of the Ayleids and UL-Jerall Glacier

Theryon Unofficial Patch: A collection of bug fixes for the Theryon mod.

Topal Island Patches: A trio of patch files which repair conflicts between Topal Island,  Better Cities, and Settlements of Cyrodiil-
Legion Outposts.

Travelers of Cyrodiil Patch: fixes issues with horses and smugglers in the mod

UL Imperial Isle - Blade of the Haunted - Adense Patch: Performs a number of fixes in order to make all three of these mods play
nicely together

Unique Landscapes Compatibility Patches: A very extensive page which contains or has links to every available patch ever made
for Unique Landscapes mods

Vampire Race Reloaded Patch: Bug fixes and enhancements for the original mod

Verona House Bloodlines - Waterfront Market Patch: Re-locates the Hunter Shack that Verona places in the IC Waterfront so it no
longer conflicts with Nernie's Waterfront Market mod

Vile Lair Omobsification Patch: Gives Omobs stats to the DLC weapon

Vorians Compatibility Patches: A set of patches unrelated to Unique Landscapes. Includes patches for Brew House, Castle Seaview,
Hoarfrost castle, Kvatch Aftermath, Nibenay Castle, OOO, The Necromancer, and Stirk

WAC Consistency Patches: Various fixes for characters and creatures

WAC - Elsweyr Anequina Patch: Adds Walx Animals & Creatures into the Elsweyr Anequina levelled lists

WAC Integration: See mod description, too much to list here


Creating Compatibility Patches: by Arthmoor

Compatibility Patch Creation Tutorial: by David Brasher

Two very good tutorials for the aspiring Oblivion modder who wants to learn about compatibility patches. Both teach the old school method
of using the vanilla Construction Set. While a bit more tricky, I strongly suggest learning this method first. Then graduating to Construction
Set Extender, which makes modding life much easier in general. But is truly a life saver when making patches.

Arthmoor's tutorial is detailed and well laid out. Covers all the basics with some nice tips along the way. Brasher's tutorial is geared towards
people who may have a bit more experience and understanding. It's not as straight forward, but does touch on some useful techniques not
found in the other. I used both when I was learning, both are very helpful tools which will get you to the finish line.


Given the nature of what this mod page is all about, a credits list would take up a great deal of space.
Please look to the read-me files that are provided with the patches you download.

Legal Stuff

I can only speak for my own work which is uploaded here, and files that have been entrusted to me. Please do
not redistribute files without consent. Look to permissions on linked pages and in downloaded read-me files.

User Feedback

Recommended Comments

Making progress setting the page. Have a batch of files moved over from the old site. There is a spoiler so you can see what's in there. Most of the download links are hooked up. Removed some dead links, and tracking down others. More to do. 

Edit: Hooked up all but one of the download links. Waiting for the files on that one to be updated. Removed all dead end links. Removed links to Unique Landscapes related patches that were confirmed to be in the Compilation already. More patch files for the download section coming soon. Have a few that needed updating.

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Added more download links, found a bunch more that still need to be added. Prettied up the page a bit more. Working on updates for more patches to be added into the download files soon.

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Added a bunch of new links to the description page. Think I've now got most of the relevant patches out there. Or at least the stand alone patches which aren't packaged in with mods already.

Also added links to two patch creation tutorials. I know there used to be more of these out there. Some with more advanced techniques. But many sites have gone offline since I first began. These are the only patch tutorials I know about at this time.

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Hey just want to say this is excellent work setting up 'The One Stop Patch Shop 2.0 here on AFK, not to mention all the other mods you have ported over here. I have been spreading the word to other users & modders about AFK. I think AFK is going to be the next big thing as migration continues, because modders will have more control over THEIR work, and thus more appreciated.


The One Stop Patch Shop 2.0

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Added a new patch file into the "Recent" download folder. This one is for Imperial City Suburbs + Region Revive Lake Rumare. Fixes all of the issues between these two mods on the Imperial Isle, just across from Weye. There is an alternate version also which will work alongside the Weye mods patch series. This was an old request I dug up on the Nexus comment thread so decided to cross it off my list.

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I appreciate you making the 'Imperial City Suburbs + Region Revive Lake Rumare' patch.

Also it should note that PA Windmills - Unique Landscapes Patch also works for Oblivion Fragrance

1. PA Windmills is merged into P.A. COMPILATION_7in1_the road so far 1.1

2. P.A. COMPILATION_7in1_the road so far 1.1 is merged into Oblivion Fragrance

To make this patch work with Oblivion Fragrance ...just need to rename 'Oblivion Fragrance.esp' to 'PAWindmills.esp' or change the master of the patch from 'PAWindmills.esp' to 'Oblivion Fragrance.esp'.

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Hmmm..might be a bit much to throw all that on the description. I'll just point people to your comment here.

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Added a new folder to the downloads section for all newly created Unique Landscapes patches. At the moment it contains 4 patches which fix conflicts between the Better Forts mod series and Unique Landscapes. Undoubtedly more patches will be added to this as time moves on.

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Added two new patches into the "Recent Files" folder in the downloads. These are patches for the Better Forts series + Roads of Cyrodiil. Specifically for Fort Carmala and Fort Variela.

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Made a small update for one of the Unique Landscapes patches with Better Fort Coldcorn. Edited four objects I previously missed (tree, rocks, mushroom) that were either deleted or moved by UL Lush Woodlands. Restored them to the position as set by Better Forts to preserve the look inside the fort area. This is part of the trickery of compatibility patches. It's not just land differences, or path grids, or clipping objects. Sometimes one mod overwrites coordinates for objects used by the other mod (many objects even), or deletes something that the other mod used. Filtering through it all you can often miss some things on the first try. This was the case here.

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Posted updated Unique Landscapes patches for the Better Forts series. This adds one new patch for Better Fort Blueblood + UL Blackwood Forest.

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Updated the "Recent Files" folder in the downloads. This update adds a new patch for Dark Anchor Dolmens + Shezries Towns. Fixes conflict issues near Shezries Woodland Village.

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Wanted to say thanks for the Better Forts + Unique Landscapes patches. :) I appreciate the work you do to make sure more people can use these cool mods!

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41 minutes ago, Crackomint said:

Wanted to say thanks for the Better Forts + Unique Landscapes patches. :) I appreciate the work you do to make sure more people can use these cool mods!

Thank you kind sir. And may I say it's very good to see you over here.

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Added a new patch to the Unique Landscapes download file. "Glenmoril Covens-UL Snowdale Patch". This one is created by Vrugdush, who asked to have the file hosted. The contribution is much appreciated Vrugdush. Looking forward to your future endeavors.

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First, just want to say thank you for the Better Fort / UL patches.

Are you making patches for Fort Irony and Fort Sejanus and their respective ares touched by UL?

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Pardon my intrusion, I am attempting to use IC Suburbs, Region Revive - Lake Rumare, Talos Bridge Gatehouse, and UL Imperial Isle (the all merged UL version). Is there anything i can do to merge the patches and fix the land tears or what mod/mods should i remove to make it work? Sorry for the thread necromancy, Have a Wonderful day and thank you for all of the patches you have made/host.

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Thank you for the recent patch for Better Forts / Vergayun

I'd also like to report that the patch for Midland-Vergayun-FortAkatosh (WITHOUT Roads of Cyrodiil) won't allow the game to even load for some reason, despite having all the masters. Tried to install it for my girlfriend, who doesn't use RoC. The version with RoC worked fine on my PC, so maybe there's something with the RoC-less plugin?

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On 4/21/2023 at 1:11 AM, LeviTheMetalGuy said:

Pardon my intrusion, I am attempting to use IC Suburbs, Region Revive - Lake Rumare, Talos Bridge Gatehouse, and UL Imperial Isle (the all merged UL version). Is there anything i can do to merge the patches and fix the land tears or what mod/mods should i remove to make it work? Sorry for the thread necromancy, Have a Wonderful day and thank you for all of the patches you have made/host.

You'll need to test with different load orders, but just from the sound of mods listed UL could be the issue. Consider using Walkabout instead (works fine with RRLR alone, some flying trees you can disable if used with Suburbs/RRLR, more flying trees and small structures with BC Imperial Isle). Other mods listed all have patches to work together, though the Talos Bridge / Suburbs patch could possibly conflict with RRLR / Suburbs patch, but likely not, if loaded after (since it changes the portion of Suburbs not conflicting with RRLR). If tears persist, and you don't want to disable the mods consider Land Magic - then you'll only have to disable flying structures, if there aren't too many.

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