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Oblivion Uncut Compatibility Patches 2.1

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About This File

     Oblivion Uncut Patches

A set of compatibility patches made to repair conflicts when using Oblivion Uncut with several
other mods which edit the same areas.


Oblivion Uncut restores many things that were cut from the game during development. This
includes a number of locations with structures, landscaping, etc. Unfortunately a few of these
restored locations conflict with pre-existing mods. These patch files fix all of the conflicts that I
know about at this time. (Which aren't already addressed by other people's patches)  

This is yet another of my pages migrated over from the Nexus. Oblivion Uncut went through a
few updates since I first created the patches for it. Two of the conflicting mods had as well. As
a result most of the patches needed updates. And there was at least one known conflict posted
in the comments over there that hadn't been patched. Everything is now up to date.


Castle Varaldo: Patches for Archfiend, Oaksdale, UL Entius Gorge. Plus one 3-way patch.

Fair N Square Ballifs HQ: Patch for UL Chorrol Hinterlands and the BC version of the UL

Fox's Den Inn: Patches for Darbinshire Cave and The Scarlet Monastery.

Gretwold: Patch for UL Chorrol Hinterlands and the BC version

IC Arena District: Patch for Better Cities Arena to fix the Yellow Team Bloodworks entrance

Imperial Battle College: Patches for UL Ancient Yews, UL Arrius Creek, or UL Compilation

Lake Canulus: Patch for UL The Eastern Peaks

**Spyrock: No longer requires a patch. Previously had a conflict with Battlehorn Castle. Mod
                  author eliminated this via internal edits. Patch was removed from this collection.


Oblivion patched to 1.2.0416
Shivering Isles (Required by Oblivion Uncut)
Knights of The Nine (Required by Oblivion Uncut) 
Oblivion Uncut

Better Cities
Darbinshire Cave
Elsweyr: The Deserts of Anequina
The Scarlet Monastery
UL Ancient Yews
UL Arrius Creek
UL Chorrol Hinterland
UL Eastern Peaks
Unique Landscapes Compilation (If you prefer the merged version)


1. Extract to your Oblivion Data folder either manually or using the mod manager of your choice.

2. Set Load and play.

Load Order

I suggest using BOSS to set load order. All of these files are already recognized.
Specific Load Order instructions are included with each read-me file also. 


May conflict with other mods and patches which edit the same game cells. 


Bethesda                  - for Oblivion and the CS
TES4Edit                  - for cleaning the dirt from my mods
LHammonds             - for the read-me generator this file was based on
elderscrolliangamer  - for Oblivion Uncut
marob307                 - for making the first draft of the Ancient Yews patch
Iliana                         - for Elsweyr The Deserts of Anequina
Ub3rman123             - for The Scarlet Monastery
Carel de Winter         - for UL Ancient Yews and UL Chorrol Hinterland
Phitt                           - for UL Entius Gorge
Prettyfly                     - for UL The Eastern Peaks
ElderScrollsfan001    - for Oaksdale
Eldosian                    - for Darbinshire Cave

Legal Stuff

Please do not upload these files to any other sites without my consent.

What's New in Version 2.1


Added a pair of new patches for Unique Landscapes - The Eastern Peaks. One for separate UL, one for merged UL. This fixes an issue with a quest added treasure chest being buried due to land height changes made by Eastern Peaks.

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Thank you for your efforts. Uncut is an excellent mod, your patches are very useful. :)

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v2.1 uploaded. Adds one new file to the patch compilation download. This is a fix for UL The Eastern Peaks. Oblivion Uncut adds a quest related treasure chest under the water in Lake Canulus. UL Eastern Peaks raises the land height across the entire lake bed of Lake Canulus as part of the sweeping landscape overhaul for the region. This unfortunately left the treasure chest floating in the void beneath the lake bottom, unable to be reached by the player. The patch raises the chest, and two rocks which were deleted, back to the surface of the lake bed. Enjoy! 

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Is there a version of Oblivion Uncut somewhere that doesn't add all the locations? The mod is set to hidden on the Nexus now because the creator didn't like some whining kids, so I cannot see if there were other "lite versions" of it

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2 hours ago, Kallekula said:

Is there a version of Oblivion Uncut somewhere that doesn't add all the locations? The mod is set to hidden on the Nexus now because the creator didn't like some whining kids, so I cannot see if there were other "lite versions" of it

Yeah whining kids can be a real headache lol. The only version I know of at all was on Nexus. At one point there was a lite version there as an optional. But I also remember seeing a comment about it being pulled later (for reasons unknown to me). If the page is now hidden you may just have to wait and hope it opens up again.

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Uncut has now been rebranded as a "Cyrodiil Re-Loaded" with the 2023 release. Will these fixes still work?

Thank you for your work, anyway.

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