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  1. Vanilla & SKSE Script Diffs

    Of limited interest, here are some script file diffs for SKSE and the contents of Scripts.zip on vanilla game for: (CK ver) SE ver
    Note: The update on this machine may have updated an older version of SE and CK than the most recent.
    SKSEPex: On a vanilla game, all 61 SKSE pscs are compiled, even when some have not changed, thus this shows 61 different date stamps. FinalDataAndSourcedotzip: After the engine and SKSE update to Data\Scripts, by diffing with Scripts.zip, this shows which of the above SKSE compiled psc files had changed since the last update on this computer. Looks like 23 pscs of SKSE's making in addition to edits of 38 vanilla ones. NewSourcedotzip: 411 new vanilla pscs in the update! SourcedotzipDialogueviews: 6 changed files and 202 new xmls.  




  2. Jebbalon's Package for M'aiq

    Jebbalon's Package for M'aiq
    Find on the Nexus here.
    Changes made
    M'aiq The Liar NPC record
    - increased speed multiplier to 120
    - Changed Wander Package to point to new package.
    - Old wander pacakage included a Travel, a Wander and a Sandbox procedure in sequence. The worst part was that the travel package had the Near Self target. M'aiq then would run off only to stop after realizing he was hear himself!
    JEB_PackageForMaiq is quite different from his old one.
    - New package is a set of 4 Travel packages set to pick one at random and repeat when complete.
    - The 4 target locations - I picked locations near the 4 border gates in skyrim.
    - Stendarr's Beacon
    - Halldir's Cairn
    - Refugee's Rest
    - Southfringe Sanctum
    - Set flag to allow swimming in package - just in case
    The way the Wilderness Encounters work is that when M'aiq (WE35) becomes unloaded he will be returned into the fold to be spawned again at another encounter site.
    If you follow M'aiq long enough, not allowing him to unload, you'll see him run all over the map. It's great!




  3. SSE: Vanilla Saves for Testing

    The only true save file for testing is the Helgen one. The console saves are those with the ones marked console and were modified with the perks bat file. The DGBeacon and TryforDupDawnbreaker have extra spells and magicka added re this thread.

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  4. Skyrim Map Markers

    Skyrim Map Markers
    Simply put, this mod adds map markers for places that don't have one in the game. In total, there are over 250 *new* map markers added!
    What this mod does is to let the player to discover new places; places you had no idea that existed in Skyrim. This mod gives the best results in a new game, but it can be installed in your current game.

    Download @ Bethesda.net (via the in-game mod manager)
    Download @ AFK Mods - http://www.afkmods.com/index.php?/files/file/2077-skyrim-map-markers/
    Download @ Nexus - https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrimspecialedition/mods/15276

    Just extract the archive into the Skyrim\Data folder and activate the ESP in the Skyrim Launcher or use your favourite the mod manager, but I'll not offer support for MO or NMM since I haven't tried those mod managers.
    I only offer support for Wrye Bash since I use Wrye Bash myself.

    Just install the new version, overwriting the old version of the plugin with the new release.
    In Wrye Bash just overwrite the old archive, unless you want to keep it, then use anneal or install missing file(s) in BAIN to update this mod. Always rebuild the bashed patch and run LOOT.

    Just delete the Skyrim Map Markers.esp file in the Skyrim\Data directory. You can uninstall this mod any time since the mod doesn't install any scripts.

    - Bethesda for a remastered Skyrim, Skyrim Special Edition, and the Creation Kit 64-bit.

    Additional Information
    This mod has been cleaned in SSEEdit. The latest version can be found here: http://afkmods.iguan...-wipz-tes5edit/
    There shouldn't be any issues, unless another mod has changed the same cell and has replaced a map marker from this mod.
    Should you have an issue then try to load this mod last in your load order, but before Arthmoor's Dawnguard Map Markers mod. Contact me if you have any issues.

    Release Information
    - 1.9 for Skyrim Special Edition
    Note: The 1.8 version for the Skyrim Legendary Edition is the final version, since I have decided not to mod Skyrim Legendary Edition anymore.

    DO NOT upload this mod to any site without my permission.
    NO porting to other games, inlcuding to any mod for other TES (Morrowind, Oblivion or later) games.
    NO commercial purposes whatsoever!
    Always, ask for my permission for...
    Mod compilations
    Mod Merging, if another mod is released with this mod integrated in it
    Mod Mirroring
    Conversion for consoles
    If I am no longer around in the community then the stewardship for this mod belongs to these sites:
    AFK Mods

    Finally, the community modding history sites such as the Morrowind Modding History (MMH) always have my permission to ensure my mod will be preserved for the future.




  5. Dawnguard Map Markers

    Places map markers in the Soul Cairn and enables fast travel while on that map to any marker you've discovered.
    Adds some additional markers to the Forgotten Vale and Dayspring Canyon.
    The Soul Cairn gets the added bonus of now accessing the overhead map like you would see for Skyrim.




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