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  1. Wayshrines of Old 2017

    Upload of the Original 2017 File and the ESL File with built in compatibility for Cities of the North. All the information about Wayshrines of Old can be found here:
    Now as an ESL with built in compatibility for Cities of the North. You do not need to use the update unless you use Cities of the North.

    If you need to get in touch, or have a question about Wayshrines of Old.




  2. Skyrim's Lost Settlements

    Following up on the forum thread with the same name, I created a simple mod, placing monuments of all the lost settlements that disappeared some time before the events in Skyrim:
    Amber Guard, Amol, Bardmont, Blackmoor, Dragon Wood, Dunbarrow, Dunpar Wall, Dunstad Grove, Granitehall, Greenwall, Helarchen Creek, Karthwasten Hall, Korvanjund, Lainalten, Laintar Dale, Markarth Side, Neugrad Watch, Nimalten City, North Keep, Oakwood, Pargran Village, Reich Corigate, Snowhawk, Stonehills, Sunguard, Vernim Wood, Volunruud and Vundeheim.
    This is just my interpretation of the Arena map of Skyrim, known distances in the game Arena, and settlements mentioned in literature.
    Each monument consists of a pillar, blue fire on top, and an etched tablet, which reads "In memory of the lost settlement/city-state of ...". 
    Skyrim Special Edition 
    (tested with SSE 1.6.640, but may probably work with all 1.5.x and 1.6.x versions)
    No known conflicts, but there may be conflicts when other mods use the location of any of the 28 memorial pillars. At least in my mod build, there are no conflicts with Scandinavian Forests, Dense Nordic Forests, Inns and Taverns, Ranger Cabins.
    You are not allowed to upload this mod to other sites under any circumstance or without my explicit permission. All assets in this mod belong to the author. 
    The ESP can be turned into ESL by compacting FormID's first and then adding the ESL flag to the TES4 header.
    Creation Kit 2.0
    7-Zip File Manager


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  3. Smelt Misc Dwemer Pieces

    This simple little mod allows the player to smelt the various Dwemer scrap (cogs, gears, gyros, levers and small levers) into ingots at the rate of 2 for one.
    This mod was successfully tested on the Anniversary Edition version 1.6.1130.
    This mod has been verified clean with Xedit 4.0.4.
    If you wish to communicate with me about this mod, you may do so here, or you can find me on Discord at https://discord.gg/ewqkeBwF
    This mod has been uploaded to Bethesda net for Xbox (https://mods.bethesda.net/en/skyrim/mod-detail/4331903).
    This mod may be downloaded for use during gameplay only.  Any other use is prohibited.  This mod may NOT be shared, reuploaded or modified without my EXPRESS WRITTEN permission.




  4. Fence? No Fence!

    The Fence perk has always bothered me, and I should have ported this mod to SE a long time ago, but never came around to do so.
    If your character enters a city, town or village with loads of stolen wares, none of the guards will arrest your character, but merchants know exactly which wares are stolen. How? Were they present when your character stole those wares? If so, why didn't they report them? If your character is caught in the act steeling wares, they are arrested by guards, send to prison or have to pay a fine and the stolen wares are confiscated. If the guards don't know, the merchants don't know. Actually nobody knows! Period.
    This mod only requires the base game (Skyrim.esm and Update.esm), Skyrim Special Edition. This mod is an ESL-flagged ESP.
    The Fence perk is one of the first two perk in the Speech skill tree you can unlock. The Master Trader perk does not require the Fence perk, but will now require the Investor perk.
    This mod will most probably conflict with any mod that changes the skill trees, at least if the Speech skill tree has been changed. 




  5. Disease Comments

    Apart from Arcadia, there are various other NPCs that may comment on the possible disease of the player (in World Encounters). As with Arcadia's Diagnosis, They could be right or wrong, simply because the dialogue topics do not check if the player really has a disease. Those topics are part of the WECommentsDiseased quest. This mod adds the conditions to check if the player has actually contracted any disease.  Disease comments will only show up if the player has contracted a disease.
    Skyrim SE 1.5.x or 1.6.x (only Skyrim.esm and Update.esm are required)
    Extract the 7z file and drop the ESP in de Data folder.
    You are not allowed to upload this mod to other sites under any circumstance or without my explicit permission.
    Creation Kit 2.0
    7-Zip File Manager




  6. Feather Spells

    A set of Feather Spells which can help the Dragonborn haul their loot out of a dungeon.

    A Novice Spell Tome can be found in the Torture Chamber when escaping Helgen. Otherwise, the Spell Tomes will show up in random loot, or can be purchased from the usual suspects.

    Novice (0): Carrying capacity increased by 50 points for 300 seconds (5 minutes).
    Apprentice (25): Carrying capacity increased by 75 points for 450 seconds (7.5 minutes).
    Adept (50): Carrying capacity increased by 100 points for 600 seconds (10 minutes).
    Expert (75): Carrying capacity increased by 150 points for 900 seconds (15 minutes).
    Master (100): Carrying capacity increased by 200 points for 1800 seconds (30 minutes).
    This mod was successfully tested on the Anniversary Edition version 1.6.1130.

    This mod has been verified clean with Xedit 4.0.4.

    If you wish to communicate with me about this mod, you may do so here, or you can find me on Discord at https://discord.gg/ewqkeBwF

    This mod may be downloaded for use during gameplay only.  Any other use is prohibited.  This mod may NOT be shared, reuploaded or modified without my EXPRESS WRITTEN permission.
    This mod is not made, guaranteed, or supported by Microsoft, Zenimax, Bethesda Game Studios, or any of their affiliates.





    Whiterun is my favorite city to sell all my surplus items, and Arcadia's Cauldron is one of those shops. However, I'm often confronted with Arcadia's false diagnose of a disease I might have contracted. Most of the time she is wrong, but occasionally she is right. Her opening lines when addressing her are often:
    "You look rather pale. Could be Ataxia. It's quite a problem back home in Cyrodiil.", or
    "Pardon me, but do I detect a case of the Rattles? I've got something for that."
    Occasionaly she is right, but most often she is wrong. After 11 years I finally wondered why. Arcadia is the only apothecary with these two type of lines, which none of the other apothecaries have. Those two dialogues don't have any conditions which check if the player has contracted any disease. This mod adds those conditions for the base game and will not (yet) let Arcadia diagnose if the player has contracted any diseases from the base game, although she may be wrong about the type of disease, but at least you will know that you have contracted a disease even if Arcadia was wrong about Ataxia or the Rattles.
    Skyrim SE 1.5.x or 1.6.x (in principle only Skyrim.esm and Update.esm required)
    Extract the 7z file and drop the ESP in the Data folder.
    You are not allowed to upload this mod to other sites under any circumstance or without my explicit permission. 
    Creation Kit 2.0
    7-Zip File Manager




  8. Portable Craftable Safe Storage - Requires Campfire

    *Requires Campfire by Chesko* -   https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrimspecialedition/mods/667/
    ** This is version 4, the final version created and the most recent one that was available on nexus (PC) and bethesda.net (xbox) in 2017.  Due to an unexpected Windows reinstall, I no longer have the older files.
    This mod uses the Campfire framework to allow you to create and carry up to 9 different storage containers.  They are created at the forge, at the tanning rack, and using the Campfire powers menu.  Once created, the containers can be placed on the ground by activating them from your inventory. There will be a blue activator to help you position the container, then the usable container will appear once placed.  Add or remove your items, then you can pick them back up and carry them with you.  The containers themselves have weight, but not the items in them.  Like-named containers can be made and will share their inventory with each other.  (ie: chest > chest,  barrel > barrel).  If you lose or accidentally sell one, just make another and your items will be in it.  You can store containers in other containers, and you can place copies in multiple houses or wherever you like.  Followers can also carry containers. 
    Other helpful mods - Favorite Misc Items by PowerOfThree - Allows you to favorite your containers.
                                     Essential Favorites by PowerOfThree - Favorited items can't be sold or deconstructed
                                     Better Container Controls by CDCooley - allows one-button storage between containers, with a config file to help you filter out what should stay in place
    The containers and their workstations are as follows.  They each require a relatively small amount of materials, such as iron, wood, leather, linen, etc.   There is also a bonus, the ability to use collected wood to construct placeable barricades.  These can be placed, removed, and carried as well, but they cannot be destroyed by weapon or magic hits.  Good for keeping enemies away from your camp site at night.
    Tanning Rack
    food supplies
    alchemy supplies
    small chest
    noble chest
    Campfire Crafting Menu
    blacksmithing supplies




  9. Stone Crusher - Nordic Pickaxe

    Tired of hacking at ore veins for precious little return? Meet the Stone Crusher. This Nordic Pick Axe quadruples the yield when mining ore.
    The Stone Crusher is located in a small undercut above Etched Tablet VI on your way up to High Hrothgar, Look under the long dead miner.
    This Mod requires the Dragonborn DLC.
    This Mod has been cleaned with Xedit 4.0.3.
    This mod was successfully tested on the Anniversary Edition version 1.6.1130.
    This mod is available for Xbox: https://bethesda.net/en/mods/skyrim/mod-detail/4236920
    This mod may be downloaded for use during gameplay only.  Any other use is prohibited.  This mod may NOT be shared, reuploaded or modified without my EXPRESS WRITTEN permission.
    This mod is not made, guaranteed, or supported by Microsoft, Zenimax, Bethesda Game Studios, or any of their affiliates.




  10. Werewolf Heart and Potion of Well Being

    Tired of having to buy your Potions of Well Being from a single vendor way out in Raven Rock. No longer. With this mod, you can now craft your own. This mod adds Werewolf Hearts to the game to provide the necessary combination of effects to allow one to craft a Potion of Well Being.
    I will assume you are familiar with how crafting works. A Potion of Well Being has three effects. Restore Magicka, Restore Health and Restore Stamina. To make this potion you need two ingredients with all these effects, or three ingredients with the proper combination of effects. There are ingredients with Restore Magicka and Restore Stamina, and Restore Health and Restore Stamina. What is missing is an ingredient with Restore Health and Restore Magicka to complete the trifecta. Thus, Werewolf Hearts.
    Finding Werewolf hearts is simple. They exists in Werewolves. They also exist in the possession of Werewolf Hunters. Alchemist Vendors will sell them.
    How to make the potion? Well, you already know one ingredient. Use your Alchemy Skill to discover the other two. Or, you can occasionally find an Alchemist Vendor with the recipe for sale.
    Like all crafted potions, the effectiveness of the potion will increase with the strength of your Alchemy Skill, and the added strength of the enchantments on your gloves and rings and necklaces.
    Now, there is a caveat. Because of the way the Alchemy interface works, you will never create a "Potion of Well Being". Your potion will be named "Potion of" one of the effects in the Potion of Well Being. So use caution when selling your excess potions or stashing your potions in storage. You will need to look at the effects and not the name.
    This Mod has been cleaned with Xedit 4.0.3.
    This mod was successfully tested on the Anniversary Edition version 1.6.1130.
    This mod is available for Xbox: https://bethesda.net/en/mods/skyrim/mod-detail/4236689
    This mod may be downloaded for use during gameplay only.  Any other use is prohibited.  This mod may NOT be shared, reuploaded or modified without my EXPRESS WRITTEN permission.
    This mod is not made, guaranteed, or supported by Microsoft, Zenimax, Bethesda Game Studios, or any of their affiliates.


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  11. Tasheni's The Isles of Teia SE

    Teia is the name of a goddess, she was honored as a titan of gems, the bright blue sky and precious metals. She was born in the void as an offspring of Padomay. All what's left of her is the name of the isles, but, maybe some Wild Elves remember her cult, who knows. Teia lies well hidden between the Sea of Ghosts and the Eltheric Ocean in nobody's land. It's fully navmeshed, on land and underwater, where you can find some ruins and treasure. But be prepared if you go diving: some of the sea animals will attack you on sight. If you dive near dolphins, the dolphins will swim with you and fight for you.
    There are no quests included, yet, but a task: Destroy the Great Welkynd Stone inside Teia Silaselis. But be prepared.
    To get there you must go through Wayward Tunnels. The entrance is south of Left Hand Mine in the Reach. Be prepared: The tunnels are very dark. Make sure you don't overlook anything. If you don't find the way, look at the spoiler doc attached to this section.
    Please read the credits list, it's very long. You will find permissions at the end of the list.
    This mod comes as is - don't expect a bug free mod, but I did my best. It works with VR with the exception of the boats, because the boats need SKSE and I had no time to bother with the SKSE VR version right now.
    The SE version of the mod doesn't include the igloos and cocon house interiors. I need to finish the LE version first and had no time yet to convert that all again.
    More screenshots are in the gallery under Skyrim/Scenic Albums. Watch the trailer here:
    CreditsTasheniIslesOfTeia.txt Spoiler.doc
    Recommended mods for immersion:
    Underwater Blast by JeramyWillow:
    Campfire by chesko:




  12. Assigned Storage

    Assigned Storage
    Comprehensive "Cloud Storage" System

    Check out these videos for more details:
    Assigned Storage SSE
    Linked crafting update
    Portable storage update
    NEW: v1.15.3 adds a full MCM menu with all the options from the Container Setup spell, including the option to remove the spells themselves, assign hotkeys for common functions, etc. Big thanks to Sandman53 for much of the work setting it up.
    NEW: v1.15.1 adds MANY new individual categories and several new parent categories. You can now assign containers to all the different types of weapons, armor, and clothing. See below or the first post in the comment section for more details.
    NEW: v1.14.8 adds a new "Laundry" category under the Misc section. Assign a container to this new category or access it remotely through the Container Setup spell, then drop any stolen items inside (including gold). They will be returned to you automatically when you close the container with the "Stolen" flag removed!
    Assigned Storage v1.14+ requires at LEAST version 4.1.1 of JContainers SE (released 14 May 2018) and SKSE SE build 2.0.7 or greater.
    If you are upgrading from a version before 1.14 it is CRITICAL you follow these steps to avoid losing items! First with your old version load your save, and cast the Container Setup spell. Choose "Configure Options" and then "Reset Mod," and finally "Reset" from the dialogue box. This pulls all your stored items out of Assigned Storage into your inventory. When you see the message that this completed, create a new save and exit. Do NOT rebuild filters or store any items. Install the new version, overwriting the previous files, and load this new saved game. You will have to re-assign your containers and re-add custom items to various lists but there is no more waiting for filters to build and all your dropped portable storage remains in place.

    As is always the case, it is HIGHLY recommended you DO NOT change mod order or load list mid-playthrough as due to the nature of Skyrim modding this is known to break things. For example, if you add mod-added items to your filter lists in Assigned Storage then remove those mods, it is possible those orphaned items will be stuck in your filters and cause weird behavior.
    If you do experience any issues, cast the Container Setup Spell and from the Configuration menu choose Reset Filters. NOTE: This option resets ALL your filters (custom-added items and ignore lists), however any assigned containers will remain assigned and placed portable storage remains in place.

    Mod Info:
    This is my take on an auto-sorting storage mod that lets you assign any number of any containers in the world to one of many built-in categories. The mod works by redirecting activation and changing the container name display, and because of this ANY container in the world can be assigned without ever having to fear re-spawning containers deleting your items. You can literally assign any container anywhere in the world and use it for safe shared access to the global storage for that category.
    All containers assigned to a category share storage with all others assigned to that category, so you can assign a "Food Items" or "Alchemy Ingredients" in all your homes and access those items without having to haul them back and forth. Emphasis was on simplicity and ease-of-use. Compatible with ALL mod-added content: Simply add items not detected by the sort filters to any of the containers to have that category "learn" those custom mod-added items, or sneak-activate a container to set up ignore filters to prevent auto-sorting things you don't want stored.

    NEW: v1.14 represents a complete remake of the mod, using SKSE and JContainers. This allows better performance (no more waiting for initial filters to build or reset), and also MANY new quality-of-life features, just a few of which being:
    Automatically ignores equipped items! Items you have equipped will be auto-added to their respective container's ignore list if they are detected as sortable. Simply drop them in their appropriate containers when you change equipped gear to have them re-learned by the sorting filters. Pre-made filters are now managed outside the game in editable JSON data files. These lists were meticulously recompiled using data from UESP to exclude any quest or special items, however if such items are detected they can simply be removed from these files. Choosing Reset Filters from the Container Setup configuration options will reset your filters from these files, updating the lists instantly. MANY new categories and special container types (Global Item Sorter, Gold deposits with a set amount to keep on-hand, Garbage you can empty to permanently delete items, etc.) and all categories now separated into individual containers with their own filters which wasn't possible before due to performance constraints. v1.07 adds the ability to add items to a station's pre-load defaults using the Container Setup spell (does not affect normal container access filters). Also, you can now access individual containers remotely in addition to the Store All function!
    v1.04 adds the ability to drop portable storage containers! These can be toggled movable or locked in place, can be picked back up and carried with you, and can be assigned to any of the storage categories. There is a wide selection to choose from.
    v1.02 adds the ability to optionally link crafting stations to global storage!

    Mod Use Instructions:
    The Container Assignment spell:
    This is the main spell you will use to assign containers to one of your pre-built categories. Simply cast it and activate any container within 3 seconds to see a list of options. For normal containers you will be able to assign or unassign them to a category. For the custom portable containers added by this mod, you will also have the option to toggle locking them in place, or pick them up so you can carry them around with you.
    Learning mod-added items:
    To teach a category to store unrecognized mod-added items in the future, simple drop the items you want it to learn into its container manually. You will receive a menu with the option to learn them when you close the container. Similarly, sneak-activating an assigned container will show a menu with the option to add items to the ignore list for that container (again by dropping items in the container), or reset the filters to default (forget mod added items and clear ignore lists).
    Creating ignore lists:
    If a container category is auto-sorting stuff you don't want it to, you can sneak-activate a container assigned to that category and choose to configure an ignore list. After selecting this option, manually drop any items you want this container category to ignore in the future into the displayed container (you will have to take them out first if they were auto-sorted). You can easily add them back to the sort list (remove from the ignore list) by simply dropping them in the container after accessing it while NOT sneaking as per the above method for learning mod-added items and it will un-ignore them individually.
    The Container Setup spell:
    This spell gives you the option to Store All, which will automatically store EVERYTHING in your inventory in the appropriate container category, taking into account any mod-added items each has learned or any ignore lists you have set up. You can also configure options, which lets you toggle linking materials to crafting stations, reset all filters, set whether to ignore equipped items (recommended and default on), or to safely uninstall the mod should you choose, which automatically pulls ALL of your stored items out of the global storage for you and cleanly stops the quest script. You also have the option from this menu to Add Portable Storage containers...
    Adding Portable Storage:
    New in v1.04+, you can choose this option from the Container Setup spell. You have the option to add 5 of all types (bags, chests, etc., there are many), or 5 or 1 of a specific type, which will let you browse categories. Portable Containers have their own storage category that can be assigned to any container using the Container Assignment spell as normal, so you can auto-store all Portable Containers using an assigned container or the Sort All spell. Portable Containers can be carried with you, dropped in the world, and moved/dragged around like any movable object. If you activate them with the Container Assignment spell active you can assign them to a category like any other container, optionally toggle locking them in place (make them unmovable or movable again), or pick them back up into your inventory. NOTE: The first time you drop one in the world you need to activate it to "initialize" the container (the name will indicate this).

    Possible categories:
    As of version 1.50.1 there are 10 Master categories each with a set of sub-categories, plus some extra things. You can assign a container to one of the master categories and have options to sort individual sub-category items, and opening them will show you all your stored items for all the included sub-categories (and return them to their appropriate individual categories on closing). You can now also assign a container to any of the individual categories as well, each of which has their own auto-sort filter that can learn added items, or be told to ignore items by sneak-activating.
    The following lists all Master categories and their sub categories:
    Master Alchemy Storage
       - Alchemy Ingredients
       - Potions
       - Poisons
    Master Book Storage
       - Books
       - Scrolls
       - Spell Tomes
    Master Crafting Storage
       - Ore & Ingots
       - Leather, Scale & Bone
       - Housing & Random Materials
    Master Food Storage
       - Cooking Ingredients
       - Food & Drink
    Master Weapons Storage
       - One-Hand Weapons
       - Two-Hand Weapons
       - Staves
       - Bows
       - Special Weapons
    Master Armor Storage
       - Heavy Armor
       - Light Armor
       - Shields
       - Cloaks & Accessories
       - Special Armor
    Master Clothing Storage
       - Clothing
       - Child Clothing
       - Robes, Capes & Hoods
       - Gloves & Shoes
       - Special Clothing
    Master Soul Gem Storage
       - Empty Soul Gems
       - Filled Soul Gems
    Master Valuables Storage
       - Jewelry
       - Gems
       - Gold & Treasures
       - Masks & Claws
    Master Miscellaneous Storage
       - Portable Containers
       - Keys
       - Random
       - Laundry
       - Garbage
       - Sorter

    Temporary Bulk Storage (Non-sorting cloud storage. Assign or access through Container Setup spell.)
    Items For Selling (Non-sorting cloud storage. Assign or access through Container Setup spell.)
    Item Sorter (Activate to store all items, same as Store All from Container Setup spell.)

    Each category has a "Store All" option as well as specific options depending on the storage type. For example, Alchemy Ingredients has the option to store all but 1 or 3 of each ingredient, Gold & Treasures has the option to set a limit of gold to keep when auto depositing, Master containers let you sort to any of their child containers and will contain all stored items from all their subcategories combined when you open them, etc.
    The mod is extremely efficient and simplified with no looping scripts, stack dumps, or save bloat. The container redirection is done with invisible perks on the player. All you have to do is cast the spell and activate any container within 3 seconds to assign or un-assign it. Custom filters can be reset/managed by sneak-activating custom containers.

    In general this mod is compatible with nearly everything (see "Known Issues" below. Perk mods like Ordinator for example will not interfere or conflict with the functionality of this mod. As for housing mods or other mods that add custom containers, these will also work just like any other container, with rare exceptions that authors make their custom containers scripted Activator objects instead of actual containers, in which case you will not get the option to assign them with Assigned Storage since it will not see them as containers. This could potentially be resolved with compatibility patches, however as of v1.04 I find it easier to simply drop a custom Portable Container of the type you choose nearby and assign that instead.

    Known Issues:
    When you enable Linked Crafting materials (on by default) from the Container Setup spell configuration menu, there can sometimes be a very small roughly 1 second delay when activating a crafting station before the menu/animation actually begins. This is unavoidable and necessary to allow compatibility with mods like Ordinator that do scripted activation of the crafting stations.
    Also if using Quick Loot, when you cast the Container Assignment spell and go to assign a category to a container that has something in it and you see the Quick Loot menu, you need to hit the button assigned to "Search" in that menu in order to see the Assigned Storage category assignment options. Otherwise, just empty the container before trying to assign it.

    See the "IMPORTANT NOTICE" at the top of this page if upgrading from an earlier version than 1.14. You need to use the Reset Mod option from Container Setup, Configure Options to pull all your stored items back into your inventory and make a new save BEFORE upgrading. MANUALLY Extract the mod .ESP and .BSA and the SKSE folder from the download ZIP file to your Skyrim Special Edition\Data directory. Using NMM is untested and I am cautious about trusting it to install the included skse folder properly. folder from the download ZIP file to your Skyrim Special Edition\Data directory. Using NMM is untested and I am cautious about trusting it to install the included skse folder properly. folder from the download ZIP file to your Skyrim Special Edition\Data directory. Using NMM is untested and I am cautious about trusting it to install the included skse folder properly. Install SKSE SE build 2.0.7 or greater. Open the zip file, and open the folder it contains, and extract all the files and folders you see there to your main Skyrim Special Edition directory where your SkyrimSE.exe is. AFTER install is complete, you MUST start the game using skse64_loader.exe instead of the normal shortcut or launcher. Install JContainers SE (not the VR version, and must be at LEAST version 4.1.1, released 14 May 2018) , by copying the Data folder in the download to your main Skyrim Special Edition directory, saying yes to overwrite. Again, using NMM is untested and not recommended. Activate the mod in your mod list and load the game. You should see a message that Assigned Storage was updated to 1.XX. The "Container Assignment" and "Container Setup" spells will be automatically added under Alteration. You are now ready to play! See the Mod Use Instructions section above and the video tab for more info.
    Simply cast the Container Setup spell, select the configuration option, and choose Safely Uninstall. The mod will automatically pull ALL stored items from all global categories back into your inventory and cleanly stop the quest script so you can safely create a new save game.
    I am passionate about modding and share my work freely, so others may use it freely. However, please respect author's rights and do NOT upload this content to any other site. Doing so is not only a violation of copyright law and will result in annoying take-down requests being filed and banning of accounts, but it is also selfish, mean-spirited, tactless, and rude. The modding community thrives because of the support and mutual respect of the community. Please do your part to keep it that way!
    Have fun!

    If you like my work and want to show support you can join:

    You can also follow me for updates and such on:





  13. Kats Smelt everything SE

    This is the AFK mods version of my Kats Smelt everything mod, It's a simple mod that should not conflict with anything that does not edit smeltable items.
    Almost all generic none pre-enchanted armor, weapons, arrows, clutter, and Dwarven items can be melted down into ingots of the matching material, IE iron sword = iron ingot, etc. Equipped gear can't be smelted down unless they're a weapon in your left hand (engine limitation?). Items do not show up in the smelters' window unless you have the item in question (this includes the vanilla smelt-able Dwarven items) IE you will not see hundreds of new recipes only the ones you can make at the time.
    This version of the mod also includes bulk ore smelting, simply put you can smelt 2/3/4/5/6/7/8/9 or 10 ingots at once as long as you have the ore needed. So you can smelt 100 ingots in 20 clicks instead of 200!
    NOTE: Items you enchanted CAN be smelted down. This is because the items you enchant don't have a new item id and the game sees them as normal unenchanted items I have no idea how to fix this .
    Smelting return chart Below




  14. Sticky Sprinting

    As you know, when you stop moving, sprinting is deactivated automatically. I found this to be frustrating as I had to hit the sprint key again if I decided to stop and loot a container, and this is something I do frequently. So I whipped this script up.

    This mod makes it so that moving forward will reactivate sprinting if you were sprinting when you previously stopped, negating the tedious process of repeatedly stopping, starting, and reactivating sprinting. To stop sprinting, simply hit the sprint key again as you would if you wanted to stop sprinting while moving. As a side feature, it also allows you to activate sprinting before you start moving, which could be used to simulate an adrenaline surge.




  15. Werewolves and Werebears Distributed

    This mod grew from a number of factors. First off, the lore states that the werebear is supposed to be the most common lycanthrope in Skyrim, but even with Dragonborn adding them, they are nowhere to be seen. Second, werewolf spawns are incredibly rare, and many other mods that add werewolves don't make them as common as I think they should be. Third, I wanted to place enemies in a couple of areas that I felt should have them but don't, or where I felt werebeasts would be a more appropriate enemy.

    This mod covers these factors: werewolves AND werebears have been added to the predator spawn levelled lists (there are two werebear entries for every werewolf entry), and werebeasts have been placed in the openings of Forsaken Cave, Rebel's Cairn, and Pinemoon Cave.
    Also, as a bonus feature, this mod tweaks the werewolf actors used in the spawns so that, if you use a werewolf model replacement with weight slider support, werewolves will spawn with varied weights, rather than all of them being in the middle.




  16. More Bear-Like Werebears

    This mod tweaks the werebear from Dragonborn to distinguish it from the werewolf. These changes include being slightly slower than the werewolf, dealing slightly more damage per hit, being weaker to fire and taking slightly less damage from attacks.




  17. Dragon Tweaks

    This file does four things:
    -Allows serpentine dragons to appear on mainland Skyrim as well as revered and legendary dragons on Solstheim.
    -Alters Paarthurnax's stats and abilities to be similar to Alduin's (slightly weaker than Alduin, if he was Alduin's lieutenant, he doesn't really seem to 
    live up to that).
    -Makes Odahviing unleveled (his set stats are now reminiscent of a legendary dragon, I tested this and it does not feel overpowered even at lower
    -Nerfs the amount of damage that giants can inflict on dragons (dragons look like they should be able to take a giant's club to the face fairly well)
    This mod requires the USSEP to be installed.




  18. Call Dragon Renamed to Summon Odahviing

    This is a personal tweak that I've used for a couple years. It always bugged me that the shout to summon Odahviing was called "Call Dragon", when the shout itself is specific to Odahviing, so I decided to rename it to reflect that it calls Odahviing specifically, just like the shout to summon Durnehviir reflects that it calls Durnehviir.




  19. The Truth ENB

    Now supports ENB v0.473+ for SSE!
    For best results I highly recommend installing The Truth with Obsidian Weathers and Seasons!
    UPDATE: Version 1.00.26 enables the new ENB Complex Grass feature. (Disable for performance boost.)
    UPDATE: Version 1.00.25 fully enables and configures Complex Particle Lights which supports all ENB particle light effects!
    UPDATE: Version 1.00.23 introduces "HDR Bloom" increasing visual fidelity while also improving performance!

    UPDATE: ENB v0.417 introduces Wet Surfaces which The Truth now fully supports. When raining you will see the effect of shiny wet surfaces similar to ESO.
    UPDATE: ENB v0.372 introduces Detailed Shadows which greatly improves the visual appearance especially of character faces for a very minor performance hit. Enabled by default. Also, the latest version of The Truth updates the Nighteye Fix with more parameters to better avoid it activating from things like soul trap and word walls.
    UPDATE: Prepass skin shaders are now working and have largely overcome previous glitches. However, they do still also subtly effect the entire scene, not just skin. If you want to test how they look (they are pre-configured but disabled by default) set EnablePrepass=true from the [EFFECT] section of enbseries.ini in the in-game options.
    UPDATE: The latest ENB includes a custom SSAO which can provide improved visuals at the cost of performance. IMPORTANT: For information on how to disable the game's default SSAO to avoid performance/visual degradation from double SSAO, see the Performance section.
    NOTE: All versions of ENB from v0.370 include the specular lighting fix from SSE Character Specular Lighting Fix. If you are using ENB v0.370 or newer make sure to disable that mod as they will conflict. This fix is always on, and other settings like EnableSkinSpecular do not effect it in any way. The fix is internal to ENB and no other settings effect or disable it (according to the ENB author himself).
    NOTE: If you are having performance issues with the newer ENB SSS but still want a sub-surface scattering effect on your character, you can leave ENB's version disabled and instead use Subsurface Scattering Shaders for Skins which is very performance friendly. See mod page for details and caveats.

    Here are a few "before & after" images:
    1 2 3 4 5 6
     NOTE: For optimal appearance and to use The Truth as intended, set your in-game brightness slider in the very middle.
    UPDATE: I HIGHLY recommend Relighting Skyrim by --JawZ-- and NovakDalton This mod compliments The Truth perfectly! It doesn't change colors or weather or lighting like other enhancement mods (which makes it compatible with essentially everything.) Instead, it fixes the positioning and distribution of lights so that, for example, light from a fireplace actually lights the inside of the fireplace. Just check out his screenshots. Zero performance hit and a RADICAL improvement to the game!

    FULLY COMPATIBLE WITH NIGHTEYE EFFECTS - One minor problem with ENB, and something I wanted to avoid with The Truth, is the breaking of Nighteye type effects. The reason for this problem is the game uses special flags for these type of effects which ENB doesn't code for. It does track the internal registers for these values however, so it is possible to write a custom workaround as I have. Not only will Nighteye effects work as intended brightening dark areas, but the mod gives total control over all aspects of it's appearance, from color balance and saturation to brightness, contrast, and shadow clipping. It is possible to achieve some truly unique effects, for example yellow washed out vision for Khajiit, saturated red for vampires, etc.
    NOTE: See below spoiler for details on how to configure the Nighteye Fix.

    ENB Hotkeys:

    Insert = Take a screenshot.
    Shift+F12 = Toggle effect.
    Shift+Enter = Toggle in-game ENB config editor.
    Shift+F7 = Toggle Marty McFly DoF.
    F11 = Show FPS.
    Skyrim Console:
    ~ = Open in-game console. Type 'tm' (without the quotes) and press Enter to hide all graphical UI elements for unobstructed screenshots. Type this command in the console again (or restart Skyrim) to turn the UI display back on.


    The Truth graphical mod is performed 100% in post-process and therefore IS compatible with any mods that alter lighting, weather, color, fog, etc.

    NOTE: If you use other ENB's and have made custom tweaks, you might want to back up the enbseries folder for those prior to copying over The Truth files. That way you can copy them back if you decide to install a different ENB.
    First download ENB v0.473 (or newest version). Copy d3d11.dll and d3dcompiler_46e.dll from the "WrapperVersion" folder to your main Skyrim Special Edition folder. Copy everything from The Truth to your main Skyrim Special Edition directory, saying yes to overwrite. Ensure antialiasing is set to "Application Controlled" or off in your video card configuration control panel. Run SkyrimSELauncher.exe from your Skyrim Special Edition folder. Click Options, Advanced. For the standard version of The Truth make sure your advanced settings look like this: standard version launcher settings. For the lite version you can enable Screen Space Ambient Occlusion for a more modest FPS hit than the ENB version in the main version of The Truth. For either version make sure 64-bit Render Targets is checked. Recommended setting Antialiasing to TAA, and UN-check window mode. (Optional) Open your SkyrimPrefs.ini file from your Documents->My Games->Skyrim Special Edition directory, and set bTreesReceiveShadows=1, bShadowsOnGrass=1 (may need to add manually), and bDrawLandShadows=1.
    NOTE: It is recommended whenever you install or update an ENB that you run the Skyrim launcher to verify your settings, as they can sometimes get reverted after running the launcher for the first time after an update (or after a video driver update). Just open the launcher, verify your settings, and close it as normal. You don't have to change anything to update your settings, just running the launcher is enough. This is not strictly necessary if running the game through the SKSE64 launcher, but it is still a good idea to run the default launcher once after updating the actual game itself and so the above may still apply in that scenario.
    IN-GAME TWEAKS: Most tweaking will be a process of trial and error, however there are a couple areas of interest to note:
    Brightness: First start by setting the game's brightness slider to the middle. You can adjust this global brightness value with ENB off to calibrate your monitor before adjusting ENB. Afterwards with The Truth and ENB enabled, the main settings to adjust for controlling brightness is 1) from the in-game ENB editor shader window under the "Use HD6 Color Filter" section, adjust "Color Luminance" (separate for Dawn, Dusk, Day, Night, and Interior) and 2) for shadow strength, from the ENB editor enbseries.ini window under the "[ENVIRONMENT]" section, adjust "AmbientLightingIntensity" (separate for Dawn, Dusk, Sunrise, Sunset, Day, Night, and Interior Day/Night).
    Various Tweaks:
     * Version 1.00.23 dialed the sun sprite (the lens flare when looking at the sun) way down, but you can adjust it further with the Sprite Intensity setting in enbsunsprite.fx (under the shader window in-game).
     * For slightly more detailed sky (at slight FPS cost) select Enable under the SKY secion of enbseries.ini. Can cause hard line horizon color blending visual artifacts.
     * Adaptation tweaks: Using the adapt visualization tool included in enbeffect, was able to peg the upper and lower threshold for standard lighting conditions more precisely. This will allow a more natural range of lighting while still kicking in to adapt to extreme dark situations.
     * I recommend turning OFF volumetric godrays in the skyrim launcher and leaving the ENB version on under EFFECTS. Not only does it look much better IMO, but it also performs better for FPS.
     * Enabling Depth of Field under enbseries.ini EFFECTS section will use built-in latest version of Marty McFly's Advanced DoF. You can find the configuration tab under the shaders panel in ENB in-game. Recommend visiting http://enbseries.enbdev.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=7&t=5279 for detailed configuration information. Generally, the main option to tweak to adjust how strong the effect is based on how far from your character is "DOF: Far blur curve." The main setting which effects the appearance of the effect is "DOF: Bokeh shape max size."
     * Recommend to get the latest ENB Particle Patch from here. Make sure you get the SPECIAL EDITION version.

    Version 1.00.26+: Starting with this version the standard version of The Truth enables Complex Particle Lights with "Big Range" set to OFF. This effect has been fine-tuned to enable all the various ENB particle light effects (torchbugs, draugr eyes, spell lights, etc.) in a way that blends seamlessly into the overall appearance of the mod. However, if you can spare the FPS and want an even more intense glow you can set EnableBigRange=false under [COMPLEXPARTICLELIGHTS] in enbseries.ini. NOTE: You may notice a performance hit when looking at lots of candles placed together.
    If you feel you need a bit more performance you can use SSE's default SSAO instead of ENB. Run SkyrimSELauncher.exe from your Skyrim Special Edition folder, click Options, then Advanced, and check Screen Space Ambient Occlusion. Then load up the game as normal (from the SKSE64 launcher if you use it). Open the in-game ENB editor and from the enbseries.ini window under the [EFFECT] section, set EnableAmbientOcclusion to false. Under [SSAO_GAME] set the amount values to 0.5 and experiment with what looks best from there. This has a roughly 4-6 fps gain on a gtx780.
    Click here for a comparison of SSAO off, Skyrim SSAO, and ENB SSAO.
    Depth of Field:
    You can enable Marty McFly's custom Bokeh Depth of Field if you feel you can handle a bit more of a performance hit: From the in-game editor enbseries.ini section, set EnableDepthOfField=true. This has a roughly 3-4 fps loss on a gtx780. (Currently off by default. Can be toggled using Shift+F7.)

    Performance Tweaks:
    Under enbseries.ini [EFFECTS] section of the in-game editor, there are several options you can disable to increase performance:
    EnableDetailedShadow - Setting this to false results in a very minor performance gain and is recommended left on for significant visual improvement.
    Click here for a comparison of detailed shadows on and off.
    EnableSubSurfaceScattering - This setting (also known as SSS) can be thought of as a skin realism filter. It adds color and shading that improves skin appearance at a modest FPS cost.
    Click here for a comparison of sub surface scattering on and off.
    If you experience too low performance using ENB's SSS you can disable this under enbseries.ini [EFFECTS] section of the in-game editor (set EnableSubSurfaceScattering and EnablePrepass both to false), hit Save then Apply, then try using this mod for SSS instead: Subsurface Scattering Shader for Skins.
    EnableComplexFireLights - Setting this to false can improve performance when lots of fire (like fire spell effects) are on the screen.
    EnableComplexParticleLights - Setting this to false can improve performance when lots of particle effects like candles are on the screen.
    EnablePostPassShader: - The Truth uses a post pass sharpen to counter some of the blur that results from TAA antialiasing the game uses. You can save a few FPS by disabling this. However this will also disable screen vignette and grain effects if you enabled those additional options in the Shader window enbeffectpostpass.fx section as they run in the same filter.
    For both EnableComplexFireLights and EnableComplexParticleLights there is an option "EnableBigRange" under their respective config section in enbseries.ini which you can enable to increase the range of the light effect. This is disabled by default as it can cause a massive performance drop when looking at a scene with lots of these effects active (like a table with 12+ candles, etc.) for a relatively minor visual improvement.
    MULTI-PASS BLOOM: In this ENB preset, multi-pass Bloom configuration is available from the in-game editor Shader window, under the enbbloom.fx section. These options are applied in addition to the standard bloom configuration in the enbseries.ini window [BLOOM] section. These settings are responsible for the "HDR Bloom" effect. When tweaking make sure and also adjust Volumetric Rays in enbseries.ini from the in-game editor while looking at the sky as the two play off each other.
    SPECIAL EFFECTS: There are various extra effects you can enable and tweak from the in-game editor shader window, under the enbeffectpostpass.fx section. These include: Blurring, Sharpening, Depth Sharpening, Luma Sharpening, Vignette (shadow border), Film Grain, and Letterbox effects.
    One final consideration: If you have any color/saturation/vibrancy settings enabled through your video drivers or any mod that adjusts fog, lights, or lets you configure color and other values in-game, I highly recommend turning them off until you have decided how you like this ENB configuration by itself.

    Color and bloom filters by HeliosDoubleSix (HD6) & Phinix AGCC tonemap & 3D LUT support by kingeric1992 (ported by Phinix) Bokeh Depth of Field option by Marty McFly Postpass blur, sharp, grain, vignette, etc by JawZ Prepass subsurface control by The Sandvich Maker and Adyss ENB itself and various effects by Boris Vorontsov Day/night/twilight separation by kingeric1992 & Phinix Additions, in-game options, & formatting by Phinix Khajiit Nighteye control by Phinix  
    You are free to download this file for personal use only. However, the author maintains all copyright and explicitly forbids sharing or re-upload to any other site in part or in totality.

    Donate via Paypal
    If you like my work and want to show support you can also join:
    My Patreon

    You can also follow me for updates and such on:




  20. Vanilla & SKSE Script Diffs

    Of limited interest, here are some script file diffs for SKSE and the contents of Scripts.zip on vanilla game for: (CK ver) SE ver
    Note: The update on this machine may have updated an older version of SE and CK than the most recent.
    SKSEPex: On a vanilla game, all 61 SKSE pscs are compiled, even when some have not changed, thus this shows 61 different date stamps. FinalDataAndSourcedotzip: After the engine and SKSE update to Data\Scripts, by diffing with Scripts.zip, this shows which of the above SKSE compiled psc files had changed since the last update on this computer. Looks like 23 pscs of SKSE's making in addition to edits of 38 vanilla ones. NewSourcedotzip: 411 new vanilla pscs in the update! SourcedotzipDialogueviews: 6 changed files and 202 new xmls.  




  21. Jebbalon's Package for M'aiq

    Jebbalon's Package for M'aiq
    Find on the Nexus here.
    Changes made
    M'aiq The Liar NPC record
    - increased speed multiplier to 120
    - Changed Wander Package to point to new package.
    - Old wander pacakage included a Travel, a Wander and a Sandbox procedure in sequence. The worst part was that the travel package had the Near Self target. M'aiq then would run off only to stop after realizing he was hear himself!
    JEB_PackageForMaiq is quite different from his old one.
    - New package is a set of 4 Travel packages set to pick one at random and repeat when complete.
    - The 4 target locations - I picked locations near the 4 border gates in skyrim.
    - Stendarr's Beacon
    - Halldir's Cairn
    - Refugee's Rest
    - Southfringe Sanctum
    - Set flag to allow swimming in package - just in case
    The way the Wilderness Encounters work is that when M'aiq (WE35) becomes unloaded he will be returned into the fold to be spawned again at another encounter site.
    If you follow M'aiq long enough, not allowing him to unload, you'll see him run all over the map. It's great!




  22. SSE: Vanilla Saves for Testing

    The only true save file for testing is the Helgen one. The console saves are those with the ones marked console and were modified with the perks bat file. The DGBeacon and TryforDupDawnbreaker have extra spells and magicka added re this thread.


    1 comment


  23. Skyrim Map Markers

    Skyrim Map Markers
    Simply put, this mod adds map markers for places that don't have one in the game. In total, there are over 250 *new* map markers added!
    What this mod does is to let the player to discover new places; places you had no idea that existed in Skyrim. This mod gives the best results in a new game, but it can be installed in your current game.

    Download @ Bethesda.net (via the in-game mod manager)
    Download @ AFK Mods - http://www.afkmods.com/index.php?/files/file/2077-skyrim-map-markers/
    Download @ Nexus - https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrimspecialedition/mods/15276

    Just extract the archive into the Skyrim\Data folder and activate the ESP in the Skyrim Launcher or use your favourite the mod manager, but I'll not offer support for MO or NMM since I haven't tried those mod managers.
    I only offer support for Wrye Bash since I use Wrye Bash myself.

    Just install the new version, overwriting the old version of the plugin with the new release.
    In Wrye Bash just overwrite the old archive, unless you want to keep it, then use anneal or install missing file(s) in BAIN to update this mod. Always rebuild the bashed patch and run LOOT.

    Just delete the Skyrim Map Markers.esp file in the Skyrim\Data directory. You can uninstall this mod any time since the mod doesn't install any scripts.

    - Bethesda for a remastered Skyrim, Skyrim Special Edition, and the Creation Kit 64-bit.

    Additional Information
    This mod has been cleaned in SSEEdit. The latest version can be found here: http://afkmods.iguan...-wipz-tes5edit/
    There shouldn't be any issues, unless another mod has changed the same cell and has replaced a map marker from this mod.
    Should you have an issue then try to load this mod last in your load order, but before Arthmoor's Dawnguard Map Markers mod. Contact me if you have any issues.

    Release Information
    - 1.9 for Skyrim Special Edition
    Note: The 1.8 version for the Skyrim Legendary Edition is the final version, since I have decided not to mod Skyrim Legendary Edition anymore.

    DO NOT upload this mod to any site without my permission.
    NO porting to other games, inlcuding to any mod for other TES (Morrowind, Oblivion or later) games.
    NO commercial purposes whatsoever!
    Always, ask for my permission for...
    Mod compilations
    Mod Merging, if another mod is released with this mod integrated in it
    Mod Mirroring
    Conversion for consoles
    If I am no longer around in the community then the stewardship for this mod belongs to these sites:
    AFK Mods

    Finally, the community modding history sites such as the Morrowind Modding History (MMH) always have my permission to ensure my mod will be preserved for the future.




  24. Dawnguard Map Markers

    Places map markers in the Soul Cairn and enables fast travel while on that map to any marker you've discovered.
    Adds some additional markers to the Forgotten Vale and Dayspring Canyon.
    The Soul Cairn gets the added bonus of now accessing the overhead map like you would see for Skyrim.
    Requires the Unofficial Skyrim Special Edition Patch to be installed first!




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