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Jebbalon's Package for M'aiq 1.0.0

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Jebbalon's Package for M'aiq

Find on the Nexus here.

Changes made

M'aiq The Liar NPC record
- increased speed multiplier to 120
- Changed Wander Package to point to new package.

- Old wander pacakage included a Travel, a Wander and a Sandbox procedure in sequence. The worst part was that the travel package had the Near Self target. M'aiq then would run off only to stop after realizing he was hear himself!

JEB_PackageForMaiq is quite different from his old one.
- New package is a set of 4 Travel packages set to pick one at random and repeat when complete.
- The 4 target locations - I picked locations near the 4 border gates in skyrim.
- Stendarr's Beacon
- Halldir's Cairn
- Refugee's Rest
- Southfringe Sanctum

- Set flag to allow swimming in package - just in case

The way the Wilderness Encounters work is that when M'aiq (WE35) becomes unloaded he will be returned into the fold to be spawned again at another encounter site.
If you follow M'aiq long enough, not allowing him to unload, you'll see him run all over the map. It's great!

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