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About This File

Places map markers in the Soul Cairn and enables fast travel while on that map to any marker you've discovered.

Adds some additional markers to the Forgotten Vale and Dayspring Canyon.

The Soul Cairn gets the added bonus of now accessing the overhead map like you would see for Skyrim.

What's New in Version 2.0.2


The marker at Reaper's Tower materialized you inside the building mesh due to the lack of a linked travel marker.

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Great mod!  But just a few things.


The marker for the Reaper's Lair puts you "inside" the lair.  You have to either tcl out or enter the door from the inside of the tower to get unstuck.


Also, another issue but not one that is easily fixed.  It had been a while since I played the Cairn and I forgot to leave the battleground where you fight the dragon. Instead I fast traveled to the exit and totally missed getting his summon spell.  New players will most likely completely miss that part of the game with this fast travel system.  it's probably out of the scope of this mod but maybe disable fast travel after the dragon dies?  (This will probably cause a flood of but reports saying fast travel has stopped working?!?! rage?!?)


Thank you for this great mod!  It greatly reduces the tedium of the Cairn!

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18 hours ago, godescalcus said:

Why does loot place this mod after the bashed patch?

From the readme:


Needs to be positioned after any mods which alter the Soul Cairn worldspace, or your map markers will be displayed incorrectly on the main Skyrim map.


LOOT is set to put this after bashed patch because this is the easiest way to ensure it's loaded after any worldsapce edits.

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Downloaded this for my playthrough and it is great, any reason why this isn't on the Nexus? I can't see any reason to play without this mod ever.

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