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Portable Craftable Safe Storage - Requires Campfire 4.0


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About This File

*Requires Campfire by Chesko* -   https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrimspecialedition/mods/667/

** This is version 4, the final version created and the most recent one that was available on nexus (PC) and bethesda.net (xbox) in 2017.  Due to an unexpected Windows reinstall, I no longer have the older files.


This mod uses the Campfire framework to allow you to create and carry up to 9 different storage containers.  They are created at the forge, at the tanning rack, and using the Campfire powers menu.  Once created, the containers can be placed on the ground by activating them from your inventory. There will be a blue activator to help you position the container, then the usable container will appear once placed.  Add or remove your items, then you can pick them back up and carry them with you.  The containers themselves have weight, but not the items in them.  Like-named containers can be made and will share their inventory with each other.  (ie: chest > chest,  barrel > barrel).  If you lose or accidentally sell one, just make another and your items will be in it.  You can store containers in other containers, and you can place copies in multiple houses or wherever you like.  Followers can also carry containers. 


Other helpful mods - Favorite Misc Items by PowerOfThree - Allows you to favorite your containers.

                                 Essential Favorites by PowerOfThree - Favorited items can't be sold or deconstructed

                                 Better Container Controls by CDCooley - allows one-button storage between containers, with a config file to help you filter out what should stay in place


The containers and their workstations are as follows.  They each require a relatively small amount of materials, such as iron, wood, leather, linen, etc.   There is also a bonus, the ability to use collected wood to construct placeable barricades.  These can be placed, removed, and carried as well, but they cannot be destroyed by weapon or magic hits.  Good for keeping enemies away from your camp site at night.

Tanning Rack


food supplies

alchemy supplies



small chest

noble chest



Campfire Crafting Menu

blacksmithing supplies


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Oh this mod is great! I've been trying to get it for PC since I left SSE on XB1. Thanks a bunch:unworthy:



Quick question... Is it safe to esl flag this mod?

Edit addendum;

It seems the answer to my question is...  NO! I tried it out, it caused ctd's. It's okay with me though, this mod is worth it's slot✌️😎👍

P.S. This was a bit misleading BTW;

"...Requires Campfire 4.0" 


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Hi Rev,


Thank you for that.  I'm glad to be able to make someone's game better.

I'm also glad you got the ESL thing figured out, because I unfortunately don't know enough about them to be able to say whether it's safe to do. 

Sorry about the 4.0 thing.  I think that got auto-added.  I'll see if I can get rid of it.

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This is an excellent mod, and very useful. Thanks for creating. I think it would be widely popular if it was on the nexus.

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Hi Wolfeman,


Thank you.  It was on nexus for quite a while, but I pulled mods off when things changed and it lives here now.  There's an xbox version on bethnet.

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