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They lied, its 00:04 UK time :P

I did just get an update though with pre-order rewards.

I guess it is going to be mid day before play commences.

No doubt with this laptop, settings are probably going to be low-medium ish (laptop GPU will be the ball and chain), but looking forward to it anyway. So long as the cooling fans don't have to go into overdrive I'll be happy.

Edit: Woop!, its playing (01:00 UK time), and happy it's not melting my machine. Settings for graphics have to be low-medium for my GPU but the game engine is smooooth :)

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Need sleep, game has me hooked already.

Feels like a cross between Far Cry / Fallout New Vegas and Johnny Mnemonic thrown into the mix.

From what I have seen (very little really, bit of driving, escaping from border checks and a few tutorials) its going to be a cracking game.

I started with the Nomad scenario, only bug seen so far was a guy floating as if he was supposed to be sat on something.

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The games been good to me so far, but there is one bad omission for the settings

No Anti-Aliasing setting O_o

Sent a bug report in. Lots of crashing and bad performance being posted on GOG forum & Steam .. So probably best to let this one settle down a bit with a few patches. No doubt about it though if CDPR crush all the bugs this is one superb game if you are into this kind of game.

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v1.04 - They fixed the slight annoying blurryness (though its not mentioned in patch notes .. Maybe it was related to NVidia Drivers update yesterday), but still no setting to mess with Anti-Aliasing



Patch Notes here - https://www.cyberpunk.net/en/news/37043/hotfix-1-04

Support for bug reporting here - https://support.cdprojektred.com/en/cyberpunk/pc

Forums - https://forums.cdprojektred.com/index.php?forums/news_cp/


edit : Oh and if you start as a Nomad, go see the guitarist round the back of the hotel - Not a spoiler, its just a very nice touch they didn't need to do, you will see he plucks / strums and moves his other arm to a good approximation of the correct frets for the notes being played .. Watch him for a while, I could have stayed there all day :)

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I don't really know how XBox and PS4 compaires to PCs in capabilities, but I would have thought it would be better targeting next gen', then again I guess when CDPR started this project next gen consoles were probably still on the planning board.

I think CDPR are good with addressing bugs though, so probably just a matter of time as usual.

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