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  1. Rotzi

    Skyrim Adventures

    Pictures from Skyrim. At the moment the adventures from Raven. But knowing me it could also be not long before i start a new game with a new character.
  2. Watched the Starfield teaser yesterday and wasn't impressed. No anticipation from my side in any way. And the release date indicates that ES6 is at least 5-6 years away, maybe more.
  3. Yeah, i was trying another alternate start mod but had a little problem. Thanks to bethesdas forum shutdown there are also no mod comments available anymore. They were sometimes a good indicator if a issue is real or maybe just on my end. I tried the AIO version from Realms of Lorkhan which includes two fixes but having that mod active crashed my game when the loadorder is changing upon reordering something. I still have to try the separate mods to see if it is something in the merge or the combination conflicts with something in my loadorder. But, my mod limit is full and deleting mods proper
  4. Disregard my comment. I should have read your comment right. Stupid me.
  5. So, after some fiddling around i have settled with IrfanView. I tried several programs but this has at least a batch conversion (and german language) and makes it easy enough to convert a lot of pictures at once. I still use ImageReziser for the first step to reduce size because it is one click handling. And then i convert them to jpg. Thanks to all here for the good advice. I did some comparisons but couldn't find any significant difference in quality. This is converted to jpg with around 80kb.
  6. Looks really good like always.
  7. Noooo......i must resist. One day, when i have much more time on my hand, i will maybe give up. But at the moment a console is still the most convenient way for me.
  8. Yeah, they used the term "Bashing" for it. But it is not the first opinion or truth that was kicked out with laughable explanations.
  9. Thanks for all the info. Have to give you a . (I have to start counting my reactions. To many nice posts here.)
  10. I got a warning and my post was removed on bethesda.net. Someone in the Fallout 4 creation club section wanted to know what creation club has given our adventures. And i couldn't resist and answered: A broken game. Which is sadly true on xbone because downtown is a no-go area for a lot of people after the last cc update. And that was over a year ago and the game left in this state since then. But the truth always hurts.
  11. Rotzi


    I completely missed your comment here. Sometimes i still get a ittle lost here with the navigation. But as you might have seen she is my char at the moment.
  12. I tried a mod named "Extended Encounters" and suddenly Vex and Brynjolf visited a tavern in....i think it was Falkreath. Was a little surprised seeing them there. When i start a new game with a adapted loadorder i will try this mod again.
  13. Scrubs was also a sitcom i really liked.
  14. Rotzi

    The Traveler

    He looks definitely like someone i wouldn't want to mess with. Ha, and my reactions work now. 5 minutes later.
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