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  1. No problem. Whenever you have time. Thanks.
  2. Rotzi

    Skyrim Adventures

    Pictures from Skyrim. At the moment the adventures from Raven. But knowing me it could also be not long before i start a new game with a new character. Edit: New Character: Amelia. Vanilla Start.
  3. The picture was just luck in that moment. The stern face and stance of her and the drooling look of him happened the moment i took the shot. So for the participation in the picture he was allowed to live on.
  4. Like others said, (i also read it somwehere) new game seems the only remedy for that at the moment. One of the reasons i have deactivated all auto-updating, to avoid such things (and forced new game) until they are fixed. Since you are on xbone and already installed the update maybe you can answer me one question: If you start the game offline can you access the loadorder or is the mods option greyed out?
  5. Oh, my game is pre-ae and will stay that way for a while.
  6. I visited the bethesda studios discord for information about the update and blackscreens on modded games on xbone. After 5 minutes i had the sudden urge to scratch my eyes out. I really couldn't make heads and tails of it. And the moment they asked for a phone number was the moment i deleted my 5 minute old account. I am still not convinced that updating is safe. The other thing i have read is that the offline management from mods is now patched out like in F4. If this is true then......i don't find civilized words for it.......
  7. A very sharp steel dagger. Hard to see on the picture. I returned to my fire and dagger playstile. Bound bow for some long range targets. War axe and shield was fun for a while but Amelia refused to lug the shield around any longer.
  8. After reading reports about black screens on xbone on load in to modded savegames, i'm glad that my game is still pre-ae. And it will stay that way until i get my hands on more information.
  9. I wasn't talking about SKSE. I talked about CC "update" related gamebreaks on xbone. They removed ALL insects in Skyrim with one of these malware updates. They turned every wet surface in F4 in to a rainbow colored oil puddle with one. And they needed a month or longer to fix both things making the games hardly playable in this time. They turned downtown Boston in a crash and freeze festival and haven't done anything about it for almost 2 years. These are the things i talk about and why i don't have great confidence in a forced update with unwanted things in it. I never downloaded anything from CC, not even free things so why would i be interested in the things they now force to me? I want my game to remain in the current condition with almost no crashes or freezes (except the occasional one) and some (or some more) mods installed.
  10. Should bethesda decide to break the game on xbone again i'm prepared: I bought Outer Worlds, Wasteland 2 and Baldurs Gate 1&2 on the last store sales. So, come at me beth, i'm ready.
  11. Just some songs running on the radio at work.
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