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  1. I originally thought he was actually using both arms, and thus that it was a trumpet (assuming arm 2 was for pressing the valves). On looking closer, though, I think the thing that I thought was his left arm is a sash. It's hard to tell sometimes with some of the game's low-res images.
  2. Nope, and nope. If I could figure out where it was in the game, I might have a clue what it is. Alas, no idea. It's not the only image hidden away in the Textures folder that is hard to place, either. There are a fair number that I don't recognize from in the game itself, and then another batch that while I recognize don't appear to have a corresponding mesh. So adding some of these is a challenge (which is why I didn't 5 years ago when I first made the Signs of the Times mod, when I was just starting out and knew a lot less about the process).
  3. For now I guess I'll just call it "trumpet". No reason not to include it, since it's in the game files. But I wish I knew what it was there for...
  4. Anyone know what this is? I'm working on my mod update, in the Signs of the Times (vanilla) section, and came across a tall billboard that is just this logo at the bottom of a long orange tapestry-shaped field. I have no idea what it represents in-game, so I'm at a loss as to what to name it. Google turned up nothing. The original file is SetDressing/Signage/BillboardSmTall02_d
  5. The old chem version is ancient. For me, all I did was drop the Meshes, Materials and Textures folders into Data (merged with existing), put the mod file itself in Data, then activated it from my mod manager. There's no script or anything, just a quest that links to SMM, so I can't think of why it should cause a crash, as long as you have SMM loading first. I can't check it until Thursday, but I'll review the upload then to make sure it's intact.
  6. I wish that worked for me. I've tried it, and it doesn't help me. To each their own.
  7. I do most of my roleplaying in person. Well, sort of in person these days, but still by interacting with other live people (we're currently using Fantasy Grounds, and on a video call together while playing). When I'm playing a video game, knowing what's coming pulls me out of my immersion enough that I can't really bring myself to enjoy roleplaying an alt in a game that I've already thoroughly explored. It's the same reason why when playing pen and paper RPGs, I tend to avoid playing through the same module that I've already been through. I'll create a character concept for that first playthrough, and stick with it, but regardless of what I chose, replaying - even with a very different character concept - just isn't as fun for me. The exception to this was MUDs, back in the day. The ones that I was on (and later the one that I coded) were large enough that there was a lot to do and explore, and they were constantly expanding as new zones were created and added to the game. Most MMOs for me don't fit that model, having worlds that are relatively easy to fully explore, and that don't expand at a fast enough rate to really hold my interest, assuming they're adding new zones at all. I used to love being a builder in MUDs, creating new zones, and then watching the reaction as people played through them. I think my best were a haunted mansion themed newbie zone (100 rooms) and an adaptation of the Larry Niven/Jerry Pournelle novel Inferno (200 rooms) in which the PCs literally find themselves in Hell and have to go through to the center to be able to escape. At the time when WoW exploded onto the scene and all of my players left for pretty pictures, I was working on an Underdark zone (1000 rooms, I'd finished the first 700, which were basically classic modules D1 and D2 with some extra stuff thrown in like an Illithid stronghold and an Aboleth lair). Alas, it was never finished, as with the players gone I lost the drive to complete it.
  8. About to turn 52 myself. My favorite playstyle is exploration. I love finding stories, both overt (quests and such) and subtle (how a couple of skeletons are positioned, or what's in a half-hidden journal that was left behind, that kind of thing). I even tracked down all of the radio signal locations. I love finding an unmarked door or hatch somewhere, opening it, and finding a whole area to explore hidden underneath. If I happen to come across foes while exploring (funny how very often that seems to happen) I like to snipe them from as far away as possible. In Fallout 4, that means my favorite weapon is a legendary Gauss Rifle I found then modded up that enhances my VATS capabilities, while skill maxed on VATS as well (especially that lovely headshot bonus). There's something really satisfying about lining up a couple of foes and dropping them with one shot from the gauss rifle, but just as satisfying is that ultra-long-range single target head explosion. Finding one hiding behind cover with the penetrator perk is fun too. Think you're hidden, eh? Mwahaha! Unfortunately, my playstyle doesn't lend itself well to replayability. Once I've found it all, the magic is gone on another playthrough.
  9. I'm sure someone has done this by now, but I realized that I hadn't, so I whipped up a version of the Welcome Home sign from the old promo video to add to the upcoming release. I think I matched it up pretty well, other than it being a wall sign instead of sticking up from a rooftop. And of course the dirt/rust/scratching isn't matched up, because I'm just not that anal. So I made my own.
  10. Alternately, new version coming in a couple of weeks with big changes and lots of new content, if you can wait that long.
  11. The chem is a relic of a prior version, it no longer does anything (and is removed in the upcoming version). The one that's there now should work if you're using SMM (and won't if you're not). Just install from file, if using a manager that supports that, or drop the individual folders and the .esp into the appropriate spots in the Data folder and enable otherwise. Be sure you're out of the vault first if installing on a new game.
  12. Alas, the one sign that was requested is for something Jewish, from someone who saw the Hanukkah poster and was ecstatic to finally be represented. So it's into Dragonland for me. XD Signs for everyone, though, so if they don't want to use that one there'll be something else that appeals, I'm sure.
  13. I definitely agree that having religions that were not present in Boston as of the 1950s would seem odd if included in Fallout 4, because of the cultural stagnation. But what about those that were present before that? For example, the first synagogue, Ohabei Shalom, was founded in the 1840s, with the second (Temple Israel) following not long thereafter in 1854. Ohabei Shalom is still there, is definitely within the bounds of the map, and is a huge, fancy building with very distinctive brickwork... but it does not exist in the game. So, what happened to it? Was there something in the cultural politics of the Fallout alternate world setting that caused the Jews (and their synagogue building) to disappear? Did they move it elsewhere? Or was it just a choice of the game designers not to include that building (because you can't include every building in Boston, or whatever other non-lore reason)? If it was just a design choice with no lore behind it, then I feel comfortable adding a couple of relatively big signs for that community. But if there's a lore reason why they wouldn't be there, something more subtle would be warranted. And unfortunately, I haven't been able to find anything on the topic, or about any other non-Christian religion in-game that isn't a game-specific cult. At this point I'm leaning toward including the larger signs, because if the various communities weren't intentionally excluded by lore, I have to assume they're there somewhere, and just not represented in the games.
  14. I'm adding some new signs to my signs and posters mod for an upcoming release, and one of the things I'm adding (prompted by a user request) are some religious signage. The request was for one specific one, but I like to be inclusive, so I was looking to add others. But while I was researching distinctive religious signage in the Boston area, I noticed something that raised a question for me. We know that as of 2077 church buildings still existed, because the ruins of some of them are prominent sites in the game. However, real-world Boston has some extremely distinctive non-Christian/Catholic religious structures, and not a one of them made it into the game. We know from prior games that Christians still exist (ex: St. Monica's Church in Rivet City, Abbey of the Road somewhere west of the Commonwealth), and that the Mormons were still around (Honest Hearts). We know that various cults exist (Children of the Cathedral, Children of Atom, Bright Brotherhood, etc.). There are even some Lovecraftian cults out there. But there's no sign that I've seen of Jews, Hindus, Buddhists, Muslims, or other non-Christian, real-world religions. So, my question is this. Is the lack of any reference to any non-Christian/Catholic real-world religion simply a matter of omission (they exist, but just weren't featured in the game), or is an aspect of the locked-in-the-1950s culture of FO4, or some other lore-related thing, that the construction of the distinctive buildings for other religions, or perhaps even the overt presence of those religions at all, did not happen? I'm wanting to stay fairly lore-friendly with these signs, and I'm trying to decide between having larger signs with more detail and graphic elements, or small, somewhat inconspicuous signs where they were wanting to self-identify, but not draw undue outside attention. So, if anyone can refer me to something that discusses this from a lore perspective, or can give insight into this, I'd appreciate it. Just a note, I'm not interested in any discussions on the validity of religions, or anything like that. I'm just looking for the lore regarding them in Fallout. Thanks!
  15. Having fun with some of the new signs....
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