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  1. Yes, if you have both old and new they'd both show up, as they don't conflict. This would give the opportunity to go through and replace any old stuff with new stuff, if you can figure out which is which and feel so inclined. I'm not sure how a customizable bulletin board would work, due to collision. Unlike a real one, placing a new flyer wouldn't overlay on what was there before unless each flyer also has its own thickness and collision. At some point in the future I'll check that out and see if I can get it to work.
  2. If you leave the prior two mods installed, the previously placed objects will remain. In order to convert the mod to using .esl files, all of the objects had to be renumbered, so they are different objects than those that came before. So, if you remove the old mod, yes, those objects will go away. Those are from a DLC, and I haven't really done much with DLC content, generally trying to keep the mod accessible to anyone who has the base game, regardless of what they have purchased as DLC. That said, the new modular format makes that somewhat easier, in that I could (if I ever have time and inclination) make plugins for each of the DLCs that add in the stuff from each of them, with the restriction that you need to have purchased the DLC to use that plugin. So, in that situation, if the objects do exist in-game (which at this point I don't know if they do or not), they could in theory be added. I do know the snappable door signs you're referring to. I'll look into whether or not I can add those. I did make a version of one of the types of Institute signs, and it's been glitchy, with one working fine and the other not even though in theory they're just the same objects with material replacers. So, no new Institute door/direction signage until I get that one figured out.
  3. No idea. But I still use good old FO4edit (xedit) to make the mod, so if zedit is designed properly it shouldn't be an issue.
  4. This is (as stated in the desc) the old version of the mod. The current version has some instructions for each of the major mod organizers. Please consider using the current version.
  5. You were right. The Village Lanterne sign was inexplicably missing. I have fixed that, and it will be back where it should be (in the Lodgings plugin) at the next update.
  6. The Village Lanterne sign should be there. But it's a bed and breakfast not a pub so it might be in Lodgings. I'll check next time I'm on my computer. The only content I left on the Nexus is the vanilla stuff. For everything else, I won't post there, for two primary reasons. The first is that I have serious issues with their treatment of authors' work, and their claim through their TOS to do anything they want with it for eternity once it's posted. The second relates to the first. The Nexus is now blatantly a commercial enterprise intended to make money. As such, posting my work there would violate a number of licenses on assets I use (mostly fonts), and would be problematic for some of my content such as the Sabaton, Omnia, and Reduced Shakespeare Company posters. So no, my files will not be uploaded there.
  7. Neither. You need the base mod. Be sure to download it. You can then choose which ones you want from the plugins, choosing at least one plugin. So at minimum you need two.
  8. I found and fixed the General and Wall Seal 2 issues (they'll go in next update), but I'm just not finding where Tiki Motel goes to GS&P-Lodgings instead of GS&P-Lodging. You said it was in the material swap, so we're talking about the .esl file, not the material itself, yes? I went through my copy, and everything looks right (no 's'). I did notice that the file in the folder that gets turned into the modules in 7z had an older update date than the one in my live folder, though, so I'm hoping the issue was that I just hadn't correctly replaced the older version with the current version. I replaced it, and hopefully this fixes it. Again, it will go in next update.
  9. This definitely sounds like a problem with the order in which they were installed. As both SMM and my mod say, SMM has to be up and running first, or it doesn't work. If I remember right, there's something in the FAQ or Readme for SMM that explains what to do to fix this. Sorry I don't have time to check right now, but I'm pretty sure you should find a solution there.
  10. There have been a few hundred downloads, but no comments. Does that mean that all of the new content is working as intended?
  11. New signs and posters! Version 5.1.1 now available! Even if you don't use any of the plugins that have new stuff, you'll want to download the base mod (GruffyddSandP.7z), because it adds a couple of new meshes that may be used later in something you do use. Otherwise, you only need to download files if you use any of the following plugins, and you only need to download the plugins you use: * Businesses * FactionsBrotherhood * FactionsInstitute * FactionsMinutemen * FactionsOther * FoodAndDrink * GenericAndMiscellaneous * Vintage
  12. Yes I'll be listing which modules have been updated. Any you don't use, you wouldn't need to download. The exception is the core module, which should be downloaded any time it changes, as the change likely adds a new mesh that might be used later in a module you do use.
  13. Almost forgot about this one. Another shop sign. This one is a reference to something from the Loki TV show. It's a big supermarket chain in one episode's alternate Earth.
  14. I think with these "Entering" signs, it catches me up with all of the requests that I'm able to do (sorry, still can't do custom neon meshes, Blender is not one of my skill sets). If anyone had requested something that hasn't been added or shown in this thread, please remind me. Next weekend I'm going to try to put it all together into an update. A number of plugins are going to be updated with this one, so for simplicity you might just want to download all of them to be sure you've got everything (once I've got it all uploaded that is - don't jump the gun, the only thing added so far is Added Settlements). However, I will try to post a list of which plugins are modified, for those who want to just do the ones that have changed. After that I'm probably going to take a bit of a break, as I have some other non-modding projects that need some of my attention. I'm so looking forward to retiring, so I'll have more time to put into my hobbies. 16 months and counting to my earliest possible retirement date (although it depends on my finances, so we'll see if I actually can, or if I'll need to keep working for another few years). Oh, I still need someone to test the XB1 version to see if it works, so if anyone is willing, please let me know so I can activate the test files on Bethesda.net. Thanks!
  15. Tired of Concord being the only pre-war city to still have its iconic "entering" sign? Next update is going to add lots of stuff at this rate.
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