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  1. Yes I'll be listing which modules have been updated. Any you don't use, you wouldn't need to download. The exception is the core module, which should be downloaded any time it changes, as the change likely adds a new mesh that might be used later in a module you do use.
  2. Almost forgot about this one. Another shop sign. This one is a reference to something from the Loki TV show. It's a big supermarket chain in one episode's alternate Earth.
  3. I think with these "Entering" signs, it catches me up with all of the requests that I'm able to do (sorry, still can't do custom neon meshes, Blender is not one of my skill sets). If anyone had requested something that hasn't been added or shown in this thread, please remind me. Next weekend I'm going to try to put it all together into an update. A number of plugins are going to be updated with this one, so for simplicity you might just want to download all of them to be sure you've got everything (once I've got it all uploaded that is - don't jump the gun, the only thing added so far is Added Settlements). However, I will try to post a list of which plugins are modified, for those who want to just do the ones that have changed. After that I'm probably going to take a bit of a break, as I have some other non-modding projects that need some of my attention. I'm so looking forward to retiring, so I'll have more time to put into my hobbies. 16 months and counting to my earliest possible retirement date (although it depends on my finances, so we'll see if I actually can, or if I'll need to keep working for another few years). Oh, I still need someone to test the XB1 version to see if it works, so if anyone is willing, please let me know so I can activate the test files on Bethesda.net. Thanks!
  4. Tired of Concord being the only pre-war city to still have its iconic "entering" sign? Next update is going to add lots of stuff at this rate.
  5. I shrunk it down a fair amount, and it looks much better, I think. Although I could definitely see someone who calls themselves "overboss" having a two foot wide nameplate....
  6. True. But it's the exceptions that I'm wondering about, the buildings for other religions that definitely exist in real-world Boston.
  7. I did a little bit of tweaking to the mesh for the nameplates. It's now not quite as wide, so doesn't look quite so stretched, and I fiddled with the front of it so that the edges of the part with the actual name on it are wood color, and not nameplate color (black and gold). Basically, the mesh for some silly reason used parts of the interior of the texture for the edges, which was okay for the vanilla texture but didn't work at all for the nameplates. So, I reverted the texture back to the wood, then added another part of the mesh that was *just slightly smaller* than the rest of it, and floated that in the middle of the front area. I'm really happy with the results. I think I might make the whole thing about 20%-30% smaller though. It's still pretty large....
  8. That was one of the big reasons for the new version, with the modular format. I originally considered overall themed versions, but quickly realized there would be too much overlap, and maintenance would take a huge amount of my time. By going modular instead, I set it up so that things are sometimes grouped by theme (ex: factions) and other times by general concepts (ex: businesses), so that you can pick and choose. For example, in my own main playthrough if I were downloading the mod I wouldn't be using Factions BoS, Factions Institute, Added Settlements, VegaOne, or Murkwater Oil, but would want all the others.
  9. Some of those cyberpsychos were just brutal. Unless you're doing it just right, they one-shot kill you. One I ran into did it from long range too with some kind of BFG. I ended up sneaking through cover, taking a single sniper shot, then immediately moving to different cover. The other fight I had to repeat a bunch before I won was the final match in the boxing tournament. The ring was just so damned small....
  10. That's the ending that I got. I was pretty happy with it as the conclusion to the story. Somewhat sad, yet hopeful at the same time, with good resolution of the supporting characters' storylines.
  11. Whoops... I got carried away with copy and paste, and accidentally put both the Drumlin Diner and Fiddlers Green generic settlement signs in the Wall category instead of the Ground category. I'll fix that the next time I update.
  12. There's a new plugin available for Gruffydd's Signs and Posters! The plugin is called Added Settlements, and as the name implies adds new settlement signs - generic, BoS, Institute and Minutemen - for more than a score of new non-vanilla settlement locations. These are locations that are either obvious choices or ones that were specifically requested, and are for use with mods that add new settlement locations or that allow you to select or create your own. Settlements included are Atom Cats Garage, Breakheart Banks, College Square, Concord, Corvega, Drumlin (Diner), Dunwich, Fairline Hills Estates, Fiddlers Green Trailer Estates, Fort Hagen, Fort Strong, Hanscom AFB, Lexington, Libertalia, Lynn Woods, Northwind Point, Quincy, Salem, Steeple Heights, University Point, Vault 81, West Everett Estates, and Weymouth. As usual, you don't need to re-download the entire mod. Just grab the new plugin and install it, and it will merge in with the rest of the files.
  13. Added Settlements is now available for download: As usual, if you've already got the mod installed, you don't have to download and install it all over again, just grab and install the new plugin. It will merge right in with the existing files.
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