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FNVEdit - Editing Alpha Flags In .Nif Files

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Zilav was kind enough to put together a script that almost does the whole procedure: https://pastebin.com/raw/2bGcMaWs

But there's one thing I forgot to mention, and that was the Threshold value of a NiAlphaProperty element also needs to be set to 70. And the documentation here only has a couple .nif functions detailed.

How do I change the Threshold property? SetElementEditValues() and SetEditValue() don't work, so there must be some hidden functions that accomplish the same for .nif files, right?

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Nif/bgsm/bgem files use a separate internal library in xEdit, but it was inspired by how xEdit deals with plugins. So there are native and edit values too, but elements are objects now instead of interfaces, so thier properties and methods are accessed like other class objects similar to TStringList for example - with a dot "."

Anyway there are several demo scripts available starting with "Nif". Even the one to convert nif <-> json too see how fields are named (in 90% of cases they match NifScope) and their values.

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