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Note: the information in the video are personal theory's and should not be taken as fact, There is some NLP, its just how all this plays out in my mind

And then deleted from history before the wife comes home...

4 hours ago, Rotzi said:

I watched the 2018 Fashion show. (don't look at me like that) All those nice armors and they aren't allowed to port to xbox. :cry:

But thanks for the nice video. :unworthy:

Yes yes come to the dark side, we have cake and cookies,:cookie:, I'm just teasing. Everyone has their reason for what they play on. But this is 1 of many reasons why I moved over, but the main 1 was just so I could play FO4 without crashes on xbox. And that was before mods came out for consoles, it only got worse after I started using mods. At the rate I'm going I'm going to be playing FO4/NV, Skyrim for some time yet so it was a worthy investment for my entertainment.

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18 hours ago, Handy6373 said:

Yes yes come to the dark side, we have cake and cookies,:cookie:

Noooo......i must resist. :help::lol: One day, when i have much more time on my hand, i will maybe give up. But at the moment a console is still the most convenient way for me.

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