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  1. Need to borrow LeBurns favorite toon for that. Sam has a temper but vents it without saying anything offensive. Hahahaha
  2. I second that ignorance... wait... that sounded better in my head I am officially boycotting all political conversation. There... that sounds better Time to clean the house and set up the Millennium Falcon Adventure on, Phat
  3. I took the liberty of changing my verbiage a bit without changing my intended meaning. Regardless, I will not be revisiting that particular subject matter again. Just thinking about it gives me a headache and a heartache. The bottom line for me is that I feel safe and comfortable here among friends. I do not wish to jeopardize that over my choice of verbiage. So, I edited that comment. Thanks for treating me like a human being. That is how I treat others myself. Thanks again for being so civil. That was a real rattle snake of a topic for me. Hope my edit has less poison in the te
  4. Thank you Arthmoor and Sigurd Stormhand. Your information has been received, perceived, engendered and fully rendered Adventure on, Phat
  5. Thank you Signore Stormhand This is a far more polite warning than anyone ever received from Bethesda. That is all I will say about that. I've had my little rant on the evils of the corporate mentality. So, as long as there are no objections to anything I have said here, I am confident in what I have said. I have a penchant for speaking the truth. It is always my intent to stay within the rules. Although, I do occasionally walk right up to the line and shout. I generally prefer to compliment my friends over any sort of rant. So, when I do have the occasional rant it is for good reason
  6. I am using the IWBW Steel replacer that Nico made me for my birthday. So, my hunting bow is from that set, 2nd from the left below... L-R Imperial, IWBWS steel/hunting, Aragorn's Dagger, Tauriel/Elvish and Glass If you are running the Companions anyway, I highly recommend the Nord Hero Bow and quiver. It's lovely I'm torn between the Nord Hero/Arctic Wolf and Stalhrim when it comes to white. But, the Dragonbone has exceptional detail in the carvings as well. There are no slouches in this bunch. They all shine in their own glory. White outfits... I hav
  7. Hmmm... Is it more fair to say you really wanted to speak your mind, damn the consequences? Want or not, I do know it was intentional. Love you darling Adventure on, Phat
  8. I believe it. Adella pretty much wanted to get banned as I understand it. They had banned me just a couple weeks earlier over a total misunderstanding by someone with a very dirty mind! They took something I said totally out of context, twisted it as something filthy and blamed me for their dirty mind with a permanent ban! It took one email and about a week to reverse the perma-ban. Still on final warning though. Hahaha What a joke. Three years and not so much as a warning and perma-banned over someone else misinterpreting something I said. I will not miss those forums one bit.
  9. Greenwall bandits following all the way into the Bee and Barb is a glitch, dearest, the likes of which I have never even heard of before much less seen! You have a bug there my beloved. IDK what it is but it's definitely a bug or mod conflict! Adventure on sweet angel, Phat
  10. Have you tried playing without Open Cities yet? You know about that mod's secret hiding places. I still suspect that mod is the culprit. Adventure on my beloved angel, Phat
  11. Helpful hint... Greetings dear friend There is a set limit on the amount of images and files we can upload. However, there seems to be no limit as to the number of links one can employ. So, I have taken to linking to images I have posted in other places like Steam, Nexus and Facebook. I know of no limit to the number of images we can post on our Nexus account. So, you can always post your images to Nexus then link them here. That's what I'm doing now because I'm already at 70% used of my allotted space here. At the bottom of the typing window you can attach files on the le
  12. Excellent point dear brother! Yes, the horses were frequently targeted in combat. As I said earlier, when they could not hit the rider, they certainly did aim for the horse! Nico and I opted against making any Native American flatbows/short bows. They just didn't fit the aesthetic we were going for in Skyrim. We did consider them though. The one short bow we did model was Mirkwood which is a short recurve model. But, we did pay homage to the Native American archery culture in several of the quivers like the Forsworn, Dragonbone, Nordic and several others. Those are covered in leat
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