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  1. Need my jet pack to loot the other side! Hello there loot! Be right over!
  2. I got so totally lost trying to find that place the first time that I finally just opened the console and typed in tmm 1 to light up all the map markers for fast travel! I thought navigating the subways of Fallout 3 was bad... then came Fallout 4... Glad I can remember the console commands! Hahaha
  3. The only good raider is a dead raider... a great raider is a dead raider with primo loot! Hahaha
  4. I know that dude! She works at All American Burger! Hahaha
  5. I played bass for our show choir in school... All to familiar with the "jazz hands." Hahahahaha Good call, dear friend. These days I prefer other hands...
  6. Aber natürlich, Liebchen Get nice and clean then let Dibella take over Adventure ever on dear friend, Phat (Not that it's anyone else's business... but, to keep with the English only rule... Aber natürlich, Liebchen means "But of course, darling." I occasionally dent the English only rule to typo in another language, German, French, Italian... even Dovahzuul. Just not without a proper translation... even if it's a personal note. Peace)
  7. Need to get you onto a PC, dear friend. It's a whole new world! If you play on console by choice, then forget I said anything. We share friends like that. But, when I went form SSE and New Vegas on PS3 to full mods on PC... well...
  8. Oh... The armor on the left is one of Gopher's recon stealth armors. Has kind of a Ranger feel to it. There are several other variants. I get a lot of questions about the top hat as well... The Top Hat is just one of dozens of cool items in Kristina's Closet, another must have for my outfits collection. https://www.nexusmods.com/newvegas/mods/47059 It's a compilation of of outfit collections. No worries if you don't have the body mods installed either. The outfits add the body to vanilla as well. New Vegas is kinda weird like that. No UNP or CBBE, just Type 3, Type 6... stuff like that. But, there are several different outfit sets in that mod. The top hat is in the Wasteland Scoundrels closet. Kristina's Closet outfits all spawn in wardrobe closets in the house next to Victor's shack. Facing Victor out front of his place look to your left, that is the house. There's a huge heart shaped bed so you don't need to travel to the campsite to crash but no crafting. There's a safe storage to your right by the door as you exit and at least ten cabinet/closet/wardrobe units chocked full of goodies... and, they respawn!Huzzah! Haha Some of the outfit sets have weapons and others have jewelry too. My favorites are the Tough Girl, Cutie Pie, Wasteland Scoundrel (for the top hat), the bikinis and some of the new outfits that were included with Kristina's Closet in their own wardrobe cabinet. Hundreds of items, even some character presets. I hated the character creation menu in F3 and New Vegas. So, I did use many presets, Clint Eastwood, Sam Elliott, Mad Moxxi from Kristina's Closet, Willow and screwed up a bunch trying to make my own faces. The females always looked like they had mustaches regardless of everything I tried! So, presets it was! Hahaha Hey... what do you know... it's still up on Nexus! Legendary Presets... https://www.nexusmods.com/newvegas/mods/50333 You can even be the Duke if you like. I've always preferred Eastwood, personally. I have yet to try some others like Damon's Jason Bourne, Norman Reedus' Daryl Dixon, Viggo from the Road, Denzel as Eli, the Firefly crew or Tom Selleck's Quigley. But, there's a ton of cool in that mod and saves a hell of a lot of time at startup for a new play. I usually have a face in mind that I want to try before starting the game. Hell, after my last two plays being back to back females, I'll likely play the Sam Elliott preset again. With my long white beard, Sam's mustache is a good fit to depict myself in New Vegas. Anyway... I'm rambling. Let me know if you would like to see my full recommendations for New Vegas mods. I'm happy to dig them up if you'd like to see. I highly recommend the Suites at El Rey and Novac player home mod. It really does a number on the Novac room making it a full suite occupying the room next door as well that is vacant in vanilla, adds full amenities for crafting, a bar, tons of storage, an express shipping drop to share inventory to multiple destinations, the infirmary and my first chemistry workbench from Fallout 3 and a huge double bed. It still looks like a New Vegas hotel room but much better deco and a ton more space. It's a tiny little mod too, very performance friendly. https://www.nexusmods.com/newvegas/mods/65448 Okay... you want to see the full list, just let me know. Adventure ever on dear friend, Phat
  9. You'll love Willow... https://www.nexusmods.com/newvegas/mods/41779/?tab=description LlamaRCA made Heather Casdin for F4 and featured the same voice artist for both mods. She remains anonymous to this day but I love her voice! I use the main file with the classic appearance and outfit add on. I love Willow... and Heather. I don't travel the wastes without them... Heather in F4 and Willow in New Vegas... I even spent one play using the Willow preset and played them as twins! Hahaha Only ran about 75 mods in NV. Pretty light compared to several hundred in F4 and SSE. But, I'm happy to share what worked well for me, like Gopher's armor... link above... Adventure ever on brother, Phat
  10. I generally give Boone an upgraded sniper rifle like you did here, the Ratslayer or a custom piece from a mod. But, I wonder just how well he would fair with the Anti-material rifle... Hahaha I've used it with my sneaky sniper builds and it really packs a wallop! Hahaha My best custom sniper rifles are in Fallout 4, the McMillan CS5 for extreme range and power and the Accuracy International for the integrally suppressed barrel that is whisper quiet in the short to mid-range sniping. Just about all of the weapon mods are better in F4. But, I do have several great guns to go with Gopher's Advanced Recon Stealth armor. https://www.nexusmods.com/newvegas/mods/34683 I can play without all the weapons or very few but I won't make another play of New Vegas without Gopher's armor! Yes! It's that damned awesome! Hahaha
  11. Hey Boone... thanks for the hat!
  12. I thought you said your dog doesn't bite? It's not my dog! Hahahaha Peter Sellers was a laugh riot as Clouseau. I was a bit too young to see PG when Return of the Pink Panther released. So, my mom took me. She laughed so hard she almost wet herself. I wasn't far behind. My sides ached for a couple hours after seeing that from laughing so hard. It's not my dog! Hahaha
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