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  1. phatbassanchor

    Castle Volkihar.

    I have not seen Volkihar look this good before!
  2. phatbassanchor

    Prince Arthas

    Wow! This fellow could chop a foot off that mop and still have long hair! Haha
  3. Something more like this would've worked well for the Gondorian helms in LotR. What we got instead? Nipple heads! At least they made a good crown for Aragorn... Well played here Talyn82. Great helm! Adventure ever on my friend, Phat
  4. phatbassanchor


    https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Singin'_in_the_Bathtub Not sure who owns the licensing for the tune. I still like Tweety's version best but found this one as well...
  5. phatbassanchor


    I wrote it for you I'd be honored dear friend
  6. phatbassanchor


    Singin' in da bath tub Happy as can be Knowing that Tasheni Is smilin' back at me!
  7. phatbassanchor


    Singin' in da baff tub Happy as can be Knowin' that Tasheni Is smilin' back at me
  8. phatbassanchor

    Secret Whispers

    Looks like Etienne is being a cheeky bugger and Sofia is deciding whether to kiss him or slap him silly
  9. IDK code. Couldn't code my way out of a wet paper sack! Hahahahahahaha I leave such spells and incantations to those with the talent to cast them. Hahaha (Thanks Farengar...) I do tend to notice how things interact as I play. I just happened to notice that alt+tab no longer takes one to desktop like earlier versions of windows. In Win10 there has to be another program open to swap with or Win10 gives you the sideways dog stare... Notepad is sufficient and rather low usage on system resources. But, just like the other day when I first responded, I have my browser open in the background and my game is currently on pause I often play 12+ hours straight, like today, then take little breaks to check email, forums, wtf time is it? and other points of interest before returning to my game. This particular instance was to get up and get a beverage but here I am checking forums again as well. It's 1AM Tuesday the 24th here for me... barely Tuesday and likely your dinner time in Australia. Adventure ever on my friend Peace, Phat
  10. Pseron Wyrd has the right idea here. I always keep at least one program open besides whatever game I am currently playing, Notepad is good but for me I usually have File Explorer and/or my web browser open in the background. Makes sharing screenshots mid-game possible. Win10 doesn't like alt+tab for any program if there is no other program open to move to. It won't just go to desktop, it just doesn't do anything at all! IDK about any mods. Just keep something open if you want to alt+tab out of game. Otherwise, Win10 won't alt+tab at all. I'm sure you've seen a dog look at something sideways when confused. Without a second program, Win10 just gives you that sideways dog stare as if saying, "alt+tab to what?" hahaha Hope that helps. Adventure ever on my friends, Phat PS: I have a game open right now. I used alt+tab to check in on forums and email. The game is still running, just on pause in the menu. I do that all the time. Works with all the games I have tried thus far as well, not just BGS titles. I pause the game and alt+tab to web, files or whatever then return to game and play some more.
  11. I am also curious... translations of the mods on this site into other languages? That actually sounds like a cool idea... not my call but sounds cool
  12. Version 1.0.0


    Required Mods to achieve this look... Racemenu (and it's requirements), Improved Eyes by Nazenn... https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrimspecialedition/mods/9141 and KS Hair by Kalilies and Stealthic... https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrimspecialedition/mods/6817 If you prefer NOT having the metric ton of hairstyles included in the full KS Hair mod then you may add Immersive KS Hair by Sokkvabekk in addition to the main KS Hair mod. Main KS Hair mod is still required. Immersive KS Hair is here... https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrimspecialedition/mods/12004 It reduces the total number of hairstyles from well over 900 to just over 200, removes the styles that have serious clipping issues along with much of the Hollywood glamour BS that ruins my immersion. I'm currently using KS Hair with SMP but there are currently no SMP hairstyles available for the men. You will find the hairstyle I employed here in the main KS Hair, still present after installing Immersive KS Hair or within KS Hair SMP as well. So, any/all of those options will work to give you this look. His war paint is vanilla and the custom coloring is all in racemenu. I used brows from Skyrim.esm so no brow mod required. I hope you enjoy this! I still plan to make a few tweaks later on and will share those options as I create them. Oddly enough, I didn't have to go search for the answer on how to locate the facegen... rather it came to me! Hahaha I had been looking in the wrong place! I was reading along in one of my modding groups on fb today and saw the information I was missing right there in a reply to another friend who was having difficulty getting his presets to function! Hahaha So, here's the file... Please advise if it works for you and if you desire any tweaks. I'm happy to help. Adventure ever on my friend, Phat
  13. Need cancel and delete functions for these messages. I was actually asking you where the hell you were and what mod you were playing! Hahaha Then I saw the tiny print at the top of the page... TESIV Oblivion... Total face palm! Uh... where's the delete button? What? No delete function here? Aaaaaaah! Run away!!! Hahaha So, I edited... doh!
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