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    Gaming, Skyrim SE, Mods, Fallout franchise Uber Fan since 1998, Music, History, Fantasy, Sci-Fi, Sharing unique experiences with friends, Love <3

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  1. phatbassanchor


    You lead... I'll follow. I love to watch you walk.
  2. phatbassanchor


    Navmesh... isn't that a dirty word??? Never done it myself but I certainly feel for my friends when I have done play testing and having to send them back to the task multiple times when I find yet another path that refuses to be passed by followers. I felt awful for my friend, James aka Gr8Zomb, when my findings sent him back to the drawing board dozens of times to rework navmesh issues. However, the results are solid. There are zero navmesh issues in either of his dungeon mods as a result. Huzzah! I do not envy you that task either, my friend. However, you are currently far more experienced now than he was then so I am confident you will succeed.
  3. phatbassanchor


    Trees that don't like to be chopped... hmmm imagine that! Hahaha I thought I sensed a bit of a Fangorn forest vibe in parts of this wood... This entire environment screams Woodland Elf to me. But, not the savage Elder Scrolls Bosmer, more like Tolkein's Woodland Elves... That's how I play all of my Bosmer anyway... No green pact, prune trees rather than letting others clear cut the forest and buy the wood and cultivating alchemical plant life and edible vegetation rather than allowing everything to be overgrown and my Bosmer certainly do NOT eat people! Ever! Hahaha Like I said... more like Tolkein's vision of woodland elves...
  4. phatbassanchor


    Here... I'll conjure one to get you started... Oooops...
  5. phatbassanchor


    One day at a time, my friend... Rome was not built in a day...
  6. phatbassanchor


    Me? I have been hiding in the tall grass for hours now... One elf ear to the ground listening for approaching enemy and all the while sniffing the lovely wild flowers with my blade drawn at the ready. But, no enemies dared show... so, I brought you these...
  7. phatbassanchor


    I must be gehämmert betrunken to not even recognize my own ship! Hahaha You might want to speak with DovahkiinahThay, Thayane Severo, an architect by trade and mod author by hobby... Her first language is Portuguese but her English is just as good as yours. I never have issues communicating with either of you and I know minimal German and zero Portuguese! Hahaha Her Shipboard player home, the Sea Dragon, can have a captain and crew assigned from available npc's and followers. All functions work naturally through dialogue. You can engage your captain to take the ship from one mooring to the next. At present she only has four mooring points (Solitude, Wilderness on an iceberg, Dawnstar and Windhelm) but the concept would easily function with more. Sea Dragon functions by a fast travel mechanism under the player or appointed captain under player's orders to go to any of the established points. One captain and two crew can be appointed and all can relay the weigh anchor and sail message from the player. So, the scripting already exists. Thay is a sweetheart of a lady, much like yourself, dear friend. So, I am sure that she would freely share what assets she utilized to make her mod. I love your idea. So, I did ramble on a bit there... apologies for my verbose nature. Hope it helps. Adventure ever on, Phat
  8. phatbassanchor


    Actually, I was thinking it would make a great setting for a magical or prophetic event...
  9. phatbassanchor


    You are truly a scholar and a gentleman, my friend. Generous and gracious as well... Huzzah!!!
  10. phatbassanchor


    Impressive and rather beautiful!
  11. phatbassanchor


    Vielen Dank, baby Have another cookie
  12. phatbassanchor


    Wasn't aware that Trauma Root could grow in shaded areas like this... hmmm they may be twisted and not the most lovely of foliage yet they are quite hearty plants and very useful in alchemical mixtures! Have a cookie, baby
  13. phatbassanchor


    So very lush and green! Wonderful!
  14. phatbassanchor


    Yes, yes, yes.... many terrific places for me to hide in here!
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