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  1. phatbassanchor

    A Dog and his Elf

    Faendal is jealous Derdre is flattered
  2. Utterly bad@$$ Adventure on my friend, Phat
  3. Correction brother... No insult intended, merely clarification... it's Jonah and it was a great fish, not a whale. The whale is a common misconception. The book says great fish. Who knows... it could've been a megalodon! Haha Jonah was considered to be a curse by the sailors on the boat because of the raging storms that plagued them on their voyage. The sailors eventually threw Jonah overboard and the seas calmed shortly after. Jonah was never a curse. But, he was AWOL from his assigned mission and got a ride from some great fish to Ninevah where he was supposed to go in the first place. But, I think the term Adella was hinting at was another word that begins with the letter J... j*nx. Many believe that merely uttering that little word will cause it to become reality, an active curse. I've never considered myself to be the superstitious type. But, you won't catch me walking under ladders or letting black cats cross my path... I prefer to stop and pet the kitty. Here kitty, kitty Adventure on dear friends, Phat
  4. The good news is since you grabbed the offer in time, you now have unlimited access for life, just like me. That was the first thing I checked when they announced the changing price structure. In about a week the door will close on lifetime members and it will just be fifty pounds per year or five pound per month, which is up from only three at preset. It works out to be a two thirds increase in pounds sterling and 75-80% more in US dollars, going from four to seven dollars, depending on the exchange rate. So, long live Nexus so we can continue to receive our money's worth for many years to come. I've DL'd and tried well over 1500 mods from Nexus in the last three years. I love free mods. I gladly paid monthly for about the first year then realized that I needed to just pay for life and be done with it. I hope it continues to be a good investment. All my best beloved. Kisses, Phat
  5. An excellent question my beloved. Mods are free on Nexus. I'm pretty sure that will not be changing. However, non-paying members have strict limits to the file size of the mods they may DL. So, in truth, you really do have to pay Nexus to gain access to the larger mods. The size limit is rather small. I do not remember the exact size but it's measured in KB, not MB. I have a rather large collection of smaller mods that could've easily been DL'd for free. However, the majority of my favorite mods and the ones on which I get the most comments and shout outs and requests for links fall into the "too large for free DL" category. The mods are free. You pay for unlimited DL access. It's like I've said before, the mods are free... servers cost money. So, I've always supported Nexus in that. You can access their site and features like PM and forums for free. You can even DL a wide variety of smaller mods at no cost. But, you do pay for the larger, more elaborate mods, because servers do cost money. I get it. They are in business to make money. But, with an 80% pricing increase forthcoming quickly and no more lifetime memberships going forward, it's about to get more expensive. If you want a lifetime membership with unlimited DL, now is the time to get it before they are gone. Hope that helps Hugs, Phat Edit... Uncus is correct. Free DL but at slower speed than premium membership. That's why I paid. Must've hit my head harder than I thought when I pulled a face plant on the tile floor after tripping on the way to the loo. Then my sword decided to fall off the ledge and attempted to plant it's hilt into the top of my skull. I've been battling migraines all week. Aleve helps. The dizziness has faded. I thought I was getting back to normal. But, apparently the eggs are still bit scrambled... Peace, love, joy, hugs and kisses, Phat PS: Yes, it's an ugly, angry looking gash above my left eye. And, no, I'm not showing any pictures of the gash...
  6. Okay y'all... just read a few more posts here in this thread... Nexus forums is NOT shutting down. Nexus has made some integral policy changes regarding how mods are treated that have greatly angered many mod authors. Those authors are abandoning Nexus in growing numbers. Many of them are looking for a new home. For obvious reasons, I am stating all of this as politely as possible sans my personal bias and most of the details regarding said policy changes. I'm merely attempting to provide needed insight as to what is happening. Again, Nexus forums are not closing. They have shut down responses to several posts they have made regarding the aforementioned policy changes due to some rather heated debate in the comments. TBH IMHO, they asked for every negative comment they received. I was not pleased with the changes myself. But, I will not reiterate that rant here. I'm already out of breath and patience with the entire matter. Some of the scathing remarks were well worded and intelligent, others were full of rage and not very polite to put it very mildly. To add insult to injury, Nexus is also doing away with all new lifetime premium memberships. They will no longer be offered in about another week. Any existing lifetime memberships in place will continue to be honored. All new members joining or renewing after this ever nearing date will be required to pay either monthly at five pounds per month or annually at fifty pounds per annum. In US currency that's about $7 per month or $70 per year. Just three years ago I was able to purchase my lifetime membership for the same fifty pounds as a one time purchase that they are now charging per year. In short, Nexus is near doubling their prices in about a week. So, if you still want a lifetime premium membership, you need to act very quickly. They are going away to be replaced by monthly and yearly memberships only. So, IDK what to make of the Nexus situation at present. They've made drastic policy changes that have greatly angered many mod authors, their life's blood. Then they nearly double the price of their service for the content that remains, angering their members. IMHO, this is a cash grab and a very poor excuse for a business strategy. I just don't get it. But, it stinks of corporate greed. I hope this helps some of you better understand the situation. Apologies that I was rather vague on the details of the changes made other than pricing increases. However, I don't think this is the appropriate place to voice opinions on Nexus Mods policy. It does affect many of us. But, considering the ban on more politically charged commentary here in our peaceful sanctuary... I've said all I will in this forum. For additional details you may still read all about the new policies on Nexus. You just cannot make any comments back in response to those policy change announcements, more's the pity. Nexus asked for all the negative remarks through their actions, IMHO. Then they cut off any ability to respond to those changes. Long story short, it's been ultimatums and price increases and no one is happy about it. Many authors have already left the site to host their mods elsewhere. Once the price increases take effect I look for the same thing to happen with the membership of users as well. Again, I fail to see Nexus' logic in all of this. But, that gets back to the stock holder vs customer dilemma. I won't discuss that here either. That's another loaded gun of a subject not suitable for this forum. Again, I hope this helps. Adventure on dear friends, Phat
  7. My dear friend Ami aka Amilovescake has recently pulled all her mods from Nexus and opened shop on her own page. I invited her here but don't know how to make a referral to become a member. Is there a process for that? Someone specific to speak to? IDK. Meanwhile... Here's where to find Amilovescake mods... https://www.amilovescakemods.com/ Adventure on friends, Phat
  8. phatbassanchor

    A Dog and his Elf

    Thank you I DL'd and will be endorsing as well. The only requirement is Alt Start LaL. So, I'm in the pink, not other requirements. Looks like a great option for a Bosmer start up character or any lone hunter type. I can certainly see the attraction for Uncus. I'm currently running a Bosmer as well... Deirdre Dew-Drop. She is a stealth archer but more of a Middle Earth type Wood Elf sans Green Pact and Wild Hunt. Deirdre grew up in Skyrim, raised by Nords. She still loves the forest and respects it. But, she has much more in common with Tolkein's wood elves than she does with her Valenwood kin...
  9. phatbassanchor

    A Dog and his Elf

    Is this anything like a mouse with a pet cat? Hahaha BTW... pretty puppy Phat wants to pet the fluffy puppy
  10. Great idea! Phat might just have to borrow that idea, okay? Sounds like fun
  11. Yeah... me too brother. I don't even speak to him these days. I just loose to arrows to drop him from the web followed immediately with a third killing shot to end his miserable existence. Adventure on, Phat
  12. phatbassanchor


    Nice. Where can I get a copy to test? I enjoy new world spaces, quests, dungeons, player homes... I am especially fond of follower mods. Hell... Who am I trying to kid... Phat just loves free mods So, is Angalayond just north of High Rock or further west toward Yakuda? Maybe north of Northpoint, High Rock? I thought it started to warm up around High Rock... Must be farther north... Seriously, if you have mods available, I'd love to try them. That's a big part of my modded game, going new places and meeting new folks So, unless these are just your own private toys, I would certainly like the opportunity to give it a go A player who has not yet been paid to play is technically and amateur, yes. However, I still hear the professional quality in your recordings. You play rather well and sing even better. So, take the compliment. It is genuine. I enjoyed what I heard. That is my point. The bouzouki is an interesting instrument, kind of like a long neck mandolin with eight strings, right? That's cool Wish I could stay longer to chat more. But, it's 4 AM and my eyes are really heavy. Sláinte Mhath Adventure on my friend, Phat
  13. Just a quickie update:

    Finally started loading up the Millennium Falcon!  Windows10 is installed and she's getting loaded up!

    Adventure on dear friends, Phat:blackhand:


  14. phatbassanchor


    Nice image. Is that up near Saarthal? It's tough to tell in that blizzard! Haha Thank you for the link to your voice page. You have an amazing voice! I enjoyed hearing you speak, sing and play as well Bravo! I'm a retired pro bassist myself and have dabbled with voices and character creation as long as I can remember. So, we have a bit in common in addition to our mutual love of Skyrim. Adventure on my friend, Phat
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