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.........| \
...\___ A BOAT______/
Which probably makes you pretty angry. I'd be pissed too.

Fucking came out of nowhere.

Found while cleaning up an old folder of stuff.

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Ever continue running programs long since they have been declared deceased? Still persisting with WLM even though it is dead, but it is convenient as one can refer back to years of old emails, so long as their storage is customised by the user for easy access. Windows Essentials also had a cool slideshow viewer which worked with WLM, but for some reason these days, one has to install bit bucket loads of other "crud" in order to use it.

The gui of Outlook Express appealed more, and the program worked well enough for millions of users despite the various known issues. Most agreed it was an improvement on the older Windows Mail and Microsoft Exchange clients.

The thing with MS dropping WLM was leaving many of its users in the lurch, at least as far as policy goes- here's a little about the Facebook issue:


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So, now it happen.  The old BSF vanish from cyberspace, probably tomorrow Tuesday. :(

Although, I did wanted to login one last time so I did, but when I wanted to logout I couldn't due an error.  So, now I am logged in and can't logout.

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I guess most people haven't missed what Google had done lately on YouTube, because every time I visit YouTube just to listen to a music video I was asked to login.

It is annoying and I doubt Google won't stop with this kind of nonsense.

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