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Elsweyr Anequina

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An across-the-border expansion.

Version March 2014


High beyond the hills of the Niben lies the great desert plateau of central Elsweyr. From sandy desert wastes to rocky, red badlands, from grassy savannah to jungle coast, the lands of Anequina beckon.
This new region, spanning the section of Elsweyr between Skingrad and Leyawiin, includes four new landscapes (desert to jungle), five new towns, several villages, Khajiit sub-races, a couple dozen quests, four player homes and a monster-filled wilderness to explore.
The deserts and badlands of Anequina are hidden behind high hill ranges so are not readily visible from Cyrodiil despite their close proximity.
When you first install the mod an Elsweyr Anequina book will be added to your inventory which provides a quick overview of all the settlements, as well as the location of quest givers, inns, merchants and trainers. Copies of this book can also be found sitting in the middle of the Elsweyr border bridges near Riverhold and Rimmen.
I hope you have lots of fun exploring these new lands! :)


1. Description
2. Requirements
3. Installation
4. Troubleshooting
5. Acknowledgements
6. Permissions
7. Translations




1. You must have your in-game borders disabled or you won't be able to reach the new region. See the installation instructions to learn how.

2. This version of the mod is not compatible with the Unofficial Elsweyr Anequina Patch (the contents of that patch were reviewed and incorporated). So do not later install that patch.

3. If you have the 2010 version of this mod installed and the Unofficial Elsweyr Anequina Patch please follow the installation instructions or your game will become unstable (both of these need to be uninstalled and a clean save made before installing this version of the mod).

4. This mod is fully playable but not 100% complete. (E.g. Some buildings in the cities are closed off and few other minor locations.)



* Twenty-four new mini-quests and three small joinable guilds.
* The cities of Corinthe, Riverhold, Orcrest, Dune and Rimmen.
* Four new landscapes: Savannah, Sand Desert, Rocky Badlands, Coastal Jungle and also a small coral reef.
* The villages of Alabaster & Duncori Walk.
* The waystops of King's Walk and Darkarn Place.
* The imperial forts of Seaplace and Riverkeep.
* More than 400 new NPCs including custom desert bandits and Khajiit tribesmen.
* Buyable elephant mount from the King's Walk caravanserai (on the road between Riverhold & Orcrest).
* Buyable houses in Riverhold, Orcrest, Dune, and Rimmen.
* A few caves and three hostile tribal villages.
* Custom monster-spawns and new creatures in the wilderness.
* A new road from Skingrad to Leyawiin, and from Faregyl Inn south.
* New plants, ingredients, armor, weapons, and other items.
* New Khajiit NPC sub-races (based on lore).



00 ElsweyrAnequina
Version Mar 2014. This is the only file required. The bsa files were repackaged in Jun 2019.

01 Elsweyr Anequina Official Patch
A few fixes and tweaks (Jun-Jul 2019). Tweaks incl. access to the Corinthe Temple district and Chasemoor tribal village (in a hidden valley west of Rimmen). Fixes incl. the Alabaster village walls, conditions of the rent-a-room dialogue, Rimmen buy a house quest, and the wandering Rimmen guard.

02 Elsweyr Anequina LandscapeLOD Quick Fix
A quick download to restore the shape and texture of the distant landscape if it becomes broken after installing other mods.
(Note: This will only work for Elsweyr Anequina as a standalone mod. The ElsweyrAnequina-ValenwoodImproved patch and TWMP mods use a different sets of files.)

03 Optional - No Spiders Patch
Removes spiders from the random spawns.

04 Optional - Pruned Gardens Patch
Resets the city gardens to the default if you have a mod which increases the size of the plants (Jun 2019).

05 Optional - Elsweyr City Extension Patch
A basic patch for the city of Corinthe to make the Elsweyr City Extension V1.1 mod by Pieto (https://www.nexusmods.com/oblivion/mods/42349) compatible with the March 2014 version of Elsweyr Anequina (Jul 2019).

06 Optional - Elsweyr Anequina-Blackwood Jungle Patch
A few small patches for Betty's Blackwood Jungle mod and her Blackwood Palm Trees add-on (https://www.nexusmods.com/oblivion/mods/47043) (Aug 2019).
a) Elsweyr-BlackwoodJungle Patch.esp - for the BlackwoodJungle.esp. Prevents random palm shrubs from  popping up in the middle of the city of Rimmen's marketplace and streets. (Also works with Betty's other jungle mods.)
b) Elsweyr-BlackwoodPalmTrees Patch.esp -- for the BlackwoodPalmTrees.esp. Rearranges the palm trees placed in the region around the city of Rimmen.
c) Elsweyr-BlackwoodPalmTrees-HESU Patch.esp -- for the BlackwoodPalmTrees.esp and the HESU PoisonSwamp.esp. This is a super-patch which makes Betty's Blackwood Palms work with both the Elsweyr Anequina and HESU's Poison Swamp mods (https://www.nexusmods.com/oblivion/mods/46090). The patch also accommodates two other smaller mods, Mudwater and Bravil Sea Domes, though neither of those  are required. I created this patch for my own game as I have all of these mods installed.

07 Optional - ElsweyrAnequina Road Records Patch (Experimental)
This very, very small patch (it contains just one record!) should allow NPCs to travel correctly along the Elsweyr roads instead of cutting across the countryside.
However, what this patch does is regenerate the road records for the Tamriel worldspace so it contains the road records for the whole of Cyrodiil and Elsweyr. Only one mod can alter this record so it is almost never used. But as this is a separate patch you can try it out (place it at the very end of your load order) and if you don't like it just uncheck it.
In theory, some vanilla NPCs like Maiq the Liar might cut across the province as the Elsweyr road network provides a shortcut from Leyawiin to Skingrad. Traveling Elsweyr NPCs like the pack-elephant merchants and patrolling imperial legionnaires should also stick to the roads (Aug 2019).

08 Screenshots

09 Elsweyr Anequina Alt - Valenwood Improved Patch
An alternate version of the ElsweyrAnequina.esp with a patch for Valenwood Improved.

10 Elsweyr's City of Rimmen
The city of Rimmen from Elsweyr Anequina as a standalone mod (Jun 2019).



A. The in-game borders must be disabled. See installation instructions below.

B. The latest official Oblivion patch is needed to run this mod.


1. If you have the 2010 version of ElsweyrAnequina installed and the Unofficial Elsweyr Anequina Patch please uninstall both, make a clean save (in an interior cell in Cyrodiil), delete the folders Meshes/Anequina/ and Textures/Anequina/ from your directory, and then reinstall.

2. Extract the files from the downloads to your Oblivion/Data/ folder. Answer "yes" when it prompts you to overwrite.

3. Check the file ElsweyrAnequina.esp in your mod lists.

4. The in-game borders MUST be disabled. This can be done either by--
A. By switching the "bBorderRegionsEnabled=1" to "0" in your Oblivion game ini file. You can find this ini in your folder My Documents/My Games/Oblivion. The setting can be found near the top of the ini file under the heading [General].
B. Or by installing a border removal mod, e.g. "Borderless Cyrodiil."

5a. (Optional) If you wish to see the cities and Elsweyr trees in the distant view load this mod 10th in your load order (9th after Oblivion.esm), OR
5b. (Optional) Run TES4LODGen after installing this mod. Distant view for new types of architecture is dependent on load order, so you need to generate these yourself. If you ever change your load order run it again as the records are load order dependent.
TES4LODGen is very simple to use! Just double click on the file exe from the download.

6. (Optional) If you wish to create a character using any of the new races download the Custom Race Fix mod, which tweaks some of the vanilla quests to allow for new races.


1. "You can't go this way, please turn back" message means the borders haven't been disabled yet. See the installation instructions. Its just a matter of changing a single digit in a text file.

2. Some things are pink and/or there are giant exclamation marks. The ElsweyrAnequina - Meshes.bsa and ElsweyrAnequina - Textures.bsa files must be placed in your Data/ folder.

3. Game Crashes
Make sure you have Bethesda's latest Official Patch installed.
Also make sure that all the download files have been placed in your game's Data/ folder.

4. Distant landscape loses its textures or a giant gap appears in the mountain. This mod comes with a new set of distant landscape files for the Elsweyr region. But sometimes other mods will overwrite these and the new distant landscape in the area with vanish.
If it becomes broken download and install the small "02 ElsweyrAnequina LandscapeLOD Quick Fix" file.

5. Replacement mesh/texture files don't work.
Make sure that loose files override the ones in the Elsweyr bsa archives. To do this open Oblivion Mod Manager, click on the "Utilities" button, select "Archive invalidation" from the drop-down menu, and click "Update now".

6. Cannot exit a building in Corinthe.
AWLS (Animated Windows Lighting System) contains a number of faulty replacement Elsweyr building meshes which prevent you from exiting some buildings as the invisible havoc field blocks the door. To fix this just delete the faulty meshes in the folder Meshes/Anequina/Architecture/Corinthe/. The original mesh files are all stored in the Elsweyr bsa's so it safe to delete these loose files.

7. The walls of Alabaster flicker.
This has been fixed in the Elsweyr patch. It was caused by the UOP (Unofficial Oblivion Patch) which replaced some of the default Ayleid meshes. My patch contains copies of the original Ayleid meshes and reapplies them to Alabaster (with no affect on any other locations in-game).

8. Rain in the desert.
This is caused by some weather mods.

9. Riverhold and Rimmen buried in foliage.
There are mods which increase the size of the game's shrubs. The Pruned Gardens Patch in the downloads should fix this. It resets the shrubs in the gardens of several Elsweyr cities to the default without affecting the plants in the rest of the game.


A special thanks to Mr Siika who created a large number of custom models for this mod including architecture tilesets for the city of Dune (and it's overall layout), much of Orcrest and Rimmen, the desert fortress, the King's Walk caravanserai, the noria, the slarjei bird and the the (unused) ziggurat temple.
And Auryga who created the fortress, palace, temple, garden and retaining walls of the city of Rimmen.
And also LogicDragon (author of the Unofficial Elsweyr Patch) for creating many mesh and texture fixes and suggested esp fixes which have mostly been incorporated into this update.


Mr Siika (Dune city architecture, Rimmen city architecture & marketplace stalls, some Orcrest city architecture (palace, arena & walls), King's Walk caravanserai, desert fortresses, Minotaur village, ziggurat temple)

DarknessEternal (Corinthe city architecture, some Orcrest city architecture (township houses))
TheKarithian (some Orcrest city architecture (oasis buildings), Two Moon temple)
Auryga (Rimmen fortress, palace and temple buildings, bridges, garden and terrace retaining walls)
IronicEcho (Tents)
SevenRavens (Tribal huts)
Siegfried (Obelisks)


Addiktive (Desert textures)
Koniption (Tropical trees, plants, corals, ingredients)
Texian (Water rapids & coastal waves)
Siegfried (Palmetto trees)
Momo (Flowering cacti)
DeathlessAphrodite (Plain cacti & baobab trees)
Senten (Barrel cactus)
DarkRider (Sandstorms)
Mr Siika (Animated seagulls & vultures)
Arthmoor (WaterLOD)
Sachiel (Rock formations)
Phitt (Animated fish)
Mr Siika (Animated seahorse)


AlienSlof (Khajiit retextures)
Luchaire (Ohmes-raht Khajiit "Tabaxi")
Veld (Khajiit black)
Corthian (Tsaesci)
SniperDaria (Tattooed Ohmes)


Trollf (Desert armor retextures (chain, leather, mithril, pit, chain, elven, daedric), Daedric collar & skirt)
Ghogiel (Bonemold armor)
Koniption (Maomer armor)
Frank (Tribal shields)
Frankpants (Lamellar armor)
Uglulyx (Retextures of lamellar & pit armor, hide cuirasses)
Ayhan (Ottoman & archer helms)
AlienSlof's Orc (Tribal fur armor)
Exanimis (Elephant shield)
Corthian (Scale armor)


Trollf (Peasant weapons)
Exanimis (Tribal weapons)
Waalx (Khajiit blades)
Hel Borne (Broad spear, trident)
Koniption (Meat cleaver)


Trolff (Misc robes & clothing)
KrimsynKane & Kikaimegami (Scarves)
Waalx (Fat clothes)
Pale Rider (Straw hat)
Nessa (Upper05 clothing retextures)


Mr Siika (Market produce and meats and fish, spinning wheel, tapestry frame, clothes line)
Koniption (Ingredients, canoes, nets, & misc clutter)
Hel Borne (Orc skulls)
Senten (Road/Shop signs & tree fix)
Lazarus (Tall baskets)
Meo3000 (Moon globes, open books)
McMuffin (Skooma pipe)
Der Kriger (Mounted heads)
DavidWhitefang (Foods)
Phaedra (Vomit & urine puddles)
Khugan (Gold & silver bars)
LiquidGraph (Arabian lamp, talon, giant rib, geode)
Trolff (Portable lamps & candles)
MrMuh & RPG-BlackDragon (Havoked crates, barrels, sacks)
Mr Siika (Animal skull)
Chigga (Brazier)
DominickCryomonde (Khajiit skulls)
Prometheus (Lacquered table & stool)
Xiamara & Lazarus (Cushions)
Lutur (Dried corn)
Washington (Morrowind beverages)
Darkness Eternal (Urns)
Phitt (Old iron chest)
Critterman (Icons (barrel, crate, chest)
AndalayBay (Generic signs)


Prometheus & Xilver (Lizard, glyptodon, addax, monkey-apeman, sandcrawler)
Mr Siika (Camel, slarjei bird, minotaur ox, minotaur cow, minotaur bull, minotaur chief)
Mr Siika, Divine Avenger & Yarharhar (Elephants, elephant mount)
Mr Siika, Corepc & Jdfan (Durzogs)
Corepc (Red & black boars, fat bellied minotaurs)
Cryonaut, Xmarksthespot & Grimdeath (Pahmer & crocodilion)
CGChaos & Infiniti (Sea lamia, spore cat, marine abominations)
Francesco (Goats, cats)
InsanitySorrow (Brown troll)
Cryonaut (Red wolf)
Cyronaut, Malo, Elveon & AlienSlof (Spiders)
AlienSlof (Tiger)
Skingrad24 (Zebra)
Argentsol (Skavens "desert rat goblins")
DeathlessAphrodite (Red sand crabs)
Sjors Boomschors & Toru Miyazawa (Sharks, variety of fish)
Hel Borne (Orc zombies)
b3w4r3 (White deer)


Raggidman ("Hunting Hunted Hunters")


DavidWolf (Custom loadscreens)
Watadarkstar (Custom loadscreens)


LogicDragon (Various mesh and texture fixes)
PacificMorrowind (Various mesh customisations and adjustments)
The AWLS team (Illuminated windows)
Arthmoor (Optimised meshes)

And Bethesda of course for providing us with this wonderful open ended game in the first place!


Please do not upload this mod (or any of the supplemental files) to other sites. The only valid ones are my upload on the AFK Mods website and the original upload on Nexus (https://www.nexusmods.com/oblivion/mods/25023).





The French translation of the mod is available here: http://www.confrerie-des-traducteurs.fr/oblivion/mods/cyrodiil/lieux/elsweyr__le_desert_danequina

There is also a German translation of the 2010 version of mod available at pagan-tes-mods.com.


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Hey, I recently downloaded and istalled this mod and I find it very interesting. I always wanted something about Elsweyr and the Khajiit. And I especially like the different Khajjit types like the Kathey-raht.

But there are some minor problems: There are some places that are locked and I need the key. I pickpocketed many individuals and tresspasted into their houses and buildings but I couldn't find anything. For example, how can I enter the abandned mages guild in Dune, or some other building near the city? Also what happens with the two princes of Dune and the Hidden City of Rimmen?

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Is this version more up to date then the version on Nexus https://www.nexusmods.com/oblivion/mods/25023?tab=description

Does Elsweyr the Deserts of Anequina work with BOTH "Under the sign of the dragon - Tamriel Heightmaps" (Tamriel.esp) being either Installed or NOT INSTALLED (not required)?

Do I need a compatibility patch if I am using the Elsweyr Anequina and HESU's Poison Swamp mods ONLY

Also I was wondering if there are any console COC commands that will take me to Elsweyr so I can test that it is installed properly 


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Hi Site Moderators and Managers and liana,

I am very much Surprised and Pleased, after visiting and downloading from your site......Your site have improved so highly that nowdays it can easily be compared with Nexus MODS or any other High Rating sites.......Your service is excellent plus you offer some features that are rarely seen on other Sites such as "Screen Shots" archieve downloads etc, are very satisfactory indeed.....Plus site MODs Pages navigation is also very easy

CONGRATZ to you all for maintaining such High decent Standards....Also it was very nice to see that liana "Elsweyr Anequina" Mods is maintain here in very accute way.Hope to see more Good Stuffs from liana here :)......and One more thing.......Can you Kindly tell me what type of Body MODS does Elsweyr Anequina Supports? I am currently using "Robert Seamless Male" and "HGEC Seamless Female with BBB" along with "Set Body Reloaded BlockHead Edition"  and "Mesh Extended Swap System"  I suppose there shouldn,t be any compatibilty Problem but your PROFESSIONAL opinion is all that counts :)

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