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What's my next step in re-modding my game?


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Okay, so, basically I bricked my game following poor modding practices. I know, you don't have to tell me, the hours I've put in trying to repair it are punishment enough.

So here's where I stand:

1) made a list of all the mods I use. (There are over 400. You can see why this is taking some time.)
2) deleted Vortex.
3) deleted Fallout 4.
4) redownloaded fresh from Steam.
5) downloaded MO2.
6) created a test file in FO4, ran through the vault, saved immediately outside, exited FO4.
7) began sorting my mods into categories using the Vault Dweller's Guide to Mod Survival and associated spreadsheet.

So now I've got (most of) my mods sorted into categories. The only ones remaining are my workshop mods, which comprise a quarter of all my mods and have to be sorted into script/nonscript categories.

What next? Do I need to sort within the categories? Also: ESLs, good or bad? The Vault Dweller's Guide says ESLs will go to the top of a load order automatically, which seems...concerning, if the point of a load order is to, you know, order things.

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The biggest challenge with ESL files in a load order boil down to regression.  I will use one of my own mods to illustrate.

My mod The Great Power Armor Refresh (an ESL) renames a set of power armor to make the name more descriptive by adding the owners name to the description.  Unfortunately, the mod Buildable Power Armor Frames (an ESP) regresses this change if both mods are in the load order. 

This regression occurs because ESP mods load after ESL mods.  The fix was a third mod (Patch to Buildable Power Armor Frames for The Great Power Armor Refresh, an ESP) to load after Buildable Power Armor Frames and restore the name change to once again include the owners name. 

So, one issue with ESL files in a load order with ESP files is real.  In my case, the fix was simple.  In other cases, the fix may not be as simple or as easy to find and fix as mine, and the regressions can have "unpredictable results" (anything from "failure to launch" to CTD to polluted saves to an unplayable game).

Now, the words of caution.  The more mods hitting a single area of the game the higher the probability of mod conflicts/regressions. 

Good Luck. 


EDIT:  Just noticed this was in General Discussion.  It might get moved down to Fallout 4, Mod Support and Discussion. 

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