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The Parthurnax Mod for Le , Possibly not installed right thru mo2

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I posted this else where on this site, and most likely not in the right spot  , as I posted, because in one of the mo2 tabs in the right pane, the name is showing in red, but the rest of the text of the mod is black so half right n a little wrong, 

I don't know if I have it installed right for skyrim le ? 

I would really like to use this in le skyrim,. and a version linked in the post was said to ok for skyrim le ?


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I looked at your screenshot, you may have a mod conflict. It's strange, I think the only thing he can conflict with is himself with himself.
Stupid question, but do you happen to have two versions of the same mod installed (LE & SE-AE)? To test, I installed these two versions and I got the same conflict. Do you have any other errors or warnings?

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I did find the older version I was using, thinking I didn't have it anymore which is why I came here looking for it,  I removed the current version , I had installed, and installed the older one I had, and now its all in black, no red error...

Thanks for replies

I'm not currently playing sse atm .

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