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Unofficial patches

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You should Install the UOP right after installing Oblvion, followed by the USIP (assuming your install included Shivering Isles) and then the UODLC for any of the DLC you have installed (which is usually all of them these days)

IIRC the USIP will ask to overwrite one record (a script) in the UOP and you allow this.

All other mods install later and mostly you let them overwrite the unofficial patches.  When you have a Body mod, its associated clothing mods will overwrite a Lot of records in the UOP and USIP, being body and clothing meshes and textures for clothing items the patches had edited.  Same thing with mods that edit a lot of vanilla weapons and other objects.


Arthmoor has a guide for installation somewhere, ask him to link it for you.

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Mod Organizer 2 didn't report any interaction between the DLC patches and the SI patch, so I think it's safe to say the order of installation doesn't matter, which makes sense to me since, unlike the SI expansion, the minor DLCs are entirely self-contained. I'm guessing the install guide says to do the DLC patches first because SI was made after the DLC. (As evidenced by which version of Oblivion they were built from: Horse Armor, Orrey, Frostcrag, and Dunbarrow Cove were built on the original retail release; Mehrunes' Razor, Deepscorn Hollow, Spell Tomes, Knights of the Nine, and Battlehorn Castle were built on version 1.1.511; the Shivering Isles expansion was built on version 1.2.0416)

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