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X4 Foundations - GOG / Steam Relz 30-11-18

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New beta hotfix .. https://forum.egosoft.com/viewtopic.php?f=192&t=405397

Version 3.30 Hotfix 1 Beta 1 (414400) - 2020-10-06

  • Fixed faction representatives still being missing under certain circumstances.
  • Fixed necessary briefing information being missing for certain missions in French and German localisations.
  • Fixed missing guidance to passenger in Split story mission.
  • Fixed success criteria in Sabotage mission.
  • Fixed display corruption on 5600 XT graphics card with Glow enabled.
  • Fixed several causes of game freezes and UI crashes.
  • Fixed several causes of crashes.

I think this round of fixes will be just tidying away outstanding issues before the next big update, and the next DLC.

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v4.00 Beta 1 is up :


When this comes out of beta and goes public, the next DLC I think will also be launched.

Version: 4.00 Beta 1 (418782) - 2020-11-17

  • New Feature: Volumetric fog makes space look even better.
  • New Feature: Transaction Log for detailed breakdown of income and outgoings.
  • New Feature: Message system for important communications from NPCs.
  • Added Mark as Hostile option to Interact menu.
  • Added Fire Authorisation Overrides providing control over whether ships should attack other factions.
  • Added option to declare war on another faction.
  • Added option to have player-owned police collect or ignore crates dropped by apprehended smugglers rather than destroying them.
  • Added Assist assignment for subordinates of ships.
  • Added Coordinate Attack option for fleet commanders.
  • Added Interact Menu option to Claim abandoned ships with player-owned ships.
  • Added Escort missions.
  • Added area damage to capital ship engines exhaust.
  • Added audio and visual feedback when entering damaging area.
  • Added possibility for crew to bail when under attack by NPCs.
  • Added possibility for NPC factions to claim abandoned ships.
  • Added race information to Encyclopedia.
  • Added contested sector information to Object Info menu and Encyclopedia.
  • Added descriptions for licences and blueprints in faction representative menus.
  • Added information about sectors and blacklists to Trade menu.
  • Added shield recharge delay info to Encyclopedia.
  • Added separate entries for large and medium turrets in encyclopedia.
  • Added sunlight information to sector encyclopedia entries and Plot Management menu.
  • Added research and associated resources to Logical Station Overview.
  • Added information about equipment compatibility to Ship and Station Configuration menus.
  • Added information about workforce efficiency and changes to Logical Station Overview menu.
  • Added plot licence price display while placing new station plot.
  • Added links to Encyclopedia for important items in mission objectives.
  • Added object ID code to upkeep mission list.
  • Added option to lock paint modifications per ship excluding them from changes to default.
  • Added setting for default ship weapon and turret behaviour.
  • Added construction plan shuffle option to player HQ.
  • Added additional support to navigate complex menus (e.g. map) with controller or keyboard.
  • Added ability to store crew information alongside saved loadouts (only applied when building new ships).
  • Added ability to store weapon mode and ammo settings with saved loadouts and apply them in ship build/upgrade process.
  • Added option to set preferred build method.
  • Added sync point management to Object Behaviour menu.
  • Added message when quick-save fails due to saving not being possible.
  • Added optional warning about modified game client.
  • Improved Kha'ak presence and behaviour.
  • Improved behaviour of pirates hacking station storage.
  • Improved behaviour of subordinates in fleets with fleet auxiliary ships to prefer those ships for resupply.
  • Improved mining AI to better balance travel distance and resource yields between local and remote sectors.
  • Improved station-based miners working for stations that require more than one mineable ware.
  • Improved cases where ships preferred highways too much over direct route.
  • Improved flight movement for ships docking on capital ships.
  • Improved player-owned drone behaviour so that inventory items are transferred directly to player when docking at player ship.
  • Improved balancing of relation penalty on destruction of drones and laser towers.
  • Improved shipyard generation to provide more dock capacity for medium ships (new game only).
  • Improved handling of ships sold by player to ensure their new owner recovers resources.
  • Improved workforce balancing by increasing both impact of local population and effect on production.
  • Improved build plot price balancing by taking into account sector population.
  • Improved external camera behaviour when target is destroyed.
  • Improved display of mission trade offers in trade context menu
  • Improved news notifications about faction activity to filter by local area unless war subscriptions are in place.
  • Improved scrolling of multi-line texts in menus with controller and keyboard.
  • Improved tooltip when trying to reassign for busy ship traders.
  • Improved mission icons.
  • Removed Interact menu option to follow ship (still available as default behaviour).
  • Removed Interact menu option to protect station (still available as default behaviour, or assign to station instead).
  • Fixed ships warping when exiting local highway while player is inside same highway.
  • Fixed S/M ships not able to approach and dock properly on enclosed docking bays.
  • Fixed ships sometimes not being able to dock on capital ships.
  • Fixed ships holding up docks for long periods of time.
  • Fixed AI orders and player teleport sometimes not considering sector to be in range.
  • Fixed AI ships sometimes taking longer route than they should.
  • Fixed Attack subordinates sometimes not attacking their commander's target.
  • Fixed attacking combat ships halting or fleeing in response to police ordering them to halt.
  • Fixed boarding ships launching extra empty boarding pods if they are already ready to launch at start of operation.
  • Fixed skilled marines causing more damage when claiming than marines with less skill.
  • Fixed changes to defence drone modes not registering when defence drones are disarmed.
  • Fixed claiming of abandoned ships with marines.
  • Fixed efficiency bonus from workforce not being applied if productions were not running during shift change.
  • Fixed idling ships sometimes wandering off.
  • Fixed ships retrieved from storage sometimes being rotated by 180 degrees.
  • Fixed miners subordinate to stations in hostile sectors refusing to work in their commanders' sectors.
  • Fixed subordinates set to supply fleet not getting appropriate assignment if set via order queue menu.
  • Fixed turrets on ship that player is personally flying firing on wrecks.
  • Fixed ware transfer sometimes stalling when involving one ship docked at another.
  • Fixed weapons sometimes recovering from overheating too late.
  • Fixed cases of many NPC subordinate ships being ordered at shipyards but never assigned to commander.
  • Fixed ship traders getting stuck indefinitely attempting to build costly ships.
  • Fixed software upgrades on resupply ships not starting.
  • Fixed Black Marketeers sometimes not having correct race for their faction.
  • Fixed faction representatives not being respawned after loading certain older savegames.
  • Fixed Split character sometimes being placed in cockpit floor in Fires of Defeat gamestart.
  • Fixed HQ manager in Accomplished Scientist gamestart sometimes being invisible Kha'ak or Xenon character.
  • Fixed incorrect hints in Flight School when playing with configuration of multiple joysticks or controllers.
  • Fixed success criteria in sabotage mission.
  • Fixed already opened core-shield switching to closed when loading savegame in Paranid storyline.
  • Fixed game freezing if fulfilling mission by delivering fleet that is directly subordinate to player.
  • Fixed missing guidance to mission character in End of Terrorism/Oppression missions under certain circumstances.
  • Fixed NPC ships avoiding player during payment objective of End of Oppression/Terrorism Split story mission.
  • Fixed multiple crew delivery missions reacting to delivering NPC.
  • Fixed Split Vs Argon mission referencing Paranid ship types.
  • Fixed Abort Mission button wrongly appearing enabled under certain circumstances.
  • Fixed Ships in Construction entries showing 1:00 as time left when completed.
  • Fixed broken safe deposit storage menu when closing it under certain circumstances.
  • Fixed cut-off Ship Interactions menu under certain circumstances.
  • Fixed cut-off encyclopedia descriptions.
  • Fixed highlight visitor setting turning off in certain situations.
  • Fixed licence icon in ship selection of Ship Build menu disappearing sometimes.
  • Fixed misplaced sorting arrow in Load Game menu.
  • Fixed missing icons in certain menus with specific resolution, UI scale and language combinations.
  • Fixed overlapping texts in player info box in upper left corner of some menus.
  • Fixed menu crash in Crew Information menu in certain situations.
  • Fixed missing warning when trying to trade with station that only has capital ship build modules.
  • Fixed mission guidance on Map not showing multiple objectives correctly.
  • Fixed order lines being shown on Map even if object icon is filtered out.
  • Fixed incorrect sorting of Map objects by name in certain cases.
  • Fixed wrongly aligned background elements in expanded flow-chart nodes.
  • Fixed rounding issues when truncating text.
  • Fixed Bling Bling achievement being granted by looking at encyclopedia.
  • Fixed station module and ship blueprints being available without any reputation restriction.
  • Fixed excessive credits sometimes being transferred to player when cancelling upgrade.
  • Fixed weapon cooldown delay re-starting when another weapon finishes cooling down.
  • Fixed ships with turrets that are in storage doing damage when the player is not present.
  • Fixed gates and superhighways sometimes being shown outside sectors on Map.
  • Fixed inability to interact in first person mode in certain savegames.
  • Fixed getting stuck in floor when in docked capital ship.
  • Fixed being able to fall off dock area of Zeus.
  • Fixed missing visual element on hackable console in security office.
  • Fixed parts of venture room vanishing depending on view angle.
  • Fixed flipped player logo on Asp.
  • Fixed incorrect colour on Paranid mass driver beam.
  • Fixed rolling character eyes.
  • Fixed stall on entering super-highway.
  • Fixed several causes of crashes.

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v4 Beta 1 Hotfix 1, and v4 Beta 2

  • [Beta 1 HF1] Fixed mining ships choosing lower-priority resource to mine (problem introduced in 4.00).
  • [Beta 1 HF1] Fixed missing resources for HQ warping research (new feature in 4.00).
  • [Beta 1 HF1] Fixed marines missing from crew transfer menu (problem introduced in 4.00).
  • [Beta 1 HF1] Fixed re-assigning crew in Crew Information menu (problem introduced in 4.00).
  • [Beta 1 HF1] Fixed cause of crash (problem introduced in 4.00).
  • [Beta 2] Added horizontal scrolling in flowcharts (Shift+Mouse Wheel).
  • [Beta 2] Fixed subordinates with assignment Mimic Behaviour assigned to free traders not trading even if requirements have been fulfilled.
  • [Beta 2] Fixed turrets sometimes aiming at empty space when attacking large target.
  • [Beta 2] Fixed Teladi Trading Stations not being equipped with shields or turrets.
  • [Beta 2] Fixed ships getting stuck in highway after player ship leaves it (problem introduced in 4.00).
  • [Beta 2] Fixed Kha'ak station modules not being destructible (new feature in 4.00).
  • [Beta 2] Fixed race distribution of characters on stations.
  • [Beta 2] Fixed crew on ships sometimes not properly switching to new owner.
  • [Beta 2] Fixed NPC pilots sometimes sitting on player's lap.
  • [Beta 2] Fixed player becoming member of receiving faction when handing over ship while in pilot seat.
  • [Beta 2] Fixed Deliver Crew mission checking incorrect skills and sometimes leading to mission not completing.
  • [Beta 2] Fixed Yu t'Knk in Split storyline providing unlimited number of spacesuit bombs.
  • [Beta 2] Fixed rotation input on station plot placement map.
  • [Beta 2] Fixed access to Ship Overview menu for laser towers and drones.
  • [Beta 2] Fixed sold ships still being displayed in player property menu (problem introduced in 4.00).
  • [Beta 2] Fixed crew info showing up in all stations (problem introduced in 4.00).
  • [Beta 2] Fixed Deposit Inventory option always being disabled (problem introduced in 4.00).
  • [Beta 2] Fixed Map becoming non-interactive after using Mark as Hostile option (problem introduced in 4.00).
  • [Beta 2] Fixed bullets disappearing shortly after being fired (problem introduced in 4.00).
  • [Beta 2] Fixed Asp transporter room floating above ship (problem introduced in 4.00).
  • [Beta 2] Fixed several causes of crashes.

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v4 beta 3

  • [Beta 3] Added search functionality to Encyclopedia.
  • [Beta 3] Added estimated build time to station module information in Encyclopedia.
  • [Beta 3] Added strafe and shield recharge data to Ship Configuration and Comparison menus.
  • [Beta 3] Added search by maker race in module and equipment lists of Ship and Station Configuration menus.
  • [Beta 3] Added placeholder image when no video is available in personnel overview.
  • [Beta 3] Added separate inventory category for paint modifications.
  • [Beta 3] Added option to quickly reassemble equipment mods.
  • [Beta 3] Added mixed cash and non-cash rewards to generic missions at higher faction ranks.
  • [Beta 3] Added Follow assignment for ships subordinate to other ships.
  • [Beta 3] Restored menu options to Follow ship or Protect player-owned station until further notice (options removed in 4.00).
  • [Beta 3] Changed guidance and autopilot to no longer use unknown gates or superhighways.
  • [Beta 3] Improved order of ship entries in blueprint trade menu.
  • [Beta 3] Improved capital ship subordinate behaviour to ignore subordinate group docked/launched state.
  • [Beta 3] Improved Mission Offer and Manager menus to only show alternative guidance if mission briefing is visible.
  • [Beta 3] Improved numbers of NPCs on docks to better reflect workforce levels and generally make things livelier.
  • [Beta 3] Fixed cut-off text in encyclopedia descriptions under certain circumstances.
  • [Beta 3] Fixed sector info menu not being displayed correctly under certain circumstances.
  • [Beta 3] Fixed incorrect display of settings in Extensions menus after restoring defaults.
  • [Beta 3] Fixed inability to give piloting or management seminars to pilots or managers via Personnel Management Menu.
  • [Beta 3] Fixed inability to give piloting seminars to player's relief pilot.
  • [Beta 3] Fixed inability to place station plots in another sector (problem introduced in 4.00).
  • [Beta 3] Fixed Ship Overview menu for ships which use Repeat Orders (problem introduced in 4.00).
  • [Beta 3] Fixed Deposit Inventory option not being available when ship is repeating orders (problem introduced in 4.00).
  • [Beta 3] Fixed logbook entries being added for NPC ships bailing following attacks by other NPCs.
  • [Beta 3] Fixed trade loops failing to trade with station build storage.
  • [Beta 3] Fixed ships with destroyed engines continuing to move.
  • [Beta 3] Fixed inability to scan ships multiple times.
  • [Beta 3] Fixed another case of subordinates attacking ships beyond pursuit range.
  • [Beta 3] Fixed ware amounts for repeated Buy/Sell orders not being converted to cargo space (new feature in 4.00).
  • [Beta 3] Fixed auto-miners and auto-traders operating over more restricted range than previously (problem introduced in 4.0).
  • [Beta 3] Fixed capital ships not trading when player is around (problem introduced in 4.00).
  • [Beta 3] Fixed Coordinate Attack target selection to filter out targets in different sectors (new feature in 4.00).
  • [Beta 3] Fixed subordinates assigned to Mimic commanders with default order to dock and wait repeatedly docking and undocking (new feature in 4.00).
  • [Beta 3] Fixed Split Story mission Zyarth's Coffin getting stuck after completing delivery.
  • [Beta 3] Fixed issue with Split-specific Fleet War Mission requesting non-existent ship equipment.
  • [Beta 3] Fixed Kha'ak stations offering signal leak missions.
  • [Beta 3] Fixed unsuitable shop areas appearing on certain stations.
  • [Beta 3] Fixed missing doors for spacesuit docks on station dock areas.
  • [Beta 3] Fixed redundant info text on radar for selected target using certain screen aspect ratios.
  • [Beta 3] Fixed graphical corruption of guidance on Map.
  • [Beta 3] Fixed certain sounds being played using incorrect volume setting.
  • [Beta 3] Fixed several causes of performance issues.
  • [Beta 3] Fixed several causes of crashes.

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v4 beta 4

  • [Beta 4] Added Accessibility Settings in Options Menu.
  • [Beta 4] Added visualisation for nearby Data or Signal Leaks, and for Long Range Scan charge state.
  • [Beta 4] Added sunlight information to Energy Cell production nodes in Logical Station Overview.
  • [Beta 4] Added Interact menu option to add ships directly to your squad.
  • [Beta 4] Added sub-categories to Blueprint Trade menu.
  • [Beta 4] Added mouseover text showing details for station account estimates in Info menu.
  • [Beta 4] Improved Account Management menu.
  • [Beta 4] Improved balancing of mining activities.
  • [Beta 4] Improved workforce balancing by increasing both food requirements and efficiency bonus.
  • [Beta 4] Improved timing of Fallen Families raider activation.
  • [Beta 4] Changed order of tabs in Player Information menu.
  • [Beta 4] Updated Tobii SDK.
  • [Beta 4] Fixed cases of missing target elements (problem introduced in 4.00).
  • [Beta 4] Fixed transaction log using incorrect transaction values (new feature in 4.00).
  • [Beta 4] Fixed being able to sell ships to unsuitable stations, resulting in blocked docks (problem introduced in 4.00).
  • [Beta 4] Fixed stuck Ship Configuration menu when deleting custom loadout.
  • [Beta 4] Fixed stuck Map after closing context menus.
  • [Beta 4] Fixed excessively large selection area for order and guidance lines when using mouse on Map.
  • [Beta 4] Fixed paint modification encyclopedia entries being wrongly re-added to inventory ware category.
  • [Beta 4] Fixed customs searches on player-owned stations in player-owned sectors ordering player-owned ships to drop illegal wares.
  • [Beta 4] Fixed police ships sometimes policing sectors where they are not police.
  • [Beta 4] Fixed changing ship assignments not changing their default behaviour appropriately.
  • [Beta 4] Fixed ongoing research still allocating space for resources.
  • [Beta 4] Fixed missing trade corners on trading stations which also have faction representative.
  • [Beta 4] Fixed NPCs looking up or down when talking to player.
  • [Beta 4] Fixed Game Paused not being visible during Game Over.
  • [Beta 4] Fixed flickering objects during Game Over.

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