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Oldrim to special edition help?

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I feel if the dragon flew slower it wouldn't glitch out. Thats how I got it to work in oldrim is the original mod had a speed slider while the ported version doesn't. on occasion the dragon does glitch and fly at a slower pace which keeps the screen from going black but it rarely happens. Perhaps thewre is a way to slow the dragon down while riding?

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On 8/7/2017 at 7:37 PM, alt3rn1ty said:

Best one for extracting (and support for newer games) B.A.E

Best one for packing them up again is the official archiver (comes with the CK)

Is there a down side to using BSArch?

And another question: is it possible that textures from ported mods don't play nicely in SSE? I found this in a reddit thread and very little other information:


I have had that same issue twice, on Oldrim mods I had converted to SSE using the NifOptimizer (which pretty much rtules out bad mesh as the culprit) and both times, astonishingly, it was a texture that was at fault- I never knew textures could crash the game, but according to Ousnius and my own experience, they can. The fix is to open the texture in Phjotoshop, or GIMP2 - whatever you have that will import and export the dds format - and change its dimensions to be square- 512x512, 1024x1024, etc. Edited by Vyxenne, Yesterday, 07:16 PM.

*If* this is no BS and we should now take care to check if textures from LE are compatible with SE, is there any texture optimization tool for SSE that allows for a streamlined process?

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You quoted my post which was written before BSArch was a thing. There is no down side to using BSArch.

Jon / Ousnius / Zilav / Sheson are the best ones to ask about troubles with Texture conversions, but yes they can cause issues. Not only do some need alphas where they didnt before, but then theres a new format which needs a new plugin which the old NVidia plugin for DDS does not support. You need to use Intel Texture Works to be fully compatible manipulating textures for the newer games.

There is no community modding tool that can handle converting them for the time being, not to say there will not be ever, I just dont know of any at the moment. To be honest I am not staying on top of things recently, and my interest is fading a bit .. Unless I have to do another Vanilla Reduced Textures for TES6 ( because I will not be ready to give up my current machine for a fair few years yet ), then I might get back into texture modding again. :)

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I hesitated on your vanilla reduced textures, because I'm using mostly vanilla textures on my game for a lot of things, starting with landscape, add creatures, sometimes even weapons, armour and clothing. I use optimized HD textures and Gamwich's BTPT for 32bit and for SSE just use straight vanilla, buggy and unoptimized as people say they are, because most texture packs out there have pretty textures but many, if not most, fail to blend as well as vanilla.

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People say vanilla SSE textures are buggy and unoptimized but they don't really know what they're talking about. Whenever I've tried to pin one of them down to explain exactly what the problems are, all I ever get are "they used DXT5 instead of DXT1" or something and then it turns out to be wholly irrelevant that they did. The game runs smooth as butter with the textures as provided by Bethesda so there should be no reason to want to change them. Besides, doing so unnecessarily could introduce actual bugs into the game.

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Yep I agree with Arthmoor, the vanilla game textures are fine apart from the ones with minor fixes in the USSEP.

If you want to optimise things a bit without losing much of the vanilla theme, grab everything by John Rose (well, Skyland stuff anyway, I use his Landscape, Towns and Villages, Whiterun and Imperial Forts and Dungeons .. There are more to come). He uses a technique called photogrammetry to create really good textures which are good when infinitely tiled and not giving any immediately obvious patterns. They also edge blend really well (I havent found any areas or combinations to pick him up on), and do actually reduce your overall VRAM usage, which is a bonus if you use the following on High / Ultra - Simply Bigger Trees, Verdant Grass, then running the whole setup through xLODGen, TexGen and the DynDOLOD beta using advanced setup to generate lights which come on by time of day in windows, glows and candles plus the usual distant animations and thousands of more detailled LOD objects and Terrain.

xLODGen brings a new trick to the table too, switch on its Protect Cell Borders - Those height mismatches on distant landscape where you occasionally see a small cliff which turns into smooth terrain as you get closer, say bye bye to those :)

I'm also using ELE SSE (you dont need to be an ENB user to benefit from this), Relighting Skyrim SE, and Truestorms SE. Those three are the only lighting changes I want which make the whole game a lot more atmospheric.

A moonlit night recently, check all buildings windows (its nice seeing those when you are lost in a bad snow storm and you see window lights first and realise there is warm shelter just ahead) ..



.. But none of the mods, textures or other replacers are necessary for a smooth game. Skyrim SE is the smoothest performer of any TES game to date. Its worth upgrading from LE just for the far better game performance.

I think a lot of people make a mistake with SSE, they instantly mod it as if they have seen everything in LE so may aswell get the favourites straight in there, and probably install some bad conversions which makes the game less optimal and lowers the perception of SSE .. They really ought to try it vanilla first and reset ini's to defaults, just to experience what a much better vanilla game they have before deciding what needs to be improved for personal preferences.

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