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  1. Thank you for your feedback. Good info... So, as a GENERAL RULE, you'd support the idea that it's best to focus on the quests at hand and finish them first, instead of running around triggering everything and accumulating 100+ active quests in the log?
  2. That's a good confirmation, thank you. I'm sorry this thread is turning less technical than the standards of this side, but even discussing some common-sense with people who know the insides of this game is useful. Another gut feeling I have is that there can be bad ways to play the game - for example, a lot of people like to rush through a city, talk to everybody and start every quest they can, before moving to the next location, and then start chasing quest markers. My feeling is that - if your build also has a few extra mods, like needs mods, that add some work load - having dozens of
  3. One more question: opening the console can interfere with scripts running, and that's bad - truth or myth? Just opening for a couple of seconds and dismissing, entering no commands at all. I frequently use it to pause the game immediately after I enter a new worldspace, move from interior to exterior and vice-versa. It can take a few seconds for the screen to fade from black and during that time the game is running, you can be attacked, spotted while sneaking etc. But I've read recently that calling the console has an effect on scripts running... It certainly pauses the game, also pauses grass
  4. Seen the teleport happen, too. So you're perhaps busting one other myth of mine, this one of a personal nature but that I have been using to talk people out of using every possible city and town expansion mod available, along with ICAIO: those incompatibilities are not simple overlapping meshes or confused NPC AI, they're malignant and will break your save. I based my own assertion on experience, where after deciding not to use JK's and Dawn of Skyrim in my heavy build, I noticed increased stability (less crashing for one) - but then, probably what you said before would apply and it would come
  5. I've have first-hand objective evidence that stack dumps are tied to low framerate issues. Having the same build on two different machines, one being my desktop PC with a relatively beefy modern GPU and the other being my laptop, with an older one, I often moved my savegames from one to the other on trips and the like. The laptop performed rather poorly, generally around 40fps with dips to the low 20's or even less. That's the only time I saw stack dumps in my savegames in SSE. I've also experienced game freezing during combat, usually when dragons were involved, that was fixed by removin
  6. Hi guys, I'm looking for some well founded advise. I purposefully didn't mention a mod name in the title because I want to allow the scope of any eventual discussion to be able to be more broad about mods that risk damaging long play savegames. There's talks about iNeed being a savegame destroyer - a mod that I've used for many years and that I'm currently not using, so there's no bias there for me - just honestly want to know beyond hearsay. The "best" argument I've found was fashioned more or less like this: "All of isoku have issues to some degree and it all comes dont to his scri
  7. I'm not sure if this is the place to ask as something like this, if it were a bug, would have been found and fixed by now. In the orc race record, female behaviour is set to use DefaultMale.hkx (whereas in other races, like the nord race, it will use DefaultFemale.hkx) - this is probably completely unrelated with the females using opposite gender animations, which is set in the NPC record. But what exactly does it do? If I set the orc race to use DefaultFemale.hkx for females like other races, what difference would it make? https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/462650321047650326/5973483
  8. You're lucky to have such high framerate, you must have a pretty good rig. That area has always been problematic to me as well - only my setup drops me quite often to sub-30 fps there. Don't know why, but it's likely that flora mods in that part have a big impact (FYI, I use mostly SFO with some EVT for dead and snowy pines, but have tried many combinations over the years and that area always was a problem. Regardless of grass mods, too. BTW if you use Immersive Patrols, that's one area where you have scripted battles between a large number of stormcloaks and imperials. Pretty taxing on m
  9. I don't know if USSEP does vanilla+DLC navmesh fixing, but I think I found one issue at the border between cells BA45 (BoneCrestExterior06) and BA46 (BoneCrestExterior01), where my followers all got stuck in the way. I checked my modded load order and no mods are affecting those cells, so I checked the navmesh in the CK with only the base game + DLCs and it seems that's a pretty messy spot. The border triangle sides are really distant in the Z axis and the path there is extremely narrow. It also doesn't make any sense with the terrain. This patch I made was a tentative fix which does resolve
  10. I'm actually using 3dNPCs, which is a huge mod far exceeding the added NPCs themselves. Some of the best fully voiced followers, interesting small quests, it's one that I'd be willing to keep if it meant sacrificing others. I know there were discussions on how this mod contributed to exhausting the string limit in LE - string count seems to no longer be a problem for SSE, but even if it were, I'd maintain I'd rather keep 3dNPC, and leave others out. Not the case with Inconsequential, for what I've seen shortly after testing the mod. No quests, no interaction, it's by definition only adding dea
  11. Been having some discussions on the subject of how heavily you can mod SSE before noticing the consequences. But I can't quantify those consequences, beyond the basic things like full 4k textures will demand more VRAM than 2k, etc. There were tools to quantify exactly how much VRAM you're using for the classic version, don't know any for SSE. But that's not even my main concern: what's the consequence of adding more actors to the game? And more scripted events like basic needs and survival simulation? Where's the breaking point? Can the total amount of scripts firing at run-time wear your save
  12. I accept it's the way the game's scripted, but doesn't it bother you? Some guy can have an entire dialogue with you and not stop digging, and keep digging for hours. Would it be too hard to have them display the same behaviour as followers, and stop digging if you try to dig the same rock? Genuine question, I have no idea. It makes sense to me, it's not just a gamey thing. More natural, less frustrating. Like telling someone to take a break while you dig some ore yourself. Nobody in Skyrim seems to consider ore like a precious rarity anyway.
  13. It's hard to believe nobody ever reported this as a bug, and you might disagree that it is one. But here goes: when an NPC is mining ore, there's no way to stop them until their AI package tells them to. Talking to them gives you dialogue but they don't stop digging, trying to dig the same ore vein gives you "someone else is using this" and they don't stop digging (unlike followers, who do stop). I'm currently not playing a vanilla game so if somebody would confirm this is vanilla behaviour, I'd make a hopeful suggestion for a fix... I checked Edith from Dawnstar, for example (000877af).
  14. Which version of Wrye Bash should I revert to if I want BOSS bash tags suggestions to be added automatically? please disregard.
  15. Update: feedback on YouHunger tells me it just adds the disabled flag to food in Skyrim. Still, my question stands for the mods that do make dynamic changes while you play.
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