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[RELz] TIE: Tamriel Immersion Experience


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Tamriel Immersion Experience (T.I.E.)

An overhaul catering to roleplayers. Now also including the Shivering Isles!

Get ready for a jolt to the system. Although only vanilla (default) resources were used, T.I.E. is a tiny overhaul that carries major impact on the way Oblivion is played. The gameplay is much tougher on hack and slash players while favoring stealth gamers in general - although with the release of 1.26 onward, both Mages and Fighters can survive well in TIE too. How does TIE favor stealth gameplay? By having NPCs and creatures deal out far more damage, by raising sneak attack perks, and having real consequences for engaging in melee combat unprepared (for starters). High level loot and armor and weapons are also much rarer, far more TNRish NPCs now populate Cyrodiil (800 in this release), diseases are easier to catch, etc. You will also find most mid to high level shops (as well as many Imperial city homes) guarded by hired guards, so no more thieving to your heart's content and filling your loot bag. Now you have to actually WORK to be a good thief. You'll also come across secret entrances to all cities and castles. Some are underground, some require swimming, climbing, or jumping - or a combination of all three. You will see thieves making grabs for loot (and getting chased), deadly assassins, tomb raiders and morally ambiguous scavengers in wilderness areas as well as underneath the Imperial City sewer system - which is now interconnected via trapdoors, and grates.

So have fun in the new Tamriel, but beware. More danger than you can conceive of lurks both on the surface and below. Only the prudent and vigilant will survive and thrive. Garrett would be proud.

* TIE no longer caters exclusively to the stealth type gamer. Previous versions of TIE used to be tailor made for Thief types (RIP Looking Glass Studios), but Mages can now enjoy a greater thief-like environment blended in with the arcane. Fighters will also find their path in TIE - especially with the prolific use of shields and certain potions available from merchants and bartenders.

* TIE features ONLY vanilla content. That means no resources found outside the Construction Set made their way into here. Custom scripts are fine as long as they're small, but visually speaking, everything you see and witness inside TIE comes directly from the game. This of course has a direct effect on the download size. As it currently stands, with more than 800 added TNR NPCs, and with a file size of just 5 megabytes, T.I.E. is a far smaller download than most other overhauls out there (with the exception of Adventurers).


AFK Mods
TES Alliance
Please note that if you are using a version of Better Cities from 5.4.1 onward, you need to be sure you're getting the file that's marked as compatible with that. If you're sticking to a version of Better Cities older than that, use the regular one.
System Requirements

Oblivion 1.2.0416.
Shivering Isles with the latest official SI patch.


Unpack TIE.esp, copy to your Oblivion Data folder. Favor loading it early, or use BOSS to set the proper position. Activate and enjoy. That's it!

Youtube Videos:

https://www.youtube.c...h?v=-tBpt6Mlnac - Life of Crime
https://www.youtube.c...h?v=0YprIxupGlE - Prison Breaks
https://www.youtube.c...h?v=bdbEPwqP8ts - Oblivion Deer Hunting
https://www.youtube.c...h?v=0wpJdC_h2Kw - Cyrodiilean Dragonback Spider
https://www.youtube.c...h?v=d5_So8QYgQM - The TNR NPCs

WARNING: This overhaul is NOT for the faint of heart! Until level ten or so, it has been reported to be much tougher and unforgiving than FCOM, OOO, MMM, and other Oblivion classics, after which they even out. Rather than focusing upon combat, TIE deceives the player into believing they are part of a peaceful gaming world - until all hell breaks loose in a split second and has them running for their lives. It is strongly recommended that players take every precaution available to them prior to heading out into the wilderness. There are reasons now to employ virtually all types of potions and resources in the game. You WILL need every tactic available to survive this challenge!

***At present, T.I.E. is not compatible with any of the other overhauls (OOO, MMM, Frans, FCOM, etc). No current plans exist to change this! ***



Over 800 NPCs: Assassins, thieves, pickpockets, bards, pilgrims, alchemists, hunters, adventurers, varied Imperial Forces, barbarians, nightblades, commoners, hired guards, priests and healers, scavengers, tomb raiders, bandits & wizards, fences, infamous villains, heroes - these are just some of the new and interesting types of characters you will encounter in TIE. Above all else, this feature is the single-most visual addition to the vanilla game. All custom made NPCs feature vanilla content and items for their clothing, behavior, items, and weaponry. Think of it as Morrowind Comes Alive - for Oblivion.

Tamriel Travelers: CorePC contributed and slightly modified his amazing mod to be included within TIE. Some of the NPCs can be traded with. These really add life and interest to the roads in general.

Spellmaking Altars within Chapels. In line with modified spells and potions suitable for thieving types, TIE now enables the player to create their own spells via altars - provided they're able to sneak in undetected...

Rarer Lockpicks and repair hammers: Gear up before heading out. If you run out of picks, try pickpocketing, thieving, the fences, and if you want a real challenge, you can try to approach Bandit Thieves in nearby camps as they will sell some. Just make sure you don't unsheathe any weaponry around them. Most vendors still carry a hammer or two, so buy 'em up fast when you see them.

Owned Crates and Barrels: No - not "Pwned". Owned. It used to really irk me to see how easy the player can loot barrels and crates in plain sight and never get arrested. Now all town and city barrels and crates have ownership. The exceptions are ones found in forts, ruins, caves, and various wilderness areas.

Hunting Poisons: These mixtures help players ensure they get their game. Upon impact, deer and boar, sheep and a few other animals will fall down, get back up, and run away mortally wounded. If you're quick, you can get a second shot in and finish them off. Otherwise they'll run away and you'll have to track 'em down. If a second shot isn't put in to finish the kill, they'll usually run around two hundred yards or so and die.

Tougher Sneaking and Pickpocketing: The Sneaking/pickpocketing system has been revamped somewhat and follows a certain logic. Most commoners are easier to sneak up and pickpocket than other thieves, warriors and such. Imperial Forces are definitely tough to catch off their guard so if you have a bounty on your head, tread lightly.

Fences: There are several in the game, but getting to them safely can be tricky. First you have to find their location and what times they prefer to ply their trades, then you have to make sure Undercover Imperial Agents haven't set up ambushes to arrest you on sight. How do you find a Fence? The first clue is in one of the secret lairs - which in turn is accessible only by key (scour the dungeon tutorial to find this key - especially near the end in the sewers).

Pickpockets: You'll be pleasantly surprised to see thieves and other lowlifes actually stealing and running from the law in-game. And here is the best thing: you get to keep what they've stolen. Of course, you'll have to be able to keep up with them first.

Secret Entrances: Tired of waltzing through the front door to try to steal stuff? These entrances fix the problem in grand fashion. To find them, simply walk around the outskirts of every castle, town, and city in the game. Some are trapdoors, some are rope ladders thrown over palisade walls. You'll definitely need to be somewhat of an acrobat to reach some of them.

Secret Lairs: No thief or assassin should be without some sort of home base. There are eight in total, ranging from lushly lit pads to worn out logs.

No more set Training Levels: Frustrated by the game telling you you can't train past a certain level? Well that's gone. Now, as long as you have the cash, trainers will train you to the maximum of their abilities in whatever skills they have.

Bounty and Infamy Payoff System: Morerunes is to thank for this cool feature. In vanilla Oblivion, one must be part of the Thieves Guild in order to have bounties and infamy cleared up. No more. Now, as long as you ride a horse, swim, or run, you can set forth to have your good name cleared - until the next heist that is.

Diversified Imperial Forces: There you are in your favorite Inn, drinking some delicious mead served by the local Wench, and thinking you've safely outrun the local Watch. Think again...an officer might be right beside you. In TIE, thieves and assassins will have to watch not only for Imperial Guards, but also Bounty Hunters, Imperial Frogmen, Marksmen, and Battlemages. They can be anywhere, so be careful who you talk to...

Tougher Prison Escapes: Perhaps you are used to simply picking a lock, retrieving your stolen goods, safely sneaking past a sleeping Guard, and making your way outside to the exit. Heh heh...dream on. Expect a real challenge now to even be able to breath fresh air again. Now one must avoid traps and decoys as well as tougher and smarter Guards. Escapes can be so difficult that you might find yourself thinking about giving up and returning to jail to serve your sentence. Sure beats getting a sharp broadhead up the [censored].

Non Leveled Loot, Items, Creatures, and NPCs: This means exactly what it says. No more leveled anything anywhere in the game. In your first ten minutes, you can find Daedric armor as well as a cool sword - just as you can wander for ages and not find anything of great value.

This also applies to creatures. Oblivion realms can be filled with some real nasties or little scamp runts. It all depends.

Deadlier Traps: Watch your step in caves and ruins. Your next step might trigger a tripwire, sending a three to four hundred pound spiked log into your chest - OUCH!

Decreased Thieving Sounds: No more loud foot sneaking or opening doors or sacks. Now, just about every thief-like sound in the game has been lessened.

Gas Arrows: These tools are designed to help you safely infiltrate and scout restricted areas. NPCs knocked out by the reservoir's potent gases will remain unconscious for roughly five minutes - just enough to let you make that important grab and get out. However, sometimes they can backfire and alert nearby NPCs, so use them wisely. Purchase them from Fences.

Realistic Bandits: In vanilla Oblivion, leveling up in-game means becoming exposed to glass wearing Bandits and other baddies. Those days are history in TIE. Expect highly realistic and dangerous baddies to contend with - whether it's bandits, marauders, or conjurers.

Spiders: Named Dragonbacks, they come in two varieties: Eastern Dragonbacks and Western Dragonbacks. A single bite or sting will either kill or severely wound you unless promptly treated. And chances are unless your hearing is very good, you won't even hear the little bastards sneak up on you. The only indication you'll have that you've been bitten is that you'll feel a slight and temporary blurring of vision. Both kinds of Dragonbacks create very valid reasons for carrying potions or spells. Dragonbacks are normally docile creatures, attacking only when provoked or when they sense danger is near. Unsheathing weaponry in their midst is a surefire way to rile them up.

Realistic Wildlife: No mammoth sized bears or boars. Deer are much more fearful. Wolves usually flee on sight unless they're in packs. Mountain lions also usually flee on sight but will sometimes charge. Black bears usually flee but will sometimes attack. Packs of feral dogs now roam the wilderness. Rats are much smaller and faster and populate wilderness areas around farms and fields. You may also come across wild stallions that are bullish and try to do you in. High, snowy regions now harbor rams, while small groups of sheep can be seen roaming the wilds below. There are also rumors of two or three gigantic Ogre and Minotaur Collosus beasts nearly fifty feet tall roaming the most remote regions of Tamriel. They may carry large amounts of gear and loot when felled. Some sewers now also contain a smaller form of Dreugh. Again, all creatures have been fully unlocked at game start, which means that if you want to stay relatively safe, then stick to the roads. As the Imperial guardsmen are often heard saying, ' the wilderness just isn't safe anymore'. And the best part is, all of these creatures have more developed predator/prey type relationships: wolves will actively hunt deer and many other creatures. So will bear, boars, and mountain lions.

Morrowind Ingredients: Remember Flin, Grief, and Matze? They're in here. Other nice ingredients and foods such as roobrush, marshmarrow, and even scrib jerky are in TIE as well.

Better and more lethal Archery: This applies not only to your own equipment, but that of baddies as well. Beware bow equipped Wood Elf bandits...

Fully interconnected Imperial City Underground: If you want a real adventure, try going underneath the Imperial City sewer system. There, you will encounter vampires, assassins, tomb raiders, scavengers, beggars, diseased rats and crabs, and much else. You may even survive long enough to catch fresh air again. Also, rumors exist of a mysterious visitor in the city's depths...

Fiercer Combat: In previous versions of TIE, players often complained of combat being too difficult (it is). However, version 1.26 and up now has shields becoming far greater assets for would-be warriors and brawlers. In most instances, Shields have had their ratings boosted up by over 400% and their health by over 1000% for longer lasting battles. If you can time your strikes right and protect your vitals, shield equipped fighters should not feel overly handicapped in TIE.

Another feature of combat in TIE is the chance of contracting various crippling diseases. And why not? After all, you are engaging dirty, roughed up individuals who have not washed in days or weeks.

Deadlier Vampires: TIE's 'denizens of the night' are no longer affected by normal weaponry, so take very good care of that shiny silver sword. Better yet, bring two. And don't skimp out on health potions either...

Fatigue and Health: In version 1.26 and beyond, all health and fatigue potions and spells and enchantments have been modified to be much more realistic and less forgiving. However, they also tend to be more powerful. The way they work now is that instead of gulping a health potion and instantly gaining back health, health levels come back slowly over time. The same goes for fatigue. So if you've taken a few bad hits and are running away from bandits and expect to have your stats boosted miraculously, you just may end up dead. Calculate your battles...

Greater Underwater Argonians Population: See that funny looking head popping up occasionally in the waters of the misty swamp? Chances are it belongs to one of Black Marsh's citizens.

New and Useful Literature: If you've just found a safe haven within a cave and have a few minutes to spare, you might want to give a few new books a read. There is "Tactics and Maneuvers: The Field Tactician's Handbook", various recon reports for every town and city, a Mythic Dawn NOC (Non-Official Cover) list, and more. The handbook, in particular, has many dozens of tips on how to best survive the dangerous Tamrielic landscape.

Safer Roads: For those days when you just want to leave the quests alone and pick flowers and enjoy the great sunsets instead. Just don't step off the road...

Rideable Bandit Steeds: They may be a little jittery and not have saddles, but these make perfect (if not temporary) escape companions for when you've successfully stolen from dangerous baddies and need a quick getaway. Just make sure no bandits wake up or the steeds will take off.

More Restricted Areas: Duggedank worked his magic to give us increased risks in "going behind the counter" in stores, Inns, and in certain castle areas. Three warnings from the local Guards and you'll be either killed or arrested, so watch out...

Lower Encumbrance: You're just getting out of jail, so your encumbrance will have taken a direct hit. No more carrying everything you find from the tutorial. Now you have to pick and choose your items carefully otherwise you'll be too weighed down.

In-Game Time Goes by Less Quick: One minute of real time equals ten minutes in-game time instead of thirty minutes. This is great for thieving, since you no longer feel rushed in loot filled areas.

Better Clutter: Now everything you pick up has value - including cups, forks, tongs. Yay - finally a reason to loot crates and barrels! Now, where was that fence located?

Revamped weapons and armor system: What I played around with the most are the weights, damage points, and health. Also, all vendors only sell either iron or steel or fur and leather as well as some Elven. The fancier stuff has to be searched for in ruins, forts, caves, and elsewhere. Bring good adventurer's gear with you if you plan to hunt for it. Iron for instance, is nearly everywhere. It is dependable and very hard hitting though easily broken. It is also much heavier. Steel is both relatively light, slightly less hard hitting than iron, but much easier to maintain. Elven weaponry and armor is exquisitely light, very hard hitting, but also requires constant care and attention in order to keep in good condition. Silver is hard hitting and heavy, but very easy to maintain. Also quite a bit more valuable. Dwarven arms and armor are the workhorses of the lot; extremely tough and lethal, though they are as heavy as iron. Very easy to keep in top condition. Glass arms and armor is a bit weird. It technically falls under the light category, but have you ever lifted a large solid glass item? It's a beast to lift! But in TES, it is classified as light so I kept it light. Extremely lethal, but also difficult to keep in top condition. Very valuable if you find it though. Bring lots of hammers. Ebony is heavy, tough, and valuable. It is also rarely come across. If you see it in-game somewhere, stash it. Daedric, as usual, is the rarest, heaviest, and most precious stuff of the lot.


TIE works well with a great many mods. Since it uses strictly vanilla resources found only in Oblivion and Shivering Isles, it should fit in well with any mod.

Using TIE with other overhauls such as Frans, OOO, MMM, etc. is possible but due to the nature of how they all modify leveled lists, the results will be mixed at best. Wrye Bash can generally resolve most of these through the proper use of tags. You will likely need to make use of TIE4Mods to integrate things better, but be aware that has not been updated in quite some time.

A patch is available specifically to address inventory issues with some Frans NPCs who don't receive their illuminated staves, despite tag configuration.

Better Cities and Open Cities are both compatible with all features of TIE right out of the box. No patches necessary so long as TIE is loaded before them.

Care has been taken over time to avoid conflicts with the Unique Landscapes mods, at this time no known conflicts exist.

No known conflicts with any quest mods exist, unless they alter the vanilla Daedric quests or the Thieves Guild "Independent Thievery" quest.

Overlapping edits are synchronized with the UOP and USIP where necessary to preserve any bugfixes that would otherwise get wiped out.


TIE is originally created by Veritas_Secreto (aka "Nethawk") [stephanewuttunee@hotmail.com].

Versions 1.41 and onward are maintained by Arthmoor.

First and foremost, I would like to thank all those involved in TIE's development. CorePC, for example, was instrumental in making sure TIE's new features worked out. He really helped iron out the bugs. CorePC is the one to thank for all the fantastic NPCs you see traveling Tamriel's roads - many of which are merchants that can help you achieve your goals. Without CorePC, this initial release of T.I.E. would probably not have come to pass as quickly or be as fleshed out. Arkenor allowed me to incorporate his excellent "Tutorial Terminator" mod into T.I.E., thereby eliminating the ubiquitous message panels popping up and telling us how to use a bow - or how to make a potion. His mod effectively removes those prompts - forever.


This mod is not made, guaranteed, or supported by Microsoft, Zenimax, Bethesda Game Studios, or any of their affiliates.

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  • 8 months later...

Is there going to be update to forward fixes from newer UOP? I checked TIE and it overwrites dozens of unofficial patch changes back with vanilla values.


Some fixes are always welcomed. I played through a thieves quest line recently, and a mission to steal a ring from countess of Leyawiin ended up pretty funny. When I sneaked in the castle at night, the Count was sleeping with a hired guard (npc added by TIE) and Countess stood there watching them all night. :facepalm:

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  • 4 weeks later...
  • 6 months later...


1)  did you receive any feedback about compatibility with "famous" mods, such as better dungeons?
2) There is no reference if you should use Francesco mobs or not with T.I.E. Lyrondor is not mentioned either. Note that you suggest using certain tags, but they are not there anymore on the newer version of Wrye bash.

- Francesco's Leveled Creatures-Items Mod.esm . You should tag it with Npcfaces
You only have: NPCeyes, NpCfacegen

-Francesco's Optional New Creatures Add-On.esm . You should tag it with Relations:
You have only Relations.add, relation.remove, relations.change or the multiple R(Relations)
You are also asked to clean this one from 2 ITM. Should you do it? 

-3) Would it be possible to update TIE to contain the newer UOP fixes, claimed not to be there by Zilav?

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  • 1 month later...


Hello Arthmoor, have you had any chance to take a look at the stuff being written in the topic on LOOT github concerning TIE? any eta? 

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  • 6 months later...

6 months have passed. Even a simple "sorry, but I don't support anymore oblivion" would have been great. But maybe you haven't even read my posts at all. Oh well.

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  • 3 weeks later...

It's my understanding this was already resolved back in September when Sibir updated the LOOT masterlist.

That being said, no, I really don't do anything with Oblivion these days outside of UOP updates and verifiable bug reports for any of my mods. Updating Bash Tags isn't something I would have issued an update on the file for anyway. Especially given that TIE has a split version setup because of changes in BC that rendered part of what it does problematic. Though I'm sure there's probably an argument to be made for not caring what BC is doing to stuff these days and just shifting support to things that don't deal with it at all.

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That's something that can be looked at, but there's generally no reason to do so since Wrye Bash can resolve any differences between them. Traditionally forwarding things from UOP into other mods isn't something that's been done in the Oblivion community. That's pretty much uniquely a Skyrim/Fallout 4 thing.

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  • 6 months later...

This mod adds a throne room above the normal meeting room (according to refscope)

Is there a reason for this?

If using Alternative Beginnings with this ,.. will the emperor use that throne?


Also if anyone has experience with the sewer system and if it works with ICExpand part of BC ... like if there are problems .. plz let me know

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Not that throne specifically, no. ALB adds its own via the Kvatch Rebuilt module (and now I need to see if it accounts for TIE putting one there).

As for why TIE put it there, who knows. That was done by Veritas before I took over maintenance of the mod.

I've never used ICExpand so I'll leave that to someone else.

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Regardless if fits and works there ... never liked the open ceiling. and it seems it fixes something with All Natural having the sky visible there. I think .. unless that got addressed elsewhere.

I'm curious if you don't mind my asking what kind of schedule or entourage the emperor has while alive? Wait are you saying KR is what is making the emperor alive not your mod?

that has changed over the years ... I was last active with Oblivion like in 2012, so I seem to recall back then it was an amazing combo of mods but wasn't KR an esm back then and didn't have a pre-invasion city and my memory had it that you had set KR to fully rebuilt as a solution? Or is my memory as shot out as it seems?

I know I'm using your mod off label to be a main quest never happening kind of thing. As it is right now AB with KR is the only way to do that. That I'm aware of. Incredible mod synergy with that.

OK this is a TIE thread so TIE related question... the sewers under the IC? That sound extensive and it has been way too long for me to recall them. ICExpand, if you never tried it, is an amazing mod that builds the IC downward into subterranean levels under each city section. Doubtful they conflict and I can only imagine that what would be the case is maybe sharing an entrance - unless TIE is all sewer specific manholes. Or that if one were to think about it that they would occupy the same space even if in separate world spaces.

Thanks man. Thanks for what you do.

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In short, KR provides the pre-invasion city. AB with the Kvatch Intact module provides the emperor being alive until you reach the fame trigger, at which point he will get assassinated as per the usual. Nothing obligates you to follow along with that though. He has no AI beyond the throne room really, plus his 2 guards.

For the TIE sewers, I'd honestly need to go in and look at what all it adds down there because it's been forever since I last checked. There should be no functional issue with ICExpand as long as it isn't trying to make extensive edits to the same places. It may even be a happy accident and they're entirely compatible, I just can't tell you one way or the other.

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I'll let you know about the sewers if I find an issue, but I don't expect one ... knock on wood.

So if AB provides the emperor alive. Then why does KR provide a throne? And is it a thrown room separate from the giant round table conference room on the first floor?  Kind of like three mods affecting this, just trying to get clarification.

The fame trigger I imagine can be changed via edit or is is a script I'd need to adjust?

thanks again.

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KR doesn't provide a throne. AB does through the Kvatch Intact module, and obviously TIE provides one too. The throne is in the room above the council chamber.

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Well that is where TIE places a throne I'm confused.

where does AB place the throne?

Edited by Psymon
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In exactly the same position in the same room.

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But then he doesn't use it if Alternative Beginings is loaded. I'm gonna have to check that out later.

OK thanks man

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And the answer to the above question is a resounding YES.

There is a throne provided by both TIE and Alternative Beginnings. He seems to sit in either throne (which don't seem to have even similar FormID #s). Which shows is whichever one is loaded later.

Arthmoor do you recommend one over the other as load order winner? I imagine AB for the winner As TIE an overhaul. Currently in my game TIE loads later,  but not attached to that. It seems that he doesn't have a guard next to him if TIE is loaded later, so I will try the other way around.

Here is a screen shot of the ... not sure the word both Catholic Altars and Thrones sit upon.... a dias of sorts. Two on top of each other. When viewed from below it shows as AB with refscope and when viewed from above TIE. That screenshot taken when ~tcl between both floors.

I realize you said this above, but it wasn't clear as when I looked from below, seemed all AB and when I looked above all TIE,

Edited by Psymon
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