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Bright-Scales Follower 2.1


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About This File

Bright-Scales, the oddly-colored protagonist of my currently-unfinished quest mod project for Oblivion, Vampires Guild, is visiting Skyrim. He can be found in Winterhold staying at the Frozen Hearth Inn.


Completing his short quest will allow you to take Bright as a follower. The young vampire boasts a leveling Vampiric Drain spell and a hood for sunny weather, and he'll also cast the Muffle spell on himself when he begins to sneak. In combat, Bright can summon powerful atronachs and uses strong defensive spells, such as healing, armor spells, and wards, though his Destruction magic -- ice and lightning spells -- is somewhat on the weaker side. If a vampire follower isn't to your liking, Bright can be persuaded to cure himself.


Bright has unique dialogue spliced together from existing voice assets, and has location and set piece commentary as a follower, as well as a little ambient dialogue about his trade and current goings-on in Skyrim when spoken to when not following.


As he uses a vanilla voice, Bright is integrated into Dawnguard and Hearthfire content (though he cannot be made a steward), but as Keith Silverstein did not return for Dragonborn, Bright cannot make use of any Dragonborn-specific dialogue.


Bright can be married if you wish; he simply needs to be taken as a follower once. Although in Vampires Guild's story Bright was homosexual, here he can be married by either sex.


There's a compatibility file for Change Follower Outfits included in the download.

What's New in Version 2.1


  • 1.1 -- changed Bright's voice type to MaleCondescending, and created new, unique follower dialogue for him.
  • 1.2 -- made some tweaks to Bright's maximum level and inventory; Bright now has an actual AI schedule and a grave for if he dies; corrected an error where Bright's commentary was overriding Dawnguard's edits and therefore breaking Serana's commentary.
  • 1.2.1 -- hotfix for accidental doubling of Bright's inventory when Change Follower Outfits file was loaded.
  • 1.2.2 -- *punches Papyrus* Hotfix'd the hotfix.
  • 1.3 -- added ambient dialogue for Bright
  • 1.3.1 -- made an improvement to Bright's hood script to quell potential log errors and also made it more responsive; continued tweaking Bright's inventory -- he can spawn with a staff now; corrected the lack of a radius on one part of Bright's multi-location sandbox package
  • 1.3.1a -- changed the follower control quest's alias fill type from "external alias reference" to "unique actor" to quash an irritating vanilla bug where the matched alias would not match an alias in a start game-enabled quest when a new game was started until the game was reloaded; the practical effects of this bug was that Bright would not use his follower hellos nor cast Muffle on himself in new games
  • Version 1.3.2 -- added two new dungeon entrance commentaries, so Bright now has a unique comment for every dungeon type; Change Follower Outfits compatibility synched to Change Follower Outfits version 1.5
  • Version 1.3.2a -- synched file to Unofficial Skyrim Patch version 2.0.5
  • Version 1.3.2b -- moved Bright's grave to comply with Bring Out Your Dead
  • Version 2.0 -- added a simple radiant-styled quest for Bright that is a prerequisite for taking him as a follower; lowered Bright's minimum and maximum level to bring him in line with other non-faction followers; added the ability to convince Bright to cure himself of his vampirism
  • Version 2.1 -- gave Bright glowing eyes, courtesy of Lorelai

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