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Anvil Castle Far_Nif for Better Cities 1.0

About This File

Requires: Better Cities 5.3 or later



This is the "far" nif for new keep mesh I created for Anvil Castle as seen in Better Cities. A friend requested this, and it's been on my lengthy "to do" list for a while, so here it is. With this mesh installed the main keep will no longer "pop out" when you get a certain distance away, instead you will see this "far" nif in place of the high-detail mesh.


Unzip into your Oblivion install directory and run TES4LODGen, without that program you will see no change in game.

Tools used:




Bethesda for creating Oblivion

The NifTools team for creating Nifskope

Everybody who's worked on Blender and the Nif scripts.

Vorians and Ismelda for allowing me to make additions to Better Cities, and for appreciating my work.

Everybody at AFK Mods for their time and support, both technical and personal - hopefully you know who you are.


This nif was created as a patch for Better Cities, do not upload it anywhere else, in any form, without my express permission.

Bugs: Possibly - I am uploading after 3am. If you mfind one message me at Oblivion Nexus or AFK Mods, or the official Bethesda Forum and I WILL get back to you.

What's New in Version 1.0


  • 1.0 Initial Release

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