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Beach Body - Skin Tanning & Paling, and Overlay Fading 1.0.0

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About This File

Your characters skin will tan or turn paler overtime, depending on if you're in the sunight or not. Body overlays will fade overtime while in the sunlight, unless you're wearing clothing over the overlay, in which case the overlay's visibility can be set to increase. For example a tan line overlay underneath a bikini. ESL Flagged.

Additional Screenshots

Due to AFKMod's rules, I've removed the original screenshots. You can easily find them via Google ;)

I couldn't get all of the screenshots to display in the correct order, so here are the screenshots of the MCM settings:

Announcements/Discussion/Support Topic
Feel free to add comments directly to this file, this is just a dedicated topic:


Optional - Recommended

Load Order
Load after Requirements.


Mod Overview
Here's an overview of the mod's features. Also, don't forget to checkout the video below!

  • Race/Sex Support - All races & sexes are supported, not just High Elves! I just haven't gotten around to taking those screenshots yet.
  • Skin Tanning - Skin will slowly tan while in the sunlight (rate configurable), until it reaches the Skin Tanning Limit in the Settings.
    • TIP: If you're playing as a Vampire, you could disable Tanning altogether!
  • Skin Paling - Skin will slowly become paler while not in the sunlight (rate configurable), until it reaches the Skin Paling Limit in the Settings.
  • Body Overlays - Body overlays such as tan line overlays can be configured to fade away while in direct sunlight, or increase in opacity if you're wearing clothing over them.
    • Note that at the moment, the armor/clothing detection is very basic, so not all armor/clothing is supported. See Planned Features below for more info.
    • Any body overlay you've added in RaceMenu is supported by this mod. You can even enable tattoos such that they slowly fade away in the sunlight too.
    • Highly recommend Sunstarved - Tanlines for UUNP and CBBE - Racemenu Overlays - Special Edition for tan line overlays.
    • Perhaps someone will make some more tan line overlays in the future, which more closely match various different clothing. If you know how to do this yourself, you could add a custom tan line overlay specifically for your worn clothing, and enable it in the settings.
  • Animation/Scene Support - Skin color & overlay opacities do change during animations and scenes (Ostim for example)!
  • Import/Export - Ability to Import/Export your Settings & Overlays between saves. I recommend manually backing up your export file after exporting it.

Planned Features

  • Info page to list current Weather, Skin Tanning & Skin Paling value, and other information.
  • Separate min/max change sliders for Tanning & Paling. (Thanks Jazzfrezi!)
  • Ability to select a lower/higher value for the Min/Max Change sliders. (Thanks Glarthon!)
  • Better armor/clothing detection when in the sunlight. Right now, as long as the armor/clothing is attached to the body slot, it will work. I'm planning to add a way to designate the different body overlays as covering the top/bottom, etc, and to be able to mark/unmark clothing as covering the top/bottom (and possibly have the option to pull this info from other mods like The New Gentlemen & Modesty Animations for example)
  • Face, Hands, and Feet overlay support. Right now only Body overlays are supported.
  • Sunburn visual effects, as well as buffs/debuffs.
    • Sunscreen/sunblock/suncream?
  • Option to invert body overlay changes, including for sunburns. (Thanks Glarthon!)
  • Option for shorter lived overlays, including for sunburns. (Thanks Glarthon!)
  • Option to increase the tanning rate when exploring Hammerfell in the the Gray Cowl mod. (Thanks abelyo!)
  • Follower & NPC Support
  • Improvements to sunlight detection.


Should be compatible with everything!
However, I've made a list of any mods which use effects/overlays, that I or other users have confirmed are compatible.
Please see here for the list.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) & Common Issues

Please read this

Known Issue

  • The mod keeps track of your original skin color, so that you can reset it back to its original color. However, when changing some color sliders in RaceMenu, it can be unintentionally updated. There doesn't appear to be a way to only update it when the "Skin Tone" slider is changed, so, in the meantime, I recommend that after you've changed any colors in RaceMenu, that you go to the "Skin Tone" slider on the "Body" tab, and just open it and then press accept to refresh it. This will only be a problem for you if you edit your character in RaceMenu and change certain colors. Changes to body overlay colors shouldn't require you to refresh the skin color.

Video Demonstration
To demonstrate the skin tanning & tan lines slowly fading away over time, I had my character stand still for 1 hour (real time).
I split it up into "3 days". Each day starts at around 11am - 6pm
I used the default mod settings in the video, and I also use a timescale of 10.

Mod Setup

  • 1/ Add Body Overlays in RaceMenu (If you already have the body overlays you want to use you can skip this part and go to 2/)
    • Add some body overlays to your character in RaceMenu (tip: type the tilde (~) key to access the Console, then type showracemenu, then go to the "Body Paint" tab and add some overlays. Once done, save your character).
    • If the Body Paint tab is empty, or to change the amount of paints/overlays you can use, you'll need to edit the "skee64.ini" file provided by RaceMenu. I recommend making a copy of this file, and adding it to a new empty mod in your load order (ensuring it loads after RaceMenu), and then making your changes to that file.
    • In the "skee64.ini" file, find these lines:
      • Quote

        [Overlays/Body] ; "Body [Ovl#]" and "Body [SOvl#]"; Determines how many body overlays there should be

        iNumOverlays=6 ; Default[6]

        iSpellOverlays=1 ; Default[1]


    • The default should be 6. To change the number of allowed overlays, change "iNumOverlays" to something else, e.g. iNumOverlays=10 or iNumOverlays=20
    • Note that this mod doesn't add any body overlays of its own. You'll need another mod for that. For tan line overlays, download this mod
  • 2/ Go to Mod Configuration Menu (MCM) -> Beach Body
  • 3/ Click the "Player - Body Overlays" page and make sure your overlays appear. If they don't, double check they were added in RaceMenu. If it still doesn't show, please open a bug report.
    • You can ignore the greyed out overlays that say "default.dds". Those are just overlays in RaceMenu that haven't been customized.
    • Click the empty box next to the overlay names to enable them. You can also manually change their current opacities on the right side of the page.
  • 4/ Go to the "Player - Enabled Body Overlays". Here you will be able to tweak enabled body overlays further. You can set a minimum & maximum opacity, and whether you want the opacity to increase if you're wearing armor/clothing over the overlay (while in sunlight). Enabled by default.This is useful if for example you want a tan line overlay's opacity to increase while wearing a bikini over it (while in sunlight). Note as I mentioned above, this detection is very basic at the moment and won't work for all armor/clothing.
  • 5/ Go to the "Settings" page. I recommend keeping the default settings for Min Update Time, and the Min/Max Changes settings, but you can set them higher if you just want to test the mod works. You can then go back into the Beach Body MCM, lower the settings, and reset your player's skin color / overlay opacities.
  • 6/ Once you're happy with the settings, I recommend going to the "Import/Export" page, and exporting your settings. Your exported settings can be found at "Documents\My Games\Skyrim Special Edition\JCUser\Beach Body\settings.json". I recommend manually backing up this file as well.
  • 7/ If you ever add or remove any overlays in RaceMenu, please make sure you go into the "Player - Body Overlays" & "Player - Enabled Body Overlays" mod pages to make sure everything looks correct.
  • 8/ Enjoy!



  • Translation files are available in the mod, but no translations have been made yet.
  • Translation files can be found in the mod's folder at "Interface\Translations"
    • I think I've added all the languages that are supported by the game, so please let me know if one is missing.
  • If you're a translator, feel free to translate the mod, and you can even upload your translation as your own mod (requiring this mod). I'll include the translation in a future update, credit you, and link to your mod. Your mod's translation will take priority.
    • I forgot to mention in the translation files that there are a few other strings that aren't translatable yet. Those are the page names on the left side of the MCM menus. Apart from those and a couple of error messages, everything else is translatable.

Mods used in Screenshots/Videos



Edited by RaddusX

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