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Ever wonder where Honningbrew Meadery gets their honey? Bet you never quite gave it much thought, figuring it had to come from somewhere. The only problem is that the sole source of honey is at Golden Glow Estate and you know Maven isn't likely to give that up. This little mod takes care of the issue by making some room in front of the Honningbrew Boilery for 5 bee hives. That's it. Simple.

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Flagged as ESL.

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Not sure how to describe it but getting close to or fast traveling to Honning Brew Meadery - it uses the distant LOD model on top of the up close building model. I think its the distant LOD buidling model, it remains and doesnt disappear. I can walk through the low res building to find the door and walls of the normal building? Any idea what could be causing the issue? Removing the mod from a save that has already used the mod doesnt remove the glitched building, have to use a save before install and use.

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On 6/13/2022 at 9:52 PM, CyborgArmGun said:

Noticed a visual bug, which I've now fixed. It reflectively Affected ALL beehives if not fixed.

Changing the linked rechords of SSKBeehive to the original BYOHBYOHApiary from hearthfires fixes this issue.



Bee Hives fixed.7z 26.42 kB · 15 downloads

Good catch. I experienced the same when using Seasons. Since I didn't want to spend any time solving it I just created a specific ini for these bee hives to prevent them from being winterized. Your fix is a lot better. Thank you for sharing!

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