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Imperial Military Camps 1.0.0

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About This File

Did you ever notice when you visit Imperial military camps (almost) all the equipment you see laying about, is almost entirely steel , and not standard imperial kit? Probably not, or maybe you might have. In any event, I did, so I decided to do something about it.

Format: ESL
What does this file does. 
1) Replaces all the STEEL gear sitting about the Imperial camps (only) with actual Imperial weapons and armor items (where possible). (not knives).
3) Related to #1, minor placement and position tweaks for most the items replaced in #1. Vanilla placement in the camps, is not that good but you tend not to notice being background clutter. But, like so many other places in this game, placement in the camps is a rather sloppy.
3) Simplifies both the Imperial AND Stormcloak vendors inventory to carry a much more basic, and suitable selection of items. Quartermasters itemization (both sides) frankly, does not make a lot of sense given the circumstances.


The only thing this could conflict with, is any kind of CW camp overhauls. I am not aware of any, but the odds of something conflicting should be minimal. You can always adjust the files position up or down if you dont see the intended change(s).
Safe to uninstall: Yes. The changes are very simple, and can be added in, or reverted at any time.


I consider this a bug-fix\modders resource so feel free to include it in whatever file you wish. With credit please. 
Do not release entirely separate versions that are 99% identical, but with some stupid little detail changed that happens to trigger random user X. 
Language versions do not require any permissions from me.

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Hello Author, thank you for the mod, added immerzion is welcome! I noticed i got error with this mod while running DynDoLod.

Unresolved FormID [FE0CB800]
Error in Imperial Military Camps.esp CWQuartermasterChestImperial "Chest"

When i go in with SSEEdit i see there's record with same kind of message saying something like "could not be resolved", so when i removed that record error went away.

Does any of this make sense? Could you confirm and if i'm wrong remove this message.


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