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Modifications to general landscaping.

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  1. Trails Of Cyrodiil Complete

    Trails Of Cyrodiil Complete
    In the real world, it's common to find foot trails through the wilderness. These often
    begin as game trails made by wildlife, and over time grow into foot paths as humans
    use them. Eventually, with enough use, they may become trails or proper roads.
    In Cyrodiil we see none of this. There is a basic road network, but no wilderness trails.
    There are many wide open wilderness areas with no paths of any kind. Out of the way
    places such as abandoned forts would logically have had established trails at one time,
    degraded by now for sure, but still there to find. 


    This is an overhaul of the Trails mods created by Malachi Delacot. It is my attempt to
    improve things, while staying true to the original theme. Trails Of Cyrodiil Complete is
    a single merged plugin that incorporates all of the previously separate Trails mods. 
    It adds wilderness trails through many areas in the game. Giving a more realistic way
    to reach many places that previously were simply cut off. There are basic tent camps
    along some of the routes, with a simple sleeping mat, fire, and something to sit on.
    These are ideal for resting up after that long dusty hike.
    Routes have been altered from the original mods in key areas to avoid mod conflicts
    wherever possible. Better Cities and the UL mods were the primary concern, but other
    mods were taken into consideration also. Path grids have been added along the entire
    length of all trails. This means they are now companion friendly. Landscaping has seen
    some improvements, but not too much. Just smoothing some of the jagged places.
    New extensions have been added in places where Forts or Ruins were near enough to
    the original trails to make this logical. Many of these places are inhabited by something.
    Going to and fro creates a path over time. Bushes which previously marked trail heads
    have been replaced by small rock cairns. Signs have been added at intersections and
    other logical locations. These point to nearby cities and towns, fort ruins, mines, and
    even the major vanilla roads.

    This mod is considered to be in BETA form.  
    While it is playable at this stage, building, testing, and bug fixing are still actively in
    progress. The main purpose for uploading at this point in time is to gain the benefit
    of more eyes on. And hopefully garner feedback.
    For those interested in testing something that is in development, and willing to give
    honest constructive criticism, Welcome.


    Many. This file is comprised of several previously separate trails. Below is an outline of
    what areas are touched.

    Bleaker's Way - The name says it all. Adds a trail into the village from the Silver Road. 
    Central - Adds a new multi branched path across the South Central portion of Cyrodiil.
    The main path stretches from just south of Skingrad all the way to just outside Bravil.
    Roughly half way along that route, another path branches off North and connects to
    the Red Ring Road at Lake Rumare.
    East - Adds a new path from Cheydinhal which winds SouthEast through the Valus Mtns
    all the way over to Malada.
    SouthEast - Adds a new path taking off from Malada where the East trail ends. Works
    it's way South by SE all the way down to Blankenmarch near Leyawiin.
    West - Adds a new path with several branches leading West from Chorrol. One route
    South from Chorrol to Skingrad. Another path branches off from that and heads West
    branching again to connect with Kvatch near Gottshaw Inn.  
    NorthWest - Adds a new path across the Colovian Highlands. Starts from Atrene Camp
    just above Anvil. Heads NorthEast following the Brena River and meanders along the
    highlands all the way to Hermaeus Mora's Shrine.
    North Short Cut - Provides a quicker route between Bruma and Cheydinhal by adding a
    new path from Fort Horunn over to the Silver Road.


    Oblivion patched to 1.2.0416


    1. Extract to your Oblivion Data folder either manually or using the mod manager of
        your choice. 
    2. Set load order and play. 

    Load Order

    Suggest using BOSS to set load order. This file is already recognized.


    There is now a separate file in the download containing newly created compatibility patches. All
    include detailed read-me files with load order instructions. Be sure to read them. Some of the
    patches are already included in the BOSS Masterlist. The rest will be added in soon. It's likely
    there will be more added. I've covered what I knew about from user comments and my testing.

    Mod Conflicts That Have Been Patched:

    Better Fort Dirich
    Better Fort Doublecross
    Better Fort Naso
    Billsburg (English v1.5.esp. Need to download the "Billsburg english 1_41" folder)
    Dark Anchor Dolmens
    Elsweyr Anequina
    Fighters Guild Quests
    HESU Apple Hot Springs (To be released with HESU updates)
    HESU Fairmere Village  (To be released with HESU updates)
    Plentiful Priories
    Roads Of Cyrodiil
    Shadowcrest Vineyard
    Sutch Village
    UL Ancient Redwoods
    UL Brena River Ravine
    UL Cloudtop Mountains
    UL Colovian Highlands
    UL Eastern Peaks
    UL River Ethe
    Verona House: Bloodlines

    Mod Conflicts that have been eliminated:
    Better Cities, UL Bravil Barrowfields, UL Cheydinhal Falls, UL Fallenleaf Everglade, UL The
    Heath, UL Panther River, UL Skingrad Outskirts, UL Snowdale, Knights of the Nine Revelations,
    HESU White Rose River, Settlements of Cyrodiil - White Rose Farm, Lilyvale Town, UL Chorrol
    Hinterland (and the Better Cities version of Chorrol Hinterland). 

    Things I am on the fence about:
    DLC Battlehorn Castle: There is a trail portion which runs just a short distance above the DLC
    location. I really, really want to add a connector spur which links this trail with the Black Road
    where it dead ends in the vanilla game. Unfortunately Battlehorn Castle makes cell edits much
    farther out than is actually necessary. So I can't quite link them without knowingly creating yet
    another conflict. I've run a trail spur in the direction of the Black Road...but cut it short for now.


    Bethesda                 - for Oblivion and the CS
    Tes4Edit                  - for cleaning the dirt from my mods
    LHammonds           - for the read-me generator this file was based on
    Malachi Delacot      - for the Trails of Cyrodiil mods, and allowing me to transform them  
    Lougian                    - for the small rock cairns from "Various Resources"  
    Me                            - for design and creation of the mod as it currently exists

    Legal Stuff

    Please do not upload these files to any other sites without my consent.




  2. The Hesu Mod Collection

    The Hesu Mod Collection
    The Hesu mods came to my attention via a screenshot posted by Dennywood in late 2014. It was
    an image of what I now know to be "The Ogre Den" in White Rose River. I was captivated from the
    first moment and had to see for myself. The plugins, four packs of them, were on a Japanese mod
    site, posted by an author known only as HESU. They were practically unknown in the English mod
    community at that time. 

    There was little descriptive information aside from a very brief read-me in Japanese. And equally
    brief text lines on the download site. Another community member translated for me, and delight, 
    the author gave permission to enhance and redistribute so long as the proper credits were given.
    Over the next few months I made repeated attempts through the Japanese community to make
    personal contact anyway. By all accounts HESU had already long since departed the mod scene
    by the time Denny had first posted her screenshot. By April 2015 I uploaded the original Japanese
    plugins to Nexus and the Marathon had begun.

    Six years later, with countless hours of work put in, here we still are. 15 plugins fully translated to
    English. At first with help from folks like WalkerInShadows. After a few plugins, solo. Pages of bugs
    squashed, even more pages of compatibility patches created. What a journey, and near the end.   


    The Hesu Mod Collection includes 15 amazing plugins which are primarily landscape mods. They also
    contain small settlements, creatures, and NPCs. Each of the mods overhauls, and indeed transforms a
    specific region of the game.  
    What makes them outstanding is the use of strictly Oblivion and Shivering Isles material. The creative
    ways in which the vanilla items are used is masterful. Please read the brief description for each plugin,
    and see the included screen shots, to get a better idea of what each does. There is also a cell grid map
    available which shows the in-game footprint for all plugins. It can be viewed in the screenshot section
    or downloaded from the files tab.
    Download section contains four packages. The main English plugins, compatibility patches, the original
    Japanese plugins, and a cell grid map. The original plugins are here for posterity. While they are fully
    playable, there are many bugs and no compatibility support for them.
    Current Status
    Updated to version 1.5 on 11/13/21. Version number is for the series as a whole. All bug reports that
    were outstanding from the old Nexus page have now been addressed. All conflict reports from the
    old Nexus page have now been patched. 
    HESU is now FULLY COMPATIBLE with Unique Landscapes.

    Download File Contents


    1. Apple Hot Springs - (HESU5 AppleOnsen). This plugin makes edits in and around Bleakers Way.
    Contains exterior hot springs with streams and waterfalls running down into the village.

     2. The Hell Lands - (HESU5 JigokuDani). This plugin transforms a large area West and Northwest from
    Hermaeus Moras shrine. Turns the snowy mountain terrain into a series of sulfurous pools. 

    3. The Poison Swamp - (HESU5 PoisonNuma). This plugin overhauls landscaping for a large portion of
    the Blackwood Forest due East of Blankenmarch. Extends from Fort Blueblood to roughly Onyx Caverns.
    4. Skyrim Temple - (HESU4 SkyrimSinden). This plugin adds Skyrim themed nord ruin structures in the
    mountains North of Sedor Ayleid Ruins, which spread East and West along the ridge. Vast majority of
    this plugin is interior cells.

    5. Gnoll Mountain - (HESU5 EudaBear). While there is a bear in the mod, the name didn't translate to
    anything. Gnoll Mountain better describes the area that this mod edits. Adds a village, trails, hotsprings
    which range from base of Gnoll Mountain to the Frostcrag area.

    6. SmokeTown - (Name unchanged). This plugin adds a village and landscaping in the mountains NW of
    Cheydinhal. Starts from Lake Arrius and spread to Azura's Shrine area. Lots of little gullies filled with mist,
    hence the "Smoke Town" moniker.
    7. Valenwood Mine - (Name unchanged).  As the name would imply, this plugin adds a large Mine complex.
    Edits start Southeast of Kvatch Mesa near Mortal Camp and spread all the way to the Strid River cliffs on the
    Valenwood side, which is where the mine is located.

    8. Great Forest Gorge - (HESU4 GaraGara). The name doesn't translate to anything in English, changed
    to reflect what the mod actually does. This plugin is focused around massive landscaping which adds a gorge
    and swift mountain stream. There are settlements along the length of the gorge. Edits start from Piukanda
    at the top and run downhill to Fort Empire on the Red Ring Road where the creek empties into Lake Rumare.

    9. Shipton - (HESU4 NomutonMura). The original name translates roughly to Sheep Village, which makes
    sense considering what you find there, but sounds silly. Shipton is an Old English name which means pretty
    much the same thing, and at least to me, fits better. This plugin overhauls an area between Anvil and Kvatch.
    It adds settlements which hold a deep, dark secret.

    10. Dive Rock - (Name unchanged). This plugin edits just what the name suggests. It adds a  stream,
    heavy landscaping, and settlements. Edits start North of Cheydinhal near Walker Camp and spread uphill all
    the way to the Dive Rock area.

    11. Seaside Settlement - (HESU5 IsobeGyoson). This plugin adds extensive landscaping changes along the
    Strid River that wrap around near Anvil Castle. Includes a scenic fishing themed village and some underwater

    12. Koyo Town - (Name unchanged). It doesn't really translate in English, I liked the sound of it and couldn't
    come up with anything better. This plugin adds significant landscaping and a rather large village along the
    Orange Road. Edits start near Fort Coldcorn and spread uphill all the way to Moranda.

    13. Wolf's Borough - (HESU5 GFBedTown). After very thorough investigation I was unable to find any internal
    references that explained the original name. What I did find was that almost all of the CS references in the mod
    begin with the prefix "ookuma" or "Wolf". This includes some of the NPCs. Hence the new name. This plugin
    adds a small town beside the Gold Road, along with a good deal of wetlands themed landscaping. 

    14. White Rose River - (HESU5 GreenRoad). As the former name suggests, this plugin adds a settlement of
    sorts along the Green Road. However, the far larger portion of this mod is focused on completely overhauling
    landscaping along the entire length of the White Rose River. This includes various ruined structures, a gorge
    complete with a large scale Ogre's Den, and a large Ayleid Ruin on the shore of Lake Rumare. 
    15. Fairmere Village - (HESU5 UraraMura). This one just didn't translate well. Urara is a girls name which kind
    of equates to "pretty". Pretty Village sounded a little off to me. Fairmere, another Old English name meaning fair
    view, or pretty view if you will, sounds better. This plugin adds settlements and extensive landscaping to a large
    area North of White Rose River and Fort Roebeck.


    Oblivion patched to 1.2.0416
    Shivering Isles - All the plugins use SI content so you will need it installed.


    1. Extract to your Oblivion Data folder either manually or using the mod manager of your choice.
    2. Set load order and play

    Load Order

    Suggest using BOSS to set load order. All of the plugins (original and updated versions), as well as
    compatibility patches, have been added to the Masterlist.  


    As can be expected with any large scale landscape series, there are a number of mod conflicts. That
    is simply the nature of covering so much ground in a mod packed game world. Compatibility patches
    for every known conflict are available in the download.
    A compatibility patch for The Ayleid Steps can be found here.
    A compatibility patch for Water 17 can be found here. 
    A compatibility patch for Fall Hair Wig Shop can be found here.

    Reported Conflicts - Patches Coming Soon

    None at this time

    Conflicts I Will Not Be Patching

    1. Frostcrag Reborn + HESU Gnoll Mountain

    Unfortunately Frostcrag Reborn makes the tower and associated structures cover a much
    larger parcel of land. The tower, house, and large slice of mountain sit directly above the hot
    springs bathing pool from HESU. I'm just going to surrender on this one.
    HESU is compatible, via patches, with DLC Frostcrag and the Frostcrag Village mod. 

    2. Reaper's The Dark Tower + HESU Dive Rock

    This is a complete overlap of the Coldstone area. Due to the enormous landscape differences
    between the two mods, they just can't be merged. This is a case of users needing to choose.


    Bethesda                 - for Oblivion and the CS.
    LHammonds            - for the Readme Generator this file was based on.
    HESU                      - for doing a fantastic job creating the original mods
    Vorians                    - for taking time out to create the Cell Grid Map
    WalkerInShadows   - for the priceless assistance with translations
    Vrugdush                - for testing and feedback with Fairmere related patches 
    me                           - for translation, bug fixing, and lots of patching

    Legal Stuff

    The original author listed the original Japanese plugins as free to use with proper credits. In keeping with
    that you may use those plugins if you wish. They are available. However will require a good deal of work.

    The heavily edited English versions, and nearly all of the compatibility patches, are my derivitive works.
    Please do not upload them to other sites or otherwise use without my consent.
    Community members are free to create compatibility patches if they choose to. I have no problem with folks
    making patches on their own. Use basic courtesy and contact me so I can link to your patch. That's all I ask.  




  3. AFK_IC Temple Cleanup

    Cleans up the Imperial City Temple District a month after the events of the main quest, restoring the burnt trees and ripped-up streets to their former glory.
    Includes a version for users of Let the People Drink.




  4. Roads of Cyrodiil

    This mod adds some new roads to the game along with some new bridges to connect them together when the roads cross the Niben or Lake Rumare. It is intended to make travel just a bit easier to manage, especially when accessing the Imperial City island. You no longer have to go clear around to the Weye bridge just to keep dry. Two lesser roads are added to the Imperial Reserve and Great Forest to make travel between Chorrol, Anvil, and Skingrad easier to manage.
    This is a combination mod composed of New Roads & Bridges, originally written by Ukrr, and West Roads, originally written by mariedanj. With additional modifications and additions by myself.
    Specifically, the following is added:
    A road from the south end of Imperial Isle, along the east outer wall of the Arcane University that connects across the lake with the Red Ring Road, not too far east of Pell's Gate.
    A road from the north end of the Imperial City that goes around the prison to the east. It then splits from there.
    One fork heads north across a bridge and meets the Red Ring Road just west of the Ayleid ruin Sercen. This extends the Silver Road down to the Imperial City.
    The other fork goes east across a small bridge and passes along the south side of Fort Urasek, where it meets the Red Ring Road at the intersection with the Blue Road to Cheydinhal. This extends the Blue Road west up to the entry to the Market District of the Imperial City.
    A road which originates just west of Cropsford and runs southwest past Cullote to the Niben, where a large bridge spans the river. On the other side, the road contiues south to the Green Road a bit north of Bravil.
    The little stubby road to Faregyl is extended all the way west to the Gold Road just east of Skingrad. An inn is situated halfway between the two endpoints along this road. Appropriately called Halfway Inn.
    A trail that extends from the road intersection outside of Kvatch on the Gold Road down to the east wall of Anvil at Fort Strand.
    A short extension of road over a new bridge from the east side of the small island north of Leyawiin's Oblivion gate, past the Amelion family tomb, and meeting the Yellow Road right outside of Blankenmarch.
    A trail from the Silver Road into the hills conecting Bleaker's Way with the rest of civilization.
    A short road linking Border Watch with the Green Road.
    A road that joins the Gold Road, about halfway between Anvil and Kvatch. This road crosses the high country in the Imperial Reserve, joining the Black Road west of Chorrol. This road was originally part of West Roads.
    A road which joins the Gold Road north of Skingrad crossing the Great Forest. It connects to the Black Road east of Chorrol. This is the other road which was originally part of West Roads. I have added to this with a trail that breaks off to Hackdirt, and another which breaks off and leads to Brindle Home.

    Several new road markers have been placed along the roads to help guide the way.




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