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Molapi is a small village built on the island just north of the city of Leyawiin. There you will find a small group of Argonians and Khajiit who are making the best of poor living conditions and oppression from the nearby city. Tensions are high, and there is an uneasy peace which is not being helped by the city watchman assigned to patrol the area.

The name Molapi was actually plucked from an unofficial map of the area that had been created by a community member, which listed the Niben River as the River Molapi - supposedly deriving from old Elsweyr maps. As seen here: http://www.imperial-...oyb_elsweyr.jpg

There is a quest included, which will only trigger some time after you've spoken to the village residents. Just visit once in awhile and it will start, unless the local city watch guard has been killed before the timer runs out. Be careful with your decisions during the quest - it has multiple outcomes and not all of them may be considered favorable to you.

What's New in Version 1.0.2


Corrected conditions in dialogue that were blocking one of the post quest responses.


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This one didn't do much for me. Extremely small village; hard to justify taking up a load order slot for a few shacks and some sheep. Also it has a major conflict with Emma's Leyawiin Lake House mod, which is precisely in the same spot. The two can't be used together and no one ever created a patch. I like many of his other mods, but this one doesn't seem like much time or creativity was put into it. Same is true of Reedstand & Vergayun. I guess if you don't have a tight load order, you could stick these in, but not worth it in my opinion. Don't bother trying to merge them to save slots; it totally messes up their AI, pathgridding & landscapes.

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