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ThadDLCAdditionsLakeview SSE 1.0.0


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this is not mine, i just ported it,

the original is from the steam workshop for LE made by elizabethjacksonhall


Additions to Lakeview DLC is the companion mod to Additions to Lakeview. It offers unique custom storage for the Black Books and Elder Scrolls, the otherwise undroppable quest items of the DLC`s, as well as for the additional Dragon Priest masks and loot. It is simply added to you mod list; it does not replace Additions to Lakeview.

It requires Hearthfires, Dawnguard and Dragonborn, and SKSE is highly recommended. Additions to Lakeview is also Highly recommended, as the Dragon Priest masks storage and Dragon Elder Scroll Storage is dependent on the parent mod. However, the Black Book display and Elder Scrolls (Sun and Blood) display could be used on their own. So `fill yer boots!

It is most likely compatible with other interior Lakeview mods depending on which rooms they change. This one only changes the main upstairs hall, and you can choose to build as many or as few pieces as you choose. It is designed to work with Additions to Lakeview.

The elements are built on a custom workbench located just inside the upstairs children`s or steward`s room. It is toggled to the bench at the bottom of the stairs, and will be removed along with it when the Player so wishes.

Cleaned with TESEdit (fabulous program)


Edited by Burning_Dwarf
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