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Gentesters Bridge Farm SE 1.0.0

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Bridge Farm by Gentester

A small fortified enclosed smallholding near Dragonbridge on the Morthal Road, not far from Meeko's shack. Requires Hearthfire DLC

sleeps 2 children and 3 followers. 

Purchasable - read the sign by the gate.
If you want to move your children to the house then you MUST use TMPhoenix's Multiple Adoptions mod https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrimspecialedition/mods/3862
  which also takes care of the spouse moving in and ensures that the spouse sleeps in the master bed and sandboxes correctly both indoors and outside the rest of the time. If not using the the adoption mod then it’s just a spare bedroom with some toys 

Small building in the exterior world space for your followers, your children will sleep inside the main house but will move freely between the interior and the garden.

Kitchen, dining and lounging area. 2 upper shelving units and an area of counter near the dining table are player operated bookcases and can store 126 books. There is a sink with running water and it has plenty of themed hidden storage for food items, there are also 3 weapon racks. Downstairs the house has a small office/storage area with 9 chests and two warm and cosy bedrooms, one of which has 2 weapon racks. There are no mannequins.

Stabling for horses, Milkable cows (just mouse over and click e – the cows won’t tell you they can be milked and it looks best if you don’t have a shield equiped), the animation sometimes has the cows kicking the bucket over but it generally works more often than not, I suspect cows kick buckets over all the time in real life. Our three Highland Cattle produce a Jug of Milk (the same one as produced in the Hearthfire houses and for sale at some stores) and Bridge Farm Cream daily.
Honey and honeycomb can be collected on an occasional basis using the same models as the Hearthfire homes. 50 hearthfire planting mounds to grow and harvest exactly what you want.

Greenhouse with more planting mounds and with enchanting and alchemy areas and bookcases for magical tomes. Harvestable apple trees
The grain mill can be used. Two butter churns, one in the dairy and one in the house, both of which will produce butter on an occasional basis.

The smithing area is adjacent to the house, with other crafting needs accommodated on the walkway and deck area including a large storage chest. From the end of the walkway Solitude can just be seen in the distance.
Underneath the walkway is an outside washroom with sink, shower and toilet.
Further along is the dairy and cold store area where the harvest is stored before going to market and there is chilled storage to keep the milk and cream fresh. 

The entire farm is walled, with the cows and goats separate from the vegetable area, although the chickens are allowed to glean from the planting areas.
The gate marker is high enough to allow a rider to open the gate without dismounting

Known Issues

Incompatible with Arthmoors Cutting Room Floor which places a farm in the same spot , although works fine with Alternate Start

Blary for booksets, open books, food containers & potion shelves
Berticus0001 for milking scripts.
Dark Rider for Celtic Decor pictures and frames
Daemonjax (lighting ball scripts)
Insanity Sorrow for Chess Board, washing stuff, alchemy bits, watering can, butter churn, Ice cream churn and thread spools
Lilith for baskets of flowers and filled bowls
Merilia for Meshes and Textures for Snowberry Pie and Coq Au Vin
MJY for metal texture on chiller door
Nart2007 for glass panels
Oaristys & Tony67’s Modders Resource Pack for various meshes
Phaedra for Meshes and Textures for Cream
WillieSea for Apple Trees (from Levellers Tower mod)

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